Beyond the Crossroads

Beyond the Crossroads

Yet, as scholar and musician Adam Gussow argues, there is much more to the story of the devil and the blues than these cliched understandings. In this groundbreaking study, Gussow takes the full measure of the devil's presence.

Author: Adam Gussow

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9781469633671

Category: Music

Page: 416

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The devil is the most charismatic and important figure in the blues tradition. He's not just the music's namesake ("the devil's music"), but a shadowy presence who haunts an imagined Mississippi crossroads where, it is claimed, Delta bluesman Robert Johnson traded away his soul in exchange for extraordinary prowess on the guitar. Yet, as scholar and musician Adam Gussow argues, there is much more to the story of the devil and the blues than these cliched understandings. In this groundbreaking study, Gussow takes the full measure of the devil's presence. Working from original transcriptions of more than 125 recordings released during the past ninety years, Gussow explores the varied uses to which black southern blues people have put this trouble-sowing, love-wrecking, but also empowering figure. The book culminates with a bold reinterpretation of Johnson's music and a provocative investigation of the way in which the citizens of Clarksdale, Mississippi, managed to rebrand a commercial hub as "the crossroads" in 1999, claiming Johnson and the devil as their own.
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Beyond the Crossroads

Beyond the Crossroads

B.K. Lynch. BEYOND THE CROSSROADS B.K. LYNCH Beyond the Crossroads.
Front Cover.

Author: B.K. Lynch

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450035612

Category: Fiction

Page: 402

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On a midsummer night in the early hours of dusk, five lives are merged by a fateful hit-and-run. Lives are lost, and other lives are changed forever. Genevieve Nickles, a young vibrant woman with a promising future as a freelance writer, awakes to find herself in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire hospital. She has no recollection of how or why she is there. All she knows is that she has a long road to recovery in front of her. With her thoughts focused around her family and fiancé Todd, the road to recovery seems manageable at times. Weak, she drifts in and out of consciousness, falling deep into thought to escape the pain of recovery. But her quiet slumber is disturbed by the visions of a man hunting a frightened young woman. Desperately, this man wants his prey, and he wants to kill. He chases his victim down a road that leads to many crossroads; the closer he gets, the stronger the man senses Genevieve’s presence. His attention now shifts from his victim to Genevieve. Laid up in a hospital bed, Genevieve Nickles fights to regain her memory and strength so she can fight the demon that invades her dreams. It may be just a vision, but something is beckoning her to help this frightened woman at the same time.++
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Beyond the Crossroads

Beyond the Crossroads

In 2012, I wrote Religious Life at the Crossroads, in which I explored religious life
as it was then and its potential for moving into the future. Since that time, I have
continued to consult with various religious communities as they plan for their ...

Author: Hereford, CSJ, Amy

Publisher: Orbis Books

ISBN: 9781608337965

Category: Religion


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Building on her previous important work, Religious Life at the Crossroads, Sister Amy Hereford draws attention to emerging currents, particularly among the smaller cohorts of younger religious, to reflect on the ongoing meaning of vows, formation, community, and mission, amidst the rapidly changing currents in the church and society.
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Beyond the Crossroads

Beyond the Crossroads

... and prestige. All the while the “rest of the story” awaits its reading. “If any want
to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and
follow me. For those who want to save their life will lose 72 Beyond the

Author: Emmett Diggs

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475977356

Category: Religion

Page: 174

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If you’re at a crossroads then Beyond the Crossroads is for you. Here’s good advice—don’t stay there. The message here is about how to keep traveling the streets of life. How to keep on faithing no matter how rugged the pathway. Now is the time to venture into adventure! You cannot read Beyond the Crossroads and not feel challenged to move on, to take a “leap of faith” beyond spiritual stagnation. If you’ve been grounded like a tame old duck then now is the time to take off and fly high into the exhilarating winds of freedom. Don’t seek abundant living for Jesus promises no less. Grounded faith is an oxymoron! We must never become impotent in pursuit of our spiritual questing. Never! As one who walked among us Jesus was considered the village quack, homeless and eventually a convicted criminal, sentenced to the cross. But he remained free! No cross, no tomb...not even death could restrict his vocation. Why? Because at the crossroads, Jesus moved on. Living in beyondness, centered on God, and with an incredible sense of freedom is crucial to the faith journey. Seeking faith as Jesus had faith allows you to become free too! Salvation is the name of this street. Travel on it.
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TDM Beyond the Crossroads

TDM Beyond the Crossroads

Author: Institute of Transportation Engineers. Technical Committee TDM-96-14


ISBN: 0935403302

Category: Transportation

Page: 14

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Beyond the Crossroads

Beyond the Crossroads

Ву Rachel A. Szymanski A THESIS Submitted to Michigan State University in
partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF ARTS
Musicology ...

Author: Rachel A. Szymanski


ISBN: MSU:31293030633378

Category: Blues (Music)

Page: 202

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The Future of the Public University in America

The Future of the Public University in America

Beyond the Crossroads James J. Duderstadt, Farris W. Womack ... Beyond the
creation of specific governing bodies, such as appointed or elected lay boards of
regents or trustees, both state and federal government have also developed and

Author: James J. Duderstadt

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421403939

Category: Education

Page: 256

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The authors conclude by suggesting strategies at the state and federal level to preserve and strengthen public higher education as a resource for future generations.
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The Future of the Post Massified University at the Crossroads

The Future of the Post Massified University at the Crossroads

... and The Future of the Public University in America: Beyond the Crossroads (
2004), authored by James J. Duderstadt and Farris W. Womack. Rarely have
books been published outside of the USA. This fact indicates that contemporary
higher ...

Author: Jung Cheol Shin

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783319015231

Category: Education

Page: 255

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The modern university started as an innovative model - a research-driven teaching and service model in the 19th century -, but the contemporary university is in a crisis of identity. The major challenge is how to harmonize different missions, e.g., teaching, research, and service. The triple function has become questionable and research now dominates the other two functions in contemporary higher education. This book takes a step towards further academic and policy discussions on the restructuring the triple functions of university and designing the future of the post-massified university.
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Leadership at the Crossroads

Leadership at the Crossroads

They claim that not only is it necessary (for national security reasons) to go
beyond the law, that in such cases, violating the law is not really violating the law.
They are above the law; they are the law in times of war ...or so the claim goes.


Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780275997601



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Dancing at the Crossroads

Dancing at the Crossroads

It seems as if something extraordinary occurred during the live broadcast that
night from Dublin. The leading team, Irish-Americans Jean Butler and Michael
Flatley, and the troupe of Irish dancers, rose to the level beyond the rehearsal
process ...

Author: Helena Wulff

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1845455908

Category: Art

Page: 184

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Dancing at the crossroads used to be young people's opportunity to meet and enjoy themselves on mild summer evenings in the countryside in Ireland until this practice was banned by law, the Public Dance Halls Act in 1935. Now a key metaphor in Irish cultural and political life, "dancing at the crossroads" also crystallizes the argument of this book: Irish dance, from Riverdance (the commercial show) and competitive dancing to dance theatre, conveys that Ireland is to be found in a crossroads situation with a firm base in a distinctly Irish tradition which is also becoming a prominent part of European modernity.
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The Crossroads

The Crossroads

Beyond the bridge the right front wheel struck the relative roughness of the
shoulder. The man came awake with a start and pulled ... He had meant to home
down off 82 for coffee at the crossroads. He had gone beyond the turn. Another
fifteen ...

Author: John D. MacDonald

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780307826879

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

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The Crossroads, one of many classic novels from crime writer John D. MacDonald, the beloved author of Cape Fear and the Travis McGee series, is now available as an eBook. Along a major commercial strip, one family has built its fortune on blood, sweat, and tears . . . and that makes them a target. More than half a century ago, Papa Drovek opened his small grocery store at the junction of two country roads. As he bought more and more land, the roads became highways, and now the Droveks own a complex of hotels, restaurants, a truck stop, a shopping center, and two gas stations. Papa’s eldest son, Charles, is president of the Crossroads Corporation, son Leo enjoys his token job, and daughter Joan manages the commercial tenants’ leases. But when younger son Pete’s wife gets restless and lonely, she becomes an easy pawn in a sleazy scheme of robbery and murder. The target? Old Papa Drovek himself. Features a new Introduction by Dean Koontz Praise for John D. MacDonald “The great entertainer of our age, and a mesmerizing storyteller.”—Stephen King “My favorite novelist of all time.”—Dean Koontz “To diggers a thousand years from now, the works of John D. MacDonald would be a treasure on the order of the tomb of Tutankhamen.”—Kurt Vonnegut “A master storyteller, a masterful suspense writer . . . John D. MacDonald is a shining example for all of us in the field. Talk about the best.”—Mary Higgins Clark
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See You at the Crossroads Hip Hop Scholarship at the Intersections

See You at the Crossroads  Hip Hop Scholarship at the Intersections

In monotheistic spiritual traditions grace is necessary and outside of that which
philosophy can “catch a glimpse. ... As Carspecken states, this knowledge is
beyond the narrative horizon because, “all communicative acts at this level
contradict ...

Author: Brad Porfilio

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789462096745

Category: Education

Page: 198

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See You at the Crossroads: Hip Hop Scholarship at the Intersections Dialectical Harmony, Ethics, Aesthetics, and Panoply of Voices offers several essential contributions to the field of Hip Hop studies. It presents several snapshots of innovative work within (and at the intersections between) several intellectual fields of study. The collection of essays reveal the dialectical harmony and solidarity with which Hip Hop scholars, activists, and artists collectively mobilize, stand together, and collaboratively sustain in hopes of realizing social justice and actualizing global liberation. Several leading scholars in Hip Hop studies also provide insight to the aesthetic, the affordances, the ethics, and panoply of voices in Hip Hop culture. Finally, through empirical research, direct artistic engagement and critical pedagogical praxis, the contributors demonstrate how Hip Hop Based Education (HHBE) catalyzes civic engagement and democratic participation in schools through the use of democratic aesthetic tools to galvanize social change.
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The Unfailing Power of Hope Victory Beyond the Crossroads of Life

The Unfailing Power of Hope  Victory Beyond the Crossroads of Life

With coping strategies, well-researched bible references and examples, this book will lift you above life's challenges and give you rest and calmness in the midst of any storm.

Author: Festus Adeyeye


ISBN: 1734399104

Category: Religion

Page: 88

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The book in your hand may well be the antidote to many of the problems we face in the world we live in today. There are many people alive, but really worse off; existing, but practically hopeless and subsequently helpless due to lack or loss of Hope! Irrespective of what life may bring that may shake one's faith, there is a kind of Hope, ever-present, even beyond a time of crisis that guarantees full restoration and victory.The Unfailing Power of Hope is birthed from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and written as a tool and divine help. Each page is filled with practical tools to rekindle your Hope in all circumstances. With coping strategies, well-researched bible references and examples, this book will lift you above life's challenges and give you rest and calmness in the midst of any storm.
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At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads

Individuals were linked to the national spirit through "an instinctive feeling” that
was “beyond the grasp of reason” and “implanted in man from the moment of his
creation.”16 Individuals could not shake off this primal identity without tearing ...

Author: Jacques Kornberg

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9781438409542

Category: History

Page: 242

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A founding father of modern Israel, Ahad Ha-am (1856-1927) was one of the shapers of the contemporary Zionist consciousness. His career spanned the era of Russian Jewry’s nationalist awakening. During the last decade of the nineteenth century, he was the leading theorist of the Russian Zionist movement. Afterwards, he was overshadowed by Theodore Herzl, who imposed his own stamp on Zionism. With the failure of Herzl’s diplomacy and his early death in 1904, Russian Zionists abandoned Herzl’s priorities and gradually refashioned the program of the Zionist organization in their own image. More than anyone else, Ahad Ha-am provided the ideological authority for this shift. Until At the Crossroads, there were no up-to-date studies of Ahad Ha-am. This long-awaited collection includes 14 essays by internationally known scholars in modern Jewish history and literature. The essays range from studies of Ahad Ha-am as a literary stylist, his role in the revival of Hebrew, his political thought and activity, his debates with famous contemporaries about the Jewish future, and the reinterpretation of his ideas by his Zionist disciples. The overall picture presented by this book is a new image of Ahad Ha-am—far less Westernized and far more embedded in the nineteenth-century Jewish and Russian cultural milieu than was previously thought.
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Cowboy at the Crossroads That Cowboy s Kids

Cowboy at the Crossroads   That Cowboy s Kids

Yesterday, I found some beer bottles out behind the barn. Kids partying. ... ABBY
STARED at a gangly Joshua tree a few feet beyond the low stucco fence
separating her parents' Palm Desert home from the desert. How anyone could
consider ...

Author: Linda Warren

Publisher: Carina Press

ISBN: 9781459206359

Category: Fiction

Page: 512

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Cowboy at the Crossroads by Linda Warren Five-year-old Nicki Prescott isn't coping well with her mother's death—she's withdrawn, refusing to eat or leave her room. In desperation her father, Cordell Prescott, asks Dr. Becca Talbert to come to the Triple Creek Ranch to see Nicki. Becca's presence starts to make a difference, and Cord's gratitude soon turns into something more. But Cord doesn't believe he has the right to love Becca…not after what happened with his wife. That Cowboy's Kids by Debra Salonen Victim advocate Abby Davis wants a new job—one that involves shorter hours and less stress. But she's never been able to ignore a family in trouble—like Tom Butler and his two little girls. A robbery at an ATM has left his ex-wife dead, and overnight he's gone from being a single man living a simple ranch life to a single parent trying to cope with two grieving daughters. These children and their father touch Abby's heart like no one has before, but becoming attached to Tom and his daughters means Abby must face her own demons. Can love heal them all?
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At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads

However the policy recommendations that this report will advance will be
applicable to regions and sub - regions beyond the North East , and will therefore
retain a national significance . The North East faces some acute economic and
social ...

Author: Rory Palmer

Publisher: Institute for Public Policy Research

ISBN: 1860302823

Category: England, North East

Page: 32

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Categories: England, North East

Galapagos at the Crossroads

Galapagos at the Crossroads

We make camp just beyond the wreck, but we're not alone. A large nesting
albatross sits on its single egg just 20 feet beyond our “kitchen.” Remarkably, the
bird is unfazed by our intrusion, its eyes closed in slumber. Hermit crabs scuttle
by, ...

Author: Carol Ann Bassett

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 9781426204357

Category: Nature

Page: 304

View: 217

As eloquent as it is alarming, Carol Ann Bassett’s portrait of today’s Galápagos depicts a deadly collision of economics, politics, and the environment that may destroy one of the world’s last Edens. For millions, the Galápagos Islands represent nature at its most unspoiled, an inviolate place famed for its rare flora and fauna. But soon today’s 30,000 human residents could surpass 50,000. Add invasive species, floods of tourists, and unresolved conflicts between Ecuadorian laws and local concerns, and it’s easy to see why the Galápagos were recently added to UNESCO’s World Heritage in Danger list. Each chapter in this provocative, perceptive book focuses on a specific person or group with a stake in the Galápagos’ natural resources—from tour companies whose activities are often illegal and not always green, to creationist guides who lead tours with no mention of evolution, from fishermen up in arms over lobster quotas, to modern-day pirates who poach endangered marine species. Bassett presents a perspective as readable as it is sensible. Told with wit, passion, and grace, the Galápagos story serves as a miniature model of Earth itself, a perfect example of how an environment can be destroyed-- and what is being done to preserve these islands before it's too late.
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Obama at the Crossroads

Obama at the Crossroads

Beyond the 2008 Election Aided by a not particularly adept opponent
representing a party tied to two longlasting, increasingly unpopular wars and the
worst economic crisis since the Depression, Obama won his historic victory in
November ...

Author: Lawrence R. Jacobs

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199942787

Category: Political Science

Page: 208

View: 969

The 2010 election serves as a bookend to one of the remarkable political periods in recent U.S. history. Amidst a profound economic crisis, Americans elected an African American to the presidency and massive Democratic majorities to Congress. Beginning in 2009, the President and Congress put forward a sweeping agenda to both address the economic crisis and enact progressive policies that liberals had been advocating for decades. Within a year and a half, they would pass health care reform and financial reform alongside a stimulus package of nearly a trillion dollars. Democrats also rescued the auto industry via a partial government takeover and expanded the Bush administration's incipient program for saving the banking sector by pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into it. Finally, the Obama administration dramatically increased our commitment in Afghanistan while simultaneously winding down our presence in Iraq. In Obama at the Crossroads, eminent political scientists Desmond King and Larry Jacobs have gathered some of the best scholars in American politics to take stock of this extraordinary period. Covering the financial crisis, health care reform, racial politics, foreign policy, the nature of Obama's leadership, and the relationship between the administration's agenda and broader progressive goals, this will serve as a comprehensive overview of the key issues facing the Obama administration as it entered office.
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The Death of Chaos

The Death of Chaos

The southern side, just beyond the road, was wooded, mostly with softwoods,
very little oak or good material for a woodworker. That was a problem—good ...
We finally reined up nearly half a kay beyond the crossroads. “There's a patrol
uphill ...

Author: L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

Publisher: Tor Fantasy

ISBN: 142999536X

Category: Fiction

Page: 640

View: 468

L.E. Modesitt, Jr.'s The Death of Chaos continues his bestselling fantasy series the Saga of Recluce, which is one of the most popular in contemporary epic fantasy. A threat of invasion from the Empire of Hamor endangers Lerris' newfound peace. Despite the imminent possibility of destruction, the lands of Candar will not unite and Recluce will not heed the peril, forcing Lerris to choose between becoming the greatest wizard of all time—or seeing his whole world destroyed. “An intriguing fantasy in a fascinating world.”—Robert Jordan, New York Times bestselling author of The Wheel of Time® series Saga of Recluce #1 The Magic of Recluce / #2 The Towers of Sunset / #3 The Magic Engineer / #4 The Order War / #5 The Death of Chaos / #6 Fall of Angels / #7 The Chaos Balance / #8 The White Order / #9 Colors of Chaos / #10 Magi’i of Cyador / #11 Scion of Cyador / #12 Wellspring of Chaos / #13 Ordermaster / #14 Natural Order Mage / #15 Mage-Guard of Hamor / #16 Arms-Commander / #17 Cyador’s Heirs / #18 Heritage of Cyador /#19 The Mongrel Mage / #20 Outcasts of Order / #21 The Mage-Fire War (forthcoming) Story Collection: Recluce Tales Other Series by L.E. Modesitt, Jr. The Imager Portfolio The Corean Chronicles The Spellsong Cycle The Ghost Books The Ecolitan Matter At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
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At the Crossroads of Axial Divergence

At the Crossroads of Axial Divergence

... either civilized without being relatively punishing or cultural without being
relatively graceful, so that its existence is beyond the scope of crime and sin, not
concerned with either crime or sin from relatively punishing or graceful points of
view, ...

Author: John O'Loughlin

Publisher: Centretruths Digital Media

ISBN: 9781446677322

Category: Religion

Page: 60

View: 620

As suggested by the title, this aphoristic philosophy project continues to explore the axial differences between what has, in general terms, been called the bureaucratic/theocratic axis of a rising diagonal and the autocratic/democratic axis of a falling one, drawing irrefutable conclusions from the contrasts so examined.
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