Bridge of the Untiring Sea

The Corinthian Isthmus from Prehistory to Late Antiquity

Author: Elizabeth R. Gebhard,Timothy. E. Gregory

Publisher: American School of Classical Studies at Athens

ISBN: 162139025X

Category: History

Page: 408

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Pindar’s metaphor of the Isthmus as a bridge spanning two seas encapsulates the essence of the place and gives a fitting title for this volume of essays on the history and archaeology of the area. The Isthmus, best known for the panhellenic sanctuary of Poseidon, attracted travelers both before and after Pausanias’s visit in the 2nd century A.D., but only toward the end of the 19th century were the ruins investigated and, after another half century, finally systematically excavated. More recently, archaeologists have surveyed the territory beyond the sanctuary, compiling evidence for a varied picture of activity on the wider Isthmus and the eastern Corinthia. The 17 essays in this book celebrate 55 years of research on the Isthmus and provide a comprehensive overview of the state of our knowledge. Topics include an early Mycenaean habitation site at Kyras Vrysi; the settlement at Kalamianos; the Archaic Temple of Poseidon; domestic architecture of the Rachi settlement; dining vessels from the Sanctuary of Poseidon; the Temple Deposit at Isthmia and the dating of Archaic and early Classical Greek coins; terracotta figurines from the Sanctuary of Poseidon; the Chigi Painter; arms from the age of Philip and Alexander at Broneer’s West Foundation on the road to Corinth; new sculptures from the Isthmian Palaimonion; an inscribed herm from the Gymnasium-Bath complex of Corinth; Roman baths at Isthmia and sanctuary baths in Greece; Roman buildings east of the Temple of Poseidon; patterns of settlement and land use on the Roman Isthmus; epigraphy, liturgy, and Imperial policy on the Justinianic Isthmus; and circular lamps in the Late Antique Peloponnese.

Corinth in Late Antiquity

A Greek, Roman and Christian City

Author: Amelia R. Brown

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1786733587

Category: History

Page: 368

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Late antique Corinth was on the frontline of the radical political, economic and religious transformations that swept across the Mediterranean world from the second to sixth centuries CE. A strategic merchant city, it became a hugely important metropolis in Roman Greece and, later, a key focal point for early Christianity. In late antiquity, Corinthians recognised new Christian authorities; adopted novel rites of civic celebration and decoration; and destroyed, rebuilt and added to the city's ancient landscape and monuments. Drawing on evidence from ancient literary sources, extensive archaeological excavations and historical records, Amelia Brown here surveys this period of urban transformation, from the old Agora and temples to new churches and fortifications. Influenced by the methodological advances of urban studies, Brown demonstrates the many ways Corinthians responded to internal and external pressures by building, demolishing and repurposing urban public space, thus transforming Corinthian society, civic identity and urban infrastructure. In a departure from isolated textual and archaeological studies, she connects this process to broader changes in metropolitan life, contributing to the present understanding of urban experience in the late antique Mediterranean.

The First Urban Churches 1

Methodological Foundations

Author: James R. Harrison,L. L. Welborn

Publisher: SBL Press

ISBN: 1628371048

Category: Religion

Page: 360

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A fresh look at early urban churches This collection of essays examines the urban context of early Christian churches in the first-century Roman world. A city-by-city investigation of the early churches in the New Testament clarifies the challenges, threats, and opportunities that urban living provided for early Christians. Readers will come away with a better understanding of how scholars assemble an accurate picture of the cities in which the first Christians flourished. Features: Analysis of urban evidence of the inscriptions, papyri, archaeological remains, coins, and iconography Discussion of how to use different types of evidence responsibly Outline of what constitutes proper methodological use for establishing a nuanced, informed portrait of ancient urban life

Roman Architecture and Urbanism

From the Origins to Late Antiquity

Author: Fikret Yegül,Diane Favro

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521470714

Category: Architecture

Page: 882

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Investigates Roman built environments from architectonic and planning perspectives, while celebrating the achievements of the providences as well as Italy.

Approaching the Ancient Artifact

Representation, Narrative, and Function

Author: Amalia Avramidou,Denise Demetriou

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110308819

Category: Art

Page: 615

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This volume consists consists of forty contributions written by an internationally renowned selection of scholars. The authors adopt an interdisciplinary methodology, examining both literary and archaeological sources, and a comparative perspective that transgresses national, chronological, and cultural boundaries, in order to investigate the nature of the links between text and image. This multifaceted approach to the study of ancient artifacts enables the authors to treat art and artistic production as activities that do not merely mirror social or cultural relationships but rather, and more significantly, as activities that create social and cultural relationships. The essays in this book are motivated by their authors' belief that there is no simple direct link between art and myths, art and text, or art and ritual, and that art should not be delegated to the role of a by-product of a literate culture. Instead, the contextual and symbolic analyses of artifacts and representations offered in this volume elucidate how art actively shaped myth, how it changed texts, how it transformed ritual, and how it altered the course of local, regional, and Mediterranean histories.


Studien Zur Griechisch-archaischen Bronzekunst

Author: C. M. Stibbe,Barbara Heldring

Publisher: Peeters Publishers

ISBN: 9789042917088

Category: Art

Page: 341

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"This collection of writings by Conrad M. Stibbe appears in honor of the octogenarian, to the benefit of the research and to the delight of lovers of Greek culture, as the editors hope and expect. These twelve essays (and a book review), all contribute, each in Zeiner specific objective, a substantial contribution to the understanding of art period. This era, the archaic features that appear on long drives yet unexplored and sometimes as a playground opposite opinions in the research, hence this already exciting prospects."--Publisher's website.

Die Aphrodite der Seefahrer und ihre Heiligtümer am Mittelmeer

Author: Martin Eckert

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 3643135106

Category: Architecture, Ancient

Page: 589

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Die häufig in Hafennähe errichteten Heiligtümer der seereisenden Liebesgöttinnen spielten in der späten Bronzezeit und frühen Eisenzeit eine herausragende Rolle als interkulturelle Kontaktzonen im Kontext des internationalen Seehandels. In diesem Buch werden die literarischen Quellen und archäologischen Befunde zu mehr als 172 Kultplätzen systematisch erfasst und miteinander verglichen. Ein reich mit Abbildungen versehenes Kapitel erschließt den mythologisch-religiösen Kontext sowie die Ikonographie der seereisenden Gottheiten.0.

Artemidor Von Daldis und Die Antike Traumdeutung

Texte - Kontexte - Lektüren

Author: Gregor Weber

Publisher: De Gruyter Oldenbourg

ISBN: 9783110407419


Page: 392

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Artemidorus Daldianus s Interpretation of Dreams, a dream book written at the end of the second century CE, is the sole surviving dream interpretation book from Greek and Roman antiquity. The essays in this volume situate Artemidorus and his work in the context of his contemporaries as well as ancient dream interpretation, and examine his reception into the early modern age, highlighting viewpoints in international research."