Entering the Picture

Judy Chicago, The Fresno Feminist Art Program, and the Collective Visions of Women Artists

Author: Jill Fields

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136638911

Category: Art

Page: 336

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In 1970, Judy Chicago and fifteen students founded the groundbreaking Feminist Art Program (FAP) at Fresno State. Drawing upon the consciousness-raising techniques of the women's liberation movement, they created shocking new art forms depicting female experiences. Collaborative work and performance art – including the famous "Cunt Cheerleaders" – were program hallmarks. Moving to Los Angeles, the FAP produced the first major feminist art installation, Womanhouse (1972). Augmented by thirty-seven illustrations and color plates, this interdisciplinary collection of essays by artists and scholars, many of whom were eye witnesses to landmark events, relates how feminists produced vibrant bodies of art in Fresno and other locales where similar collaborations flourished. Articles on topics such as African American artists in New York and Los Angeles, San Francisco’s Las Mujeres Muralistas and Asian American Women Artists Association, and exhibitions in Taiwan and Italy showcase the artistic trajectories that destabilized traditional theories and practices and reshaped the art world. An engaging editor’s introduction explains how feminist art emerged within the powerful women’s movement that transformed America. Entering the Picture is an exciting collection about the provocative contributions of feminists to American art.

Battleground: M-Z

Author: Amy Lind,Stephanie Brzuzy

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313340390

Category: Electronic books

Page: 662

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Contains ninety-seven alphabetically arranged entries that provide information about women's studies topics, such as abortion, bisexuality, childcare, glass ceiling, nationalism, religion, sex work, and welfare reform.


An Anthology of Artists’ Writings, Theory, and Criticism

Author: Susan Bee,Mira Schor

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9780822325666

Category: Art

Page: 467

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DIVA collection of writings from the influential feminist art journal M/E/A/N/I/N/G, with a forward by Johanna Drucker./div

Sight lines

women's art and feminist perspectives in Australia

Author: Sandy Kirby

Publisher: STBS Ltd.


Category: Art

Page: 157

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Pattern and Decoration

An Ideal Vision in American Art, 1975-1985

Author: Anne Swartz

Publisher: Hudson River Museum

ISBN: 9780943651354

Category: Art, American

Page: 120

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Renegotiating the Body

Feminist Art in 1970s London

Author: Kathy Battista

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 1848859619

Category: Art

Page: 207

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Emphasizing the importance of artists including Bobby Baker, Anne Bean, Catherine Elwes, Rose English, Alexis Hunter, Hannah O'Shea, and Kate Walker, and examining works such as Mary Kelly's Post Partum Document, Judy Clark's 1973 exhibition Issues, and Cosey Fanni Tutti's Prostitution shown in 1976, the author investigates some art pieces from the 1970s in Britain. From the perspective of the feminist body as site for making and exhibiting works the author examines themes that look at the body as material, the body and performance, and the alternative creative platforms in 1970s feminist art.

Women's Studies and Culture

A Feminist Introduction

Author: Rosemarie Buikema,Anneke Smelik

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9781856493123

Category: Social Science

Page: 226

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This major introduction to feminist cultural studies provides an important new synthesis of the feminist critique of culture. It also brilliantly reflects the interdisciplinary approach of cultural studies. The book opens with an exploration of the development of feminist academic practice and an overview of the full range of feminist theory. It includes full coverage of the equality/difference debate. Chapters then examine the impact of women’s studies on linguistics, literary theory, popular culture, history, film theory, art history, theatre studies and musicology. Part two explores the politics, theories and methods of feminist study including psychoanalysis, black criticism, lesbian studies and semiotics. This book is essential reading for anyone who needs a lively and accessible explanation of how feminism has taken culture and its academic study by storm.

Chicana and Chicano Art


Author: Carlos Francisco Jackson

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

ISBN: 9780816526475

Category: Art

Page: 225

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"This is the first book solely dedicated to the history, development, and present-day flowering of Chicana and Chicano visual arts. It offers readers an opportunity to understand and appreciate Chicana/o art from its beginnings in the 1960s, its relationship to the Chicana/o Movement, and its leading artists, themes, current directions, and cultural impact." "The visual arts have both reflected and created Chicano culture in the United States. For college students - and for all readers who want to learn more about this subject - this book is an ideal introduction to an art movement with a social conscience." --Book Jacket.


art and the feminist revolution

Author: Cornelia H. Butler,Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, Calif.)

Publisher: The MIT Press


Category: Art

Page: 511

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Accompanied by critical essays and analysis, a groundbreaking collection of art produced by women artists during the 1970s reveals the influence of the feminist revolution on art in works by Judy Chicago, Louise Bourgeois, Susan Hiller, Yoko Ono, Hannah Wilke, Faith Ringgold, Cindy Sherman, Joan Semmel, Miriam Shapiro, Lucy Lippard, and many others.