Pythagorean Women

Their History and Writings

Author: Sarah B. Pomeroy

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421409577

Category: History

Page: 200

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In Pythagorean Women, classical scholar Sarah B. Pomeroy discusses the groundbreaking principles that Pythagoras established for family life in Archaic Greece, such as constituting a single standard of sexual conduct for women and men. Among the Pythagoreans, women played an important role and participated actively in the philosophical life. While Pythagoras encouraged women to be submissive to men, his reasoning was based on the desire to preserve harmony in the home. Pythagorean Women provides English translations of all the earliest extant examples of literary Greek prose by Neopythagorean women, shedding light on their attitudes about marriage, the home, music, and the cosmos. Pomeroy's boy—which sets the Pythagorean and Neopythagorean women vividly in their historical, ecological, and intellectual contexts—is illustrated with original photographs of sites and artifacts known to these women. -- Pamela Gordon, University of Kansas

Aphrodite and Eros

The Development of Greek Erotic Mythology

Author: Barbara Breitenberger

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135883769

Category: History

Page: 192

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This book offers a groundbreaking revision of the popular image of Aphrodite and Eros that lives on in Roman poetry (Venus and Cupid) and has inspired artists for centuries. An interdisciplinary analysis of the Archaic period - using literary, iconographical, and cultic evidence - shows the distinct concept behind the two deities of love. Aphrodite's character, sphere of influence, and function feature in her traditional myths and are well reflected in cult. Eros, however, was not yet a similarly personified mythical figure at that stage, nor did he have an individual cult. Breitenberger follows the different stages of the development of Eros's personality. Originally a cosmic entity and an unpersonified aspect of Aphrodite, he was given his mythical identity by successive archaic lyric poets who were particularly keen to mythologize a male counterpart to the established love-goddess Aphrodite. This male love-god turns out to be the divinized homoerotic ideal of the male aristocracy 'worshipped' at their symposia. The development of the male love-god is taken as an example to demonstrate that poets' artistic innovation as well as their social and historical background played an important role in creating Greek mythology.

Porphyry's Commentary on Ptolemy's Harmonics

A Greek Text and Annotated Translation

Author: N.A

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316239683

Category: Philosophy

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Porphyry's Commentary, the only surviving ancient commentary on a technical text, is not merely a study of Ptolemy's Harmonics. It includes virtually free-standing philosophical essays on epistemology, metaphysics, scientific methodology, aspects of the Aristotelian categories and the relations between Aristotle's views and Plato's, and a host of briefer comments on other matters of wide philosophical interest. For musicologists it is widely recognised as a treasury of quotations from earlier treatises, many of them otherwise unknown; but Porphyry's own reflections on musical concepts (for instance notes, intervals and their relation to ratios, quantitative and qualitative conceptions of pitch, the continuous and discontinuous forms of vocal movement, and so on) and his snapshots of contemporary music-making have been undeservedly neglected. This volume presents the first English translation and a revised Greek text of the Commentary, with an introduction and notes designed to assist readers in engaging with this important and intricate work.

Scientific Method in Ptolemy's Harmonics

Author: Andrew Barker

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521553728

Category: History

Page: 281

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Examines the scientific procedures devised by Ptolemy for investigating the structures underlying musical melody.

The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library

An Anthology of Ancient Writings which Relate to Pythagoras and Pythagorean Philosophy

Author: Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie,David R. Fideler

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 9780933999510

Category: Philosophy

Page: 361

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This anthology, the largest collection of Pythagorean writings ever to appear in English, contains the four ancient biographies of Pythagoras and over 25 Pythagorean and Neopythagorean writings from the Classical and Hellenistic periods. The material of this book is indispensable for anyone who wishes to understand the real spiritual roots of Western civilization.

Who's who in the Classical World

Author: Simon Hornblower,Antony Spawforth

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 440

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This searchable database is a dictionary of ancient biography, covering Greek and Roman history and politics, literature, philosophy, science, and art.