From the Loess Hills of Iowa with the Descendants of Dennis Conyers

Author: Terri Napoli,Arden Iva Sleadd

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1553696492

Category: Reference

Page: 345

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Iva Agnes conyers grew up in Iowa in the 1890's. Orphaned at age eight, she suffered ill treatment and loneliness. Through hard work, grit and determination, she overcame her circumstances and became a teacher. In later life, she wrote her memoirs, which have been revised and expanded by her grandaughter, Arden Iva Sleadd. The book relates the events of Iva's early life; the death of her mother; living with her Mormon grandparents; the remarriage of her father; their move by covered wagon to Kansas and Idaho; the death of her father; and the heartbreak that followed. Includes brief memoirs by Iva's children and others who knew her, along with her personal photos. Part Two of the book contains the Conyers family history, compiled by Terri Napoli. It contains over 3400 names of descendants, reflecting ten years of research, and includes the accounts of two other Conyers pioneers: Enoch Ward Conyers and John Hiram Conyers. Other surnames included are Hanscom, Hansen, Ballentyne, Hornback, Mitts, Mayfield, Vredenburgh, Horseman and many others.

Remembering Ella

A 1912 Murder and Mystery in the Arkansas Ozarks

Author: Nita Gould

Publisher: University of Arkansas Press

ISBN: 1945624191

Category: History

Page: 380

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In November 1912, popular and pretty eighteen-year-old Ella Barham was raped, murdered, and dismembered in broad daylight near her home in rural Boone County, Arkansas. The brutal crime sent shockwaves through the Ozarks and made national news. Authorities swiftly charged a neighbor, Odus Davidson, with the crime. Locals were determined that he be convicted, and threats of mob violence ran so high that he had to be jailed in another county to ensure his safety. But was there enough evidence to prove his guilt? If so, had he acted alone? What was his motive? This examination of the murder of Ella Barham and the trial of her alleged killer opens a window into the meaning of community and due process during a time when politicians and judges sought to professionalize justice, moving from local hangings to state-run executions. Davidson’s appeal has been cited as a precedent in numerous court cases and his brief was reviewed by the lawyers in Georgia who prepared Leo Frank’s appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1915. Author Nita Gould is a descendant of the Barhams of Boone County and Ella Barham’s cousin. Her tenacious pursuit to create an authoritative account of the community, the crime, and the subsequent legal battle spanned nearly fifteen years. Gould weaves local history and short biographies into her narrative and also draws on the official case files, hundreds of newspaper accounts, and personal Barham family documents. Remembering Ella reveals the truth behind an event that has been a staple of local folklore for more than a century and still intrigues people from around the country.