American Ground

American Ground

Selected as one of the best books of 2002 by The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Sun-Times Within days after September 11, 2001, William Langewiesche had secured unique, unrestricted, ...

Author: William Langewiesche

Publisher: North Point Press

ISBN: 1429954582

Category: History

Page: 224

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Selected as one of the best books of 2002 by The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, and Chicago Sun-Times Within days after September 11, 2001, William Langewiesche had secured unique, unrestricted, round-the-clock access to the World Trade Center site. American Ground is a tour of this intense, ephemeral world and those who improvised the recovery effort day by day, and in the process reinvented themselves, discovering unknown strengths and weaknesses. In all of its aspects--emotionalism, impulsiveness, opportunism, territoriality, resourcefulness, and fundamental, cacophonous democracy--Langewiesche reveals the unbuilding to be uniquely American and oddly inspiring, a portrait of resilience and ingenuity in the face of disaster.
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American Ground Zero

American Ground Zero

I hey were the unwitting casualties of an American nuclear jihad: the Cold War
against Communism. Each society produces its own slaughter of innocents, of
those w ho are most expendable in dangerous times, whether the danger is
falsely ...

Author: Carole Gallagher

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262071468

Category: Photography

Page: 427

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Examining the effects of fallout clouds in the U.S., these photographs portray people whose lives were crossed by radioactive fallout during the U.S. government's above ground testing of nuclear weapons in Nevada from 1951 to 1963.
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American Ground Transport

American Ground Transport

Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. AMERICAN GROUND
TRANSPORT A Proposal for Restructuring the Automobile , Truck , Bus , and Rail
Industries ( By Bradford C. Snell * ) INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY OF

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary


ISBN: STANFORD:36105045473472


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American Ground Transport

American Ground Transport

I AMERICAN GROUND TRANSPORT A Proposal for Restructuring the
Automobile , Truck , Bus , and Rail Industries ( By Bradford C. Snell * )
INTRODUCTION AND SUMMARY OF FINDINGS This is a study of the social
consequences of ...

Author: Bradford C. Snell


ISBN: UCAL:C3451337

Category: Bus lines

Page: 103

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Revision of the North American Ground Squirrels

Revision of the North American Ground Squirrels

A 5.5 : 56 NORTH AMERICAN FAUNA - - issued No. by the 56 Washington, D.C.

Author: Arthur Holmes Howell


ISBN: MSU:31293201256918

Category: Ground squirrels

Page: 256

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Common Ground Eco Holism and Native American Philosophy

Common Ground  Eco Holism and Native American Philosophy

crossroads in the evolution of Western consciousness. One fork retains all of the
assumptions of the ...

Author: Roy C. Dudgeon


ISBN: 9781435717381

Category: Science

Page: 340

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Common Ground is an examination of the many commonalities shared by ecological and Native American philosophies. Both their common differences from and critiques of dominant Western philosophy are considered. This major work of cross-cultural philosophy employs a unique comparative methodology in order to contrast patterns of relationship in the ideological, social and ecological spheres. Native and modern Western philosophies and lifestyles, past and present, are each examined and compared to eco-holist thought, and to ecological realities. The work concludes that both ecological philosophy and modern Western culture have much to learn from an examination of Native American philosophy, especially concerning the creation of a sustainable and equitable future.
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Breaking New Ground for American Indian and Alaska Native Youth at Risk

Breaking New Ground for American Indian and Alaska Native Youth at Risk

This technical report examines the literature relating to programs to prevent
alcohol and other drug problems among American Indian and Alaska Native
populations, with an emphasis on high-risk youth. It presents the findings of a
survey of ...

Author: DIANE Publishing Company

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 9780788120008

Category: Social Science

Page: 102

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New Roots in America s Sacred Ground

New Roots in America s Sacred Ground

1 This is a book about religion and its myriad impacts on the lives of
secondgeneration Indian Americans , an inherently dynamic phenomenon , lived
religion must be situated within the whole life of the individual . As we explore
religion's role ...

Author: Khyati Y. Joshi

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813538017

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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In this compelling look at second-generation Indian Americans, Khyati Y. Joshi draws on case studies and interviews with forty-one second-generation Indian Americans, analyzing their experiences involving religion, race, and ethnicity from elementary school to adulthood. As she maps the crossroads they encounter as they navigate between their homes and the wider American milieu, Joshi shows how their identities have developed differently from their parents' and their non-Indian peers' and how religion often exerted a dramatic effect. The experiences of Joshi's research participants reveal how race and religion interact, intersect, and affect each other in a society where Christianity and whiteness are the norm. Joshi shows how religion is racialized for Indian Americans and offers important insights in the wake of 9/11 and the backlash against Americans who look Middle Eastern and South Asian. Through her candid insights into the internal conflicts contemporary Indian Americans face and the religious and racial discrimination they encounter, Joshi provides a timely window into the ways that race, religion, and ethnicity interact in day-to-day life.
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Biology and Conservation of North American Tortoises

Biology and Conservation of North American Tortoises

A comparison of essential features of sociality in North American ground squirrels
and tortoises 80 (mean of populations in Fairbanks and Dobson 2007) Males and
especially females establish home ranges near natal maternal den (Boellstorff ...

Author: David C. Rostal

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421413785

Category: Science

Page: 208

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Tortoises, those unmistakable turtles, evolved from a lineage that split off from the familiar pond turtles roughly 100 million years ago. Over time, these plant-eating land turtles spread around the world, growing to an enormous size (depending on the species) and living so long that they have become the stuff of legends. By most accounts, they are indeed the longest-lived of the turtles, with good records suggesting individuals may live as long as 180 years (anecdotal records suggest that some reach ages of 200 years or more). Providing the first comprehensive treatment of North America’s tortoises, Biology and Conservation of North American Tortoises brings together leading experts to give an overview of tortoise morphology, taxonomy, systematics, paleontology, physiology, ecology, behavior, reproduction, diet, growth, health, and conservation. The contributors carefully combine their own expertise and observations with results from studies conducted by hundreds of other researchers. The result is a book that belongs in the library of every herpetologist. Contributors Gustavo Aguirre L. Linda J. Allison Matthew J. Aresco Roy C. Averill-Murray Joan E. Berish Kristin H. Berry Dennis M. Bramble K. Kristina Drake Taylor Edwards Todd C. Esque Richard Franz Craig Guyer J. Scott Harrison Sharon M. Hermann J. Howard Hutchison Elliott R. Jacobson Valerie M. Johnson Richard T. Kazmaier Earl D. McCoy Philip A. Medica Robert W. Murphy Henry R. Mushinsky Kenneth E. Nussear Michael P. O’Connor Thomas A. Radzio David C. Rostal Lora L. Smith James R. Spotila Craig B. Stanford C. Richard Tracy Tracey D. Tuberville Michael Tuma Thane Wibbels
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Rediscovering America s Sacred Ground

Rediscovering America s Sacred Ground

Public Religion and Pursuit of the Good in a Pluralistic America Barbara A.
McGraw ... I became disconcerted by those who advocated lowering the “wall of
separation” when they cited the American founding fathers in support of their

Author: Barbara A. McGraw

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791486955

Category: History

Page: 259

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Sees a way out of the contentious debates over the role of religion in American public life by looking back to the ideas of John Locke and the nation's Founders.
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Haunted Ground Journeys through a Paranormal America

Haunted Ground  Journeys through a Paranormal America

The traveler along America's highways will search in vain for the equivalent of a
Jerusalem, a Mecca, or a Bodh Gaya—some axis mundi where the national
community as a whole connects to the power and mysteries of a sacred world.1
There ...

Author: Darryl V. Caterine

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780313392788

Category: Religion

Page: 199

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This fascinating and insightful tour through present-day meetings of Spiritualists, UFOlogists, and dowsers illuminates our obsession with the paranormal and challenges the misunderstanding of the paranormal as a marginal or inconsequential feature of America's religious landscape. • Chronologies focusing on the main developments in Spiritualist, UFOlogical, and dowsing history • Photographs of materials, culture, and events at Lily Dale, the Roswell UFO Festival, and The American Society of Dowsers annual convention taken by the author • A bibliography of authoritative scholarly works, primary texts, and theoretical frameworks pertinent to the study of Spiritualism, UFOlogy, and dowsing
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The American Gardener Or a Treatise on the Situation Soil Fencing and Laying Out of Gardens on the Making and Managing of Hot beds and Green houses Stereotype Edition

The American Gardener  Or a Treatise on the Situation  Soil  Fencing and Laying Out of Gardens  on the Making and Managing of Hot beds and Green houses     Stereotype Edition

Having fixed upon the spot for the garden , the next thing is to prepare the ground
. This may be done by ploughing and harrowing , until the ground , at top , be
perfectly clean ; and , then , by double ploughings that is to say , by going , with a

Author: William Cobbett


ISBN: BL:A0017603546


Page: 12

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Common Ground

Common Ground

The Japanese American National Museum and the Culture of Collaborations
Akemi Kikumura-Yano, Lane Ryo ... and public leaders because of its presence
as a dynamic force for change and growth within the Arab American community.

Author: Akemi Kikumura-Yano

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 0870818600

Category: Social Science

Page: 240

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Los Angeles's Japanese American National Museum, established in 1992, remains the only museum in the United States expressly dedicated to sharing the story of Americans of Japanese ancestry. The National Museum is a unique institution that operates in collaboration with other institutions, museums, researchers, audiences, and funders. In this collection of seventeen essays, anthropologists, art historians, museum curators, writers, designers, and historians provide case studies exploring collaboration with community-oriented partners in order to document, interpret, and present their histories and experiences and provide a new understanding of what museums can and should be in the United States. Current scholarship in museum studies is generally limited to interpretations by scholars and curators. Common Ground brings descriptive data to the intellectual canon and illustrates how museum institutions must be transformed and recreated to suit the needs of the twenty-first century.
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A Place of My Own

A Place of My Own

It is at any rate the ground of our freedom and, given our varied racial and ethnic
composition, the one great thing we hold in common—the thing that makes us all
Americans. So it matters how our buildings sit on this ground. This might explain

Author: Michael Pollan

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440655647

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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At a turning point in his life, writer Michael Pollan found himself dreaming of a small wood-frame hut in the woods near his house--a place to work, but also a "shelter for daydreams." Weaving the practical with the philosophical, this book presents a captivating personal inquiry into the art of architecture, the craft of building, and the meaning of modern work. Line drawings throughout. Size C. 320 pp. National ads & publicity. 35,000 print.
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Signatures of the Past

Signatures of the Past

Cultural Memory in Contemporary Anglophone North American Drama Marc
Maufort, Caroline De Wagter. “ The Ground on which I Stand ” Rewriting History ,
African Canadian Style Jacqueline PETROPOULOS York University At last year '
s ...

Author: Marc Maufort

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 905201454X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 312

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In the last decades of the twentieth century, North American drama has powerfully enacted the problematic notions of cultural memory and identity, as the essays assembled in this critical anthology demonstrate. Echoing Derrida's non-essentialist interpretation of the term «signature», this collection provides an innovative focus on North American theatre and drama as a site of latent cultural memories. In this volume, the concept of cultural memory offers a privileged vantage point from which to redefine issues of diasporic identities, exilic predicaments, and multi-ethnic subject positions at the dawn of a new century. Playwrights examined here include noted Canadian and US artists such as Marie Clements, Eva Ensler, Lorraine Hansberry, Tomson Highway, Cherríe Moraga, Djanet Sears, Guillermo Verdecchia, August Wilson, and Chay Yew, to cite but a few. In the process of remembering, North American dramatists develop new aesthetic modes in which the signatures of the past merge with the present and foreshadow an imagined future.
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A Library of American Literature from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time Literature of the republic pt 3 1835 1860

A Library of American Literature from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time  Literature of the republic  pt  3  1835 1860

... and such as perfectly to sympathize with the highest principles of government .
Indeed I have felt it to be , in the highest degree , auspicious , that the ground I
vindicate before you requires no revolution , being itself the true American
ground ...

Author: Edmund Clarence Stedman


ISBN: PSU:000001928204

Category: American literature


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Categories: American literature

Smoothing the Ground

Smoothing the Ground

Native American speeches and myths are included in recent anthologies of
American ...

Author: Brian Swann

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520049136

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 364

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A compilation of essays and translations in which leading scholars in the fields of linguistics, folklore, ethnopoetics and literary criticism discuss the continuing American Indian oral tradition as literature. Native Americans invested the spoken word with reverence and power, and the oral literature that resulted from the fusing of language and event into vital force is extraordinarily rich and potent. Authors such as Dell Hymes, Karl Kroeber, Dennis Tedlock, Jarold Ramsey and John Bierhorst address the many aspects of the study of this literature, from the problem of translation and of the role of the literary critic to the interpretation of specific stories. ISBN 0-520-04902-0 : $12.95.
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Giap The General Who Defeated America in Vietnam

Giap  The General Who Defeated America in Vietnam

if need be, to the deployment of American ground forces. In early August the
administration found its pretext for direct attacks against Hanoi when North
Vietnamese patrol boats fired torpedoes at US destroyers, the North Vietnamese
captains ...

Author: James A. Warren

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781137098917

Category: History

Page: 256

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General Vo Nguyen Giap was the commander in chief of the communist armed forces during two of his country's most difficult conflicts—the first against Vietnam's colonial masters, the French, and the second against the most powerful nation on earth, the United States. After long and bloody conflicts, he defeated both Western powers and their Vietnamese allies, forever changing modern warfare. In Giap, military historian James A. Warren dives deep into the conflict to bring to life a revolutionary general and reveal the groundbreaking strategies that defeated world powers against incredible odds. Synthesizing ideas and tactics from an extraordinary range of sources, Giap was one of the first to realize that war is more than a series of battles between two armies and that victory can be won through the strength of a society's social fabric. As America's wars in the Middle East rage on, this is an important and timely look at a man who was a master at defeating his enemies even as they thought they were winning.
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American Military History The United States Army in a global era 1917 2003

American Military History  The United States Army in a global era  1917 2003

For the next two-and- one-half years, more than a million Americans would fight
in lands bordering the Mediterranean ... driven the Allies four years before,
American ground forces did their part to defeat the most vaunted military machine
in ...


Publisher: Government Printing Office

ISBN: 0160873320

Category: United States


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