Call to Order

A Miscellany of Useful Hierarchies, Systems, and Classifications

Author: Jackie Strachan,Jane Moseley

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0316486124

Category: Reference

Page: 192

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A useful and fascinating guide to rankings, classifications, and hierarchies that make up our world -- from the Richter Scale to the classification of wine to the Jedi Order. Sure to be classified as more informative and useful than Schott's Miscellany, but easily just as much fun, CALL TO ORDER is an essential illustrated guide that fills in the gaping holes in our knowledge and helps settle plaguing questions. Among them, "Does four-of-a-kind beat a full house in poker?" (Yes.) Does a Marquess outrank a Duke? (No.) And, what classification of sinner populates the Sixth Circle of Hell? (Heretics.) And, how are they punished. (Crammed into burning tombs.) Can you never pass question three on HQ? Here are the hierarchies, pecking orders, ranks, and standings that order every aspect of our lives, from society, government and religion to culture, music, biology, and environment. CALL TO ORDER is the definitive catalog of where things stand.

Modern Art

A Critical Introduction

Author: Pam Meecham,Julie Sheldon

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415281942

Category: Art

Page: 354

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Modern Art: A Critical Introduction traces the historical and contemporary contexts for understanding modern art movements, and the theories that influenced and attempted to explain them. Its radical approach foregoes the chronological approach to art movements in favour of looking at the ways in which art has been understood. The editors investigate the main developments in art interpretation and draw examples from a wide range of genres including painting, sculpture, photography, installation and performance art. This new edition has been restructured to focus on key themes. It has also been fully updated to include many more examples of recent art practice, as well as an expanded glossary and comprehensive marginal notes providing definitions of key terms. Extensively illustrated with a wide range of visual examples, Modern Art: A Critical Introduction is the essential textbook for students of Art History.


The Life and Afterlife of Blues Legend Robert Johnson

Author: John Calhoun Merrill,Tom Graves

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780922993819

Category: Philosophy

Page: 153

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Media ethics professor John C. Merrill traces the history of social control through the writings of famous philosophers and scholars since the time of Plato.

Call to order

floor politics in the House and Senate

Author: Steven S. Smith

Publisher: Brookings Inst Pr

ISBN: 9780815780144

Category: Political Science

Page: 269

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Congress is playing by new rules--a changing distribution of power in Congress, a more complex interplay of rules and procedures and policy, and a new role for floor politics in the legislative process. In Call to Order, Smith outlines how a fairly stable period of reform in the 1950s and the early 1960s erupted into a turbulent period of reform in the 1970s. New issues spawned a variety of organized interest groups, and these, coupled with growing constituency pressures, increased the demand for members to champion causes. But floor politics in the 1980s took on a distinct character, particularly in the House. Budget politics, new procedural innovations, leadership tactics, and other developments made these years quite different from the unsettled seventies.Smith carefully considers these changes, their relationships to one another, the new role of floor activity in both houses of Congress, and the overall implications for congressional policy making.

The Call to Order

Author: Journalist Gary L. Koniz

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781792883125

Category: Religion

Page: 592

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The Great Work of Journalism Is Born of Patient Suffering That the truths of prophesy shall not pass unnoticed, Like all Works of Art that are in their process suffered for in the sacrifice of their doing for the sake of doing them needing to be done and unrewarded for the privilege of their attempt which are and even more endured in their suffering for the need to be lived-out, and worked-out, from experience with such certain knowledge to be embedded in experience and borne of the experienced mind in the pathos of its suffering, for the truth, and with feeling in the sense of It, to have lived the work itself, of moving the earth as mountains are moved, not as commentators looking on in distant and idle detachment to the outcomes of wars unmoved by the nature of suffering and tragedies affecting no one, but to being lived-out and suffered for and not so into obscure endings to be told and felt for being there to the success of what it is that matters to fix The World with thoughts what was found to be the matter, and with emotion in that way to argue what wrongs there ARE AFOOT, made yet even more tortured and suffered for by fear and bias of rejection and too often of rejection for rejection's sake alone to what was so labored to so diligently and stubbornly in vain to present. And yet we persevere and somehow fathom to maintain TO THE END of it, To What End that every tomorrow always seems TO Be the Harbinger Of. Only to find in the mornings of more endless new tomorrows in The fresh NEW hopes of days, of a day, an hour, TO WORK again. And to the question that answers itself before it is asked is: "To what purpose is life, the existence we partake, Without Responsibility?" It Cannot Be Lived, and Nightfall always comes again To Awaken from is the answer, To Pray In Sympathy To The Creator Of The Darkness, The Lonely Being Who Made Us Everyone, To Be With. Something Did.