Babylon East

Babylon East

''Babylon East,'' then, speaks to the domestic and international political terms of
Japan's engagement with the Jamaican: Japan as the East dominated by the
West, and as such partnered with Afro-Jamaica; Japan as partner in the colonial
and ...

Author: Marvin Sterling

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822392736

Category: Social Science

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An important center of dancehall reggae performance, sound clashes are contests between rival sound systems: groups of emcees, tune selectors, and sound engineers. In World Clash 1999, held in Brooklyn, Mighty Crown, a Japanese sound system and the only non-Jamaican competitor, stunned the international dancehall community by winning the event. In 2002, the Japanese dancer Junko Kudo became the first non-Jamaican to win Jamaica’s National Dancehall Queen Contest. High-profile victories such as these affirmed and invigorated Japan’s enthusiasm for dancehall reggae. In Babylon East, the anthropologist Marvin D. Sterling traces the history of the Japanese embrace of dancehall reggae and other elements of Jamaican culture, including Rastafari, roots reggae, and dub music. Sterling provides a nuanced ethnographic analysis of the ways that many Japanese involved in reggae as musicians and dancers, and those deeply engaged with Rastafari as a spiritual practice, seek to reimagine their lives through Jamaican culture. He considers Japanese performances and representations of Jamaican culture in clubs, competitions, and festivals; on websites; and in song lyrics, music videos, reggae magazines, travel writing, and fiction. He illuminates issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class as he discusses topics ranging from the cultural capital that Japanese dancehall artists amass by immersing themselves in dancehall culture in Jamaica, New York, and England, to the use of Rastafari as a means of critiquing class difference, consumerism, and the colonial pasts of the West and Japan. Encompassing the reactions of Jamaica’s artists to Japanese appropriations of Jamaican culture, as well as the relative positions of Jamaica and Japan in the world economy, Babylon East is a rare ethnographic account of Afro-Asian cultural exchange and global discourses of blackness beyond the African diaspora.
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The Ancient Near East

The Ancient Near East

Scholars have pieced together the city's history from Near Eastern tablets and
inscriptions , the Hebrew Bible , and the writings of Greek historians . The
remnants of impressive structures and magnificent artworks found in the ruins of
Babylon ...

Author: Ronald Wallenfels

Publisher: Macmillan Reference USA

ISBN: PSU:000049033854

Category: Civilization, Ancient

Page: 204

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Provides an overview of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran/Persia, the Arabian Peninsula, spanning over 4000 years from the Early Bronze Age to 325 B.C.E.
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The Greatest Empires Civilizations of the Ancient East Egypt Babylon The Kings of Israel and Judah Assyria Media Chaldea Persia Parthia Sasanian Empire

The Greatest Empires   Civilizations of the Ancient East  Egypt  Babylon  The Kings of Israel and Judah  Assyria  Media  Chaldea  Persia  Parthia   Sasanian Empire

Thus I completely made strong the defences of Babylon. May it last forever!” [
Here follows a similar account of works at Borsippa.] “In Babylon—the city which
is the delight of my eyes, and which I have glorified—when the waters were in
flood, ...

Author: George Rawlinson

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788027244256

Category: History

Page: 3099

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This carefully edited historical collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. The Ancient Near East was the home of early civilizations within a region roughly corresponding to the modern Middle East: Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, ancient Iran Asia Minor and Armenian Highlands, the Levant, Cyprus and the Arabian Peninsula. This book covers the history of the entire region through the period of over three millennia. It brings political and cultural history of eight most important kingdoms and empires of the region: Egypt, Parthia, Chaldea, Assyria, Media, Babylon, Persia and Sasanian Empire. Content: Egypt Phoenicia Chaldea Assyria Media Babylon Persia Parthia Sasanian Empire The Kings of Israel and Judah The History of Herodotus: The Original Source
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War in the Gardens of Babylon

War in the Gardens of Babylon

The Dimensions of the Strategic Revolution On this basis, we can state that one
aspect of the RSA shown by these wars is the reconceptualization of strategic
space in and around the Middle East. Indeed, for purposes of military operations
it is ...

Author: Bülent Aras

Publisher: Harwood Academic Publishers

ISBN: STANFORD:36105121918028

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The Bible and the Greek records had always maintained that Babylon once held
a central and fundamental place in the ancient Near East , but European scholars
had been slow to accept this . By showing that the cuneiform script of Babylon ...

Author: Irving L. Finkel

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: UOM:39015080858387

Category: History

Page: 238

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Over 2500 years after the city's fall, the Babylon of ancient Iraq is still an evocative name. The stories of the Tower of Babel, the Hanging Gardens, Daniel in the Lions' Den, the madness of Nebuchadnezzar and the "city of sin" still resonate today. But how much do we really know of the original city and the reality behind the myths, traditions, and stories? This lavishly illustrated volume sheds light for the first time on the true wonders of this ancient city and the echoes and images that have grown up around it over thousands of years. Babylon has carried complex and evolving meanings for artists through the ages and the authors bring together a wealth of art works inspired by this ancient city, from medieval manuscripts and major canvases to contemporary digital art. Alongside these later evocations of an imagined Babylon, the authors present the reality of the city: its kings, its history and its amazing structures, such as Nebuchadnezzar's magnificent state buildings with their famous glazed brick reliefs. They investigate the history, culture and religious life of the time, describing the Conquest of Jerusalem and the emergence of monotheism within Babylonian religion. They also demonstrate how ancient Babylon's legacy lives on today--in astronomy, astrology, and the origins of modern calendars and clocks. A final chapter considers the recent troubled history of the site of Babylon in today's Iraq. This book is published to accompany the major exhibition "Babylon" at the British Museum and draws on three of the most important collections of artifacts from the ancient city of Babylon, at the British Museum itself, the Musée du Louvre, and the Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin.
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Babylon Memphis Persepolis

Babylon  Memphis  Persepolis

This book traverses the ancient world's three great centers of cultural exchange--Babylonian Nineveh, Egyptian Memphis, and Iranian Persepolis--to situate classical Greece at the Western margin of a more comprehensive Near Eastern-Aegean ...

Author: Walter Burkert

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674023994

Category: History

Page: 178

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This book traverses the ancient world's three great centers of cultural exchange--Babylonian Nineveh, Egyptian Memphis, and Iranian Persepolis--to situate classical Greece at the Western margin of a more comprehensive Near Eastern-Aegean cultural community that emerged in the Bronze Age and expanded westward in the first millennium B.C.
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Proceedings of the County Legislature of Suffolk County

Proceedings of the County Legislature of Suffolk County

Beginning at a point where the Babylon - islip Town boundary intersects Bay
Shore Road ; then southeast on Bay Shore Road ; south on Robert Moses
Causeway ; east on Sunrise Highway ; north on Manor Lane ; east on Howalls
Road ...

Author: Suffolk County (N.Y.) County Legislature


ISBN: CORNELL:31924070983170

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By the Waters of Babylon

By the Waters of Babylon

East , comprising the countries along the eastern borders of the Mediterranean ;
the Middle East , including those in the general region of the river valleys of the
Tigris and Euphrates ; and the Far East , meaning those countries east of ...

Author: James Wellard


ISBN: UCSD:31822004715819

Category: Babylon (Extinct city)

Page: 223

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The Road from Babylon

The Road from Babylon

For a thousand years after this , Jewish authority and learning flowed from
Babylon over the whole Jewish world . When the centre of influence began to
pass to Spain in the tenth century , the links with the whole of the Near East were
still kept ...

Author: Chaim Raphael

Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson

ISBN: UOM:39015012837673

Category: Jews

Page: 294

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The Lord of the East Wind

The Lord of the East Wind

The Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar II , both the old city on the east bank and the
new city on the west bank , was surrounded by a moat made up of canals flowing
from the Euphrates which ran between both cities . In addition there were canals

Author: Aloysius Fitzgerald

Publisher: Catholic Biblical Assn of Amer

ISBN: STANFORD:36105110278434

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Page: 234

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Because we biblical scholars tend to work primarily on texts in libraries, offices, studies, and so on, in North America, Europe, and elsewhere, we frequently do not think to ask questions concerning such mundane subjects as the weather in ancient Israel and Judah. Yet the Hebrew Bible makes frequent references to weather, particularly in relation to the portrayals of theophany that come to mind when we try to understand the Bible's descriptions of the manifestations of divine presence in the world. Indeed, Fitzgerald, in this very interesting monograph, points out how frequently we make the error of ignoring the weather in our reading of biblical texts.
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Middle East

Middle East

This King eventually locked himself up with his studies in a palace at Teima , and
may even have abdicated in favour of his son , Belshazzar , whose hands , it
seems , held the government of Babylon . The great power now rising in the
world ...

Author: Henry Vollam Morton


ISBN: UCAL:$B404417

Category: Middle East

Page: 374

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Beyond Babylon

Beyond Babylon

This important volume describes the art created in the second millennium B.C. for royal palaces, temples, and tombs from Mesopotamia, Syria, and Anatolia to Cyprus, Egypt, and the Aegean.

Author: Joan Aruz

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN: 9781588392954

Category: Art, Ancient

Page: 524

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Historic World Leaders Africa Middle East Asia Pacific

Historic World Leaders  Africa  Middle East  Asia  Pacific

Babylonians Greet Cyrus as Liberator According to Daniel 5 , Belshazzar had
been sacrilegiously using the vessels from the Jewish temple in celebrating a
festival when Babylon fell . Herodotus relates that at this time “ they were dancing
and ...

Author: Anne Commire

Publisher: Gale Cengage

ISBN: 0810384094

Category: Africa

Page: 850

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This is volume one in a five-volume biographical resource, which presents the lives, times and significant contributions of social, political and religious leaders from earliest recorded times to the present - both the best-known and lesser-known figures. This particular volume deals with Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia.
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The Ancient History of the Near East

The Ancient History of the Near East

... The Kassites , the first Indo - European people in the Near East -Overthrow of
Babylon by the Hittites — The Kassite conquest The princes who accomplished
this work were foreign Semites , South - Syrian Arabs or Palestinians from
Amurru ...

Author: Harry Reginald Hall


ISBN: BML:37001104926725

Category: Civilization, Ancient

Page: 602

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The Ancient Near East

The Ancient Near East

A New King in Babylon On an inscription on a clay barrel , Cyrus described how
he took over Babylon . In Volume I of The Ancient Near East , anthologist James
B . Pritchard includes historian Leo Oppenheim ' s translation of the inscription .

Author: Clarice Swisher

Publisher: Greenhaven Press, Incorporated

ISBN: 1560062843

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

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Uses selections from original sources to depict life in ancient Iraq, and looks at the Sumerians, Assyrians, and Babylonians
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The Ancient History of the Near East from the Earliest Times to the Battle of Salamis

The Ancient History of the Near East from the Earliest Times to the Battle of Salamis

... The Kassites , the first Indo - European people in the Near East - Overthrow of
Babylon by the Hittites — The Kassite conquest The princes who accomplished
this work were foreign Semites , South - Syrian Arabs or Palestinians from
Amurru ...

Author: Harry Reginald Hall


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119388127

Category: Civilization, Ancient

Page: 618

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The Middle East and North Africa

The Middle East and North Africa

New Babylon : a Portrait of Iraq ( Collins , London , 1956 ) . VERNIER , B. L'Irak d'
Aujourd'hui ( Paris , 1962 ) . WIGRAM , Rev. W. A. The Assyrians and their
Neighbours ( London , 1929 ) . HALL , H. R. The Ancient History of the Near East



ISBN: UIUC:30112107077221

Category: Africa, North


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Includes "Who's who in the Middle East and North Africa."
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Babylon Or Jerusalem

Babylon Or Jerusalem

Middle East Intelligence Digest Whether you are a Christian or Jewish leader ,
academic , politician , professional , homemaker , businessman or student , the
ebb and flow of events in the Middle East affects your life . Two thousand years
ago ...

Author: Jan Willem Van Der Hoeven

Publisher: Destiny Image Pub

ISBN: 1560431148

Category: Christianity and politics

Page: 187

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Reflects on two cities discussed in the Bible: Babylon - representing the efforts and achievements of man, rejection of God, and materialism - and Jerusalem, representing God's intervention and salvation, holiness and righteousness. Ch. 8 (p. 81-106), "The Time of Jacob's Trouble, " describes troubles which befell the people of Israel from the destruction of the Temple to the Holocaust. States that God has not rejected His people: the message of God's love is Zionism, the movement for return to the Land of Israel. Indeed, those Jews who heard this message and came to the Land were spared from the Nazi genocide. Ch. 11 (p. 131-146), "Why Israel Is Hated, " discusses Arabs' and Muslims' hatred of the State of Israel. Contends that this hatred is inspired not only by the question of the land, but is deeply rooted in the ideology of Islam, and is essentially a hatred of the Jews. The main goal of Arab movements which have engaged in fighting Israel, and of the wars of the bordering Arab states with Israel, was not to regain their lost territories but to eliminate the State of Israel from the map.
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The Greatness that was Babylon

The Greatness that was Babylon

SPEISER , E. A .: Ancient Mesopotamia ( = pages 35-76 in Dentan , R. C. ( editor
) : The idea of history in the ancient Near East . American Oriental Series 38 ;
Yale University Press , New Haven and Oxford University Press , London , 1955 .

Author: H. W. F. Saggs


ISBN: PSU:000012358496

Category: Babylon (Extinct city)

Page: 535

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Greece and Babylon

Greece and Babylon

Author: Edwin M. Yamauchi


ISBN: STANFORD:36105035800684

Category: Civilization, Semitic

Page: 115

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