Chinese Wallpaper in Britain and Ireland

Author: Emile de Bruijn

Publisher: Philip Wilson Publishers

ISBN: 9781781300732

Category: Art

Page: 272

View: 2084


Chinese wallpaper has been an important element of western interior decoration for three hundred years. As trade between Europe and China flourished in the seventeenth century, Europeans developed a strong taste for Chinese art and design. The stunningly beautiful wall coverings now known as 'Chinese wallpaper' were developed by Chinese painting workshops in response to western demand. In spite of their spectacular beauty, Chinese wallpapers have not been studied in any depth until relatively recently. This book provides an overview of some of the most significant Chinese wallpapers surviving in the British Isles. Sumptuously illustrated, it shows how these wallpapers became a staple ingredient of high-end interiors while always retaining a touch of the exotic.

The Design, Production and Reception of Eighteenth-Century Wallpaper in Britain

Author: Clare Taylor

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351021761

Category: Art

Page: 234

View: 1976


Wallpaper’s spread across trades, class and gender is charted in this first full-length study of the material’s use in Britain during the long eighteenth century. It examines the types of wallpaper that were designed and produced and the interior spaces it occupied, from the country house to the homes of prosperous townsfolk and gentry, showing that wallpaper was hung by Earls and merchants as well as by aristocratic women. Drawing on a wide range of little known examples of interior schemes and surviving wallpapers, together with unpublished evidence from archives including letters and bills, it charts wallpaper’s evolution across the century from cheap textile imitation to innovative new decorative material. Wallpaper’s growth is considered not in terms of chronology, but rather alongside the categories used by eighteenth-century tradesmen and consumers, from plains to flocks, from China papers to papier mâché and from stucco papers to materials for creating print rooms. It ends by assessing the ways in which eighteenth-century wallpaper was used to create historicist interiors in the twentieth century. Including a wide range of illustrations, many in colour, the book will be of interest to historians of material culture and design, scholars of art and architectural history as well as practicing designers and those interested in the historic interior.

East India Company at Home, 1757-1857

Author: Margot Finn,Kate Smith

Publisher: UCL Press

ISBN: 1787350274

Category: History

Page: 538

View: 1264


The East India Company at Home, 1757–1857 explores how empire in Asia shaped British country houses, their interiors and the lives of their residents. It includes chapters from researchers based in a wide range of settings such as archives and libraries, museums, heritage organisations, the community of family historians and universities. It moves beyond conventional academic narratives and makes an important contribution to ongoing debates around how empire impacted Britain. The volume focuses on the propertied families of the East India Company at the height of Company rule. From the Battle of Plassey in 1757 to the outbreak of the Indian Uprising in 1857, objects, people and wealth flowed to Britain from Asia. As men in Company service increasingly shifted their activities from trade to military expansion and political administration, a new population of civil servants, army officers, surveyors and surgeons journeyed to India to make their fortunes. These Company men and their families acquired wealth, tastes and identities in India, which travelled home with them to Britain. Their stories, the biographies of their Indian possessions and the narratives of the stately homes in Britain that came to house them, frame our explorations of imperial culture and its British legacies.

Great Britain and Ireland 1996

On the Loose, on the Cheap, Off the Beaten Path

Author: N.A

Publisher: Fodor's


Category: Great Britain

Page: 585

View: 1594


The flagship guide in the series delivers the freshest take on Europe in years, featuring the low-down on 25 countries, including Turkey and Morocco. The guide features 90 maps total, including 11 color maps which are bulleted with sights and lodgings to help travelers find things fast. "PAcked with things budger travelers have to know . . . solid and sensible".--New York Times.

The Penguin Guide to the Superstitions of Britain and Ireland

Author: Steve Roud

Publisher: ePenguin


Category: Reference

Page: 576

View: 2363


Are black cats lucky or unlucky? What should you do when you hear the first cuckoo? Since when have people believed that it's unlucky to shoot an albatross? Why does breaking a mirror lead to misfortune? This fascinating collection answers these and many other questions about the world of superstitions and forms an endlessly browsable guide to a subject that continues to obsess and intrigue.

History and landscape

the guide to National Trust properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Author: Lydia Greeves,National Trust (Great Britain)

Publisher: Natl Trust


Category: Gardening

Page: 464

View: 8593


The definitive guide to these historic gems along with maps to ensure visitors can plan their trips with ease. Included are recent acquisitions such as Tyntesfield and John Lennon's childhood home, Mendips. An invaluable reference for visitors to Britain.