Behind the Poem

Behind the Poem

poeticality of particular poems, but coming to some way of agreeing in practice with children as to what a 'poem' should ... Any such extension of the scope of definition beyond intrinsic attributes to social agreement (the partners in ...

Author: Robert Hull

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351011044

Category: Education

Page: 282

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Published in 1988, this book is a teacher’s eye view of how children come to write and rewrite poems, and of how they make aesthetic choices in their writing. Drawing on over twenty years’ experience of teaching poetry in primary and secondary schools, Robert Hull presents a detailed account of the process of writing poetry in the classroom. The reader is invited, almost in confidence, to be witness to a skilled teacher’s planning, recognition, and definition of children’s emergent understanding and expertise. The author adopts a non-behaviourist model which stresses difficulty and uncertainty, rejecting a simplistic assumption of linear progression, predictability of outcome, and short-term results. The many examples of poems written by the children demonstrate in a very vivid and impressive way the value of this approach. All teachers, not just of poetry, will find this a fascinating and informed study, and an inspiration for their own work in the classroom.
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A Poem In Time A Story Behind

A Poem In Time  A Story Behind

I will leave it up to your imagination. As a reminder, if we face the light, we will not see our own shadow. Castle in the Clouds We all have our own castle A Poem In Time; A Story Behind | 27 The Story behind Poem # 8-I.

Author: Daisy Lopoz

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781646103331

Category: Poetry

Page: 100

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A Poem In Time; A Story Behind By: Daisy Lopoz A Poem in Time; A Story Behind is a collection of poems inspired by events, people, and scenery. For every poem there is a story; a story that completes the picture.
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Behind My Eyes Poems

Behind My Eyes  Poems

He is seated in the first darkness of his body sitting in the lighter dark of the room, the greater light of day behind him, beyond the windows, where Time is the country. His body throws two shadows: One onto the table and the piece of ...

Author: Li-Young Lee

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9780393067859

Category: Poetry

Page: 108

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“Lee’s lyrics have a tidal sweep as he moves between the universe within and the world without.” —Booklist, starred review
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Of Seasons and Moods Poetry I Left Behind the Times

Of Seasons and Moods  Poetry I Left Behind the Times

In my case, however, it went the other way—I did no poetry as a young man, though the seasons were certainly ... Back East, this time living it as an adult, I only began poetry as a middle-aged thing—or really, a bit beyond middle age.

Author: Beldon Baxter


ISBN: 9780359981731



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Poems from Behind the Wall

Poems from Behind the Wall

An achiever, a believer that victims And offenders have much In common, Healing; healing beyond The scars. Tom Atkins Figure It Our YourselfMy Lad Figure it our yourself my 28 ROXANNE CHAPMAN Scars.

Author: Roxanne Chapman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781465329660

Category: Poetry

Page: 54

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Roxanne Chapman the mother of two girls who eventually married Tom Atkins, and shocking relationship, violent and abusive. This is documented through her debut work in Twelve and a Half Years. While in prison Tom Atkins a pseudonym still protecting her and her family. Tom writes of his love for her that once again turned abusive in a love/hate relationship.
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Segments The Stories Behind the Poems

Segments     The Stories Behind the Poems

... wasn't looking at them at the time, so I had no idea an airplane crashed into one of them. When I went to the back of the warehouse to load up the carpet, the young man running the 46.

Author: Charles Messina

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781480926691

Category: Poetry

Page: 80

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Segments - The Stories Behind the Poems: An Autopoemography of Charles Messina by Charles Messina Segments - The Stories Behind the Poems is a collection of poems that are easy to read and are understandable. Also included are short stories for each poem so the reader can understand and relate to them. There are many feel-good stories and some very sad ones as well. But all in all, this is a feel-good book that you will enjoy now and for years to come. You will find yourself opening this book up many times to share the stories with your children, families, and friends.
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Emily Dickinson Biography The Secrets Behind Emily Dickinson s Life Poetry and Legacy

Emily Dickinson Biography  The Secrets Behind Emily Dickinson   s Life  Poetry and Legacy

She maintained that Suzan was impulsive and withdrawn, which offended the poet seriously most of the time because she never answered back most of the latter's that Emily sent her, terming their relationship a tumultuous one.

Author: Chris Dicker

Publisher: Chris Dicker


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction


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What inspired Emily Dickinson to write so many poems and become one of the greatest American poets of all time? After her death, Dickinson gained popularity. She tried to make a change in the world through her writings, innermost feelings and inspirations. Despite all the critics, Emily Dickinson did not seek any recognition but the poetry was aimed at her individuality and perception of the world not many people share. This cultivated her true genius, continuing to surprise readers young and old. Emily Dickinson's poetry reflects the power of her contemplative gifts, and her deep sensitivity courses through her correspondence as well. She was a principled woman who was not really a female activist but chose to live a quiet and peaceful celibate life. Emily's outstanding contribution in the literary world has remained an indelible streak in the memories of many people throughout the globe to date. Get ready to discover and learn more about Emily Dickinson! Grab your copy now!
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It was centred to discuss, analyse and investigate four literary and artistic topics a rather four poetic phenomena; the creation of the poet's personality, the direct motives behind the making of the poem, the process of poetic ...

Author: Thāʼir Ḥasan Jāsim


ISBN: UCAL:B3665476

Category: Arabic poetry

Page: 238

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Attention Equals Life

Attention Equals Life

The Pursuit of the Everyday in Contemporary Poetry and Culture Andrew Epstein ... Gilbert also notes “this seems to have prompted a long letter from Ammons [to Bloom] in which he tries to explain the rationale behind the poem” (174).

Author: Andrew Epstein

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190631727

Category: Literary Criticism


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Poetry has long been thought of as a genre devoted to grand subjects, timeless themes, and sublime beauty. Why, then, have contemporary poets turned with such intensity to documenting and capturing the everyday and mundane? Drawing on insights about the nature of everyday life from philosophy, history, and critical theory, Andrew Epstein traces the modern history of this preoccupation and considers why it is so much with us today. Attention Equals Life argues that a potent hunger for everyday life explodes in the post-1945 period as a reaction to the rapid, unsettling transformations of this epoch, which have resulted in a culture of perilous distraction. Epstein demonstrates that poetry is an important, and perhaps unlikely, cultural form that has mounted a response, and even a mode of resistance, to a culture suffering from an acute crisis of attention. In this timely and engaging study, Epstein examines why a compulsion to represent the everyday becomes predominant in the decades after modernism and why it has so often sparked genre-bending formal experimentation. With chapters devoted to illuminating readings of a diverse group of writers--including poets associated with influential movements like the New York School, language poetry, and conceptual writing--the book considers the variety of forms contemporary poetry of everyday life has taken, and analyzes how gender, race, and political forces all profoundly inflect the experience and the representation of the quotidian. By exploring the rise of experimental realism as a poetic mode and the turn to rule-governed "everyday-life projects," Attention Equals Life offers a new way of understanding a vital strain at the heart of twentieth- and twenty-first century literature. It not only charts the evolution of a significant concept in cultural theory and poetry, but also reminds readers that the quest to pay attention to the everyday within today's frenetic world of smartphones and social media is an urgent and unending task.
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Beyond the Western Front A Study of Siegfried Sassoon s Poetry

Beyond the Western Front  A Study of Siegfried Sassoon   s Poetry

Poetry The stand taken by the churchmen makes Sassoon angry. He becomes increasingly disillusioned and rebellious. The poem „They‟ shows Sassoon‟s bitter criticism of the churchmen who tried to justify the war in the name of religion.

Author: Prof (Dr) D.Banerjee

Publisher: KY Publications


Category: Literary Collections

Page: 187

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Dr Dharmadas Banerjee‘s book Beyond the Western Front: A Study of Siegfried Sassoon’s Poetry is an attempt to look ‗beyond‘ the popular evaluation of Sassoon as a War Poet. By the writer‘s own admission he wants to capture Sassoon‘s versatile poetic genius to dispel this popular appraisal. A poet of rare merit Sassoon is also known for his romantic sensibilities. His love for the English countryside is evident in his autobiographical memoirs. His Diaries and letters are a potent source to know about the profound influence that the catastrophic First World War had on him. The author has also tried to focus on Sassoon‘s quest for ―the world undiscovered within us‖ which is discernible in the poems of the later phase of Sassoon‘s poetic career
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