China Court

China Court

Author: Rumer Godden

Publisher: Longwood PressLtd

ISBN: UCAL:B4938147

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Categories: Country homes

China Court

China Court

Author: Rumer Godden

Publisher: Viking Press

ISBN: 0670218413



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Rumer Godden

Rumer Godden

... and Impunity Jane Lucy LeGuilcher 7 Imagining Gypsies: Growing up in Gypsy, Gypsy and The Diddakoi Rod Mengham 8 China Court: Rumer Godden's Epic of the English Novel Phyllis Lassner PART III: SEXUALITY AND LONGING 9 Childhood, Longing,

Author: Lucy Le-Guilcher

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317060901

Category: Literary Criticism

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From 1929 to 1997, Rumer Godden published more than 60 books, including novels, biographies, children's books, and poetry; this is the first collection devoted to this important transnational writer. Focusing on Godden's writing from the 1930s onward, the contributors uncover the breadth and variety of the literary landscape on display in works such as Black Narcissus, The Lady and the Unicorn, A Fugue in Time, and The River. Often drawing on her own experiences living in India and Britain, Godden establishes a diverse narrative topography that allows her to engage with issues related to her own uncertain position as an author representing such nomadic Others as gypsies, or taking up the displacements brought about by international conflict. Recognizing that studies of the transnational must consider the condition of enforced and elected exile within the changing political and cultural borders of postcolonial nations, the contributors position Godden with respect to different and overlapping fields of inquiry: modern literary history; colonial, postcolonial, and transnational studies; inter-media studies; and children's literature. Taken together, the essays in this volume demonstrate the richness and variety of Godden's writing and render the myriad ways in which Godden is an important critical presence in mid-twentieth-century fiction.
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China Court

China Court

ChinaCourtisa novel aboutfivegenerations of a family,so that, asinreal life,there are many namesand personalities, but I believe ifthe readerisa little patient –andcan bear not to skip – they will soon become distinct and hewillhave ...

Author: Rumer Godden

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781405513500

Category: Fiction

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By the author of Black Narcissus. 'Her craftsmanship is always sure; her understanding of character is compassionate and profound; her prose is pure, delicate, and gently witty' New York Times Tracy Quinn, daughter of a screen star and raised on film sets around the world, returns to her adored family home, a country house named China Court. Her grandmother's recent death has set in motion events that threaten Tracy's future and the very existence of China Court. As Tracy fights to save the old house, inhabited by five generations of Quinns, the ancestors who created it are evoked: profligate, faithless Jared; Eliza, the embittered spinster; and Ripsie, an outcast orphan who rose to become the powerful matriarch.
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Chinese Justice the Fiction

Chinese Justice  the Fiction

China's future in the 1990s - grand larceny , official malfeasance , and rampant cohabitation is not far off . FORMULA TWO : THE CHINESE COURT CASE MELODRAMA China's native crime story tradition is more diffuse .

Author: Jeffrey C. Kinkley

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804739765

Category: Literary Collections

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This is a full-length study of Chinese crime fiction in all eras: ancient, modern, and contemporary. It is also the first book to apply legal scholars law and literature inquiry to the rich field of Chinese legal and literary culture.
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Judicial Process in America

Judicial Process in America

The parents demanded compensation equivalent to $19,000 per child.41 But, alas, this attempt to use the Chinese courts in this novel way died aborning (at least this time). For on December 23, 2008, U.S. National Public Radio announced ...

Author: Robert A. Carp

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: 9781483378268

Category: Political Science

Page: 488

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Known for shedding light on the link among the courts, public policy, and the political environment, Judicial Process in America provides a comprehensive overview of the American judiciary. In this Tenth Edition, authors Robert A. Carp, Ronald Stidham, Kenneth L. Manning, and Lisa M. Holmes examine the recent Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage and health care subsidies, the effect of three women justices on the Court’s patterns of decision, and the policy-making role of state tribunals. Original data on the decision-making behavior of the Obama trial judges—which are unavailable anywhere else—ensure this text’s position as a standard bearer in the field.
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The Novel and Theatrical Imagination in Early Modern China

The Novel and Theatrical Imagination in Early Modern China

Seventeenth-century writer Li Yu remarks broadly on the moral authority of the courtroom in his short story through the authoritative ... This observation, heavily laden with theater vocabulary, exposes the staginess of court sessions.

Author: Chun Mei

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004191662

Category: History

Page: 277

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Using the concept of theatricality to study Water Margin and Journey to the West, this study illustrates how writing and reading in early modern China became fused with a theatrical imagination in response to destabilizing social and political forces.
Categories: History

Narrative of Chinese and Western Popular Fiction

Narrative of Chinese and Western Popular Fiction

By contrast, Chinese martial arts literature went through a rather long initial period, spanning almost the first half of centralized monarchy in Chinese history, and has such main forms as court case novels, legends and romances, ...

Author: Yonglin Huang

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783662575758

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 222

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This book presents a comprehensive and systematic study of the narrative history and narrative methods of Chinese and Western popular fiction from the perspectives of narratology, comparative literature, and art and literature studies by adopting the methodology of parallel comparison. The book is a pioneering work that systematically investigates the similarities and differences between Chinese and Western popular fiction, and traces the root causes leading to the differences. By means of narrative comparison, it explores the conceptual and spiritual correlations and differences between Chinese and Western popular fiction and, by relating them to the root causes of cultural spirit, allows us to gain an insight into the cultural heritage of different nations. The book is structured in line with a cause-and-effect logical sequence and moves from the macroscopic to the microscopic, from history to reality, and from theory to practice. The integration of macro-level theoretical studies and micro-level case studies is both novel and effective. This book was awarded Second Prize at the Sixth Outstanding Achievement Awards in Scientific Research for Chinese Institutions of Higher Learning (Humanities & Social Sciences, 2013).
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China s Influence on Non Trade Concerns in International Economic Law

China s Influence on Non Trade Concerns in International Economic Law

judicial. activity. and. novel. activism. This more favorable legal and social context, together with the ... Differing from the Indian Social Action Litigation (SAL), the Chinese RIL is neither judge-led nor judge-induced and does not ...

Author: Paolo Davide Farah

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781317167204

Category: Law

Page: 548

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This volume examines the range of Non-Trade Concerns (NTCs) that may conflict with international economic rules and proposes ways to protect them within international law and international economic law. Globalization without local concerns can endanger relevant issues such as good governance, human rights, right to water, right to food, social, economic, cultural and environmental rights, labor rights, access to knowledge, public health, social welfare, consumer interests and animal welfare, climate change, energy, environmental protection and sustainable development, product safety, food safety and security. Focusing on China, the book shows the current trends of Chinese law and policy towards international standards. The authors argue that China can play a leading role in this context: not only has China adopted several reforms and new regulations to address NTCs; but it has started to play a very relevant role in international negotiations on NTCs such as climate change, energy, and culture, among others. While China is still considered a developing country, in particular from the NTCs’ point of view, it promises to be a key actor in international law in general and, more specifically, in international economic law in this respect. This volume assesses, taking into consideration its special context, China’s behavior internally and externally to understand its role and influence in shaping NTCs in the context of international economic law.
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China Court Cases on Intellectual Property Rights

China Court Cases on Intellectual Property Rights

In view of these circumstances, the court needed to pay special attention to these issues. ... but for putting it on the page 'Shuxiangpiaoyuan' in the novel column of its website, and for enabling the public to view and copy it.

Author: Zhou Lin

Publisher: Kluwer Law International B.V.

ISBN: 9789041142818

Category: Law

Page: 372

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This book presents, in extraordinary detail, sixteen landmark cases that profoundly affect the protection of intellectual property rights in China. Written by six prominent Chinese legal scholars and jurists – including judges who themselves participated in these decisions – each case is fully described and analysed: the parties and their representatives, the basic facts, the facts ascertained by the court, the evidence presented by plaintiffs and defendants, the judges’ opinions with their arguments and reasoning, the unanimous conclusions, and the judgment, along with a wealth of deeply informed comment. Among the questions raised by these cases are the following: Is a website within the definition of a ‘work’ in copyright law, and thus protected? How should the acts of uploading and downloading of works from the Internet be classified? Can the concept of torts be applied in the Internet context? What is the legal liability of an Internet service provider? How is a defendant’s ‘unreasonable conduct’ to be determined? Who is responsible for the determination of ‘artistic value’ – e.g., of clothing designs? What evidence must be presented to serve as sufficient proof that a domain name is a party’s own creation? In what a manner should packaging and decoration be regarded? How should the ‘author’ in copyright conflict cases be identified? How should an unauthorized web link be judged? When do separate components assembled to create a product enjoy copyright protection? How should damages be determined? An introductory essay provides a detailed overview of the characteristics of China’s intellectual property law as it continues to develop, with attention to such factors as the specific laws enacted, the various courts and tribunals to which IP cases are assigned, the progress of a case, starting from filing to winding up, regulations, reform programs, and rules of evidence. The editor puts forward his own proposals – particularly in light of the so-called ‘interfering factors’ – on reform of civil trial style in intellectual property cases. It is difficult to overstate the value of this book to anyone involved in business dealings in China. With its authoritative expertise, abundant detail, and thorough elucidation of the salient features of developing IP law and practice in China, it will serve interested parties for years to come.
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