Changing Sea Levels

Effects of Tides, Weather and Climate

Author: David Pugh

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521532181

Category: Science

Page: 265

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A textbook that explains the causes of potentially devastating changes in sea level.

Sea Level Rise

History and Consequences

Author: Bruce Douglas,Mark T Kearney,Stephen P. Leatherman

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080516790

Category: Science

Page: 232

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Sea Level Rise, History and Consequences includes a special emphasis on the evidence for historical sea level change; case studies are used to demonstrate the resulting consequences. A CD-ROM is included which contain tide gauge data and trends of relative sea level from the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level. The material on the CD-ROM is either in the form of text files, or web sites that can be opened by widely available web-browsers. Sea level is expected to rise as much as 60-100 centimeters over the next century due to greenhouse-induced global warming -- or at least that is what the some scientists predict. However, the concept of sea level is extremely complex, which makes the prediction of sea level rise anything but certain. The reviewers are in consensus in enthusiastically endorsing this comprehensive book and CD-ROM treatment. This book will be a comprehensive review of the subject using the data themselves (on CD-ROM) to illustrate the principles involved, rather than detailed mathematical treatments. The book should be readily accessible to upper division and first-year graduate students in the environmental sciences, geography, geology, and other interdisciplinary fields. Four pages (up to 16 pages) of color in the printed text. The book will have wide appeal. It will be read by geologists, geophysicists, climatologists, oceanographers, meteorologists, environmental scientists, geomorphologists, coastal engineers, and policy makers in all of these fields.

Rising Sea Levels

An Introduction to Cause and Impact

Author: Hunt Janin,Scott A. Mandia

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476600201

Category: Political Science

Page: 219

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The fundamental point of this book is that, in the past, the world’s political, economic, military and social development took place during a time of relatively stable sea level. That time, however, is now over: The world must begin to cope with rising seas. This book is a wide-ranging introductory survey. It addresses global warming, the hydrologic cycle, why we should care about the rise of the oceans, storm surges and other extreme events, the changing seas and their shorelines, cities and countries of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian ocean basins, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Greenland Ice Sheet, case studies on how the Netherlands and the U.S. plan to cope with sea level rise, the likely impacts of this rise, getting to know the experts on sea level rise, and very long term prospects for the world’s shorelines.

Solutions for Climate Change Challenges in the Built Environment

Author: Colin A. Booth

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 140519507X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

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The multi-disciplinary perspective provided here offers a strategic view on built environment issues and improve understanding of how built environment activities potentially induce global warming and climate change. It also highlights solutions to these challenges. Solutions to Climate change Challenges in the Built Environment helps develop an appreciation of the diverse themes of the climate change debate across the built environment continuum. A wide perspective is provided through contributions from physical, environmental, social, economic and political scientists. This strategic view on built environment issues will be useful to researchers as well as policy experts and construction practitioners wanting a holistic view. This book clarifies complex issues around climate change and follows five main themes: climate change experiences; urban landscape development; urban management issues; measurement of impact; and the future. Chapters are written by eminent specialists from both academic and professional backgrounds. The main context for chapters is the developed world but the discussion is widened to incorporate regional issues. The book will be valuable to researchers and students in all the built environment disciplines, as well as to practitioners involved with the design, construction and maintenance of buildings, and government organisations developing and implementing climate change policy.

Tidal Hydrodynamics

Author: Bruce B. Parker

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471514985

Category: Science

Page: 912

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Consists of refereed papers by the world's leading authorities on tidal hydrodynamics. Its forty-four papers, including nine review papers, cover all aspects of the subject and present, for the first time in one place, state of the art treatments of recent advances including tidal detection from satellite altimetry, global tide modeling, nonlinear tidal interactions and internal tidal phenomena.

Handbook of Sea-Level Research

Author: Ian Shennan,Antony J. Long,Benjamin P. Horton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118452577

Category: Science

Page: 600

View: 4535


Measuring sea-level change – be that rise or fall – isone of the most pressing scientific goals of our time and requiresrobust scientific approaches and techniques. This Handbookaims to provide a practical guide to readers interested in thischallenge, from the initial design of research approaches throughto the practical issues of data collection and interpretation froma diverse range of coastal environments. Building on thirtyyears of international research, the Handbook comprises 38 chaptersthat are authored by leading experts from around the world. The Handbook will be an important resource to scientists interestedand involved in understanding sea-level changes across a broadrange of disciplines, policy makers wanting to appreciate ourcurrent state of knowledge of sea-level change over differenttimescales, and many teachers at the university level, as well asadvanced-level undergraduates and postgraduate research students,wanting to learn more about sea-level change. Additional resources for this book can be found at: ahref=""\go\shennan\sealevel/a

Coastal Environments and Global Change

Author: Gerd Masselink,Roland Gehrels

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118825101

Category: Nature

Page: 448

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The coastal zone is one of the most dynamic environments on ourplanet and is much affected by global change, especially sea-levelrise. Coastal environments harbour valuable ecosystems, but theyare also hugely important from a societal point of view. This book,which draws on the expertise of 21 leading international coastalscientists, represents an up-to-date account of coastalenvironments and past, present and future impacts of global change.The first chapter of the book outlines key principles that underpincoastal systems and their behaviour. This is followed by adiscussion of key processes, including sea level change,sedimentation, storms, waves and tides, that drive coastal change.The main part of the book consists of a discussion of the maincoastal environments (beaches, dunes, barriers, salt marshes, tidalflats, estuaries, coral reefs, deltas, rocky and glaciated coastsand coastal groundwater), and how these are affected by globalchange. The final chapter highlights strategies for coping withcoastal change. Readership: final year undergraduate and postgraduate-levelstudents on coastal courses in a wide range subjects, includinggeography, environmental management, geology, oceanography andcoastal/civil engineering. The book will also be a valuableresource for researchers and applied scientists dealing withcoastal environments. Additional resources for this book can be found at: ahref=""

Rising Seas

Past, Present, Future

Author: Vivien Gornitz

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231519206

Category: Science

Page: 360

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The Earth's climate is already warming due to increased concentrations of human-produced greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and the specter of rising sea level is one of global warming's most far-reaching threats. Sea level will keep rising long after greenhouse gas emissions have ceased, because of the delay in penetration of surface warming to the ocean depths and because of the slow dissipation of excess atmospheric carbon dioxide. Adopting a long perspective that interprets sea level changes both underway and expected in the near future, Vivien Gornitz completes a highly relevant and necessary study of an unprecedented age in Earth's history. Gornitz consults past climate archives to help better anticipate future developments and prepare for them more effectively. She focuses on several understudied historical events, including the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Anomaly, the Messinian salinity crisis, the rapid filling of the Black Sea (which may have inspired the story of Noah's flood), and the Storrega submarine slide, an incident possibly connected to a sea level occurrence roughly 8,000 years old. By examining dramatic variations in past sea level and climate, Gornitz concretizes the potential consequences of rapid, human-induced warming. She builds historical precedent for coastal hazards associated with a higher ocean level, such as increased damage from storm surge flooding, even if storm characteristics remain unchanged. Citing the examples of Rotterdam, London, New York City, and other forward-looking urban centers that are effectively preparing for higher sea level, Gornitz also delineates the difficult economic and political choices of curbing carbon emissions while underscoring, through past geological analysis, the urgent need to do so.