Chopin s Piano In Search of the Instrument that Transformed Music

Chopin s Piano  In Search of the Instrument that Transformed Music

Chopin's Piano: In Search of the Instrument That Transformed Music is the opposite of Cyril's book; its thread is a single instrument, not an entire industry, one made in Palma in the 1830s and which had a most eventful life.

Author: Paul Kildea

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393652239

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The captivating story of Frédéric Chopin and the fate of both his Mallorquin piano and musical Romanticism from the early nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. In November 1838, Frédéric Chopin, George Sand, and her two children sailed to Majorca to escape the Parisian winter. They settled in an abandoned monastery at Valldemossa in the mountains above Palma where Chopin finished what would eventually be recognized as one of the great and revolutionary works of musical Romanticism: his twenty-four Preludes. There was scarcely a decent piano on the island (these were still early days in the evolution of the modern instrument), so Chopin worked on a small pianino made by a local craftsman, Juan Bauza, which remained in their monastic cell for seventy years after he and Sand had left. Chopin’s Piano traces the history of Chopin’s twenty-four Preludes through the instruments on which they were played, the pianists who interpreted them, and the traditions they came to represent. Yet it begins and ends with the Majorcan pianino, which assumed an astonishing cultural potency during the Second World War as it became, for the Nazis, a symbol of the man and music they were determined to appropriate as their own. After Chopin, the unexpected hero of Chopin’s Piano is the great keyboard player Wanda Landowska, who rescued the pianino from Valldemossa in 1913, and who would later become one of the most influential artistic figures of the twentieth century. Paul Kildea shows how her story—a compelling account based for the first time on her private papers—resonates with Chopin’s, simultaneously distilling part of the cultural and political history of mid-twentieth century Europe and the United States. After Landowska’s flight to America from Paris, which the Germans would occupy only days later, her possessions—including her rare music manuscripts and beloved keyboards—were seized by the Nazis. Only some of these belongings survived the war; those that did were recovered by the Allied armies’ Monuments Men and restituted to Landowska’s house in France. In scintillating prose, and with an eye for exquisite detail, Kildea beautifully interweaves these narratives, which comprise a journey through musical Romanticism—one that illuminates how art is transmitted, interpreted, and appropriated between generations.
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Liszt and Virtuosity

Liszt and Virtuosity

... The Eighteenth-Century Fortepiano Grand and Its Patrons: From Scarlatti to Beethoven (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2017), and Paul Kildea, Chopin's Piano: In Search of the Instrument that Transformed Music (New York: W. W. ...

Author: Robert Doran

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 9781580469395

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A new and wide-ranging collection of essays by leading international scholars, exploring the concept and practices of virtuosity in Franz Liszt and his contemporaries.
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Prelude to Death in D Minor

Prelude to Death in D Minor

Karasowski, Moritz. Frederic Chopin: His Life and Letters. 3rd. ed. London: William Reeves, Ltd., 1938. Kildea, Paul. Chopin's Piano: In Search of the Instrument that Transformed Music. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2018.

Author: Michel Marchaud

Publisher: BearManor Media


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Murder. Cold-blooded murder. For Carl Underwood, murder is his heroin. It courses through his veins like filth flowing through a sewer line. The object of his addiction to murder is his wife Dolores whose hatred for Polish composer Frederick Chopin and his notorious lover George Sand drives him to the point of utter madness. In effect, Carl Underwood’s life is a Prelude to Death in D minor, much like the gentle melody of a piano in a garden filled with roses, nightingales, and violets gently caressed by the fingers of a slut.
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Beethoven in Russia

Beethoven in Russia

Chopin's Piano: In Search of the Instrument That Transformed Music. New York: W. W. Norton, 2018. King, David. Vienna 1814: How the Conquerors of Napoleon Made Love, War, and Peace at the Congress of Vienna. New York: Harmony Books, ...

Author: Frederick W. Skinner

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253063076

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How did Ludwig van Beethoven help overthrow a tsarist regime? With the establishment of the Russian Musical Society and its affiliated branches throughout the empire, Beethoven's music reached substantially larger audiences at a time of increasing political instability. In addition, leading music critics of the regime began hearing Beethoven's dramatic works as nothing less than a call to revolution. Beethoven in Russia deftly explores the interface between music and politics in Russia by examining the reception of Beethoven's works from the late 18th century to the present. In part 1, Frederick W. Skinner's clear and sweeping review examines the role of Beethoven's more dramatic works in the revolutionary struggle that culminated in the Revolution of 1917. In part 2, Skinner reveals how this same power was again harnessed to promote Stalin's campaign of rapid industrialization. The appropriation of Beethoven and his music to serve the interests of the state remained the hallmark of Soviet Beethoven reception until the end of communist rule. With interdisciplinary appeal in the areas of history, music, literature, and political thought, Beethoven in Russia shows how Beethoven's music served as a call to action for citizens and weaponized state propaganda in the great political struggles that shaped modern Russian history.
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Te Deum D major

Te Deum D major

Over 100 works of the well-known Edition Eulenburg series of scores from orchestral and choral literature, chamber music and music theatre are now available in digital format.

Author: George Frideric Handel

Publisher: Eulenburg

ISBN: 9783795729042

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Over 200 works of the well-known Edition Eulenburg series of scores from orchestral and choral literature, chamber music and music theatre are now available in digital format. You can now enjoy the yellow study scores digitally with one click in excellent reproduction quality. Über 200 Werke der berühmten Edition Eulenburg Partiturreihe für Orchester- und Chorliteratur, Kammermusik und Musiktheater sind nun auch in einer digitalen Aufbereitung erhältlich. In optisch hervorragender Darstellung kann man die gelben Studienpartituren mit einem Klick jetzt auch digital genießen.
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Chopin Studies

Chopin Studies

Professor of Music Jim Samson, Jim Samson, John Rink, Cambridge University Press. From his predecessors Chopin took on the pianistic devices and instrumental figures ( Spielfiguren ) * that were in general circulation . He transformed ...

Author: Professor of Music Jim Samson

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 0521303656

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This book contains detailed documentary and analytics studies of the music of Chopin, representing the most recent research of leading scholars in the field. The first three essays are concerned with the composer's intentions as revealed in autograph sources. The next group of four essays deal analytically with different aspects of Chopin's musical language, ranging from large-scale tonal planning and the interpretation of harmonic dissonance to praise rhythm and texture. The final three essays are case studies of individual works: the Preludes op. 28, the "Barcarolle", and the Fantasy op. 49. -- From publisher's description.
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The New York Times Guide to the Arts of the 20th Century 1900 1929

The New York Times Guide to the Arts of the 20th Century  1900 1929

Colors and Contrasts ' Of himself , Mr. Horowitz once said , “ The most important thing is to transform the piano from a percussive instrument into a singing instrument ... a singing tone is made up of shadows and colors and contrast .


Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1579582907

Category: Arts, Modern

Page: 3343

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Reviews, news articles, interviews and essays capturing 100 years of art, architecture, literature, music, dance, theater, film and television.
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A Country In The Moon

A Country In The Moon

The season of Chopin piano recitals in the open air had already begun in the rose garden. The instrument sat on a podium in the shadow of a monumental Art Nouveau memorial to the composer. Chopin is seated under a huge bronze willow ...

Author: Michael Moran

Publisher: Granta Books

ISBN: 1847084931

Category: Travel

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In this uproarious memoir and meticulously researched cultural journey, writer Michael Moran keeps company with a gallery of fantastic characters. In chronicling the resurrection of the nation from war and the Holocaust, he paints a portrait of the unknown Poland, one of monumental castles, primeval forests and, of course, the Poles themselves. This captivating journey into the heart of a country is a timely and brilliant celebration of a valiant and richly cultured people.
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Music of Scarlatti , Rachmaninoff , Chopin , Liszt , RCA ARC1 4585 , digital , $ 12.98 ; cassette , ARE1 4585 , $ 12.98 . ... if you are a harpsichordist — for this is music honestly transformed into the sheerest gossamer piano music .



ISBN: UOM:39076000314745

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Sound Within Sound

Sound Within Sound

She tells me that the instrument was a game-changer for her. 'Everyone at the conservatory tried to play something familiar on that piano,' she recalls. A Chopin waltz, a Beethoven bagatelle, students amusing themselves by transforming ...

Author: Kate Molleson

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571363247

Category: Music

Page: 256

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A radical new book by journalist, critic and BBC Radio 3 broadcaster Kate Molleson, which fundamentally changes the way we think about classical music and the musicians who made it on a global scale. 'Wonderful . . . This is a book of discovery that speaks of music as a life force, that urges us to live our lives through music. ' COSEY FANNI TUTTI 'A marvellous book that opens our ears to sonic worlds that will enrich and delight us, whoever and wherever we are.' IAN McMILLAN 'A clear-eyed, utterly fascinating exploration of outsiders in classical music. Molleson's excellent book challenges and enlightens.' SINÉAD GLEESON This is the impassioned and exhilarating story of the composers who dared to challenge the conventional world of classical music in the twentieth century. Traversing the globe from Ethiopia and the Philippines to Mexico, Jerusalem, Russia and beyond, journalist, critic and BBC Radio 3 broadcaster Kate Molleson tells the stories of ten figures who altered the course of musical history, only to be sidelined and denied recognition during an era that systemically favoured certain sounds - and people - over others. A celebration of radical creativity rooted in ideas of protest, gender, race, ecology and resistance, Sound Within Sound is an energetic reappraisal of twentieth-century classical music that opens up the world far beyond its established centres, challenges stereotypical portrayals of the genre and shatters its traditional canon. 'Sound Within Sound is absolutely inspiring. Everyone who loves music should own this book.' CHARLOTTE HIGGINS 'A necessary and deeply humane reshaping of music histories. It undoes the narrowing constraints of the classical canon, leaving the culture - and the reader - beautifully enriched.' EMMA WARREN 'Marvellous . . . Molleson has quietly become a John Peel-like figure.' THE WIRE
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