This is Biology

The Science of the Living World

Author: Ernst Mayr

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674884694

Category: Science

Page: 323

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"(A) lively book . . . on how biologists study living things. . . . Its range is enormous. . . . This is an old-fashioned book, to be read slowly, more than once, and to be thought about afterward".--Ann Finkbeiner, "The New York Times Book Review". Chart.

Molecular Biology

Genes to Proteins

Author: Burton E. Tropp

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763709167

Category: Science

Page: 1000

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The Third Edition of Molecular Biology: Genes to Proteins is a comprehensive guide through the basic molecular processes and genetic phenomena of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Designed for undergraduate and first year graduate students, this multi-purpose text has been completely updated to include many important advances made in the field of molecular biology. Maintaining the original structure-function approach evident in the first two editions of David Freifelder's classic text, this book provides students with an accessible overview of molecular biology before moving into more in-depth discussions. Broken into six sections, topics are strategically arranged to cover basic information that is necessary in understanding the more advanced topics focused on in later sections. Section 1 and 2, Protein Structure and Function and Nucleic Acids and Nucleoproteins provide the information required to Understand The chemical basis of molecular biology. Section 3, Genetics and Virology provides information required to Understand The biological basis of molecular biology. Section 4, DNA Metabolism explores DNA replication, repair, and recombination in bacteria, eukaryotes and archaeons. Section 5, RNA Synthesis and Processing examines mechanisms that bacteria, eukaryotes, and archaeons use to synthesize RNA, regulate RNA syntheses, and process transcripts to form mature RNA molecules. Section 6, Protein Synthesis describes the structure and function of the bacterial protein synthetic machinery in bacteria, eukaryotes and archaeons. View Preview Chapters in PDF of Molecular Biology: Genes to Proteins, Third Edition Today! Preview Chapter 1 Preview Chapter 2

Let's Talk Biology: Immunology

Teacher Guidelines

Author: Nina Meyerhöffer,Daniel Dreesmann

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 398202921X

Category: Science

Page: 128

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Let's Talk Biology: Immunology Englisch als Wissenschaftssprache im Biologieunterricht - nicht nur für Bili-Klassen! Das Handbuch für Lehrkräfte zum Schülerarbeitsheft (ISBN 9783982029207) enthält nützliche Tipps und Vorschläge zum Einbinden der Materialien in eine deutsch-englische bilinguale Unterrichtsreihe zum Thema Immunbiologie. Neben Hinweisen zum bilingualen Unterricht werden Versuchsanleitungen, Anschauungsmaterialien für die Dokumentenkamera und Lösungen zu den Arbeitsblättern bereitgestellt. Im Anhang findet sich ein Klassensatz farbiger Laminiervorlagen, die dem Ringbuch einfach entnommen werden können und den Unterricht lebendig werden lassen.

Hard-to-teach Biology Concepts

A Framework to Deepen Student Understanding

Author: Susan Koba,Anne Tweed

Publisher: NSTA Press

ISBN: 193353141X

Category: Science

Page: 260

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This well-researched book provides a valuable instructional framework for high school biology teachers as they tackle five particularly challenging concepts in their classrooms, meiosis, photosynthesis, natural selection, proteins and genes, and environmental systems and human impact. The author counsels educators first to identify students' prior conceptions, especially misconceptions, related to the concept being taught, then to select teaching strategies that best dispel the misunderstandings and promote the greatest student learning. The book is not a prescribred set of lesson plans. Rather it presents a framework for lesson planning, shares appropriate approaches for developing student understanding, and provides opportunities to reflect and apply those approached to the five hard-to-teach topics. More than 300 teacher resources are listed.

The Biology of Animal Stress

Basic Principles and Implications for Animal Welfare

Author: Gary P. Moberg,Joy A. Mench

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9780851999302

Category: Animal welfare

Page: 377

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The subjects of stress and animal welfare are currently attracting immense interest. This book brings together a range of perspectives from biomedical research (including human health and animal models of human stress) on stress and welfare, and assesses new approaches to conceptualising and alleviating stress.

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Author: John M. Walker,Ralph Rapley

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry

ISBN: 9780854046065

Category: Science

Page: 563

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This product is not available separately, it is only sold as part of a set. There are 750 products in the set and these are all sold as one entity. As a textbook, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology has always been immensely popular. Now in its fourth edition, it has been completely revised and updated to provide a comprehensive overview and to reflect all the latest developments in this rapidly expanding area. Written by recognised experts, the book aims to identify the impact that molecular biology has had on the development of biotechnology, with each of the nineteen chapters describing a specific subject area relevant to the subject. The impressive breadth of coverage includes areas such as plant biotechnology; food technology; vaccine development; the production of transgenic plants and animals; and the addition of an appropriate and timely new chapter devoted to bioinformatics. Presenting information in an easily assimilated form, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology makes an ideal undergraduate text. It will be of particular interest to students of biology and chemistry, as well as to scientists from outside the field requiring a rapid introduction to the subject.