Their Lives and Works

Author: Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff

Publisher: DK

ISBN: 9781465463289

Category: Art

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Lives of the Artists

Masterpieces, Messes (and What the Neighbors Thought)

Author: Kathleen Krull

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0547541651

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 96

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Most people can name some famous artists and recognize their best-known works. But what's behind all that painting, drawing, and sculpting? What was Leonardo da Vinci's snack of choice while he painted Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile? Why did Georgia O'Keeffe find bones so appealing? Who called Diego Rivera "Frog-Face"? And what is it about artists that makes both their work and their lives so fascinating—to themselves, to their curious neighbors, and to all of us? This book presents the humor and the tragedy in twenty artists' lives as no biography has done before.

Lives and Works

Talks with Women Artists

Author: Beryl K. Smith,Joan Arbeiter,Sally S. Swenson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780810835900

Category: Art

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In this collection of candid and often poignant interviews, women artists talk about their life works, revealing the costs and the rewards of following a path that has led them to recognition, sacrifice, and inspiration. Among the artists included are Dotty Attie, Cathey Billian, Patricia Lay, Ce Roser, Mimi Smith, Judith Solodkin, Kay WalkingStick, and Jackie Winsor. Biographical information is included.

The Impressionists

Their Lives and Works in 350 Images

Author: Robert Katz,Celestine Dars

Publisher: Lorenz Books

ISBN: 9780754831341

Category: Art

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No group of artists or period of art history has inspired as much fascination and admiration as the Impressionist school. This book tells the story of the revolutionary Impressionist painters and the dramatic times that shaped their vision. It examines the artistic trends from the early part of the 19th century to the shocking debut of Manet's Luncheon on the Grass, and examines the most important individuals in the history of Impressionism, including Pissarro, Manet, Degas, Monet, Renoir and Sisley. The expert analysis is augmented by over 350 illustrations, including the immediately recognizable images as well as rare paintings seldom seen in print

The Artist in the Cloister

The Life and Works of Father Dunstan Massey

Author: Daphne Sleigh

Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co

ISBN: 1927051398

Category: Art

Page: 207

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Winner (Honourable Mention), 2014 BC Historical Federation Lieutenant-Governor's Medal for Historical Writing. Each year, visitors from all parts of the globe find their way to a sequestered Benedictine monastery in the hills of Mission, BC, and view the art and sculptures that beautify the abbey and its walls. But the man responsible for this work rarely ventures outside the monastery, never mind the province. He is an artist who has seen few of the masterpieces of Western art that inspire him in person; he is a musician who has seldom attended a concert; and he is an intellectual who, at his own insistence, dropped out of high school as early as he could. Acknowledged by some as one of the major British Columbian artists of his generation, Dunstan Massey could have developed a successful public career in Vancouver or Toronto as an artist or musician—or perhaps even as an actor or academic. But none of this happened because at the age of 18 he renounced every one of these possibilities and dedicated his life to God. Daphne Sleigh introduces both the artist and his art in this fascinating and lavishly illustrated new biography.

Between Lives

An Artist and Her World

Author: Dorothea Tanning

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 0810120852

Category: Art

Page: 384

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The entrancing memoir of one of America's leading surrealist painters.

Pablo Picasso

Author: Kate Scarborough

Publisher: Franklin Watts

ISBN: 9780749646301

Category: Cubism

Page: 46

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This new series uncovers the life and times of some of the most important and influential artists of the modern world. Each title focuses on one artist, exploring their life and work in the context of world events. Each book features large reproductions of the artist's work from their first drawing to their final masterpiece. The books also include selected works from other artists and colour and black and white photographs and illustrations which help to bring the artist's world to life.