Alternative War


Author: J J Patrick

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781999785482


Page: 432

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In Alternative War, former police officer turned investigative journalist James Patrick tackles Russian interference in the UK's Brexit referendum and the US election of President Donald Trump head-on, exposing the reality of the third world war in the face of fake news and sophisticated disinformation campaigns. Based on interviews, documents, and information from both sides of the Atlantic, including an expedition to Sweden to explore Russian-sponsored alt-right disinformatsiya, this book uncovers the truth about the undeclared conflict which has rocked democracy, peace, and stability across the West. Over the course of an extensive investigation spanning Europe, North America, and beyond, Patrick has brought together experts, classified intelligence reports, public records, and witness testimony to build the most extensive and accurate account of Vladimir Putin's assault on the NATO allies to date. The book documents how detached and deniable assets, including Wikileaks and the far-right - including UKIP and Republican officials - were engaged by Russia to successfully subvert two of the world's superpowers and install managed democracies in the execution of a strategy planned over decades, to enhance the Russian position and destabilise its perceived enemies. Alternative War exposes the depth and complexity of a hybrid world war and captures the methods used to profile and manipulate populations in order for Russia to emerge victorious. The book leads us to question everything about Western regulation and enforcement, setting accountability at the highest levels while empowering the people everywhere to help ensure the world is never taken by surprise again.

Forceful Persuasion

Coercive Diplomacy as an Alternative to War

Author: Alexander L. George

Publisher: US Institute of Peace Press

ISBN: 9781878379146

Category: Political Science

Page: 95

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George examines seven cases--from Pearl Harbor to the Persian Gulf--in which the United States has used coercive diplomacy in the past half-century.

New Perspectives on the Vietnam War

Re-examining the Culture and History of a Generation

Author: Andrew Wiest,Mary Kathryn Barbier,Glenn Robins

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135187762

Category: History

Page: 336

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Heavily illustrated and welcoming to students and scholars of this infamous and pivotal time, America and the Vietnam War is a perfect companion to any course on the Vietnam War Era.

An Alternative to Holy War


Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456724337

Category: Education

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Islamic Protestant Movement: An Alternative To Holy War has been written in protest of the Islamic Theology of murder, violence and war that is presently l being advocated by many Islamic Leaders. In Chapter I (one) of this book Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharah , cousin of the Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey, defines and separates the Islamic Protestant Movement from the Islamic Churchs effort to impose Islamic Theology upon the nations of the world through the use of murder, violence and war. The Islamic Protestant Movement believes in the Sermons of the Gospel delivered by all of the Prophets of Allah who are listed in the Koran. When the Islamic Protestant Movement offers the Sermons of the Gospel as delivered by the Prophets of Allah to our fellow men and the Sermons of the Gospel as delivered by the Prophets of Allah are accepted by our fellow men as guide lines for their daily lives. Then the Islamic Protestant Movement will have participated in the creation of a world where Allahs will is done on Earth as Allahs will is done in Heaven. Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharah claims to be a cousin of the Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey. However Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharahs family is Egyptian of the House of Ishmail. We loss World War I (one) and there was a revolution within the Ottoman Empire that forced Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharahs family to flee from the conflict to the United States of America where Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharah was born. Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharah was born in the United States of America where he was adopted by Rev Matthew Greer , Pastor of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Fresno, California. Rev Matthew Greer is the only father that Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharah, a cousin of the Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey, knows and loves. Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharah is a Korean War Veteran . His Military Serial Number is RA 19364957 and his dates of service are from August 29, 1950 to December 18, 1953 Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharah has attempted to get the American Shriners to join the Islamic Protestant Movement without any success. Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharah has established the Loyal Order of Shriners of the Mystic Shrine to perform the job tasks and labor that will be required for the propagation of the ideals that are written in this book. Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharah has a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering from Heald Engineering College, San Francisco, California , Juris Doctor Degree from Ocean University College of Law, Los Angeles, California ( member of Nu Beta Epsilon National Law Fraternity) and a Certificate in Computer Programming from the Pilco Corporation/ (Pasha Mohammed Ali Taeharah worked as a Computer Programmer for the US Naval Supply Center, in Oakland, California in 1959).

Deutschland, Grossbritannien, Amerika

Politik, Gesellschaft und internationale Geschichte im 20. Jahrhundert : Festschrift für Gustav Schmidt zum 65. Geburtstag

Author: Ursula Lehmkuhl

Publisher: Franz Steiner Verlag

ISBN: 9783515083959

Category: History

Page: 283

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Aus dem Inhalt: M.-L. Recker: Appeasementpolitik: Wissenschaftliche Karriere eines au�enpolitischen Konzepts B. J- Wendt: Loyd George's Fontainebleau-Memorandum: Eine Wurzel des Appeasement? A. J. Nicholls: �Appeasement� or �Common Sense�? The British Response to the Building of the Berlin wall, 1961 C. F. Doran: Transatlantic Relations in Global Theory and History H. Zimmermann: Chinas langer Marsch in internationale Institutionen: Ein welthistorischer Prozess und seine Deutung durch konkurrierende Theorien Internationaler Politik N. C. Bandelow: Institutionelle Vetopunkte und kollektive Lernprozesse in der britischen und deutschen Europapolitik der 1980er und 1990er Jahre U. Lehmkuhl: Kanada und der Colombo-Plan: �Drittmachtbeziehungen� im Spannungsfeld von Asien- und Europapolitik in der Fruehphase des Kalten Krieges P. Dolata-Kreuzkamp: Transnationale Akteure in transatlantischen Wirtschaftsbeziehungen: Arnold, Fortas & Porter als ,political broker� im Kohlenstreit 1958-1962 H.-I. Schmidt: �The Embarrassment of Strength�: Die deutsche Position im �International Monetary System� 1958-1968 E. Conze: Staatsr�son und nationale Interessen: Die �Atlantiker-Gaullisten�-Debatte in der westdeutschen Politik- und Gesellschaftsgeschichte der 1960er Jahre G. Niedhart: Zustimmung und Irritationen: Die Westm�chte und die deutsche Ostpolitik 1969/70 F. Bozo: La Fin d'un Cycle? La France et l'Alliance atlantique de la Guerre froide � l'apr�s 11 Septembre L. S. Kaplan: Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty: 1949 and 2001 Gustav Schmidt: Wissenschaftliches Werk.

The Untied States of America: A Thinkable Alternative to Civil War II

Author: Fred Kilbourne

Publisher: Hillcrest Publishing Group

ISBN: 1936400464

Category: Political Science

Page: 118

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THE UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA A THINKABLE ALTERNATIVE TO CIVIL WAR II The United States is coming apart at the seams. Hostilities between the parties to the national debate, substantially over the proper role of the federal government, are largely verbal rather than violent, but so they were before Fort Sumter was fired upon. The national debate is growing increasingly hostile, and a second Civil War at some time in our future cannot be ruled out. We are no longer united as a people, but rather are divided into two warring camps, labeled roughly as Democrats and Republicans. We are dispersed throughout the land, it is true, but we also are clustered by region, as clearly shown by the Presidential election results of the early 21st Century, and by the map on the cover of this book. It is time to consider the possibility that these united states should be untied, in order that we may live as civil neighbors, rather than fractiously under one roof pretending to be a family. There is another divide in the country that has not been bridged, in spite of many efforts, and that many say is growing deeper and wider. The legacy of slavery and racism and segregation has left many (though certainly not all, and perhaps not most) African-Americans disaffected and unhappy with the country in which they find themselves. The reparations proposal presented in this book may provide the means for voluntary separation of these reluctant citizens into a new land of true self-determination. It is a dramatic and even drastic proposal, to be sure, but a wound that never heals eventually is fatal.

Alternative Visions of Post-War Reconstruction

Creating the modern townscape

Author: John Pendlebury,Erdem Erten,Larkham J Peter

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317698657

Category: Architecture

Page: 258

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The history of post Second World War reconstruction has recently become an important field of research around the world; Alternative Visions of Post-War Reconstruction is a provocative work that questions the orthodoxies of twentieth century design history. This book provides a key critical statement on mid-twentieth century urban design and city planning, focused principally upon the period between the start of the Second World War to the mid-sixties. The various figures and currents covered here represent a largely overlooked field within the history of 20th century urbanism. In this period while certain modernist practices assumed an institutional role for post-war reconstruction and flourished into the mainstream, such practices also faced opposition and criticism leading to the production of alternative visions and strategies. Spanning from a historically-informed modernism to the increasing presence of urban conservation the contributors examine these alternative approaches to the city and its architecture.

The Moscow Option

An Alternative Second World War

Author: David Downing

Publisher: Frontline Books

ISBN: 1473877709

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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This provocative alternative history looks at the Second World War from a new angle - what might have happened had the Germans taken Moscow in 1941. Based on authentic history and real possibilities, this unique speculative narrative plays out the dramatic consequences of opportunities taken and examines the grotesque possibilities of a Third Reich triumphant. On 30 September 1941, the Germans fight their way into the ruins of Moscow and the Soviet Union collapses. Although Russian resistance continues, German ambition multiplies after this signal success and offensives are launched in Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Hitler's armies, assured of victory, make their leader's dreams reality and Allied hopes of recovery seem almost hopelessly doomed. David Downing convincingly blends actual history with the stimulating world of alternate events. The Moscow Option is a chilling reminder that history might easily have been very different.