BUSINESS PERIODICALS INDEX Name Authority Control — Ensures that the
names of persons and corporations will be uniform whenever they appear .
Biographical Sketches and Interviews - Interviews with today's leading business
figures ...



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Small Business Management Series

Small Business Management Series

wealth of information bearing on new product development that you can find in
the trade periodicals , available in most public ... The most convenient index to
use for covering the technical and trade literature is the Business Periodicals
Index ...



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Sources of Business Information

Sources of Business Information

INDEXES TO PERIODICALS Although all of the sources listed in this chapter
include magazine articles , the businessman needs a quick method of locating
such material . Because business is constantly changing and new processes ...

Author: Edwin Truman Coman

Publisher: Univ of California Press


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Typescript (carbon copy) of book published in 1964 by the University of California Press, Berkeley.
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The Hmong 1987 1995

The Hmong  1987 1995

... AgeLine, Agricola, Alternative Press Index, America: History and Life,
Anthropological Index to Current Periodicals in ... Index, British Humanities Index,
Business Periodicals Index, Business Periodicals Ondisc, Canadian Periodical
Index, ...

Author: J. Christina Smith

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9780788138560

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Contains 744 annotated print citations on the Hmong of S.E. Asia, the Miao of China, and the Hmong diaspora in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and French Guiana, with the majority pertaining to the Hmong experience in the U.S. Materials from 1987-1995 in the English language are included: books and book chapters, theses and dissertation, magazine and journal articles, published conference papers, and selected reports, government documents, and newspaper articles. Includes juvenile literature. Electronic resources are also covered. Bilingual materials are included if there is an English component. Exhaustive!
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Research Design for Social Work and the Human Services

Research Design for Social Work and the Human Services

There are also indexes to periodical material on specific groups, such as
Hispanic Americans and American blacks, but these, like the business index,
include all periodicals, including newspapers and popular magazines, not just
professional ...

Author: Jeane W. Anastas

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231529280

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Research Design for Social Work and the Human Services integrates a range of research techniques into a single epistemological framework and presents a balanced approach to the teaching of research methods in the "helping professions." Jeane W. Anastas begins with a discussion of the different philosophical perspectives within which social research occurs and continues with problem formulation, research design, and methodological issues influencing data collection, analysis, and dissemination. She presents both fixed (quantitative) and flexible (qualitative) methods of research, granting legitimacy, value, utility, and relevance to both styles of inquiry. Utilizing complete case studies to illustrate different methodological approaches, Research Design for Social Work and the Human Services integrates material on women and people of color, and draws attention to the ways racism, heterosexism, sexism, and classism affect the conceptualization and conduct of research. Anastas not only exposes these biases but actively addresses the experiences, needs, and concerns of clients of both genders and different races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, cultures, and classes.
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Social Science Reference Sources

Social Science Reference Sources

Wilson Business Abstracts indexes and abstracts articles of over 300 English
language business periodicals. Abstracts are 50-150 words in length and
included for biographical sketches, corporate profiles, interviews, product reviews
, and ...

Author: Tze-chung Li

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313304831

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Now in its third edition, this essential guide to basic reference sources in the social sciences provides evaluative entries for approximately 1,600 works in anthropology, business, economics, education, geography, history, law, political science, psychology, and sociology. The first part of the book includes chapters on general sources, while the second contains chapters on reference works in particular disciplines. Most titles published before 1980, which appear in the second edition, have been dropped, while a large number of electronic sources, including more than 200 web sites, have been added. In recognition of the proliferation of electronic information resources, the volume provides brief descriptions of the features and search methods of several online vendors.
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Alcoholism Treatment Marketing

Alcoholism Treatment Marketing

Most indexes examine severalhundred serials. Serials dealing with business and
marketing are indexed in the Business Index and the Business Periodicals Index.
Serials dealing withalcoholism treatment are indexed in severalindexes ...

Author: Donald Self

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317839620

Category: Medical

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The annual economic burden of alcohol abuse in the United States is staggering, yet the alcoholism treatment industry has been historically plagued by governmental regulations, moral crusades, advocacy of specific treatment approaches, and a lack of marketing knowledge. Here is the first focused set of research on the marketing of alcoholism treatment services. The authors of this much-needed volume--reputable marketing and research scholars--greatly expand the current base of knowledge concerning the alcohol treatment marketing subdiscipline, including the referral system analyses of market potentials for providers, promotional effort consultation for new providers, and the evolving nature of medical services distribution systems. Through in-depth interviews with treatment providers, referral sources, and former clients of treatment facilities, and in major reviews of literature on the subject, Alcoholism Treatment Marketing presents primary research and general research findings to provide practical marketing implications.
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The Good Temp

The Good Temp

To build a database of articles for our content analysis of industry discourse, we
began searching the Industrial Arts Index (later the Business Periodicals Index
published by the H.W. Wilson Company) in 1945, finding a number of subject ...

Author: Vicki Smith

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 0801458072

Category: Business & Economics

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Temporary agencies place approximately two and a half million people in jobs each day in the United States. Every year, about twelve million people use these placement agencies to find temporary work. Many Americans, even those who desire permanent jobs, decide to enter the labor market through the portal of temporary agencies. Compared with the post-World War II era, when it was a marginal labor practice, temporary employment is today an entrenched feature of jobs and labor markets. How have temporary employment relationships become so widespread and normalized? In The Good Temp, Vicki Smith and Esther B. Neuwirth provide some novel answers to this question. Their provocative analysis is based on an insider's view of the interior dynamics of a temporary help agency in Silicon Valley. It incorporates a historical perspective on the rise of the temporary help service industry. Smith and Neuwirth document how this powerful industry not only created a new market for temporary labor but also played a fundamental role in the erosion of the permanent employment model. They analyze how agencies themselves came to manufacture and market this reinvented product-the good temp, an employee who is effective and efficient, committed, and sometimes preferable to a permanent staff member. Joining extensive participant observation data with historical analysis, The Good Temp contains some surprising findings about temporary employment today and fills a significant gap in our understanding of this important labor relationship.
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