The Impact of Print On Demand on Academic Books

The Impact of Print On Demand on Academic Books

Downloadable e-books and print books require different digital files and simply managing those files on Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms poses a challenge and expense for publishers. Several publishers and publishing system ...

Author: Suzanne Wilson-Higgins

Publisher: Chandos Publishing

ISBN: 9780081020197

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The convergence of online book selling, digital printing, digital document workflow management and the computerization of small parcel logistics created a unique opportunity to create a viable commercial model for printing and supplying books on demand. This innovation was swiftly embraced by the academic publishing community heralding the rescue of the languishing academic monograph. The possibilities captured the imagination of creative academic and niche publishers enabling custom publishing, student editions of monographs, self-compiled wiki books and even the establishment of new university presses and open access publishers. The Impact of Print on-Demand on Academic Books takes an in-depth look at this phenomenon by looking back on two decades of innovation, reviewing the present state of academic publishing with respect to works being printed on demand and compiling the current forecasts and speculation about the future of academic and niche publishing given the impact of print on-demand. Presents knowledge on the print-on-demand industry and chronicles developments and their impact on publishing Provides a useful guide for practitioners and students of publishing, and is ideal for academic publishing historians and business academics interested in innovation and digital developments Includes an international perspective, with information from Europe, North America, Australia, and Singapore/China Chronicles business case studies collected from interviews with key individuals from companies who have shaped, or are shaping, the academic POD landscape
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Scientific and Technical Books in Print

Scientific and Technical Books in Print

Chemical, Medical, & Pharmaceutical Books Printed Before 1800. In the Collections of the University of Wisconsin Libraries. 1965. 12.00 (ISBN 0-299-03680-4). U of Wis Pr. Societe Suisse De Chimie - Basle. Index to Helvetica Chimica Acta ...



ISBN: UOM:39015035608390

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Index of NLM Serial Titles

Index of NLM Serial Titles


Author: National Library of Medicine (U.S.)


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A keyword listing of serial titles currently received by the National Library of Medicine.
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Forthcoming Books

Forthcoming Books

The Books in Print announcement ad. Sure, it's a great product, every library and bookstore needs it, and it does have accurate information on almost a million current books. But, what is there new to say about a product that everybody ...

Author: Rose Arny


ISBN: UOM:39015033709570

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British Books in Print

British Books in Print

3.95 New Horizon ( 10.83 ) O 86 116 888 7 Short Stories , Longer , Bodley Head Book of ( Ed . Michie ) C8.464 . ... 0 7131 1406 1 0 7141 0268 7 000 3 17620 7 0 273 42926 4 0 85936 5508 SHORT BRITISH BOOKS IN PRINT , 1984.



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Foxe s Book of Martyrs and Early Modern Print Culture

Foxe s  Book of Martyrs  and Early Modern Print Culture

a master printer to allow specific printing jobs to monopolize presses. Concurrent production of different books was a standard practice during the early modern era because it enabled printers to operate presses at full capacity and ...

Author: John N. King

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139460699

Category: Literary Criticism


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This book was first published in 2006. Second only to the Bible and Book of Common Prayer, John Foxe's Acts and Monuments, known as the Book of Martyrs, was the most influential book published in England during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The most complex and best-illustrated English book of its time, it recounted in detail the experiences of hundreds of people who were burned alive for their religious beliefs. John N. King offers the most comprehensive investigation yet of the compilation, printing, publication, illustration, and reception of the Book of Martyrs. He charts its reception across different editions by learned and unlearned, sympathetic and antagonistic readers. The many illustrations included here introduce readers to the visual features of early printed books and general printing practices both in England and continental Europe, and enhance this important contribution to early modern literary studies, cultural and religious history, and the history of the Book.
Categories: Literary Criticism

The Perils of Print Culture Book Print and Publishing History in Theory and Practice

The Perils of Print Culture  Book  Print and Publishing History in Theory and Practice

Leslie Howsam, Old Books & New Histories: An Orientation to Studies in Book & Print Culture (Toronto, 2006); 'Book History Unbound: Transactions of the Written Word Made Public', Canadian Journal of History 38 (April 2003): 69–81. 5.

Author: Jason McElligott

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137415325

Category: Fiction

Page: 242

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This collection of essays illustrates various pressures and concerns—both practical and theoretical—related to the study of print culture. Procedural difficulties range from doubts about the reliability of digitized resources to concerns with the limiting parameters of 'national' book history.
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Sundanese Print Culture and Modernity in Nineteenth century West Java

Sundanese Print Culture and Modernity in Nineteenth century West Java

Some material questions need to be asked first : How many books were printed ? What kind of books were Sundanese books ? Who were the authors ? Which printing houses produced Sundanese books ? The description will be concrete and ...

Author: Mikihiro Moriyama

Publisher: NUS Press

ISBN: 9971693224

Category: Books and publishing

Page: 310

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Sundanese Print Culture and Modernity in 19th Century West Java traces the development of modern printed books written in Sundanese, the dominant language in West Java, Indonesia, and the mother tongue of about 30 million people. Starting with the 'discovery' of Sundanese by Europeans in the early 19th century, Mikihiro Moriyama follows the developments in the ensuing century when a small group of Dutch scholars and colonial officials reshaped the language and its literature over the next one hundred years. Schools taught Sundanese, and printed materials based on western concepts began to influence indigenous writing and oral tradition. The imposition of European standards of literary aesthetics shaped a modernity that rejected traditional knowledge in favour of rational and empirical paradigms. Interest in traditional poetry and its mythologies declined, and new forms of prose, including novels, captured the attention of the reading public. These materials promoted useful knowledge and morality, and encouraged deference and loyalty towards colonial authority. Early in the 20th century, the establishment of the Commissie voor de Inlandsche School- en Volkslectuur (Committee for Indigenous Schoolbooks and Popular Reading Books), a government-subsidised institution, provided the growing number of literate people in the Indies with 'good' and 'appropriate' reading materials. Its development marked the end of an era when Sundanese writing competed with Western-style schools and publications, and signalled the triumph of the new colonial modernity.
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Serials Currently Received by the National Agricultural Library a Keyword Index

Serials Currently Received by the National Agricultural Library  a Keyword Index

BOOK ( Cont . ) Year - book of the Institute of Nutrition ( 241.64 B852 AE ) BOOKLET Booklet . Gt . Brit . Forestry Commission ( 99.9 G795B ) ... National Library of Australia ( 242.91 AU7S ) Books in print ( 242 B64 ) Books in print .

Author: National Agricultural Library (U.S.)


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