Art Can Help

New and Selected Essays

Author: Robert Adams

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300229240

Category: Art

Page: 92

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A collection of inspiring essays by the photographer Robert Adams, who advocates the meaningfulness of art in a disillusioned society In Art Can Help, the internationally acclaimed American photographer Robert Adams offers over two dozen meditations on the purpose of art and the responsibility of the artist. In particular, Adams advocates art that evokes beauty without irony or sentimentality, art that "encourages us to gratitude and engagement, and is of both personal and civic consequence." Following an introduction, the book begins with two short essays on the works of the American painter Edward Hopper, an artist venerated by Adams. The rest of this compilation contains texts--more than half of which have never before been published--that contemplate one or two works by an individual artist. The pictures discussed are by noted photographers such as Julia Margaret Cameron, Emmet Gowin, Dorothea Lange, Abelardo Morell, Edward Ranney, Judith Joy Ross, John Szarkowski, and Garry Winogrand. Several essays summon the words of literary figures, including Virginia Woolf and Czeslaw Milosz. Adams's voice is at once intimate and accessible, and is imbued with the accumulated wisdom of a long career devoted to making and viewing art. This eloquent and moving book champions art that fights against disillusionment and despair.

How Art Can Change Your Life

Life Lessons from Artists Past and Present

Author: Ivan Fernandez

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1504308867

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 266

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Is art just a nice-to-have? Or is it deeper, far more integral...even necessary? Is there something from Beethoven to help us with that career setback? Is there something from Shakespeare to help us with our relationships? Is there something from Rembrandt to show us who we really are? It is these, amongt other questions that this book probes; through painting, music, literature, architecture, sculpture, photography and filmsspanning cultures - from Europe and Africa to India and Australia, and artistic periods - from the ancient to the modern. Leveraging his considerable experience as a research professional, Ivan Fernandez combines riveting insights from diverse artists of the past and the present, a dazzling variety of astonishing facts and powerful questions for us to reflect on. In language that is simple, elegant and imbued with passion, Ivan utters an urgent, sincere plea; urging us to draw actionable life lessons from art that can help us rise above ourselves. To make a masterpiece of our own lives. And as a guide on this epic voyage, he takes us on a fascinating journey inward; ploughing not merely the depths of artistic insight, but of the inscrutable human spirit itself! Fernandez talks about bliss - a term Ive often used. It was through writing about my practice, together with making my work, that I found my bliss. I wish Id had Fernandezs book back in those times when overwhelming doubt inhibited my practice. He brings enlightenment to thinking about art and why artists do what they do. This can help give an artist conviction, and therefore confidence, and a lay person a heightened appreciation of art. This most enjoyable read will bring great insight to artists and lay people alike. A truly inspiring read! - Archibald Prize-winning artist and art teacher, Cherry Hood Ivan Fernandezs cross-disciplinary approach - infusing insights from philosophy, literature, music and art - make this book a great read! - Sculptor, Vince Vozzo; member of the decade club (exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea ten times or more)

How Art Can Be Thought

A Handbook for Change

Author: Allan deSouza

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 1478002182

Category: Art

Page: 336

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What terms do we use to describe and evaluate art, and how do we judge if art is good, and if it is for the social good? In How Art Can Be Thought Allan deSouza investigates such questions and the popular terminology through which art is discussed, valued, and taught. Adapting art viewing to contemporary demands within a rapidly changing world, deSouza outlines how art functions as politicized culture within a global industry. In addition to offering new pedagogical strategies for MFA programs and the training of artists, he provides an extensive analytical glossary of some of the most common terms used to discuss art while focusing on their current and changing usage. He also shows how these terms may be crafted to new artistic and social practices, particularly in what it means to decolonize the places of display and learning. DeSouza's work will be invaluable to the casual gallery visitor and the arts professional alike, to all those who regularly look at, think about, and make art—especially art students and faculty, artists, art critics, and curators.

The Art of Politics and Campaigning - How Sun Tzu can help you win

Author: Allan P. Sand

Publisher: Allan P. Sand



Page: N.A

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Tactical and Strategic Planning for Campaign Programs and Plans! Are you considering being a candidate for an elective audience? If you apply this translation of Sun Tzu's Art of War for political campaigning, you can significantly improve your chances of winning. Discover effective processes to gain support from opinion leaders, raise funds from supporters, and manage campaign staff. Learn how to plan to "October surprises", prevent your campaign from going being forced to be defensive. Learn how to manage spies, create chaos within your opponent's organization, and even handle infiltrators from your opponents. When opponents and their supporters attack your, your beliefs, and/or your standards, learn how to turn their accusations and innuendos against them. There are thousands of books on the political process. This book will make it easier to run a campaign, manage regional and local supporters and volunteers, and make sure that you have a plan and program that will actually work.

Information Arts

Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology

Author: Stephen Wilson

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262731584

Category: Art

Page: 945

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An introduction to the work and ideas of artists who use—and even influence—science and technology.

Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art

A Sourcebook of ArtistsÕ Writings (Second Edition, Revised and Expanded by Kristine Stiles)

Author: Kristine Stiles,Peter Selz

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520253744

Category: Art

Page: 1141

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An essential text in the field of contemporary art history, it has now been updated to represent 30 countries and over 100 new artists. The internationalism evident in this revised edition reflects the growing interest in contemporary art throughout the world from the U.S. and Europe to the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Australia.

The Expressive Arts Activity Book

A Resource for Professionals

Author: Suzanne Darley,Wende Heath,Gene D. Cohen,Mark Darley

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1843108615

Category: Psychology

Page: 216

View: 7598


Examines the benefits of art therapy and provides instructions for activities designed to help patients in a variety of care settings.

Expressive Arts Interventions for School Counselors

Author: Suzanne Degges-White, PhD, LMHC, LPC, NCC,Bonnie R. Colon, MS, LMHC, NCC, NCSC

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826129986

Category: Psychology

Page: 350

View: 5307


Presents 100+ interventions using creative and expressive arts counseling techniques in school settings Expressive arts therapies are a rich resource for use with children and adolescents, who are often unresponsive to traditional talk therapy, and highly useful to school counselors who must overcome cultural, language, and ability barriers that are increasingly present in diverse and multicultural school settings. This is the first book written specifically for school counselors about using creative and expressive arts counseling techniques in school settings. It presents over 100 interventions using art, drama, music, writing, dance, and movement that school counselors can easily incorporate into their practices with individual students and groups, and in classroom settings. These creative interventions, based on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model framework, support the key student domains of academic, career, and personal/social development. The text also meets the important demand for accountability in school counseling by providing guidelines for evaluating the effectiveness of each intervention. Addressing such issues as emotional expression, social skills development, managing anger/aggression, developing self-esteem, working well with diverse peers, career exploration, and academic skill development, the book is organized by specific types of expressive arts therapies and how they can be used to support different domains in the ASCA model. Each intervention outlines the presenting concerns for which it is most useful, appropriate grade levels, required materials, preparation needed, step-by-step instructions, modifications for special needs students, and an outcome assessment plan. A handy quick reference chart helps readers to quickly locate appropriate interventions for specific concerns. Ideal for the school counselor, social worker, or psychologist who may not have specific training in arts therapies, this book can also help trained arts therapists who will be working in a school setting to select appropriate interventions. Key Features: Presents over 100 creative and expressive arts interventions that can be easily incorporated into school counseling practice Addresses all relevant ASCA National Model domains (academic, career, and personal/social) Provides easy-to-follow preparation and delivery directions and outcome evaluation methods for each intervention Includes modifications for special needs populations Offers a handy quick reference chart matching interventions to appropriate concerns

Drawing from Within

Using Art to Treat Eating Disorders

Author: Lisa Hinz

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781846425431

Category: Psychology

Page: 192

View: 9346


Drawing from Within is an introductory guide for those wanting to explore the use of art with clients with eating disorders. Art therapy is a particularly effective therapeutic intervention for this group, as it allows them to express uncomfortable thoughts and feelings through artistic media rather than having to explain them verbally. Lisa D. Hinz outlines the areas around which the therapist can design effective treatment programmes, covering family influences, body image, self-acceptance, problem solving and spirituality. Each area is discussed in a separate chapter and is accompanied by suggestions for exercises, with advice on materials to use and how to implement them. Case examples show how a therapy programme can be tailored to the individual client and photographs of client artwork illustrate the text throughout. Practical and accessible to practitioners at all levels of experience, this book gives new hope to therapists and other mental health professionals who want to explore the potential of using art with clients with eating disorders.