Red November Black November

Red November  Black November

... prison guards formed slugging committees and routinely beat freespeech prisoners in the dark corridors behind the booking ... a small cell and SMELL EMPLOYMENT SHARK MMI DON'Y BUY JOBS DIRECT ACTION 79 132 RED NOVEMBER , BLACK NOVEMBER.

Author: Salvatore Salerno

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791400883

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Red November, Black November is a study of the culture of the I. W. W. movement at the turn of the twentieth century. It analyzes the Wobblies' use of cultural expressions such as songs, poems, and cartoons as a means of educating and unifying workers, and as weapons in the struggle against the repressive social conditions of industrial development. The book emphasizes the important role played by immigrant activists, Wobbly artists, and intellectuals, offering a fascinating portrait of the complexity of pre-World War I labor radicalism.
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Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment in the United States 2d ed

Encyclopedia of Capital Punishment in the United States  2d ed

... 2000 Lethal Injection Jeffrey Dillingham White November 1, 2000 Lethal Injection Miguel Flores Hispanic November 9, 2000 Lethal Injection Stacey Lawton Black November 14, 2000 Lethal Injection Tony Chambers Black November 15, ...

Author: Louis J. Palmer, Jr.

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786451838

Category: Social Science

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This updated encyclopedia provides ready information on all aspects of capital punishment in America. It details virtually every capital punishment decision rendered by the United States Supreme Court through 2006, including more than 40 cases decided since publication of the first edition. Entries are also provided for each Supreme Court Justice who has ever rendered a capital punishment opinion. Entries on jurisdictions cite present-day death penalty laws and judicial structure state by state, with synopses of common and unique features. Also included are entries on significant U.S. capital prosecutions; legal principles and procedures in capital cases; organizations that support and oppose capital punishment; capital punishment’s impact on persons of African, Asian, Hispanic, and Native American descent, on women, and on foreign nationals; and the methods of execution. Essential facts are also provided on capital punishment in more than 200 other nations. A wealth of statistical data is found throughout.
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Love and Revolution

Love and Revolution

Associated Press , " Klan ' Thought They Could Get Away with It , ' " High Point Enterprise , 5 November 1979 , 9A . 38. Howard Troxler , " Police Arouse Anger in Wake of ... Alvarez and Jung , Red November , Black November . 53.

Author: Signe Waller

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0742513653

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Love and Revolution: A Political Memoir is both memoir and people's history. It is a factually detailed and passionate account of events surrounding the Greensboro Massacre by a woman intimately connected with the events narrated. The author's husband, a pediatrician who abandoned medicine to work in a textile mill and organize low-wage workers, was among the slain.
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America in 1857

America in 1857

Buchanan to Black, November 18, Black Papers; Washington Union, November 19; Klein Buchanan, 308; Stenberg, “An Unnoted Factor in the Buchanan-Douglas Feud,” 276; Meerse, “Presidential Leadership, Suffrage Qualifications, and Kansas in ...

Author: Kenneth M. Stampp

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199729034

Category: History

Page: 416

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It was a year packed with unsettling events. The Panic of 1857 closed every bank in New York City, ruined thousands of businesses, and caused widespread unemployment among industrial workers. The Mormons in Utah Territory threatened rebellion when federal troops approached with a non-Mormon governor to replace Brigham Young. The Supreme Court outraged northern Republicans and abolitionists with the Dred Scott decision ("a breathtaking example of judicial activism"). And when a proslavery minority in Kansas Territory tried to foist a proslavery constitution on a large antislavery majority, President Buchanan reneged on a crucial commitment and supported the minority, a disastrous miscalculation which ultimately split the Democratic party in two. In America in 1857, eminent American historian Kenneth Stampp offers a sweeping narrative of this eventful year, covering all the major crises while providing readers with a vivid portrait of America at mid-century. Stampp gives us a fascinating account of the attempt by William Walker and his band of filibusters to conquer Nicaragua and make it a slave state, of crime and corruption, and of street riots by urban gangs such as New York's Dead Rabbits and Bowery Boys and Baltimore's Plug Uglies and Blood Tubs. But the focus continually returns to Kansas. He examines the outrageous political frauds perpetrated by proslavery Kansans, Buchanan's calamitous response and Stephen Douglas's break with the President (a rare event in American politics, a major party leader repudiating the president he helped elect), and the whirl of congressional votes and dramatic debates that led to a settlement humiliating to Buchanan--and devastating to the Democrats. 1857 marked a turning point, at which sectional conflict spun out of control and the country moved rapidly toward the final violent resolution in the Civil War. Stampp's intensely focused look at this pivotal year illuminates the forces at work and the mood of the nation as it plummeted toward disaster.
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Nigeria s Resource Wars

Nigeria s Resource Wars

While I do not claim that the film Black November is a new form of documentary or an accurate recreation of a true event, I argue that being a representation of reality, especially one that advocates for a positive change in the society ...

Author: Egodi Uchendu

Publisher: Vernon Press

ISBN: 9781648891571

Category: Political Science

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'Nigeria’s Resource Wars' reflects on the diversity of conflicts over access to, and allocation of, resources in Nigeria. From the devastating effects of crude oil exploration in the Niger Delta to desertification caused by climate change, and illegal gold mining in Zamfara, to mention a few, Nigeria faces new dimensions of resource-related struggles. The ravaging effects of these resource conflicts between crop farmers and Fulani herders in Nigeria’s Middlebelt and states across Southern Nigeria call for urgent scholarly interventions; with the Fulani cattle breeders’ onslaught altering the histories of many Nigerian families through deaths, loss of homes and investments, and permanent physical incapacity. Currently, there is an almost total breakdown of interethnic relations, with political commentators acknowledging that Nigeria has never been so divided as it presently is in its history. The struggles have now degenerated into kidnaps, armed robbery, and incessant targeted and random killings across the country; compounding the already complex problem of insecurity in Nigeria. The chapters in this volume engage with these issues, presenting the different arguments on resource conflicts in Nigeria. They draw insights from similar conflicts in Nigeria’s colonial/post-independence past and events from around the world to proffer possible solutions to resource-related confrontations in Africa. By offering a collection of different intellectual perspectives on resource conflicts in Nigeria, this volume will be an important reference material for understanding the diversity of thought patterns that underpin the struggle and policy approaches towards resolving conflict situations in Africa. This volume will be of considerable interest to scholars of Africa, researchers in the humanities, social sciences, and conflict studies, and policymakers interested in understanding the resource crisis in Africa.
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Precarious lives Black Seminoles and other freedom seekers in Florida before the US civil war

Precarious lives  Black Seminoles and other freedom seekers in Florida before the US civil war

Seminole Tribune. Giddings, Joshua R. 1858. The exiles of Florida: Or the crimes ... The Afro-Brazilian story I: Black November and Zumbi dos Palmares.

Author: A. A. Morgan

Publisher: A. A. Morgan


Category: History

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For a century and a half, late in the American slavery era, some of the men, women, and children who fled captivity found refuge in Florida. Some received sanctuary from the Spanish colonial government, while others joined the Seminoles in the peninsula’s interior. Members of both groups built thriving communities and gained a reputation as formidable warriors. But they came increasingly under threat from pro-slavery interests in a newly independent United States eager to extend its reach in the Americas. Of those who survived the ensuing wars, raids, and repeated forced displacements, most eventually left Florida, either for the Caribbean or for the US west and Mexico. Their experience was part of a broader history of maroons (long-term escapees from slavery) in the Americas. This book reviews some highlights of that history, and then focuses on the Florida leg of a long journey to freedom that has become an enduring part of the American legacy.
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Official Summary of Security Transactions and Holdings Reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission Under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935

Official Summary of Security Transactions and Holdings Reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission Under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935




ISBN: UIUC:30112050242376

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Lincoln s Autocrat

Lincoln s Autocrat

James F. Shunk to Black, November 14, 1860, LC. Bancroft, History of California, 6:533, conceded that bribery was often used “to oil the machinery of government and overcome the Mexican tendency to delay.” Both Smith (The Enemy Within, ...

Author: William Marvel

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9781469622507

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Edwin M. Stanton (1814-1869), one of the nineteenth century's most impressive legal and political minds, wielded enormous influence and power as Lincoln's secretary of war during most of the Civil War and under Johnson during the early years of Reconstruction. In the first full biography of Stanton in more than fifty years, William Marvel offers a detailed reexamination of Stanton's life, career, and legacy. Marvel argues that while Stanton was a formidable advocate and politician, his character was hardly benign. Climbing from a difficult youth to the pinnacle of power, Stanton used his authority--and the public coffers--to pursue political vendettas, and he exercised sweeping wartime powers with a cavalier disregard for civil liberties. Though Lincoln's ability to harness a cabinet with sharp divisions and strong personalities is widely celebrated, Marvel suggests that Stanton's tenure raises important questions about Lincoln's actual control over the executive branch. This insightful biography also reveals why men like Ulysses S. Grant considered Stanton a coward and a bully, who was unashamed to use political power for partisan enforcement and personal preservation.
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The Vietnam War in American Memory

The Vietnam War in American Memory

Al McKnight , “ Comments and Response to November 5th Draft of the Organization and Operating Plan for KVVMF , ” November 8 , 1985 ; Black , interview . W. K. Gregory to Bill Black , November 20 , 1985 ; Albert E. McKnight to Bill Black ...

Author: Christian Goodwillie

Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press

ISBN: 1558496939

Category: History

Page: 297

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From the beginning in the 1770s, singing was an important part of Shaker worship. In 1812-13 the Shakers published their first hymnal, 'Millennial Praises', which included texts without music. This scholarly edition of the hymnal joins the texts to original Shaker tunes. The CD includes historical recordings of six Shaker songs.
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Japanese Americans

Japanese Americans

Stone Draft Concurring Opinion, December 1, 1944, Black Papers, Korematsu File, 32. Letter, Frankfurter to Black, November 9, 1944. 33. William O. Douglas, The Court Years (New York: Random House, 1980), 280. 34. Memo, Eugene A. Beyer, ...

Author: Roger Daniels

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295801506

Category: Social Science

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This revised and expanded edition of Japanese Americans: From Relocation to Redress presents the most complete and current published account of the Japanese American experience from the evacuation order of World War II to the public policy debate over redress and reparations. A chronology and comprehensive overview of the Japanese American experience by Roger Daniels are underscored by first person accounts of relocations by Bill Hosokawa, Toyo Suyemoto Kawakami, Barry Saiki, Take Uchida, and others, and previously undescribed events of the interment camps for �enemy aliens� by John Culley and Tetsuden Kashima. The essays bring us up to the U.S. government�s first redress payments, made forty eight years after the incarceration of Japanese Americans began. The combined vision of editors Roger Daniels, Sandra C. Taylor, and Harry H. L. Kitano in pulling together disparate aspects of the Japanese American experience results in a landmark volume in the wrenching experiment of American democracy.
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