Assyromania and More

Assyromania and More

More than 30 contributions are devoted to the memory of the Near Eastern Archaeologist Samuel M. Paley (1941-2010).

Author: Friedhelm Pedde


ISBN: 3963270381

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More than 30 contributions are devoted to the memory of the Near Eastern Archaeologist Samuel M. Paley (1941-2010). Studies are devoted to the archaeology of Cyprus, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Iran and Iraq as well as to archaeological methods and technologies. A special focus is given to seals and iconography and the modern reception of the Ancient Near East.
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Luwic dialects and Anatolian Inheritance and diffusion

Luwic dialects and Anatolian  Inheritance and diffusion

Assyromania and More. In Memory of Samuel M. Paley, Zaphon, Münster, 373–383. LEWIS, David, 2018, “Notes on slave names, ethnicity, and identity in Classical and Hellenistic Greece”, Studia Źródłoznawcze. U Schyłku Starożytności 16, ...

Author: Ignasi-Xavier Adiego

Publisher: Edicions Universitat Barcelona

ISBN: 9788491683759

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This book focuses on Luwic languages, bringing together approaches from Indo-European linguistics and language reconstruction and also from other intrinsically related disciplines such as epigraphy, numismatics and archaeology, and shows very clearly how these disciplines can benefit from each other. The volume gathers together the most recent results of investigation in the field, and is the natural extension of recent work completed by a research group on Luwic dialects over a number of years. Among the thirteen contributions, fitting neatly within the Luwian and other Anatolian languages, a rich variety of subjects are covered: epigraphy, grammar, etymology, textual interpretation, and archaeological context.
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The Early Greek Alphabets

The Early Greek Alphabets

Woodard , R. D. ( 2018 ) ' Linear B o - pi - ti - ni - ja - ta , Homeric ÉnITIUŃtwp , and labiovelar palatalization , in F. Pedde and N. Shelley ( eds ) , Assyromania and More : In Memory of Samuel M. Paley ( Munich ) 385-95 .

Author: Robert Parker

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192603838

Category: Literary Criticism

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The birth of the Greek alphabet marked a new horizon in the history of writing, as the vowelless Phoenician alphabet was borrowed and adapted to write vowels as well as consonants. Rather than creating a single unchanging new tradition, however, its earliest attestations show a very great degree of diversity, as areas of the Greek-speaking world established their own regional variants. This volume asks how, when, where, by whom and for what purposes Greek alphabetic writing developed. Anne Jeffery's Local Scripts of Archaic Greece (1961), re-issued with a valuable supplement in 1990, was an epoch-making contribution to the study of these issues. But much important new evidence has emerged even since 1987, and debate has continued energetically about all the central issues raised by Jeffery's book: the date at which the Phoenician script was taken over and adapted to write vowels with separate signs; the priority of Phrygia or Greece in that process; the question whether the adaptation happened once, and the resulting alphabet then spread outwards, or whether similar adaptations occurred independently in several paces; if the adaptation was a single event, the region where it occurred, and the explanation for the many divergences in local script; what the scripts tell us about the regional divisions of archaic Greece. There has also been a flourishing debate about the development and functions of literacy in archaic Greece. The contributors to this volume bring a range of perspectives to bear in revisiting Jeffery's legacy, including chapters which extend the scope beyond Jeffery, by considering the fortunes of the Greek alphabet in Etruria, in southern Italy, and on coins.
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A ur is King A ur is King

A    ur is King  A    ur is King

... ( Paris : ACR Edition , 1998 ) ; J. S. Curl , Egyptomania : the Egyptian Revival , a Recurring Theme in the History of Taste ( Manchester and New York : Manchester University Press , 1994 ) ; and for the far more muted " Assyromania ...

Author: Steven Winford Holloway

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004123288

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Through sustained analysis of texts and visual sources, this volume traces the checkered career of Neo-Assyrian religious interaction with subject polities of Western Asia through both punitive measures and calculated diplomatic patronage.
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Literary Translation and the Making of Originals

Literary Translation and the Making of Originals

It is difficult to imagine a more apt description of the process of deciphering the languages of ancient Mesopotamia: ... Not coincidentally, this period of “Assyromania” was also one of intense debate over the age of the world and the ...

Author: Karen Emmerich

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501329920

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Literary Translation and the Making of Originals engages such issues as the politics and ethics of translation; how aesthetic categories and market forces contribute to the establishment and promotion of particular “originals”; and the role translation plays in the formation, re-formation, and deformation of national and international literary canons. By challenging the assumption that stable originals even exist, Karen Emmerich also calls into question the tropes of ideal equivalence and unavoidable loss that contribute to the low status of translation, translations, and translators in the current literary and academic marketplaces.
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Proceedings of the International Union of Physiological Sciences

Proceedings of the International Union of Physiological Sciences

The eductions were seen at all stimulation frequencies but more pronounced at lower ones . The threshold for the excitation increased with emetine . After 40 Min . exposure , stimulaion intensity had to be increased to 10 fold of ...



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Measuring Global Values

Measuring Global Values

Nevertheless , the other parties serve more than a representational function . In allowing genuine opposition parties to run and win elections for seats in a representative assembly , the 1pdom polities reflect some form of legitimation ...

Author: Michael J. Sullivan

Publisher: Greenwood

ISBN: UOM:39015022061058

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Measuring Global Values is a major book that represents an enormous research effort. The book enables careful and systematic comparisons over time and across space as to whether a society is improving or losing ground. . . . It provides world order scholars with a fully elaborated framework for future research. . . . [Sullivan's] book is certain to be the foundational work for future developments relating to normative assessment. Richard Falk Princeton University This volume profiles 162 countries using as a basis for comparison more than a hundred indicators measuring how each country reflects 5 global values: peace, economic well-being, ecological balance, social justice, and political participation. The use of data-based management software systems for the collection of information results in a broad-based analysis which yields thoroughly documented conclusions and affirms the five values as appropriate evaluative tools. Introductory material outlines the methods used in the study, defines the measurement criteria, and identifies the study's objectives. Each of the five subject areas is then addressed separately, its findings supported by numerous tables and excerpts, and its data supplemented by a bibliography at the end of each chapter. Students of political science as well as global policy scholars will consider this unique application of current technology to the examination of global values a significant contribution to literature on the subject.
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