Author: Scottee

Publisher: Oberon Books

ISBN: 1786823357

Category: Drama

Page: 48

View: 3926


Scottee grew up around strong, brave and violent men and boys. Bravado is his memoir of working-class masculinity from 1991 to 1999 as seen by a sheep in wolves’ clothing, exploring the graphic nature of maleness and the extent it will go to succeed. Blood, spit and tears are set against the drunken backdrop of aggressive sensitivity and Oasis songs. (This text is not for the weak hearted – it includes graphic accounts of violence, abuse, assault and sex.)


Author: Peter Frensdorf


ISBN: 1409250733


Page: 556

View: 887


Bravado is a work of fiction rich in glamour and intimacy, set against a backdrop of the high-pressure world of the rich and famous. Jennifer Barrows is a young freelance reporter who meets Paul Berg, a young boxer who surprises her with his character and down-to-earth nature. Jennifer is immediately attracted to Paul and doesn't understand why at the end of their evening together, he snubs her obvious sexual attraction to him, leaving her frustrated. In her anger, she writes an article that is highly critical of Paul.This leads to the couple separating and going their separate ways. Jennifer's life takes a twist she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams. One day, attending a concert of the famous pop-star Domino, Paul cannot believe his eyes, because that girl is.... his Jennifer!The story is ripping along, and there is always something happening to keep the reader turning the pages, desperate to find out what happens next.

Sweet Bravado

Author: Alicia Meadowes

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0446568279

Category: Fiction

Page: 209

View: 7435


It was not a marriage made in heaven. It was a union decreed in her will by Aunt Sophie. She planned to end the feud between two branches of her family by naming joint heirs. Valentin Vicount Ardsmore, and Nicole Harcourt, daughter of his disgraced uncle and a French ballet dancer, would inherit Aunt Sophie's fortune only if they married each other.

Bravery or Bravado? The Protection of News Providers in Armed Conflict

Author: Nina Burri

Publisher: Hotei Publishing

ISBN: 9004288856

Category: Political Science

Page: 468

View: 9961


In Bravery or Bravado? The Protection of News Providers in Armed Conflict, Nina Burri offers the first comprehensive analysis on how international law protects professional and citizen journalists, photographers, cameramen and their support staff during times of war.

Bouncers & Bravado

Author: Stu Armstrong

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781497589322

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 102

View: 4106


Stu Armstrong is an exciting new author from the North East of England. His first book 'The Diaries of a Doorman - A Collection of True Short Stories', released in December 2013 has been a surprise smash hit and gained Amazons prestigious 5 star review rating. Stu was so overwhelmed by the amazing response from his readers and the demand for a second book in the series that, 'The Diaries of a Doorman Volume 2 - Bouncers & Bravado' is now here! Back by popular demand with the next instalment of Diaries of a Doorman, 'The Diaries of a Doorman Volume 2 - Bouncers & Bravado' is a further collection of true short stories based on the years that Armstrong has worked on the doors in the UK and abroad. This book is another real insight into the funny, tragic and completely bizarre people and experiences encountered by a Doorman. Yes, maybe there is a bit of artistic license in there, but only a bit. Names have been changed to protect the innocent, and the guilty! Far from just more of the same Armstrong delves deeper and darker into the murky world of Bouncers both in the UK & Abroad, with his unique writing style developing this, the second instalment of 'The Diaries of a Doorman' is sure to be another critically acclaimed smash hit. For more information about the Author Stu Armstrong please visit or find us on Facebook and follow Stu on Twitter @ukbouncers

Bravado Brothers


Author: Ildefonso Soto Jr

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781702099301


Page: 330

View: 9919


After narrowly escaping a setup designed to eliminate them from their organized crime family, the Rodriguez brothers have been allowed to sever ties and start anew. As a result, Sebastian, Fabian, and Khan were uprooted from their stomping grounds of Chicago and moved to the countryside of Georgia. Even with the change of scenery, the brothers are unable to leave behind their life of crime. When the opportunity arises to invest in a money-making operation that is sure to get them back in the game, they assume they can undetectably take advantage of the situation-that is, until they run into a vengeful foe who is looking to settle an old dispute. The Rodriguez brothers have no choice but to seek the help of their best friend, Franco "Frankie" Alvarez; his cousins, Adam Kowalski and Ricardo "Rick" Alvarez; and their newly-appointed crime boss and childhood friend, Sean "Red" McLoughlin. Before long, they all find themselves in an uphill battle against time, money, and multiple crime families who are committed to erasing each of them from the equation.

African American Psychology

From Africa to America

Author: Faye Z Belgrave,Kevin W Allison

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761924715

Category: Psychology

Page: 441

View: 1109


African American Psychology, written by Faye Z. Belgrave & Kevin W. Allison, serves as an integrated resource that is sure to spark many such discussions about contemporary theory and research in this rapidly expanding field. Considering both the traditional American psychology literature as well as the more recent Africentric scholarship, this book offers comprehensive coverage of the research and theory that have developed over the past two decades. African American Psychology offers a timely broad-based overview of key topics and research specifically relevant to the psychology of African American culture.