Description in Classical Arabic Poetry

Waòsf, Ekphrasis, and Interarts Theory

Author: Akiko Motoyoshi Sumi

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004129221

Category: Poetry

Page: 251

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This work deals with "wasf" or description which is one of the salient characteristics of the "qasidah" (classical Arabic poetry) tradition. It examines descriptive passages in a selected group of Arabic "qasidah" from different ages, with the motifs of horses, and bees and honey-gathering.

Sperm Competition in Humans

Classic and Contemporary Readings

Author: Todd K. Shackelford,Nicholas Pound

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387280391

Category: Science

Page: 286

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In species with internal fertilization, sperm competition occurs when the sperm of two or more males simultaneously occupy the reproductive tract of a female and compete to fertilize an egg (Parker, 1970). A large body of empirical research has demonstrated that, as predicted by sperm competition theory, males and females in many species possess anatomical, behavioral, and physiological adaptations that have evolved to deal with the adaptive challenges associated with sperm competition. Moreover, in recent years, evolutionary biologists and psychologists have begun to examine the extent to which sperm competition may have been an important selective pressure during human evolution. Some research has suggested that male humans, like males of many bird, insect, and rodent species, might be able to adjust the number of sperm they inseminate according to the risk of sperm competition. Other research has examined whether such responses might be accompanied by psychological changes that motivate human males to pursue copulations when the risk of sperm competition is high. Furthermore, there is research suggesting that aspects of human penile anatomy might function to enhance success in sperm competition. Much of this work has been controversial; some of the findings have been disputed and others have been greeted with skepticism. However, the idea that some aspects of human psychology and behavior might best be understood as adaptations to sperm competition remains intriguing and, in certain cases, very persuasive.

Classical Mythology

A Guide to the Mythical World of the Greeks and Romans

Author: William Hansen,William F. Hansen

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0195300351

Category: Social Science

Page: 393

View: 1885


Originally published: Handbook of classical mythology. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, c2004.

Handbook of Classical Mythology

Author: William F. Hansen

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1576072266

Category: Social Science

Page: 394

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Presents classic stories of the Greeks and Romans, along with geographical and historical background information.

Classic and Modern Readings in Biology

Author: N.A

Publisher: Holt Rinehart & Winston

ISBN: 9780030971082

Category: Science

Page: 177

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This title identifies the problems which demand that a holistic approach to sustainability be taken on. It details the issues and provides a range of potential solutions and techniques that can be applied by the architect and urban designer at both the building and the urban scale.

Best books for children

preschool through grade 6

Author: John Thomas Gillespie,Corinne J. Naden

Publisher: Rr Bowker Llc

ISBN: 9780835234559

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 1411

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"Children's librarians & school library media specialists...will find BEST BOOKS FOR CHILDREN a boon to collection development."--BOOKLIST. "Recommended for all school & public libraries, & should be made available at the public catalog for easy reference."--SCHOOL LIBRARY MEDIA QUARTERLY. BEST BOOKS FOR CHILDREN, 5TH EDITION, is an evaluative listing of 15,000 titles, each with two or three recommendations from leading journals. This definitive source also provides: *review citations for all entries published since 1985 *separate Author, Title, & Illustrator indexes *an expanded Subject Index with thousands of new subject categories, including reading level recommendations *Dewey Decimal classification numbers *full ISBN information. Use this popular selection guide to enhance the elementary curriculum...encourage children in their recreational reading...prepare general & specific reading lists...& confidently choose the right books to suit the needs of your young patrons.

Prompt a Day! 625 Thought-provoking Writing Prompts Linked to Each Day of the School Year

Author: Jacqueline Sweeney

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780590187381

Category: Education

Page: 128

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Writing time is topical and fun with this huge collection of instant prompts correlated with the calendar-two for each day of the school year! Topics include historical happenings, famous folks, inventions, world-wide holidays, funny factoids, and so much more. A must-have for every teacher who uses journals! For use with Grades 3-6.