Applied Signal Processing

A MATLABTM-Based Proof of Concept

Author: Thierry Dutoit,Ferran Marques

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387745350

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 456

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Applied Signal Processing: A MATLAB-Based Proof of Concept benefits readers by including the teaching background of experts in various applied signal processing fields and presenting them in a project-oriented framework. Unlike many other MATLAB-based textbooks which only use MATLAB to illustrate theoretical aspects, this book provides fully commented MATLAB code for working proofs-of-concept. The MATLAB code provided on the accompanying online files is the very heart of the material. In addition each chapter offers a functional introduction to the theory required to understand the code as well as a formatted presentation of the contents and outputs of the MATLAB code. Each chapter exposes how digital signal processing is applied for solving a real engineering problem used in a consumer product. The chapters are organized with a description of the problem in its applicative context and a functional review of the theory related to its solution appearing first. Equations are only used for a precise description of the problem and its final solutions. Then a step-by-step MATLAB-based proof of concept, with full code, graphs, and comments follows. The solutions are simple enough for readers with general signal processing background to understand and they use state-of-the-art signal processing principles. Applied Signal Processing: A MATLAB-Based Proof of Concept is an ideal companion for most signal processing course books. It can be used for preparing student labs and projects.

Signals and Systems

Author: K. Deergha Rao

Publisher: Birkhäuser

ISBN: 3319686755

Category: Science

Page: 424

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This textbook covers the fundamental theories of signals and systems analysis, while incorporating recent developments from integrated circuits technology into its examples. Starting with basic definitions in signal theory, the text explains the properties of continuous-time and discrete-time systems and their representation by differential equations and state space. From those tools, explanations for the processes of Fourier analysis, the Laplace transform, and the z-Transform provide new ways of experimenting with different kinds of time systems. The text also covers the separate classes of analog filters and their uses in signal processing applications. Intended for undergraduate electrical engineering students, chapter sections include exercise for review and practice for the systems concepts of each chapter. Along with exercises, the text includes MATLAB-based examples to allow readers to experiment with signals and systems code on their own. An online repository of the MATLAB code from this textbook can be found at

Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, Third Edition

Author: John L. Semmlow,Benjamin Griffel

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466567376

Category: Medical

Page: 630

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Written specifically for biomedical engineers, Biosignal and Medical Image Processing, Third Edition provides a complete set of signal and image processing tools, including diagnostic decision-making tools, and classification methods. Thoroughly revised and updated, it supplies important new material on nonlinear methods for describing and classifying signals, including entropy-based methods and scaling methods. A full set of PowerPoint slides covering the material in each chapter and problem solutions is available to instructors for download. See What’s New in the Third Edition: Two new chapters on nonlinear methods for describing and classifying signals. Additional examples with biological data such as EEG, ECG, respiration and heart rate variability Nearly double the number of end-of-chapter problems MATLAB® incorporated throughout the text Data "cleaning" methods commonly used in such areas as heart rate variability studies The text provides a general understanding of image processing sufficient to allow intelligent application of the concepts, including a description of the underlying mathematical principals when needed. Throughout this textbook, signal and image processing concepts are implemented using the MATLAB® software package and several of its toolboxes. The challenge of covering a broad range of topics at a useful, working depth is motivated by current trends in biomedical engineering education, particularly at the graduate level where a comprehensive education must be attained with a minimum number of courses. This has led to the development of "core" courses to be taken by all students. This text was written for just such a core course. It is also suitable for an upper-level undergraduate course and would also be of value for students in other disciplines that would benefit from a working knowledge of signal and image processing.

Signal Processing and Linear Systems

Author: Bhagwandas Pannalal Lathi

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780195219173

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 850

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This text presents a comprehensive treatment of signal processing and linear systems. It features applications to communications, controls and filtering as well as new chapters on analog and digital filters and digital signal processing. The author emphasizes the physical appreciation of concepts rather than the mathematical manipulation of symbols. Avoiding the tendency to treat engineering as a branch of applied mathematics, he uses mathematics to enhance physical and intuitive understanding of concepts, instead of employing it only to prove axiomatic theory.

Information Technology Applications in Industry, Computer Engineering and Materials Science

Author: S. Z. Cai,Q. F. Zhang

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 3038261513

Category: Computers

Page: 4859

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Collection of selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 3rd International Conference on Materials Science and Information Technology (MSIT 2013), September 14-15, 2013, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. The 958 papers are grouped as follows: Chapter 1: Materials Science and Engineering; Chapter 2: Mechatronics, Control, Testing, Measurement, Instrumentation, Detection and Monitoring Technologies; Chapter 3: Communication, Computer Engineering and Information Technologies; Chapter 4: Data Processing and Applied Computational Methods and Algorithms; Chapter 5: Power Systems and Electronics, Microelectronics and Embedded, Integrated Systems, Electric Applications; Chapter 6: Manufacturing, Industry Development and Automation.

International Advanced Researches & Engineering Congress 2017 Proceeding Book


Publisher: Dr. R. HALICIOGLU

ISBN: 6052450371

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 2770

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INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOPS (at IAREC'17) (This book inclueds English (main) and Turkish languages) International Workshop on Mechanical Engineering International Workshop on Mechatronics Engineering International Workshop on Energy Systems Engineering International Workshop on Automotive Engineering and Aerospace Engineering International Workshop on Material Engineering International Workshop on Manufacturing Engineering International Workshop on Physics Engineering International Workshop on Electrical and Electronics Engineering International Workshop on Computer Engineering and Software Engineering International Workshop on Chemical Engineering International Workshop on Textile Engineering International Workshop on Architecture International Workshop on Civil Engineering International Workshop on Geomatics Engineering International Workshop on Industrial Engineering International Workshop on Food Engineering International Workshop on Aquaculture Engineering International Workshop on Agriculture Engineering International Workshop on Mathematics Engineering International Workshop on Bioengineering Engineering International Workshop on Biomedical Engineering International Workshop on Genetic Engineering International Workshop on Environmental Engineering International Workshop on Other Engineering Science