C++ and Python Programming

Introductory Beginners Guide to Learn C++ Programming and Python Programming

Author: Isaac D. Cody

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781542834292


Page: 240

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This is a 2 book bundle related to C++ programming and Python programming! Two manuscripts for the price of one! Whats included in this 2 book bundle manuscript: "C++: Learn C++ Like a Boss. A Beginners Guide in Coding Programming And Dominating C++. Novice to Expert Guide To Learn and Master C++ Fast" "Hacking University: Junior Edition. Learn Python Computer Programming From Scratch. Become a Python Zero to Hero. The Ultimate Beginners Guide in Mastering the Python Language" In C++ programming, you will learn the basics about: Compliers, syntax, class, objects, and variables Identifiers, trigraphs, data types, lines, and characters Boolean and functions Arrays, loops, and conditions Various types of operators Decision statements, if else statements Constants and literals Quick follow up quizzes and answers Guided examples and much more! In Hacking University Junior Edition, you will learn: The history of Python Language The benefits of learning Python and the job market outlook when learning Python Setting Up a Development Environment Variables, Variable Types, Inputs, String Formatting, Decision Structures, Conditional Operators, Loops Several Programming Examples to make sure you practice what you learn String Formatting and Programming Concepts Classes, Special Methods, and Inheritance Key Modules, and Common Errors And a WHOLE lot more! Get your copy today! Scroll up and learn how to program in both C++ and Python!