Brothers of the Gun

Brothers of the Gun

This is a story of pragmatism and idealism, impossible violence and repression, and, even in the midst of war, profound acts of courage, creativity, and hope. “A book of startling emotional power and intellectual depth.”—Pankaj Mishra ...

Author: Marwan Hisham

Publisher: One World

ISBN: 9780399590641

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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A bracingly immediate memoir by a young man coming of age during the Syrian war, an intimate lens on the century’s bloodiest conflict, and a profound meditation on kinship, home, and freedom. A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK • LONGLISTED FOR THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARD • “This powerful memoir, illuminated with Molly Crabapple’s extraordinary art, provides a rare lens through which we can see a region in deadly conflict.”—Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy In 2011, Marwan Hisham and his two friends—fellow working-class college students Nael and Tareq—joined the first protests of the Arab Spring in Syria, in response to a recent massacre. Arm-in-arm they marched, poured Coca-Cola into one another’s eyes to blunt the effects of tear gas, ran from the security forces, and cursed the country’s president, Bashar al-Assad. It was ecstasy. A long-bottled revolution was finally erupting, and freedom from a brutal dictator seemed, at last, imminent. Five years later, the three young friends were scattered: one now an Islamist revolutionary, another dead at the hands of government soldiers, and the last, Marwan, now a journalist in Turkish exile, trying to find a way back to a homeland reduced to rubble. Marwan was there to witness and document firsthand the Syrian war, from its inception to the present. He watched from the rooftops as regime warplanes bombed soldiers; as revolutionary activist groups, for a few dreamy days, spray-painted hope on Raqqa; as his friends died or threw in their lot with Islamist fighters. He became a journalist by courageously tweeting out news from a city under siege by ISIS, the Russians, and the Americans all at once. He saw the country that ran through his veins—the country that held his hopes, dreams, and fears—be destroyed in front of him, and eventually joined the relentless stream of refugees risking their lives to escape. Illustrated with more than eighty ink drawings by Molly Crabapple that bring to life the beauty and chaos, Brothers of the Gun offers a ground-level reflection on the Syrian revolution—and how it bled into international catastrophe and global war. This is a story of pragmatism and idealism, impossible violence and repression, and, even in the midst of war, profound acts of courage, creativity, and hope. “A book of startling emotional power and intellectual depth.”—Pankaj Mishra, author of Age of Anger and From the Ruins of Empire “A revelatory and necessary read on one of the most destructive wars of our time.”—Angela Davis
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Refugee Imaginaries

Refugee Imaginaries

Hisham, Marwan, and Molly Crabapple (2018), Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian War (New York: One World). Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic (2018a), 'Sieges as a weapon ...

Author: Cox Emma Cox

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9781474443210

Category: Refugees

Page: 544

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Charts new directions for interdisciplinary research on refugee writing and representationPlaces refugee imaginaries at the centre of interdisciplinary exchange, demonstrating the vital new perspectives on refugee experience available in humanities researchBrings together leading research in literary, performance, art and film studies, digital and new media, postcolonialism and critical race theory, transnational and comparative cultural studies, history, anthropology, philosophy, human geography and cultural politicsThe refugee has emerged as one of the key figures of the twenty-first-century. This book explores how refugees imagine the world and how the world imagines them. It demonstrates the ways in which refugees have been written into being by international law, governmental and non-governmental bodies and the media, and foregrounds the role of the arts and humanities in imagining, historicising and protesting the experiences of forced migration and statelessness. Including thirty-two newly written chapters on representations by and of refugees from leading researchers in the field, Refugee Imaginaries establishes the case for placing the study of the refugee at the centre of contemporary critical enquiry.
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The Cat Man of Aleppo

The Cat Man of Aleppo

ART REFERENCES Syrian Dust: Reporting from the Heart of the War by Francesca Borri, translated by Anne Milano Appel, Seven Stories Press, 2016. Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian War by Marwan Hisham and Molly Crabapple, ...

Author: Irene Latham

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781786077516

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

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Out of the ravages of war came hope. How an act of kindness inspired millions worldwide. When war came to Syria, many fled the once-beautiful city of Aleppo and were forced to become refugees in far-flung places. But Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel decided to stay and work as an ambulance driver, helping the civilians that couldn’t leave. He quickly realised that it wasn’t just people who needed care, but also the hundreds of cats abandoned on the streets. Using the little money he earned, he began feeding and looking after them. But there were too many for Alaa to care for on his own, so he asked the world for help to keep his new friends safe. Soon, his call was answered. Alaa’s brave and heart-warming story is brought to triumphant life on these pages, which include a note from Alaa himself. Alaa’s cat sanctuary has expanded to work with local children traumatised by a lifetime of war. To find out more about his work, visit
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Cases in International Relations

Cases in International Relations

803 (December 2018): 331–37. Goldsmith, Leon. Cycle of Fear: Syria's Alawites in War and Peace. London: Hurst Publications, 2015. Hisham, Marwan. Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian Civil War. New York: One World, 2018.

Author: Donald M. Snow

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538153451

Category: International relations

Page: 280

View: 894

Designed to complement any introductory global politics course, Snow's text presents original case studies that survey the state of the international system and look in-depth at current issues. The cases are geopolitically diverse, accessible, and timely with new coverage of the pandemic, election interference, China, cyberwar, and global warming.
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Cases in U S National Security

Cases in U S  National Security

Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian Civil War. New York: One World, 2018. Lukyanov, Fyodor. “Putin's Foreign Policy: The Quest to Restore Russia's Rightful Place.” Foreign Affairs 95 (3) (May/June 2016), 30–37. McHugo, John.

Author: Donald M. Snow

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538115671

Category: Political Science

Page: 248

View: 180

This supplementary reader present an engaging and novel approach to national security. A series of brief case studies representing current and controversial policy problems facilitates deliberation and debate about competing policy ideas and encourages undergraduate students to think critically about issues of national security.
Categories: Political Science

Your Sons Are at Your Service

Your Sons Are at Your Service

... Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian War (New York: Penguin Random House, 2018), 268. 38. “ 'They Came to Destroy': ISIS Crimes Against the Yazidis,” UN Human Rights Council, A/HRC/32/CRP.2, June 15, 2016. 39.

Author: Aaron Y. Zelin

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231550499

Category: Political Science

Page: 377

View: 265

Tunisia became one of the largest sources of foreign fighters for the Islamic State—even though the country stands out as a democratic bright spot of the Arab uprisings and despite the fact that it had very little history of terrorist violence within its borders prior to 2011. In Your Sons Are at Your Service, Aaron Y. Zelin uncovers the longer history of Tunisian involvement in the jihadi movement and offers an in-depth examination of the reasons why so many Tunisians became drawn to jihadism following the 2011 revolution. Zelin highlights the longer-term causes that affected jihadi recruitment in Tunisia, including the prior history of Tunisians joining jihadi organizations and playing key roles in far-flung parts of the world over the past four decades. He contends that the jihadi group Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia was able to take advantage of the universal prisoner amnesty, increased openness, and the lack of governmental policy toward it after the revolution. In turn, this provided space for greater recruitment and subsequent mobilization to fight abroad once the Tunisian government cracked down on the group in 2013. Zelin marshals cutting-edge empirical findings, extensive primary source research, and on-the-ground fieldwork, including a variety of documents in Arabic going as far back as the 1980s and interviews with Ansar al-Sharia members and Tunisian fighters returning from Syria. The first book on the history of the Tunisian jihadi movement, Your Sons Are at Your Service is a meticulously researched account that challenges simplified views of jihadism’s appeal and success.
Categories: Political Science

Empowered Students

Empowered Students

... Kicks: Great American Story of Sneakers Brothers of The Gun: A Memoir of The Syrian War Edison Burn It Down: Women Writing About Basketball A Love Story Anger American Prison: A Reporter's City of Inmates: Conquest, Rebellion, ...

Author: Kerry Decker Rutishauser

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781475858372

Category: Education

Page: 158

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All children deserve the opportunity to practice freedom of thought, voice, and movement in school. Giving students the opportunity to practice freedom--to teach them how to be autonomous, responsible, cooperative and critically literate--should be done in communities and schools across the country, and this book shows how. The key ability of the human brain that cannot be digitized or mechanized is its ability to interpret—that is, to cope with the intentions of another, to understand what was said and what was meant. Humans have the ability to work together as a team toward a common goal (i.e. cooperate), to be altruistic and make sacrifices to help others, to build trust, and to feel empathy or sympathy—and robots do not. Developing and using these interpretive and cooperative skills is essential to having a nation of thoughtful citizens who are capable of seeing themselves as solutions to the problems and issues we face. Empowered Students: Educating Flexible Minds for a Flexible Future is a theory-to-practice story of how students at a segregated and failing New York City high school were released from years of oppressive schooling practices and learned how to practice freedom, told through the voices and the people who built it: the school leaders, teachers and students.
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Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

Government and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa

... 2016); Wendy Pearlman, We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria (Custom House, 2017); Marwan Hisham and Molly Crabapple, Brothers of the Gun: A Memoir of the Syrian War (One World, 2018); and Rania Abouzeid, ...

Author: Sean Yom

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429756399

Category: Social Science

Page: 670

View: 227

The latest edition of this renowned textbook explores the states and regimes of the Middle East and North Africa. Presenting heavily revised, fully updated chapters contributed by the world’s leading experts, it analyzes the historical trajectory, political institutions, economic development, and foreign policies of the region’s nearly two dozen countries. The volume can be used in conjunction with its sister volume, The Societies of the Middle East and North Africa, for a comprehensive overview of the region. Chapters are organized and structured identically, giving insightful windows into the nuances of each country’s domestic politics and foreign relations. Data tables and extensive annotated bibliographies orient readers towards further research. Whether used in conjunction with its sister volume or on its own, this book provides the most comprehensive and detailed overview of the region’s varied politics. Five new experts cover the critical country cases of Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. All chapters cover the latest events, including trends that have remarkably changed in just a few years like the gradual end of the Syrian civil war. As such, this textbook is invaluable to students of Middle Eastern politics.. The ninth edition brings substantial changes. All chapters also have a uniform, streamlined structure that explores the historical context, social and economic environment, political institutions, regime dynamics, and foreign policy of each country. Fact boxes and political maps are now far more extensive, and photographs and images also help illustrate key points. Annotated bibliographies are vastly expanded, providing nothing short of the best list of research references for each country.
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My Country

My Country

If the shedding of blood can be beautiful in words, he makes it so' Wall Street Journal Born to Palestinian refugees, Kassem Eid grew up in the small town of Moadamiya on the outskirts of the ancient city of Damascus, playing in streets ...

Author: Kassem Eid

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781408895115

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

View: 522

'Powerful ... A humbling and important first-hand account of a brutal civil war in which as many as 500,000 people have died' Guardian 'A memoir of resistance and survival unique in the annals of modern war ... If the shedding of blood can be beautiful in words, he makes it so' Wall Street Journal Born to Palestinian refugees, Kassem Eid grew up in the small town of Moadamiya on the outskirts of the ancient city of Damascus, playing in streets perfumed with jasmine. But it didn't take long for Kassem to realise that he was treated differently at school because of his family's resistance to the brutal government regime. When Bashar al-Assad succeeded his father in 2000, hopes that things might change for the better were swiftly crushed. When the 2011 Arab Spring protests in Syria were met with extreme violence, it was yet another blow – and as Kassem reached young adulthood, the country spiralled into civil war. Then, on 21 August 2013, Kassem nearly died in a sarin gas attack that killed hundreds of civilians. Later that day, he would pick up a gun for the first time, to join the Free Syrian Army as they fought government forces. For Kassem, this marked the moment that he and his country changed forever - even as the rest of the world turned its face away.
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Love in a Time of War

Love in a Time of War

Picco entitled his 1999 memoir Man Without a Gun: One Diplomat's Secret Struggle to Free the Hostages, Fight Terrorism, and End a War. While negotiating for the hostages held by Islamic Jihad, Picco travelled repeatedly with Syrian ...

Author: Lara Marlowe

Publisher: Head of Zeus Ltd

ISBN: 9781801102537

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

View: 603

A love affair against a background of war, revolution and invasion: two passionate, committed foreign correspondents find each other as the Middle East falls apart.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography