California Exposures Envisioning Myth and History

California Exposures  Envisioning Myth and History

complete history of California I envisioned. The time and topics that the book covers are critical, but they are not complete. I touch on the state's deep racial divisions, but Watts, for instance, lies outside the frame.

Author: Richard White

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393243079

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A brilliant California history, in word and image, from an award-winning historian and a documentary photographer. “This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” This indelible quote from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance applies especially well to California, where legend has so thoroughly become fact that it is visible in everyday landscapes. Our foremost historian of the West, Richard White, never content to “print the legend,” collaborates here with his son, a talented photographer, in excavating the layers of legend built into California’s landscapes. Together they expose the bedrock of the past, and the history they uncover is astonishing. Jesse White’s evocative photographs illustrate the sites of Richard’s historical investigations. A vista of Drakes Estero conjures the darkly amusing story of the Drake Navigators Guild and its dubious efforts to establish an Anglo-Saxon heritage for California. The restored Spanish missions of Los Angeles frame another origin story in which California’s native inhabitants, civilized through contact with friars, gift their territories to white settlers. But the history is not so placid. A quiet riverside park in the Tulare Lake Basin belies scenes of horror from when settlers in the 1850s transformed native homelands into American property. Near the lake bed stands a small marker commemorating the Mussel Slough massacre, the culmination of a violent struggle over land titles between local farmers and the Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1870s. Tulare is today a fertile agricultural county, but its population is poor and unhealthy. The California Dream lives elsewhere. The lake itself disappeared when tributary rivers were rerouted to deliver government-subsidized water to big agriculture and cities. But climate change ensures that it will be back—the only question is when.
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Residential Exposure Assessment

Residential Exposure Assessment

1995. A pilot study to collect micro-activity data of 2–4 year-old farm labor children in Salinas Valley, California. J. Exposure Anal. Environ. Epidemiol. 5(1):21–24. Zartarian, V.G., A.C. Ferguson, C.G. Ong, and J.O. Leckie. 1997a.

Author: Jeffrey Driver

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461512790

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Residential Exposure Assessment: A Source Book is the result of a multiyear effort known as the Residential Exposure Assessment Project (REAP) which was initiated by the Society for Risk Analysis and the International Society of Exposure Analysis. This textbook is the primary product of the REAP and it contains contributions from over 30 professionals from a variety of disciplines such as chemistry, biology, physics, engi neering, industrial hygiene, toxicology, pharmacology, and environmental law, reflecting the diverse knowledge and resources necessary to assess and manage potential exposures occurring in and around the home. Expert working groups were organized for each of the 13 chapters to address such issues as U. S. legislation relevant to products used in and around the residence, methods for measuring and modeling exposures across multiple pathways and routes, and distributional data available for key residential exposure factors. This volume is a compendium of information about predictive methods and tools, monitoring methods, data sources, and key variables that characterize exposures in the residential setting. It presents approaches for doing exposure assessments in and around all types of residences. The purpose of the Source Book is to provide a resource for use in educational programs and for "practitioners" of residential exposure assessment. Accordingly, this book is intended for risk assessors, exposure assessors, students, initi ates new to the concept of risk assessment, industrial hygienists assessing health hazards in the home, engineers, and monitoring specialists.
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Surface and Dermal Monitoring for Toxic Exposures

Surface and Dermal Monitoring for Toxic Exposures

University of California and University of Iowa , Field worker exposure and helicopter spray pattern Final Report . of 2,4,5 - T . Bull . Env . Contam . Toxicol . 24 : 90–96 . Lavy , T. L. , J. S. Shepard , and J. D. Mattice . 1980a .

Author: Shirley A. Ness

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471285641

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The first comprehensive guide to all surface and dermal sampling methods. Written by one of the nation's foremost sampling experts, this authoritative guide offers an integrated approach that combines surface and dermal sampling methods with air and biological monitoring techniques.
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Surface Level Ozone Exposures and Their Effects on Vegetation

Surface Level Ozone Exposures and Their Effects on Vegetation

Figures 3.10 and 3.11 show the ozone exposures that occur in the Southern California area for both a high- and a low - exposure year . Extensive agricultural and forest damage resulting from ozone exposures have occurred in this area of ...

Author: Allen S. Lefohn

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 0873711696

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Tropospheric ozone is a regionally distributed air pollutant that adversely affects both humans and vegetation. Surface-Level Ozone Exposures and Their Effects on Vegetation focuses on the formation, distribution, and transport of surface-level ozone; the characterization of its exposures; the mechanisms and processes involved in its deposition and uptake by plants; and its effects on the growth of crops and forest trees. State-of-the-art information is presented and the methodology for studying its effects on vegetation is critically reviewed. This background material leads to a discussion of the approaches for developing an air quality standard that will provide protection from the adverse effects of ozone, as well as suggestions for future research directions. Researchers and professionals in the utility industry, oil industry, and government environmental agencies; university instructors; and students will find that this book is filled with information that can be used on a daily basis in their work and studies.
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Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation in the United States

Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation in the United States


Author: John Richard Cook


ISBN: UCR:31210012784300

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Smoke Exposure Among Wildland Firefighters

Smoke Exposure Among Wildland Firefighters

The exposure data from Materna and others ( 1992a ) include two small prescribed slash burns in northern California . The mean pollutant exposures noted at these burns are similar to the data from Pacific Northwest Region , even though ...

Author: Timothy E. Reinhardt


ISBN: MINN:31951D02889143C

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Occupational Exposures in Santa Clara County

Occupational Exposures in Santa Clara County

In the latter case , the physician is required by California law to report cases believed to be pesticide - related to the County Health Officer , who in turn reports them to the Department of Health Services , to DFA , and to the ...



ISBN: UCR:31210025044593

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Clinical Environmental Health and Toxic Exposures

Clinical Environmental Health and Toxic Exposures

... to a number of factors , including increasing rates of tobacco use and exposure to environmental pollutants ( 1 ) . ... Miles 0 California 100 200 3 3 Mexicali Sonora Baja California Norte 1 Tijuana 2 Tecate 4 5A Baja California ...

Author: John Burke Sullivan

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 068308027X

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Now in its revised and updated Second Edition, this volume is the most comprehensive and authoritative text in the rapidly evolving field of environmental toxicology. The book provides the objective information that health professionals need to prevent environmental health problems, plan for emergencies, and evaluate toxic exposures in patients.Coverage includes safety, regulatory, and legal issues; clinical toxicology of specific organ systems; emergency medical response to hazardous materials releases; and hazards of specific industries and locations. Nearly half of the book examines all known toxins and environmental health hazards. A Brandon-Hill recommended title.
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Total Exposure Assessment Methodology TEAM Study Summary and analysis

Total Exposure Assessment Methodology  TEAM Study    Summary and analysis

of exposure for some chemicals , they were unsuccessful for other chemicals . ... the effect of outdoor concentrations on personal exposures of the New Jersey and California subjects who had outdoor measurements in their backyards .



ISBN: UCBK:C067599888

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Health Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Health Effects of Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke

is expected that the number of individuals exposed to ETS and the patterns of exposure have also changed over time ( see Section 2.6.4 ) . For California , information is available from population - based surveys in which self ...



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Broad review of environmental tobacco smoke.
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