The Savvy Music Teacher

Blueprint for Maximizing Income & Impact

Author: David Cutler

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0190200820


Page: 416

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Is it possible to have a music teaching career that is meaningful, artistically fulfilling, and financially self-supporting? The Savvy Music Teacher unveils a clear, realistic, dollar-for-dollar blueprint for earning a steady income as a music teacher, increasing impact and income simultaneously. This comprehensive resource reveals an entrepreneurial process with lessons that cannot be found anywhere else. Armed with Cutler's expert guidance, readers will learn to develop: · A thriving studio with an important curriculum · Multiple income/impact streams · Innovation strategies for every aspect of business and art · Powerhouse marketing · Time management skills · Financial literacy and independence · An inspired career outlook A must-read for independent music teachers of all levels, both beginning and those with established studios, as well as the music performance graduates who so often become studio teachers, The Savvy Music Teacher provides practical advice in down-to-earth language that includes real-life experiences from successful teacher-entrepreneurs.


The Beginner Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online

Author: Chittaranjan Dhurat

Publisher: Chittaranjan Dhurat via PublishDrive


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 35

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Book Description Do you ever want to start your own blog but don't know how? Do you want to do blogging for profit? Are you a newbie blogger and don't know how to start? Do you want to learn how to promote your blog? Do you want to know about monetization of a blog for online income? This quick short guide will introduce you the blogging world and help you to start your own blog. Here are the topics you will learn in this book: 1. Blogging basics 2. Platforms and tools for blogging 3. Creating your first blog free 4. Writing a quality blog content 5. Promoting your blog 6. Monetizing your blog and much more about successful blogging ... Who is this book for? People who want to start their first blog but don't know how are the readers of this book. This book is also for the readers who know very little about blogging and wants to learn more. This is a book for Beginners and not for the professional bloggers. This book is a short and easy to understand. After reading this book, you will come to know how easy it is to start your own blog. Start your blogging journey Today. Download you copy Now!

Basics Interactive Design: User Experience Design

Creating Designs Users Really Love

Author: Gavin Allanwood,Peter Beare

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 2940496137

Category: Design

Page: 184

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By putting people at the centre of interactive design, user experience (UX) techniques are now right at the heart of digital media design and development. As a designer, you need to create work that will impact positively on everyone who is exposed to it. Whether it's passive and immutable or interactive and dynamic, the success of your design will depend largely on how well the user experience is constructed.User Experience Design shows how researching and understanding users' expectations and motivations can help you develop effective, targeted designs. The authors explore the use of scenarios, personas and prototyping in idea development, and will help you get the most out of the latest tools and techniques to produce interactive designs that users will love.With practical projects to get you started, and stunning examples from some of today's most innovative studios, this is an essential introduction to modern UXD.

Beginning Google Blogger

Author: Heather Wright-Porto

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430230126

Category: Computers

Page: 192

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Are you interested in starting a blog but can’t decide on which service to use? Google’s Blogger offers many advantages over other blog publishing systems, including seamless integration with Google services and web applications. Beginning Google Blogger is a complete resource on how to create and manage a blog using Blogger. The book offers step-by-step instructions and visual aids which walk you through both the basics of Blogger and the advanced features it offers—from creating a new blog and choosing fonts and colors, and installing custom blog graphics; to converting from a 2-column to a 3-column layout, setting up a domain name and creating an online store with a built-in navigational bar. The journey from newbie to experienced blogger will be fun and challenging. You’ll learn practical applications of the most popular gadgets, search engine optimization tips, how to make money using Blogger, and, overall, taking blogging to a new level by incorporating social networking tools, using advanced blog design techniques, setting up a custom domain and creating an online store. What you’ll learn Create a new blog and publish posts. Modify blog design, change the page layout, and install gadgets. Learn how to make money with your blog. Increase and track visitor traffic. Incorporate social networking applications. Use advanced blog design techniques and customization using HTML and CSS. Set up a custom domain. Create an online store. Who this book is for This book is for individuals wanting to start, build, improve or maintain a blog for personal or business use. Table of Contents Introduction Getting Started Blog Layout and Design Making the Most of Your Blog Setting Up a Custom Domain Working with Images Advanced Design and Layout Setting Up a Blog Store Troubleshooting and Blog Help

Blogging for Profit 2019

A Complete Beginner's Guide. 6 Steps to Turn Your Blog Into a Money Making Machine, Generate Passive Income, and Achieve Financial Freedom

Author: Russell C. James

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781790326921

Category: Blogs

Page: 140

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Why nearly 90% of bloggers only make pocket money from their work... and how to be part of the top 10% that makes the big bucks. Just a few years ago, I was fired from a law firm I used to work for, was heavily in debt, and was looking for ways to make some side income online. That's around the time I started blogging. And because I really had no other choice, I pushed myself into learning every possible way I could turn my new fitness blog into a money-making machine. So, I did what you're probably doing: going through the YouTube videos, reading all the articles, buying all the courses, etc. To my dismay, I encountered the 3 challenges that stop most bloggers from making any significant income online: Information overload. The piles of information on the topic and the 'analysis-paralysis' that I got as a result prevented me from getting anything done. I followed outdated info. The internet evolves rapidly and what worked in 2018 may not necessarily work in 2019. I lacked a roadmap with a destination. Not knowing what you want and lacking a step-by-step procedure to get there is the perfect recipe for not getting any results at all. Through hard work and dedication, I was able to get past these hurdles and eventually made my first 5 figure month a bit over a year later. Today, I am a multiple six-figure earner. Because I understand what you're going through, I've written: "Blogging for Profit 2019". In this book, I have structured an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan based on up-to-date information that will make you start your journey towards profit on the right foot. In this book, you will: Discover the hidden step in blog creation that will make or break your blog (and how to fix this if you missed it). Up-to-date blog monetization strategies for 2019 Discover how to read the minds of your audience and write tailor-suited material for them every time! Apply savvy internet marketing secrets for sending massive traffic of buying customers to your blog. Win the social media game for getting even more traffic (No, this is not Facebook Ads). Optimize your blog to be found on the internet the right way. Discover million-dollar brand secrets for having your readers come back to your blog time and time again. Bullet-proof blog monetization strategies that can make you passive income in less than 60 days. 2019 may just be the perfect time to start creating REAL freedom in your life if you play your cards right. But Russell, I can just learn all of this on my own, can't I? You could- and you could make it work with enough time and money put in. However, that would cost you a LOT more than the price of this book. And what if I have no sales experience? Can I still make money? No worries, we're not force-pitching products to anyone. Instead, we're making interested customers come to us through our blog. What if I already have a blog? With a few tweaks, we can optimize it for making money. So don't sweat, it's nothing we can't change and improve. What are you waiting for? Click the 'add to cart' button and get your copy of Blogging for Profit 2019!

How to Make a Website Or Blog

With WordPress, WITHOUT Coding, on Your Own Domain, All in Under 2 Hours!

Author: Mike Omar

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781484039274

Category: Computers

Page: 64

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In association with NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. ALL INSTRUCTIONS ARE FULLY DETAILED AND STEP-BY-STEP SO ANYONE CAN FOLLOW THEM EASILY. Learn how to make a professional website or blog on your own domain in less than a couple of hours, and learn how to do it all using the Internet's most popular Content Management System: WordPress. No coding knowledge is required to use WordPress...if you can use Microsoft Word, you can make a professional website with WordPress (WordPress is software that is completely free). It is all taught in step-by-step lessons in this book (with links to supporting video lessons for extra clarity - the video lessons show you the entire completion of from beginning to end). With the lessons taught in my book, you will be able to create any type of website that you want with any kind of look that you want, from personal blogs to professional business websites to e-commerce websites. Also, included as a bonus chapter, an introduction to how to build passive income websites using WordPress, and how making money online actually works! Here are the topics covered in my book: TECHNICAL / SETTING UP: - The SMARTEST and CHEAPEST way to buy a domain. - The SMARTEST and CHEAPEST way to buy a hosting package. - Linking your domain to your hosting account and installing WordPress. BASICS: - An introduction to WordPress and best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings for your website. - How to add pages for regular websites. - How to add posts for blogs. - How to add pictures and links. - How to set up a sidebar using widgets. - How to change the look of your website with different themes. - How to add a contact form, plugins, and social media buttons. ADVANCED: - How to install Google Analytics for tracking. - How to add "buy now" PayPal buttons. - How to add an interactive "Google Maps" map to your website. - How to set up a mailing list / newsletter (and best practices for doing so). - How to protect your website from hackers, malware, and other viruses. - Resources for e-commerce websites, doing keyword research, doing link building and SEO, affiliate marketing, membership websites, outsourcing, video recording, and more! AN INTRODUCTION TO MAKING MONEY ONLINE: - What are some of the most common methods for making money online? - What is the simplest way to make passive income online? - If I want to make money online, where do I start? - The Structure of a $1,000 per Month Passive Income Website. This book will enable you to build a professional website on your own domain in less than a couple of hours AND teach you a skill set that will blow open your possibilities for entrepreneurship!

You Started Your Blog

Now What...?

Author: Gundi Gabrielle

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781542965903


Page: 106

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PLEASE NOTE: This book is written for COMPLETE BEGINNERS. Those that have just set up their first blog and are now struggling with the next steps and where to go from here.It was written in response to feedback I received from my first book, which teaches the technical set up to complete beginners. I noticed patterns of what people were struggling with - often just even deciding what topic to focus on - and how blogging works in general.This book will take you by the hand and guide you through the next steps - the solid, basic techniques that every successful blogger started with.There is no magic pill to suddenly attract thousands of followers - although there are a few techniques that can speed things up and we will cover them.Another area that is often underestimated is learning the WRITING STYLE OF BLOGGING, including how to format your posts.This book goes into detail and provides resources for further training as that is obviously not something you will learn overnight.We will also look at the characteristics of Viral blog posts, but - once again - don't expect a magic pill!Blogging is hard work and becoming a good blogger - a good blog writer - takes training and time, even if you are already experienced in writing.People read blogs differently than books and unless you adjust to that, you will have a hard time attracting an audience - no matter how experienced a writer you are.Finally, we wil go over the basic monetization strategies that are available to bloggers.If you are new to blogging and are willing to put in the necessary work - and do so consistently - this book will give you a good basic start and take out much of the confusion new bloggers face.Of course, blogging also involves the powerful marketing techniques of SEO and Social Media and they are discussed in depth in part 3 and 4 of this series.I have personally found Kindle Publishing to be another great way to grow a blog following quickly - faster than any other technique actually - and so it is included as part 5 of this series. Once again - if you are looking for advanced techniques, this book will not be for you - it is specifically aimed at beginners who have just started their first blog. __________________________________________ STEP-BY-STEP: A Proven, Easy-to-Follow System for Taking your Blog form Zero to Successful You have started your blog, but don't know what to do next?You wonder how to attract readers and subscribers - and how to set up your blog for optimal conversion.You would also like to earn some money with your blog and promote your services and products.This book will teach you how to start a cool blog the smart way - no prior experience is necessary - and you might even have fun along the way.... Building a Foundation for Success This is what we'll cover:YOUR FREE GIFT - How to pick a Marketable Name for your BlogCHAPTER 1 - Finding a Blog Topic that People Actually Want to Read...CHAPTER 2 - How to Find Viral Blog Post IdeasCHAPTER 3 - The Writing Style of BloggingCHAPTER 4 - How to Drive Traffic to your BlogCHAPTER 5 - How to convert traffic into SubscribersCHAPTER 6 - How to Make Money with Your BlogBONUS Chapter - How to Become a Travel Blogger Would You Like To Know More? Download now and start your blog on a path to success!Scroll to the top of the page and select the BUY button.

Colloquial Spanish of Latin America

Author: Roberto Rodríguez-Saona

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415237864

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 328

View: 5122


Specially written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use, the course offers a step-by-step approach to written and spoken Spanish of Latin America. No prior knowledge of the language is required. What makes Colloquial Spanish of Latin America your best choice in personal language learning? It is: Interactive - lots of exercises for regular practice; Clear - concise grammar notes; Practical - useful vocabulary and pronunciation guide; Complete - including answer key and reference section. If you'd like to get up and running with Spanish of Latin America this rewarding course will take you from complete beginner to confidently putting your language skills to use in a range of everyday situations.