Black and Blue A Kira Brightwell Novel

Black and Blue  A Kira Brightwell Novel

Black and Blue: A Kira Brightwell Novel Copyright © 2020 Jacquelyn Smith Published by WaywardScribe Press First published in October, 2015 under the pen name Kat Irwin Cover and layout copyright © Jacquelyn Smith Cover design by ...

Author: Jacquelyn Smith

Publisher: WaywardScribe Press

ISBN: 9781989650059

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

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Kira Brightwell hates to lose—in the MMA cage or outside of it. But her failure to capture the serial abductor known as the Procurer rankles most of all. Four months. Four months spent obsessing over the last time he slipped through her fingers with nothing to show for it. Time to move on—at least for the moment. (For her own sanity, if nothing else.) ...Easier said than done. This fast-paced, suspenseful novel pushes Kira deeper into uncharted territory as a problem solver for hire, with dangerous consequences. Follow the path of a clever heroine’s obsession in this second book from the Kira Brightwell mystery series by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith. (Originally published under the pen name Kat Irwin.) This title is also available as part of the Second Warning Kira Brightwell Collection.
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Ian Rankin s Black and Blue

Ian Rankin s Black and Blue

just as Rebus has been contaminated by the guilty secrets and violent actions of his everyday investigations , so the novel suggests , with its emphasis on inter - connectivity , that we all are implicated in the “ criminal ” state of ...

Author: Gill Plain

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0826452442

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 95

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This is an excellent guide to Ian Rankin's breakthrough novel. It features a biography of the author and interview with him, a full-length analysis of the novel, and a great deal more. If you're studying this novel, reading it for your book club, or if you simply want to know more about it, you'll find this guide informative and helpful. This is part of a new series of guides to contemporary novels. The aim of the series is to give readers accessible and informative introductions to some of the most popular, most acclaimed and most influential novels of recent years - from ‘The Remains of the Day' to ‘White Teeth'. A team of contemporary fiction scholars from both sides of the Atlantic has been assembled to provide a thorough and readable analysis of each of the novels in question.
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Hank E O Panky s Little Black and Blue Book

Hank E  O Panky s Little Black and Blue Book

Moments earlier, I had peeked out from the curtains and saw dozens of fans who were waiting to hear me speak. I was feeling pretty proud of myself, kind of puffed up like 82 Hank E. O'Panky's Little Black and Blue Book Ouch.

Author: Hank E. O'Panky

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595098682

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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This hilarious spoof of the former bestseller Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book not only satirizes his book but also hysterically lampoons a variety of contemporary topics, such as the legal system, the battles between the sexes, violence, the obsession with winning, and other human foibles. In O’Panky’s own words: "Maybe a few short years ago...[Penick’s] laid-back, namby-pamby, Liberace-like methods may have worked to some extent, but to succeed in a sport today, you need to be aggressive and physical, obnoxious and noisy, pesty and loutish." This timely book covers all the basic elements of golf, such as the mechanics of an effective swing, the mental aspects of the game, and "the importance of gastrointestinal noises during close matches." It will appeal to a wide range of readers: men, women, teens, and even aliens, such as Canadians and Martians. SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: Unlike those mildly and so-called humorous golf books you generally find on the bookshelf, this one may result in laugh-specific injuries.
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Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Black and Blue's three films and one book, it seems, took a few beauty lessons from Proust. Barthes, who often references the Recherche, taught his last seminar on writing a novel, and he left fragments of his own Proustified novel ...

Author: Carol Mavor

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822352716

Category: Art

Page: 193

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In an exploration of one book and three films, themes including loss, regret, violence, and history are discussed in terms of the feeling of the colors black and blue.
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Black And Blue

Black And Blue

The reviewer was Marcel Berlins; sure enough, the novel he had flagged up was Black & Blue. He wasn't wrong, either – when November came round, my eighth Inspector Rebus adventure picked up the Gold Dagger Award for the best crime ...

Author: Ian Rankin

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781409107644

Category: Fiction

Page: 528

View: 475

Special edition of the award-winning Rebus novel from the No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES - includes exclusive extra material. 'Britain's best crime novelist' DAILY EXPRESS 'Ian Rankin is a genius' Lee Child In the 1960s, the infamous Bible John terrorised Scotland when he murdered three women, taking three souvenirs. Thirty years later, a copycat is at work, dubbed Johnny Bible. DI John Rebus's unconventional methods have got him in trouble before - now he's taken away from the inquiry and sent to investigate the killing of an off-duty oilman. But when his case clashes head-on with the Johnny Bible killings, he finds himself in the glare of a fearful media, whilst under the scrutiny of an internal enquiry. Just one mistake is likely to mean losing his job - and quite possibly his life.
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Ballad of the Black and Blue Mind

Ballad of the Black and Blue Mind

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including mechanical, electronic, ... Anne Richardson, 1935Ballad of the black and blue mind : a novel / Anne Roiphe.

Author: Anne Roiphe

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 9781609806095

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 183

In the rarefied world of New York City psychoanalysts and their patients, Dr. Estelle Berman belongs to a dying breed. A distinguished analyst who lives and practices on the Upper West Side, she inspires devotion among her patients. But she has started falling asleep during meetings and forgetting her patients' names. Her colleagues Dr. H. and Dr. Z. observe her mental decline with the objectivity of a Greek chorus, but when it comes to the disappointments in their own lives they are far less detached. And then there are the patients themselves: Justine, a movie star with a penchant for stealing things; Edith, who writes poems in secret and eats to subdue feelings of panic; Anna, a self-harming college student whose depression baffles her parents; and Mike Wilson, a widower whose disgraced son has fled the country. Ballad of the Black and Blue Mind is a novel of psychological realities, teeming humanity, and glorious contradictions.
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So Black and Blue

So Black and Blue

Literary Criticism / African American Studies " So Black and Blue is the best work we have on Ellison in his combined ... Using Ralph Ellison's classic novel and many of his essays as starting points , Kenneth W. Warren illuminates the ...

Author: Kenneth W. Warren

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226873803

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 131

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"So Black and Blue is the best work we have on Ellison in his combined roles of writer, critic, and intellectual. By locating him in the precarious cultural transition between Jim Crow and the era of promised civil rights, Warren has produced a thoroughly engaging and compelling book, original in its treatment of Ellison and his part in shaping the history of ideas in the twentieth century."—Eric J. Sundquist, University of California, Los Angeles What would it mean to read Invisible Man as a document of Jim Crow America? Using Ralph Ellison's classic novel and many of his essays as starting points, Kenneth W. Warren illuminates the peculiar interrelation of politics, culture, and social scientific inquiry that arose during the post-Reconstruction era and persisted through the Civil Rights movement. Warren argues that Ellison's novel expresses the problem of who or what could represent and speak for the Negro in an age of limited political representation. So Black and Blue shows that Ellison's successful transformation of these limits into possibilities has also, paradoxically, cast a shadow on the postsegregation world. What can be the direction of African American culture once the limits that have shaped it are stricken down? Here Warren takes up the recent, ongoing, and often contradictory veneration of Ellison's artistry by black writers and intellectuals to reveal the impoverished terms often used in discussions about the political and cultural future of African Americans. Ultimately, by showing what it would mean to take seriously the idea of American novels as creatures of their moment, Warren questions whether there can be anything that deserves the label of classic American literature.
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Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Cotton was based on the novel of the same name by Chester Himes, a black writer who was expelled from Ohio State University and later served eight years in prison for armed robbery before launching his writing career.

Author: Michael Seth Starr

Publisher: Applause Theatre & Cinema

ISBN: 9781557838520

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 360

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(Applause Books). Black and Blue: The Redd Foxx Story tells the remarkable story of Foxx, a veteran comedian and "overnight sensation" at the age of 49 whose early life was defined by adversity and his post- Sanford and Son years by a blur of women, cocaine, endless lawsuits, financial chaos, and a losing battle with the IRS. Foxx's frank, trailblazing style as the "King of the Party Records" opened the door for a generation of African-American comedians including Dick Gregory, Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, and Chris Rock. Foxx took the country by storm in January 1972 as crotchety, bow-legged Watts junk dealer Fred Sanford in Sanford and Son , one of the most beloved sitcoms in television history. Fred's histrionic "heart attacks" ("It's the big one, Elizabeth! I'm comin' to join ya, honey!") and catchphrases ("You big dummy!") turned Fred Sanford into a cultural icon and Redd Foxx into a millionaire. Sanford and Son took Foxx to the pinnacle of television success but would also prove to be his downfall. Interviews with friends, confidantes, and colleagues provide a unique insight into this generous, brash, vulnerable performer a man who Norman Lear described as "inherently, innately funny in every part of his being."
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Reading Oprah

Reading Oprah

How Oprah's Book Club Changed the Way America Reads Cecilia Konchar Farr ... Black and Blue and Deep End of the Ocean , by then in paperback and having their second run as bestsellers , were at number six and twelve .

Author: Cecilia Konchar Farr

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791462587

Category: Social Science

Page: 182

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An analysis of how Oprah's Book Club has changed America's reading habits.
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Black Blue

Black   Blue

BookShots Lightning-fast stories by James Patterson Novels you can devour in a few hours Impossible to stop reading All original content from James Patterson

Author: James Patterson

Publisher: BookShots

ISBN: 0316399183

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

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Is Harriet Blue as great a detective as Lindsay Boxer? Harriet Blue, the most single-minded detective since Lindsay Boxer, won't rest until she stops a savage killer targeting female university students. But there's something strange about the newest victim--clues to an even more chilling predator.... BookShots LIGHTNING-FAST STORIES BY JAMES PATTERSON Novels you can devour in a few hours Impossible to stop reading All original content from James Patterson
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