Stop Look and Listen Children Ahead

Stop  Look  and Listen  Children Ahead

CONNIE : ( SITS CHAIR # 4 ) . Oh , I thought Anna'd be there , this being school vacation . LUCY : ( DISGUST ) . Anna ! CONNIE : She won't baby - sit ? LUCY : She won't do nothing . She ain't never home . You ought to hear how she talks ...

Author: Nora B. Stirling


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The Church of England Magazine

The Church of England Magazine

But while we do not blame OF CHILDREN : you for feeling and for thinking thus , and a Sermon . would have you ... one of whom son : and you will know with what attenat least did forget , and had no compassion tion you ought to hear his ...



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Report and speeches at the [third] annual meeting of the Church Pastoral-aid Society, May 8, 1838.

Formal Ethics

Formal Ethics

If others ought to listen to me when I talk, then in similar circumstances I ought to listen to others when they talk. ... Don't combine believing that you ought to be allowed to spank your child with believing that teachers ought not ...

Author: Harry J. Gensler

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134791187

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Formal Ethics is the study of formal ethical principles. The most important of these, perhaps even the most important principle of life, is the golden rule: "Treat others as you want to be treated". Although the golden rule enjoys support amongst different cultures and religions in the world, philosophers tend to neglect it. Formal Ethics gives the rule the attention it deserves. Modelled on formal logic, Formal Ethics was inspired by the ethical theories of Kant and Hare. It shows that the basic formal principles of ethics, like the golden rule, are very similar to principles of logic, and gives a firm basis for our ethical thinking. As an introduction to moral rationality, Formal Ethics also considers non-formal elements, and is applied to areas of practical concern such as racism and moral education
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Sermons on Different Subjects

Sermons on Different Subjects

as for life ; you you ought to listen to sermons your ought to believe all that is said , as coming from God , and your hearts ought to feel it , and then you ought to go away ... Dear children , we love you ; we love you very much .

Author: Edward Norris Kirk


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Handbook of Narrative Psychotherapy for Children Adults and Families

Handbook of Narrative Psychotherapy for Children  Adults  and Families

Does your Daddy think you ought to decide what to do yourself, or does he think you ought to listen and do as you're told? And who are you supposed to listen to, then? That must be very confusing for you. Should you be here, or would it ...

Author: Jan Olthof

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429914416

Category: Psychology

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The Handbook Narrative Psychotherapy for Children, Adults and Families combines philosophical, scientific and theoretical insights in the field of narrative psychotherapy and links them to sources of inspiration such as poetry, film, literature and art under the common denominator 'narrative thinking'. Sections on theoretical issues alternate with a large number of case histories drawn from different therapeutic contexts. The reader can browse at will through the many examples of therapeutic sessions, in some cases including literal transcriptions, in which narrativity in all its forms is the point of departure. What language does the body speak? What messages do seemingly random slips of the tongue convey? How can a painting help a client to find words for his or her story? The discussion of the 'logic of abduction' demonstrates the importance of metaphor, and special attention is given to the processes of creating a therapeutic context and defining a therapeutic framework.
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Give Me this Mountain

Give Me this Mountain

without having or bringing forth children to carry on his name , if he had other brothers , the next oldest brother must follow him into wedlock with the wife ... You ought to let your children hear you talk to God for them sometimes .

Author: Clarence LaVaughn Franklin

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 0252060873

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Gathers twenty of Franklin's best sermons, traces his life and career, and discusses his place in the Black American sermon tradition
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The Children s Magazine

The Children s Magazine

What I wish you to learn from this story , my dear children , is , never to listen to any thing you know you ought not to hear . If the tempter can only persuade you to listen , then he has you in his power ; this is the first step ...

Author: Jessie A. Spencer


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Listen to Your Child

Listen to Your Child

A Parent's Guide to Children's Language David Crystal. the words began, 'Come, come, ... 'Now, Ernest, you are not taking pains: you are not trying as you ought to do. It is high time you learned to ... 'There, Ernest, do you hear that?

Author: David Crystal

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780141927077

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

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Learning to talk is probably the greatest milestone in a child's development: a deeply moving and often hilarious experience for all parents. In this charming and informative book, Britain's leading expert on the English language talks you through every stage in your child's language development. Over thirty years after its original publication, this new and updated edition of Listen to your Child shows us that while the world our children are growing up in may have changed, one thing has not: parents still need to listen. Gathering decades of research from psychologists and linguists, Professor Crystal shows how the more we know about language acquisition - from 'cooking' and 'babbling' to melodic 'scribble talk' and simple words and then to incessant chatter - the more there is to delight in. From birth to the early school years, Listen to your Child provides a painless introduction to the study of child language acquisition as well as invaluable advice for parents.
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The Essential Guide to Children and Separation

The Essential Guide to Children and Separation

We may need to listen to the child's view of their mother or father's behaviour or character without imposing our own. ... she's trying her best”, “You ought to try to see it from her point of view” or “You must try not to get so upset” ...

Author: Jennifer Croly

Publisher: Lion Books

ISBN: 9780745957692

Category: Family & Relationships

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Do you know a child affected by the break-up of their parents' marriage? It could be your own child or grandchild, your niece, nephew, or even one of your pupils. Divorce is common but for each child involved, it is a bewildering and hurtful experience, similar to bereavement, yet without the same level of support. This practical guide is written by a mother who saw how divorce impacted her own four children. It shows how family break-up affects children differently at various ages, and carries on doing so in new ways at later stages of life and as parents move on into new relationships, maybe with new siblings. The Essential Guide to Children and Separation includes interviews with those who have come through divorce, and a lot of input from children currently affected by parental separation. This helpful and caring book shows that divorce may mean the end of a marriage, but does not need to be the end of the world for the children involved.
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