In Captive, Catherine shares every parent’s worst nightmare, and the lengths that a mother will go to save her child. Catherine’s efforts finally led the FBI to take notice—and the journey is not yet over.

Author: Catherine Oxenberg

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781982100674

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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Now updated with a new afterword, Captive is an emotional, ripped-from-the-headlines exposé that lays bare the secretive cult that shocked the world—for fans of Leah Remini’s Troublemaker and Lawrence Wright’s Going Clear. I am a mother whose child is being abused and exploited. And I am not alone. In 2011, former Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg joined her daughter, India, at a leadership seminar for a new organization called NXIVM. Her then twenty-year-old daughter was on the threshold of starting her own professional life and they both thought this program might help her achieve her dream. But quickly, Catherine saw a sinister side to the program that claimed to simply want to help its clients become the best versions of themselves. Catherine watched in horror as her daughter fell further and further down the rabbit hole, falling under the spell of NXIVM's hypnotic leader, Keith Raniere. Despite Catherine’s best efforts, India was drawn deeper into the cult, eventually joining an elite “sorority” of women members who were ordered to maintain a restricted diet, recruit other women as “slaves,” and were branded with their leader’s initials. In Captive, Catherine shares every parent’s worst nightmare, and the lengths that a mother will go to save her child. Catherine’s efforts finally led the FBI to take notice—and the journey is not yet over. A powerful depiction of a mother’s love and determination, and with horrifying insider details never revealed in any news story, Captive will keep you reading until the very last page.
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PEOPLE True Crime Stories

PEOPLE True Crime Stories

“This is for me,” she told her mom at the time. In the years that followed, Oxenberg, who tells the story in her memoir Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult, cowritten by former People writer Natasha ...

Author: The Editors of PEOPLE

Publisher: Time Home Entertainment

ISBN: 9781547845781

Category: True Crime

Page: 96

View: 962

The Editors of PEOPLE Magazine present True Crime: Cults.
Categories: True Crime

Beautiful Writers

Beautiful Writers

A Journey of Big Dreams and Messy Manuscripts--with Tricks of the Trade from Bestselling Authors Linda Sivertsen ... screenwriter, royal, and first-time author of Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult.

Author: Linda Sivertsen

Publisher: BenBella Books

ISBN: 9781637741047

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 353

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". . . often funny and entertaining." —Publishers Weekly “I own every writing book ever written, and Linda Sivertsen has done the near-impossible: given writing itself a personality . . . Her stories are cinematic, hilarious, heartfelt, and pitch-perfect—with energy and punch, so often lacking in nonfiction.” —Terry McMillan, #1 New York Times bestselling author From the host of the Beautiful Writers Podcast comes a heartwarming, how-I-made-tale from a working writer you’ve never heard of, and inspiration and advice from the legends you love. This book gives aspiring writers and seasoned literary veterans a look into the lives of iconic authors and answers the burning question, “How did they do it?!” As a young writer in Los Angeles, Linda Sivertsen was hungry to be more like her literary idols. Fame and fortune seemed to happen so easily—and so fast—for them. But how exactly did these bestselling authors bust through all the obstacles and deliver, day after day, year after year, book after book? When her questions remained unanswered by multiple how-to guides, despite how her writing career was now thriving, Linda decided to go straight to the source: her favorite storytellers across numerous genres. So, Linda co-created the Beautiful Writers Podcast, where she began interviewing authors for the secrets behind their careers—and, without realizing it, began building a platform of eager listeners who wanted to learn from their shared idols. With more than two million downloads, Linda’s podcast has since become a bright beacon of inspiration for writers at all stages of their journeys. Now, in Beautiful Writers: A Journey of Big Dreams and Messy Manuscripts—with Tricks of the Trade from Bestselling Authors, Linda shares—and expands on—the best of advice and storytelling from the podcast and follow-up interviews with literary greats, including: Terry McMillan Cheryl Strayed Tom Hanks Van Jones Jenny Lawson Steven Pressfield Elizabeth Gilbert Anne Lamott Mary Karr Seth Godin Abby Wambach Martha Beck Marie Forleo Lee Child Patricia Cornwell Dean Koontz Maria Shriver Dr. Jane Goodall Sabaa Tahir Tomi Adeyemi Ann Patchett Dani Shapiro Danielle LaPorte Tosca Lee Joy Harjo Deepak Chopra Wrapped around the page-turning, magical, and wonderfully relatable account of the highs and lows of her own career writing bestselling, award-winning books for herself and others, these stories from the trenches are packed with suspense, laugh-out-loud humor, and raw honesty. Their passion and wisdom will help aspiring writers avoid common pitfalls and energize career authors with a treasure trove of writing insights from their peers. Beautiful Writers is a love letter to reading, writing, and to everyone who reads and writes. It’s the book Linda wished she had when she was starting out. Beautiful Writers will become the evergreen companion for creatives everywhere. Write on!
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Road Rash

Road Rash

This question led me to research cults and make this the center of the story. Key to this research was Catherine Oxenberg's riveting memoir Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from the Terrifying Cult NXIVM.

Author: Dharma Kelleher

Publisher: Dark Pariah Press

ISBN: 9781952128189

Category: Fiction

Page: 340

View: 948

Enjoy this gritty action crime thriller series from groundbreaking queer author Dharma Kelleher. How Do You Save Someone Who Doesn't Want To Be Saved? After a minor motorcycle accident, lesbian biker Shea Stevens wants to recuperate at home with her girlfriend and work on a design for a new custom motorcycle. But when Megan, the adult daughter of a friend, disappears into a suspected cult in Sedona, Arizona, Shea goes undercover as a prospective recruit to bring the young woman home. Upon her arrival at the compound, Megan assures Shea she's in no danger, that the allegations of the group being a cult are bitter lies told by ex-members. But Shea isn't so easily convinced. When Shea discovers what's really going on, her suspicions turn to outrage. But protecting Megan could send Shea back to prison for decades. Does she save the girl? Or does she choose family and freedom? Road Rash is the fourth novel in the Shea Stevens Outlaw Biker series, although each book in the series can be read as a standalone. Curl up with Road Rash and join Shea on a white-knuckle roller coaster ride that dives deep into the murky waters of freedom and choice, keeping you turning the pages into the wee hours.
Categories: Fiction

The Program

The Program

Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of NXIVM Toni Natalie, Chet Hardin ... Lives Margaret Thaler Singer and Janja Lalich CAPTIVE: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult Catherine Oxenberg Take ...

Author: Toni Natalie

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781538701034

Category: Religion

Page: 304

View: 384

As seen in the HBO docuseries THE VOW: A jaw-dropping insider look into the world of the so-called "Hollywood Sex Cult" NXIVM chronicling the rise of enigmatic cult leader, Keith Raniere, from its "Patient Zero," his former girlfriend and test subject for his coercive control techniques. Many have heard of NXIVM and its creator, Keith Raniere, the unassuming Albany man now prosecuted for ensnaring tens of thousands of people in the US, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere, to do his bidding and pay millions of dollars to participate in his self-improvement methodology. But where did Keith Raniere begin? Enter Toni Natalie, Keith's Patient Zero, the first one indoctrinated into Raniere's methodology and the first one to escape. THE PROGRAM begins with the origin story of NXIVM, follows its rise to international prominence, and takes the reader into the downfall of Raniere through Toni's eyes. During this time she bore witness to the evolution of his methodology, including his use of sex, blackmail, and employment of psychological tools such as neuro-linguistic programming to control and punish those who would not heed his wishes. She uniquely details the fortunes lost and the lives left in disarray that she witnessed contemporaneously, including members of DOS, a group of women coerced into sexual acts under the guise of a "women's empowerment" inner circle, whom Raniere exercised extreme control over directly and through his lieutenants. But far from being a victim's story, in the spirit of Erin Brockovich, Toni's is a nuanced narrative of a multi-dimensional woman saving herself, and then working tirelessly to help other women do the same for themselves. Today, Toni is happy, reunited with her son, and surrounded by friends and family--it is this perspective that makes her such a unique storyteller.
Categories: Religion

Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

Awakening to the Fifth Dimension

Making Contact and the producer of New Realities “This book is profound, with compelling information on how to catapult ... and author of Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult “This isn't just a book, ...

Author: Kimberly Meredith

Publisher: St. Martin's Essentials

ISBN: 9781250780232

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

View: 862

Elevate your consciousness and heal your life. In Awakening to the Fifth Dimension, author Kimberly Meredith offers readers something truly revolutionary—a new dimension of healing. Discovering her healing gifts after two near death experiences in 2013, she is now one of the most in-demand medical intuitive healers in the nation, traveling the country to speak at events, appearing at major consciousness and global virtual events, and offering healing to those who so desperately in need. Here in these pages, Kimberly shares her gift for the first time with a wider audience, giving readers the tools to implement this healing in their own lives. Whether you are wrestling with chronic illness, seemingly untreatable symptoms, or other mental, emotional, or physical ailments, Kimberly’s gentle wisdom offers a way forward towards happiness and freedom. Filled with instruction, case studies, testimonials, nutritional advice, and practical methods to raise your consciousness Awakening to the Fifth Dimension will empower readers to confront their own health struggles and find true, lasting healing.
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Colony Faith and Blood in a Promised Land

The Colony  Faith and Blood in a Promised Land

Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter from the Terrifying Cult NXIVM. New York: Gallery Books, 2018. Park, Benjamin E. Kingdom of Nauvoo: The Rise and Fall of a Religious Empire on the American Frontier.

Author: Sally Denton

Publisher: Liveright Publishing

ISBN: 9781631498084

Category: True Crime

Page: 268

View: 315

A Publishers Weekly Summer Reads Selection “The Colony is one of the most gripping and disturbing true stories I’ve ever come across.” —Douglas Preston An investigation into the November, 2019 killings of nine women and children in Northern Mexico—an event that drew international attention—The Colony examines the strange, little-understood world of a polygamist Mormon outpost. On the morning of November 4, 2019, an unassuming caravan of women and children was ambushed by masked gunmen on a desolate stretch of road in northern Mexico controlled by the Sinaloa drug cartel. Firing semi-automatic weapons, the attackers killed nine people and gravely injured five more. The victims were members of the LeBaron and La Mora communities—fundamentalist Mormons whose forebears broke from the LDS Church and settled in Mexico when their religion outlawed polygamy in the late nineteenth century. The massacre produced international headlines for weeks, and prompted President Donald Trump to threaten to send in the US Army. In The Colony, bestselling investigative journalist Sally Denton picks up where the initial, incomplete reporting on the attacks ended, and delves into the complex story of the LeBaron clan. Their homestead—Colonia LeBaron—is a portal into the past, a place that offers a glimpse of life within a polygamous community on an arid and dangerous frontier in the mid-1800s, though with smartphones and machine guns. Rooting her narrative in written sources as well as interviews with anonymous women from LeBaron itself, Denton unfolds an epic, disturbing tale that spans the first polygamist emigrations to Mexico through the LeBarons’ internal blood feud in the 1970s—started by Ervil LeBaron, known as the “Mormon Manson”—and up to the family’s recent alliance with the NXIVM sex cult, whose now-imprisoned leader, Keith Raniere, may have based his practices on the society he witnessed in Colonia LeBaron. The LeBarons’ tense but peaceful interactions with Sinaloa deteriorated in the years leading up to the ambush. LeBaron patriarchs believed they were deliberately targeted by the cartel. Others suspected that local farmers had carried out the attacks in response to the LeBarons’ seizure of water rights for their massive pecan orchards. As Denton approaches answers to who committed the murders, and why, The Colony transforms into something more than a crime story. A descendant of polygamist Mormons herself, Denton explores what drove so many women over generations to join or remain in a community based on male supremacy and female servitude. Then and now, these women of Zion found themselves in an isolated desert, navigating the often-mysterious complications of plural marriage—and supported, Denton shows, only by one another. A mesmerizing feat of investigative journalism, The Colony doubles as an unforgettable account of sisterhood that can flourish in polygamist communities, against the odds.
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