Bonds of Blood

Bonds of Blood

... in the home or calpulli temple of the family.48 The green stone heart embodied the spirit of the deceased, maintaining a connection between the physical remains and the departed spirit and allowing a substantial ongoing bond between ...

Author: Caroline Dodds Pennock

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230582330

Category: History

Page: 225

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The history of the Aztecs has been haunted by the spectre of human sacrifice. Reinvesting the Aztecs with a humanity frequently denied to them, and exploring their spectacular religious violence as a comprehensible element of life, this book integrates a fresh interpretation of gender with an innovative study of the everyday life of the Aztecs.
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A bond beyond Blood

A bond beyond Blood

to weaken the spirit. Once he is weak enough, I can seal him up”, said the old man. He sat in front of Kenji and chanted a spell. Kenji closed his eyes and concentrated. He drifted to the other world. He walked around and found the ...

Author: Adithya R

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781642498424

Category: Fiction

Page: 182

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A powerful emperor, mysteriously killed. A nation torn apart by conspiracies, betrayal and chaos. Amidst this, there were two young boys, brothers in arms; disgraced by the empire, they set out to avenge their master and fulfill his last wish. But will they succeed in regaining the kingdom? Or will one of them heed to the persuasive words of the evil? Will they fight together for their purpose? Or will they turn against each other in search of their true selves? A simple but thrilling story that brings out the human emotions of love, friendship, rage, hatred, thirst for power and knowledge! Join the shinobi on their journey to become the strongest warriors in the realm.
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The Bind of Blood and Bonds

The Bind of Blood and Bonds

Speaking of waking up, I felt a reassuring pat on my shoulder, Evyn Finding me through our bond. My soul companion, Evyn, represented the other half of my spirit. No one knew for certain why, but people on Oberrot were born as two ...

Author: Becky James

Publisher: Clarkenhome Press

ISBN: 9781916877429

Category: Fiction

Page: 260

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“Special Forces is harsh. It could be a lot harsher.” Treason takes many forms. Once trust is broken, it is hard to reforge. Thorrn discovers this all too clearly, much to his detriment. But someone wants Thorrn dead, and they don’t care how many lives they ruin in the process. Meanwhile, there is a spate of murders targeting Oberrotian officials, and Thorrn’s contingent is sent to investigate. Back to being the lowest of the low, Thorrn struggles to trust again – especially when he finds two of the most powerful mages in the world working together, and one of them is the woman he loves. "A damn fine read... Becky James has now officially become one of my auto-buy authors." - The Magic Book Corner "What are you doing if you aren't reading this goddamn masterpiece." - My Fair Fiction "It's a world I want to be immersed in a lot longer, and I can't wait to see what else Becky James can come up with!" - Brey's Reviews
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Identities Histories and Values in Postcolonial Nigeria

Identities  Histories and Values in Postcolonial Nigeria

If in the past community was a bond of blood, place, and spirit, today it is hardly all these three together. Their unity is fractured. The sense of primal unity of existence (community of blood) is diluted, to invoke Ferdinand Tönnies.

Author: Adeshina Afolayan


ISBN: 9781786615633


Page: 288

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This collection offers new perspectives that explore and reshape new directions around which postcolonial Nigeria can make progress around identities, values and histories.

Anthems and the Making of Nation States

Anthems and the Making of Nation States

Are they cursed for abandoning or betraying the purported bonds of blood/spirit/land? The exhortations of the song are necessarily ambiguous. Who is the enemy? What do we actually have to do? What the song teaches is that struggles ...

Author: Aleksandar Pavkovic

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780857726421

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

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Anthems are symbolic means through which nations present themselves to the world. Accordingly, creating seven new nation states out of the bones of Yugoslavia required new anthems. Why did these new states opt for century-old national songs or, failing this, for the anthems without words? What are the images and symbols that each of these states chose as their 'national signatures' and how were these chosen? This book explores a variety of images of nationhood (or the absence of them) in the lyrics of the official anthems and of competing national songs and traces their historical trajectory from the time of their conception to their legal entrenchment. This is the first full-length study into the symbolic representations of nationhood in the recently created nation states of the Balkans."
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The Sacred Bond of Unity Or the End of Water Baptism by the Ministration of the One Baptism with the Holy Ghost and Fire Demonstrated from the Scriptures in the Form of a Creed and Conversational and Debative Catechism

The Sacred Bond of Unity  Or the End of Water Baptism by the Ministration of the One Baptism with the Holy Ghost and Fire  Demonstrated from the Scriptures in the Form of a Creed and Conversational and Debative Catechism

A. - By the Spirit's unction following and resting upon the truths declared by His messengers . ... And that the way in which “ the Spirit , water baptism , and the blood ” of Christ “ agree in one , ” is , in the ceremonial observance ...



ISBN: BL:A0023280015


Page: 144

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Lilith The Power of the Woman s Spirit in the Age of Aquarius

Lilith  The Power of the Woman   s Spirit in the Age of Aquarius

Agriculture rested upon the bond between blood and soil. The menstrual blood was a symbol of great spiritual power. Menstrual blood also symbolized rebirth. Therefore it was used in the sexual elixir for the fluids to be ingested as a ...

Author: Ed Russo


ISBN: 9781312111295

Category: Religion

Page: 167

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Embrace the darkness for there you will find the light. We all have been told in this patriarchal system that to look for salvation is to look upward and outward to a god or gods to worship. We are not here to worship, but to look inside ourselves and embrace who we are and grow to our full potential. Inanna is the archetypical Goddess of love and war. Her descent into the Underworld is a reflection of our journey of going inward to face our true nature. When we fight this, we then are at war with nature. Lilith is Inanna's handmaiden as we ourselves can also become partners with Inanna. Realizing who we are we then embrace the balance with the female archetype with the male archetype which will bring us wholeness as women become stronger and men and women come to love themselves. This new perspective is what is taken place as we enter into the Age of Aquarius.
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Salvation Showers of Blood

Salvation Showers of Blood

Sabina and Medica noticed a bond as they spend a lot of time with her, one at a time so as not to alert the others until ... Any who desire to be in my blood spirit must first be showered in my blood, which will always be on my throne.

Author: James Hendershot

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781490714899

Category: Fiction

Page: 402

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Lilith returns to reclaim her fresh throne, discovering that the god Bogovi has rebuilt a modern throne for them to rule their Empire, as they are still fighting Evil. Lilith promotes her sisters to goddesses and builds a special sanctuary for their transcendent relationships. As she settles in with her master, the dimensional throne recalls Bogovi for his spiritual testing. Lilith now concentrates on discovering the mysterious history of one of her goddesses, searching the hidden sea of Wisdom where she discovers an Empire changing truth. She must currently go back and free her last remaining daughter from the clutches of evil, starts the long hard War to liberate, and relocate Atlantis. Being charged with breaking inter-dimensional laws, her allies join the court hoping to free her from an eternity of damnation. She now faces portal warfare, which allows evil to enter anywhere at will. Using her new goddess of war, Iris, who commands the great armies victory soon, is reunited with Liliths Empire. As her previous dimension decays, Eve and Lablonta join Liliths Empire rebuilding hope and faith for all. Bogovi completes his penance as the Empire now concentrates on providing 1,000s of more galaxies freedom and love.
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Blood bond blood bound book 5

Blood bond  blood bound book 5

Blood Bond (Blood Bound Book 5) Amy Blankenship. enthralled semiconscious male, the malevolent spirit was waiting. The crow's red beady eyes stared piercingly at her before the bird took flight. Misery followed it deep into the forest ...

Author: Amy Blankenship

Publisher: Tektime

ISBN: 9788873041450

Category: Fiction

Page: 324

View: 100

With the blood spell broken, Kane clawed his way out of the ground and searched for the soul mate that had freed him only to find that she’d vanished. With nothing left to lose and revenge on his mind, he started a war. The last thing he expected was to find his elusive soul mate in the path of destruction he’d caused. Quickly becoming obsessed, he watches when she isn’t looking, listens when he’s not been invited, and stalks her every move… and the demon that haunts him knows she is his weakness. To protect her, Kane vows to make her hate him, even if he has to join the demon side to do it. But how can he protect her from her greatest enemy of all when that enemy is himself? PUBLISHER: TEKTIME
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Blood Will Out

Blood Will Out

Nonetheless, biological blood, detectable to the physician, flows in order to help her heart deal with this ... At least partly made from blood, spirit joins body and soul, matter and the transcendental: 'The spirit is a bond with which ...

Author: Janet Carsten

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118656266

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

View: 563

Unique in focus and international in scope, this book brings together 10 essays about the material, metaphorical, and symbolic importance of blood. An interdisciplinary study that unites the work of noted historians and anthropologists Incorporates insights from recent work in symbolism, kinship studies, medical anthropology, the anthropology of religion, the sociological study of finance, and textual analysis Covers topics such as Medieval European conceptions of blood; blood and the brain; blood and the cultural study of finance; and blood types, identity, and association in twentieth-century America
Categories: Social Science