Bodies and Souls or Spirited Bodies

Bodies and Souls  or Spirited Bodies

Opinion is sharply divided over this issue. In this clear and concise book, Nancey Murphy argues for a physicalist account, but one that does not diminish traditional views of humans as rational, moral, and capable of relating to God.

Author: Nancey Murphy

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781139448963

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Are humans composed of a body and a nonmaterial mind or soul, or are we purely physical beings? Opinion is sharply divided over this issue. In this clear and concise book, Nancey Murphy argues for a physicalist account, but one that does not diminish traditional views of humans as rational, moral, and capable of relating to God. This position is motivated not only by developments in science and philosophy, but also by biblical studies and Christian theology. The reader is invited to appreciate the ways in which organisms are more than the sum of their parts. That higher human capacities such as morality, free will, and religious awareness emerge from our neurobiological complexity and develop through our relation to others, to our cultural inheritance, and, most importantly, to God. Murphy addresses the questions of human uniqueness, religious experience, and personal identity before and after bodily resurrection.
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Paul and the Resurrected Body

Paul and the Resurrected Body

soul altogether and argue that it is inaccurate to speak of human beings as
having both physical body and ... Neuroscience and Christian Anthropology (
nashville: abingdon, 2004); nancey murphy, Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies

Author: Matt O'Reilly

Publisher: SBL Press

ISBN: 9780884144427

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A new reading of Pauline theology, ethics, and eschatology grounded in social-identity theory and sociorhetorical criticism Readers often think of Paul’s attitude toward the resurrection of the body in individual terms: a single body raised as the climax of an individual’s salvation. In Paul and the Resurrected Body: Social Identity and Ethical Practice, Matt O’Reilly makes the case that, for Paul, the social dimension of future bodily resurrection is just as important, if not more so. Through a close reading of key texts in the letters to the Corinthians, Romans, and Philippians, O’Reilly argues that resurrection is integral to Paul’s understanding of Christian social identity. In Paul’s theological reasoning, a believer’s hope for the future depends on being identified as part of the people of God who will be resurrected. Features A clarification of the eschatological basis for Paul’s ethical expectations Exploration of the social significance of Paul’s theological reasoning An integration of ancient rhetorical theory with contemporary social-identity theory
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The Resounding Soul

The Resounding Soul

... to make similar claims for persons as Baker in the last chapter of Bodies and
Souls, or Spirited Bodies?17 By rejecting the dichotomies of body-soul and
brainmind, while reformulating the question in terms of a person's relation to their
body, ...

Author: Samuel Kimbriel

Publisher: ISD LLC

ISBN: 9780227905562

Category: Philosophy

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It is surely not coincidental that the term 'soul' should mean not only the centre of a creature's life and consciousness, but also a thing or action characterised by intense vivacity ('that bike's got soul!'). It also seems far from coincidental that the same contemporary academic discussions that have largely cast aside the language of 'soul' in their quest to define the character of human mental life should themselves be so bloodless, or so lacking in soul. The Resounding Soul arises from the opposite premise: that the task of understanding human nature is bound up with the more critical task of learning to be fully human. The papers collected here are derived from a conference in Oxford sponsored by the Centre of Theology and Philosophy and explore the often surprising landscape that emerges when human consciousness is approached from this angle. Drawing upon literary, philosophical, theological, historical, and musical modes of analysis, these essays remind the reader of the power of the ancient language of soul over against contemporary impulses to reduce, fragment, and overly determine human selfhood.
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2014). 24 Francis Crick, The Astonishing Hypothesis: The Scientific Search for
the Soul, reprinted edn (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1995), p. 3. ... 27 For a
fuller account of this view, see Nancey Murphy, Bodies and Souls, or Spirited

Author: Paula Gooder

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 9780281071012

Category: Religion

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The word ‘spirituality’ is notoriously difficult to define or tie down. It is often used in a relatively vague way to refer to the inner relationship between one’s ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ and God. The implication is that people only relate to God with their ‘inner’ being (the soul/spirit) and not with any other part of who they are. There is a lurking influence of Neo-Platonism within Christian thinking that tends to assume that the material is bad and the spiritual good; that there is a gaping hole between our inner and our outer selves and that the proper location of devotion is our inner being. There is a further assumption that, especially in the writings of Paul, the soul/spirit is to be placed in the ‘good’ category while opposite it, in the ‘bad’ category, is the body/flesh – leaving the question of what is meant by heart and mind largely ignored. Paula Gooder explores what these six key concepts mean in the Bible, especially in the writings of Paul, before moving on to explore what Paul intended by the contrasts he drew, and what implications this all has for the way we think and speak about our spirituality today
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A Philosophy of the Christian Religion

A Philosophy of the Christian Religion

Whereas most introductions in the past have attempted to deal with religion in general, this book focuses on philosophical issues of special importance to Christianity.

Author: Nancey Murphy

Publisher: SPCK

ISBN: 9780281066933

Category: Philosophy

Page: 272

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A Philosophy of the Christian Religion offers a new kind of introduction to the subject. Whereas most introductions in the past have attempted to deal with religion in general, this book focuses on philosophical issues of special importance to Christianity. In doing this, Nancey Murphy also takes full account of how conceptual revolutions in philosophy now mean that what older introductions termed 'standard problems' have changed from the way they were dealt with in earlier eras. At the same time, this new introduction helps the reader to better understand how contemporary issues have come to take on their current force by placing them within the context of the most sophisticated account available of human reason: Alasdair MacIntyre’s tradition-constituted rationality. Contents Part One: A Brief History of Reason 1. Ancient and Medieval Ways of Knowing the Divine 2. Modern Epistemology and the Possibility of Theology 3. Faith in Late Modern Reasoning 4. Faith and Reason for the Twenty-First Century Part Two: Crises in Modern Christianity 5. Three Epistemological Crises for Christianity in Modernity 6. The Problem of Special Divine Action 7. Modern Problems of Evil and Suffering 8. Science and Christianity 9. Christian Anthropology, Philosophy, and Science 10. The Development of Modern Naturalism
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Body and Soul

Body and Soul

15 Whenever and wherever we privilege the things of mind and spirit over the
things of flesh and body , as well as all things regarded as masculine over all
persons . We know authentic life in our spirited bodies , our embodied spirits ;
sexual ...

Author: Marvin Mahan Ellison


ISBN: STANFORD:36105111819772

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Ellison and Thorson-Smith have co-edited a collection of essays in collaboration with two dozen prominent theologians, which plays of the controversial 1991 Presbyterian study they co-authored entitled "Keeping Body and Soul Together: Sexuality, Spiritually and Social Justice."
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37 . Nancey Murphy , Bodies and Souls , or Spirited Bodies ? ( Cambridge , Eng .
: Cambridge University Press , 2006 ) . 38 . Joel B . Green , " Body and Soul ,
Mind and Brain : Critical Issues , " in Joel B . Green and Stuart L . Palmer , eds . ,
In ...



ISBN: WISC:89096026406

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Uncleanness the ruin of body and soul Two sermons on Eph v 5

Uncleanness  the ruin of body and soul  Two sermons  on Eph  v  5

... without which you will be false as well as cowardly ; without which you will turn
out trembling idlers and mean - spirited ... its defilement even from yourself , «
The and there laid bare in its true abomination THE RUIN OF BODY AND SOUL .

Author: Robert Corbet SINGLETON


ISBN: BL:A0021590741



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The Flesh of Being

The Flesh of Being

45 The body of a certain soul and the soul of an equally certain body despise
each other . ... a community , that of the body with soul or the soulful body , a
phrase that sounds too mordant for my purposes , and which I shall change to '
spirited .

Author: David Ross

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Pub

ISBN: OSU:32435076524388

Category: Philosophy

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The text is a conversation between the author and himself mediated by the text of Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra. The text is a pre-text, a reading both before and after that frames the art work. What is that? Let us say, in the spirit of inquiry, that of knowing thyself. What, then, of this strange hyphenation? The present text is a pre-text because it is before the Text, the text which the author is always writing but which manifests itself, in sporadic, impulsive bursts, in the form of actual works. The book is the pre-text because it is an excuse, a rationale, a piece of pretension. The book is not about Nietzsche but what it is for someone to read Nietzsche's text, a book for everyone and no one. How then does one read a book meant for oneself, if oneself is everyone, and not at all for oneself, if oneself is none? Or is it that the real task of reading is for the reader to read what reading is? Then again, need one distinguish between book and text? Perhaps, it is impossible to read a book such as Thus Spoke Zarathustra without invoking the text --or even sub-text - that continually slips away. If one can read a book, one cannot the text for this reason: the text is what the reader has to write through the reading. This has been my experience with Nietzsche's text, an experience I share with my readers. The very possibility of reading invokes the need to re-write the text. Only in the space between reading and writing can the reader/re-writer hope to stand and understand the discursive grounds. Is that the play which this couplet performs? There, does not the reader enters upon the playground. Read then and play! The author's thanks go to Mr. Andrew Fuyarchuk for the fine editing job that he did. His contribution allowed further clarifications of the argument.
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Theological Anthropology A Guide for the Perplexed

Theological Anthropology  A Guide for the Perplexed

Resources for leaming about the mind/body relationship Brown, Warren S.,
Nancey C. Murphy, and H. Newton Malony (eds), ... Murphy, Nancey, Bodies and
Souls or Spirited Bodies: Human Nature at the Intersection (David Ford Bryan
Spinks ...

Author: Marc Cortez

Publisher: T&T Clark

ISBN: IND:30000127296410

Category: Religion

Page: 167

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A guide to the most challenging issues that face anyone studying theological anthropology.
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Science and Religion in Dialogue Background topics for the science and religion dialogue

Science and Religion in Dialogue  Background topics for the science and religion dialogue

The problem of mind — body interaction was exacerbated for dualists, but
physicalism was not a viable option for Christians because reductionism would
rule out freedom, ... Murphy, Nancey (2006) Bodies and Souls, or Spirited Bodies

Author: Melville Y. Stewart


ISBN: STANFORD:36105215092110

Category: Religion and science

Page: 1120

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The Human Body and Its Connexion with Man

The Human Body and Its Connexion with Man

For human liberty is doubly grounded , in the body , and in the soul . ... whence
sects and parties wear their very bodies for liveries , and are dry or juicy , liberal
or stinted , sensual or spirited , according to the openness that their tenets put
into ...

Author: James John Garth Wilkinson


ISBN: OXFORD:591054892

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We hope that , with N. Murphy , Bodies and Souls , or Spirited Bodies ? (
Cambridge Univ . Press , Cambridge , 2006 ) . careful consideration by scientists
and theologians , it will not become the latest front in what 6. J. B. Green , Body ,
Soul ...



ISBN: UCSB:31205034615391

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Baptist Sacramentalism 2

Baptist Sacramentalism 2

For a fuller development of this thesis see Nancey Murphy , Bodies and Souls , or
Spirited Bodies ( Cambridge : Cambridge University Press , 2006 ) . For a fuller
exploration of this theme , see Jim Purves , The Triune God and the Charismatic ...

Author: Anthony R. Cross

Publisher: Authentic Media

ISBN: IND:30000125289516

Category: Religion

Page: 283

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Eden s Garden Rethinking Sin and Evil in an Era of Scientific Promise

Eden s Garden   Rethinking Sin and Evil in an Era of Scientific Promise

See the essays in Whatever Happened to the Soul ? Brown et al . , eds . For an
extended and nuanced examination of the soul - body question , see Narcey
Murphy , Bodies and Souls , or Spirited Bodies ? ( Cambridge : Cambridge
University ...

Author: Richard J. Coleman

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated

ISBN: STANFORD:36105114444180

Category: Philosophy

Page: 301

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Where could Mr Goon's nephew have disappeared to? Mr Goon has forbidden the Five Find-Outers from solving mysteries - so they decide to make one up for his nephew, Ern! But what will happen when Ern disappears, and their pretend mystery turns into a real one?
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Body Soul and Human Life

Body  Soul  and Human Life

... esp . now Bodies and Souls , or Spirited Bodies ? ( CIT ; Cambridge :
Cambridge University Press , 2006 ) . » 48 - for example , regarding body - soul
16 BODY , SOUL , AND HUMAN LIFE Traditional Theological Anthropology
Contemporary ...

Author: Joel B. Green

Publisher: Paternoster Publishing

ISBN: STANFORD:36105133008420

Category: Bible

Page: 219

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"Are humans composed of a material body and an immaterial soul? This view is commonly held by Christians, yet it has been undermined by recent developments in neuroscience. How much of Christian theology is built on views of humanity that modern science has proved to be untenable? Exploring what Scripture and theology teach about issues such as being in the divine image, the importance of community, sin, free will, salvation, and the afterlife, Joel Green argues that a dualistic view of the human person is inconsistent with both science and Scripture"--Publisher description (cf OCLC)
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American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

Bodies and Souls , or Spirited Bodies ? New York : Cambridge University Press ,
2006 . Pp . x + 154 . Hard Cover $ 65 . 00 , ISBN : 0521859441 ; Paper $ 22 . 99 ,
ISBN : 0521676762 . Oppy , Graham . Philosophical Perspectives on Infinity .



ISBN: UOM:39015066147599

Category: Catholic Church and philosophy


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American Philosophical Quarterly

American Philosophical Quarterly

Bodies and Souls , or Spirited Bodies ? ( Cambridge : Cambridge University
Press , 2006 ) , $ 65 , $ 24 . 99 . Nagel , D . Brendan . The Household as the
Foundation of Aristotle ' s Polis ( Cambridge : Cambridge University Press , 2006
) , $ 80 .

Author: Nicholas Rescher


ISBN: STANFORD:36105123441441

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The Open Secret

The Open Secret

See also Nancey Murphy's defense of “ nonreductive physicalism ” at this point in
Bodies and Souls , or Spirited Bodies ? Cambridge , UK : Cambridge University
Press , 2006 , 83-5 . See for example , Lakoff and Johnson , Philosophy in the ...

Author: Alister E. McGrath

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: UOM:39015082694103

Category: Nature

Page: 372

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Natural Theology explores the knowledge of God as it is observed through nature. This book sets forth a new approach to the study of natural theology, reestablishing its legitimacy as a distinct aspect of Christian theology.
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Christian Faith and Scholarship An Exploration of Contemporary Developments

Christian Faith and Scholarship  An Exploration of Contemporary Developments

The soul of the American university : From Protestant establishment to
established nonbelief . New York : Oxford University Press . Marsden , G . M ...
Bodies and souls , or spirited bodies ? Cambridge : Cambridge University Press .
Murphy , N ...

Author: Todd C. Ream

Publisher: Jossey-Bass

ISBN: UOM:39015070951101

Category: Education

Page: 139

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In the twenty-first century, religious faith has reemerged from the margins of modernism and moved back to the center of contemporary scholarly conversations. "When Jacques Derrida died," Stanley Fish recently wrote, "I was called by a reporter who wanted to know what would succeed high theory and the triumvirate of race, gender, and class as the center of intellectual energy in the academy. I answered like a shot: religion." A group of evaluators of the Lilly Endowment's Initiative on Religion and Higher Education recently agreed. "There is today more discussion about the role of religion in the academy than at any time in the past 40 years and more commitment to the project of Christian higher education than there was just ten years ago." In recognition of these developments, this particular monograph offers an overview of the various ways conversations about religion and religiously informed scholarship are increasing in the academy. Although a growing number of faith traditions are finding their place in this conversation, the Christian tradition in its various forms is still the dominant voice. This monograph addresses the history of secularization in American higher education and scholarship; the historical and resistance by dominant religious traditions to that secularization; the contemporary ways that individual scholars, networks, and institutions approach the question of religious faith and scholarship; the concerns such a question raises for academic freedom; and the relationship between religious faith and scholarship.
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