Best of Gravestone Humor

Best of Gravestone Humor

To Randolph Peter , one of the world's greatest consumers : “ Whoe'er you are , tread softly , I entreat you , For if he chance to wake , be sure he'll eat you ! ... From a New Jersey cemetery , we learn of the 38 Best of Gravestone Humor.

Author: Louis S. Schafer

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated

ISBN: 0806972742

Category: Humor

Page: 130

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An amazing, amusing collection of musty, dusty old epitaphs.
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Grave Humor

Grave Humor

Funny, Ironic, and Ridiculous Tombstones Family Tree Editors. She married into the WRONG family That gravestone is DIVINE. He wants to be YOUR primary care provider. He's a.

Author: Family Tree Editors

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440311109

Category: Humor

Page: 144

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People act like being dead is so serious. But if you've spent any time in a cemetery, you know a lot of those dearly departed have to be rolling over in their graves–with laughter. This collection of ironic, comic and just plain ridiculous tombstones proves that it's possible to have a sense of humor about kicking the bucket. Just be careful you don't laugh yourself to death.
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Grave Humor

Grave Humor

Eoghan, it would be in your best interest to locate the node here, make it yours, and hold it close. The one who killed your caretaker has interest in it, too. By locating it and possessing it, your quarry will come right to you. I.

Author: RJ Blain

Publisher: Pen & Page Publishing


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Most days, Anwen regrets working at a funeral home despite the good pay. With the residents no longer inclined to stay in their coffins where they belong, she’s got her hands full making sure everyone follows the rules: In the funeral home, there is no screaming, no murdering, no mutilation, no possessions, no kidnappings, no resurrections, and no cursing of any type. Be quiet and stay polite. The day Old Man McGregor decides to take a walk and disturbs her peace, Anwen learns there’s a lot more to the basement in the funeral home than a vampire and a handsome gentleman on ice. If she’s not careful, she’ll learn first-hand why ‘eternally yours’ is the most potent of threats. Warning: this novel contains romance, humor, bodies, shenanigans, and mythological puppies. Proceed with caution.
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Newsletter of the Association for Gravestone Studies

Newsletter of the Association for Gravestone Studies

Wa Best of Gravestone Humor Louis S. Schafer Here Lies JASPER The book contains gravestone records of people buried in Stoddard's six cemeteries and numerous private family burial plots . A map of Stoddard shows the location of each of ...



ISBN: IND:30000008755096

Category: Sepulchral monuments


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Mortuary Science

Mortuary Science

Beable, William H. Epitaphs: Graveyard Humor and Eulogy. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell; 1925. ... Cemeteries and Gravemarkers: Voices of American Culture. Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Research Press; ... Schafer, Louis S. Best of Gravestone Humor.

Author: John F. Szabo

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810881402

Category: Science

Page: 204

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Szabo presents a thorough bibliographical examination of the funeral industry and related subjects. Most citations are annotated, with special notes on editions and reprints.
Categories: Science

Flora and Other Poems Grave and Humorous for the Domestic Circle

Flora and Other Poems Grave and Humorous  for the Domestic Circle

... at their bidding , come or go ; They start the tear , or wake the smile , But serious keep themselves the while . With all his wit and humor , still A wondrous worker was this Hill For the Great Master 404 MY HUSBAND'S LIBRARY .

Author: Emily Foote Baldwin


ISBN: UIUC:30112004623077

Category: American poetry

Page: 480

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Categories: American poetry

Buried Treasures

Buried Treasures

Famous and Unusual Gravesites in New Mexico History Richard Melzer ... Ethnicity and the American Cemetery, Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green University Popular Press, 1993. ... Schafer, Louis S. Best of Gravestone Humor.

Author: Richard Melzer

Publisher: Sunstone Press

ISBN: 9780865345317

Category: History

Page: 473

View: 445

Melzer offers an impressive new book about famous New Mexico gravesites, usually the only monuments left to honor the human treasures who helped shape state, national, and often international history.
Categories: History

The Corpse

The Corpse

Louis S. Schafer , Best of Gravestone Humor ( New York : Sterling , 1990 ) , 63 . 11. Mackay , Extraordinary Popular Delusions , 695 . 12. Tom Weil , The Cemetery Book ( New York : Hippocrene , 1992 ) , 248 . 13. Ibid . , 246 . 14.

Author: Christine Quigley

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786401702

Category: Social Science

Page: 358

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Throughout the centuries, different cultures have established a variety of procedures for handling and disposing of corpses. Often the methods are directly associated with the deceased's position in life, such as a pharaoh's mummification in Egypt or the cremation of a Buddhist. Treatment by the living of the dead over time and across cultures is the focus of study. Burial arrangements and preparations are detailed, including embalming, the funeral service, storage and transport of the body, and forms of burial. Autopsies and the investigative process of causes of deliberate death are fully covered. Preservation techniques such as cryonic suspension and mummification are discussed, as well as a look at the recycling of the corpse through organ donation, donation to medicine, animal scavengers, cannibalism, and, of course, natural decay and decomposition. Mistreatments of a corpse are also covered.
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A Small Book of Grave Humor

A Small Book of Grave Humor

... it transpires that many of the most quoted epitaphs have probably never been on gravestones at all . ... Upwards of Six Hundred Original Epitaphs , Moral , Admonitory , Humorous and Satirical ... by John Bowden ( Chester , 1791 ) .



ISBN: IND:39000005852798

Category: Epitaphs

Page: 200

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A Clown in a Grave

 A Clown in a Grave

6 " The Comedy Gone Mad " : Corso's Surrealism and Humor He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad . —Rafael Sabatini , Scaramouche One of the most critically overlooked aspects of the literature of the ' ne ...

Author: Michael Skau

Publisher: SIU Press

ISBN: 0809322528

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 233

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"Skau covers the complete works of Corso, one of the four major Beat Generation writers (with Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs) who attempted to provide an alternative to what they saw as the academic forms of literature dominating American writing through the 1940s and 1950s."--BOOK JACKET.
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