Alternative Mainstream

Alternative Mainstream

This book investigates the segment of the music industry that lies between mainstream and underground, including genres ranging from hip hop to rock, and from folk to electronic music.

Author: Gert Keunen

Publisher: Valiz/Antennae Series

ISBN: 9078088958

Category: Music

Page: 354

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Which mechanisms and logics of decision making and choice lie at the basis of the selections made by people working in the pop music circuit? Which general frames of thinking and evaluating do pop music professionals apply? Almost as a rule, these people will talk about the same bands, those that make the crossover to the outside world - the 'hypes'. What are the origins of these hypes? How is it possible that everybody talks about the same bands? What makes people talk about some, yet the same bands, while remaining silent about other bands? And why is it that only a small percentage of the legion of bands that stand at the gates get ample airplay, concerts, press coverage and, as a result, a sufficiently large audience? 'Alternative mainstream' deals with the music segment that lies between the 'mainstream' and the 'underground'. This segment includes genres that range from hip hop to rock and from folk to electronic music. Gert Keunen attempts to uncover which aesthetics and ideologies lie at the basis of the cultural construct that is the alternative mainstream and embeds his findings in a broader socio-economic context.
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A Comparative Study of Alternative and Mainstream Courses at Year 11

A Comparative Study of Alternative and Mainstream Courses at Year 11

Table 3 Performance - role involvement of students : ' active functionaries ' and '
leaders ' ( mean scores ) of Regular class Special occasion Extracurricular
Students Total le id id as of Alternative Mainstream 1.45 0.29 3.60 2.56 1.92 2.22
6.97 ...

Author: Jack Campbell


ISBN: IND:30000061688705

Category: Curriculum evaluation

Page: 25

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Categories: Curriculum evaluation

Reaching Out to Youth Out of the Education Mainstream

Reaching Out to Youth Out of the Education Mainstream

Districtwide support of the programs.34 Many alternative schools also have a
strong community service component that ... Often , those who do remain in the
alternative school are allowed to graduate with their mainstream school
classmates .

Author: Sarah Ingersoll


ISBN: UOM:39015055818010

Category: Alternative education

Page: 11

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Categories: Alternative education

Alternative and Mainstream Media

Alternative and Mainstream Media

However, there are certainly tendencies that place media on very different points
across the alternative/mainstream spectrum. Mainstream media have been seen
to be motivated by commercial, for-profit, objectives that privilege institutions ...

Author: Linda Jean Kenix

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781849665438

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 224

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Historically, alternative media have been viewed as fundamental, albeit at times culturally peripheral, forces in social change. In this book, however, Kenix argues that these media do not uniformly subvert the hierarchies of access that are so central to mainstream media - in fact, their journalistic norms and routines have always been based on the professional standards of the mainstream. Kenix goes on to posit the perception of 'mainstream' and 'alternative' as a misconception. She argues that, although alternative media can - and do - construct distinct alternative communications, they have always existed on the same continuum as the mainstream and the two will continue to converge. Through comparative analysis, this book argues that many alternative and mainstream media are merging to create a continuous spectrum rooted in commercial ideology. Indeed, much of what is now considered alternative media actually draws very little from principles of the independent press, whereas many contemporary mainstream media now use communication techniques more commonly associated with media that do not operate for financial gain. This book puts forward a controversial but convincing argument around the relationship between alternative and mainstream media, drawing on examples from the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand to strengthen and develop the central premise.
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Instream Flow Requirements of the Lower North Fork South Fork and Mainstream Skokomish River

Instream Flow Requirements of the Lower North Fork  South Fork and Mainstream Skokomish River

Tables 6 , 7 and 8 each present the semimonthly discharges ( cfs ) required
under the five alternative strategies and the ... Tables 6 , 7 and 8 water releases
are those that would be required by the five alternatives in the event of an
equivalent ...

Author: Phillip L. Wampler


ISBN: MINN:319510028673563

Category: Fish breeding

Page: 135

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Categories: Fish breeding

The Rotarian

The Rotarian

alternative. and. mainstream. medical. treatments. HEALTH Create Your Own
Custom Woven Throws Bring special ... meditation, and biofeedback into their
practices, uniting alternative and mainstream methods in a new type of care
called ...





Page: 64

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Established in 1911, The Rotarian is the official magazine of Rotary International and is circulated worldwide. Each issue contains feature articles, columns, and departments about, or of interest to, Rotarians. Seventeen Nobel Prize winners and 19 Pulitzer Prize winners – from Mahatma Ghandi to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – have written for the magazine.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

... Sharp distrust has long characterized much of the relationship between
practitioners of mainstream and alternative medicines . As more and more
patients turn to complementary and alternative medicine -often without telling
their doctors ...



ISBN: OSU:32435065973034

Category: Cancer


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Categories: Cancer

Alternative Media

Alternative Media

Certain other differences between alternatives and the mainstream can help us to
move closer to an understanding of the former . The established or mainstream
media have a relative permanency about them , as much in terms of politics and ...

Author: Unesco

Publisher: Unesco

ISBN: UOM:39015029078279

Category: Social Science

Page: 130

View: 929

Nine case-studies of alternative media projects drawn from Asia and the Pacific, the Arab States, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and North America. They trace the evolution of the concept of alternative media from its origins to modern times, when it has had to accommodate to new political and economic conditions and fundamental changes in the technological environment.
Categories: Social Science

Development Theory

Development Theory

Alternative development has been concerned with introducing alternative
practices and redefining the goals of development . This has been successful in
the sense that key elements of both have been adopted in mainstream
development .

Author: Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761952934

Category: Political Science

Page: 195

View: 604

The thoughts and works of one of the leading commentators on the theory and policy of development are contained in this volume. The book looks widely over issues of Eurocentricism, critical globalism, intercultural transaction, delinking and post-development theory and presents ideas for the future of the field. Throughout, the author tries to connect issues of development with the latest thinking in sociology, critical theory and social science generally. This comprehensive book will be used as a barometer of critical thought in the field today. The writing has come out of many years of teaching and travelling in developing countries and reflects the author's unusual and detailed experience of conditions in Europe, Asia, A
Categories: Political Science

Alternatives within the Mainstream II

Alternatives within the Mainstream II

This book traces one of the most pertinent issues to haunt British society and its
stage since at least the Wilde trials: alternative sexuality. Tracing the drama
which takes the stage in the post-war years to the present day when another
Labour ...

Author: Dimple Godiwala

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443802871

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 345

View: 722

Alternatives Within the Mainstream II follows from the first volume’s dedication to a critical appreciation of and a tracing of trajectories of the theatres of our Others on the British stage. The first volume Alternatives Within the Mainstream: British Black and Asian Theatres traced a history of Black and Asian British plays, playwrights, theatre companies and theatre voices. The two volumes celebrate the plurality on the post-war British stage in terms of class, gender, race and sexualities. Alternatives Within the Mainstream II: Queer Theatres in Post-war Britain is an introduction to queer sexualities and their presence on the post-war British stage. From an introduction which addresses the possibilities of an undoing of repressiveness in desiring another, this volume charts a history of queer on the British stage, from a climate of sexual repressiveness and criminalisation, to a period of legal acceptance of homosexual desire. It covers gay, les, trans and queer British theatres, the influence of American queer theatre, AIDS consciousness, black queer theatre and television drama. Alternatives Within the Mainstream II: Queer Theatres in Post-war Britain is aimed as an introductory text which introduces the several plays, playwrights, theatre companies and queer theorists to students and scholars of contemporary queer British theatres. This book is dedicated to Anthony Blair and the Labour government for bringing in the Civil Partnerships Act.
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Clinician s Complete Reference to Complementary alternative Medicine

Clinician s Complete Reference to Complementary alternative Medicine

The alternative medical perspective appeared radically different from that of
mainstream medicine and so did its therapies . This occurred in part from a
difference in theoretical approach , and in part from a need not to violate the
licensure laws ...

Author: Don Novey

Publisher: Mosby Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015042960750

Category: Medical

Page: 855

View: 154

More people are turning to complementary and alternative medicine for their health care needs. This text explains more than 64 alternative therapy modalities, giving physicians and heath care professionals the evidence-based biomedical explanations for their efficacy, as well as the practitioners' rationales, diseases and conditions that respond well to CAM, additional resources, and more.
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Alternative Schooling in India

Alternative Schooling in India

Parent of a Child Who has Gone from a Mainstream to an Alternative School
Sheela Gowda Ms Sheela Gowda is the mother of a nine-year-old boy, who goes
to an alternative school in Bangalore. She took him out of a mainstream school
and ...

Author: Sarojini Vittachi

Publisher: SAGE Publications India

ISBN: 9788132101673

Category: Education

Page: 268

View: 306

This book brings into focus the innovative methods of learning in many Indian schools. It sheds light on schools that make the learning process fun for the teacher as well as the taught, in contrast to the whirl of examination-oriented learning in mainstream schools. The researched data on alternative schools in the country offer the reader an array of institutions all over the country, where efforts are being made to move away from traditional and mainstream learning. It includes exclusive articles by leading practitioners in the field, who offer an insight into the ground reality when a certain philosophy is applied to a school, and also experiential accounts of how such alternative practices mould the learner, teacher and impact the parent as well. The book also consists of a directory of alternative schools in India, including many schools that are tucked away in remote corners of the country. Interestingly, the common thread binding these ‘alternative schools’ is concern for the welfare of the child by teachers who see their work as much more than a job.
Categories: Education

C O Journal of Alternative Human Services

C O  Journal of Alternative Human Services

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ISBN: UCSC:32106019745113

Category: Social service


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Alternative Literature

Alternative Literature

Incorporating alternative literature into our collections is part of such a project .
The invisibility of alternative literature in the market place Whilst the alternative
press will comment at great length and in great depth on mainstream culture and

Author: Chris Atton

Publisher: Gower Publishing Company, Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015037314542

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 202

View: 446

This book therefore serves a number of purposes. It defines alternative literature, explains how it can be used and appreciated, and examines the concerns and nature of such publications. It is often difficult to track down alternative literature, and guidelines are given for identifying and acquiring it from a variety of different types of sources. Networking of all kinds is necessary to keep abreast of the constant stream of new titles and the methods of collection management and access are discussed. To acquire, use and properly exploit alternative literature is an essential part of collection management, often requiring a very different approach to 'standard' book collections. This book will provide all the essential starting points along this road.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Alternative Economic Spaces

Alternative Economic Spaces

However, their relationship with their 'other' - the mainstream - remains
unavoidable, ambivalent, unequal and full of contradiction. The preceding
chapters have documented this complex relationship in detail and what follows is
merely an ...

Author: Andrew Leyshon

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761971297

Category: Science

Page: 203

View: 912

`A hopeful but nonetheless hard-hitting analysis of alternative economic spaces proliferating in the belly of the capitalist beast. In this book Leyshon, Lee and Williams convene fascinating studies of exchange, enterprise, credit and community. They invite us onto a new and promising discursive terrain where we can analyze, criticize and above all recognize actually existing economies of diversity in the wealthy countries of the West' - J K Gibson-Graham, Australian National University and University of Massachusetts, Amherst In the context of problems in the "new economy" - from start-ups, high-technology, and telecoms - Alternative Economic Spaces presents a critical evaluation of alternatives to the global economic mainstream. It focuses on the emergence of alternative economic geographies within developed economies and analyzes the emergence of alternative economic practices within industrialized countries. These include the creation of institutions like Local Exchange and Trading Systems, Credit Unions, and other social economy initiatives; and the development of alternative practices from informal work to the invention of consumption sites that act as alternatives to the monoply of the `big-box', multi-chain retail outlets. Alternative Economic Spaces is a reconsideration of what is meant by the `economic' in economic geography; its objective is to bring together some of the ways in which this is being undertaken. The volume shows how the `economic' is being rethought in economic geography by detailing new economic geographies as they are emerging in practice.
Categories: Science

Marginal to Mainstream

Marginal to Mainstream

Healing as a therapy for human disease : A systematic review . ” Journal of
Alternative and Complementary Medicine 6 : 159– 69 . Achterberg , Jeanne .
1996. “ What is medicine ? ” Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 2 ( 3 ) :
58-61 .

Author: Mary Ruggie

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521834295

Category: Medical

Page: 232

View: 525

Millions of Americans are using complementary and alternative medicine and spending billions of dollars, out-of-pocket, for it. Why? Do the therapies work? Are they safe? Are any covered by insurance? How is the medical profession responding to the growing use of therapies that were only recently thought of as quackery? These are some of the many questions asked and answered in this book. It describes a transformation in the status of alternative medicine within health care. Paving the way toward legitimacy is research currently underway and funded by the National Institutes of Health. This research is proving the safety and efficacy of certain therapies and the harm or inefficacy of others. While some therapies will remain alternative to conventional medicine, others are becoming complementary, and still others are busting the boundaries and contributing to a new approach to health and healing called integrative medicine.
Categories: Medical

The Handbook of Alternative Education

The Handbook of Alternative Education

Our advocacy of alternative styles in education does not negate the devotion and
skills of the many thousands of excellent teachers and administrators in the
mainstream of schooling . This cataloguing of educational alternatives does not
imply ...

Author: Jerry Mintz

Publisher: Macmillan Reference USA

ISBN: UOM:39076001552392

Category: Education

Page: 431

View: 385

This text considers issues in alternative education. It looks at the issues from teaching, learning and research perspectives.
Categories: Education

Australian Journalism Review

Australian Journalism Review

Defining ' alternative ' and ' independent It is necessary to establish a working
definition of the ' alternative ' and ... Limiting the study in such a way cnabled
direct comparisons to be drawn between the way alternative and mainstream ...



ISBN: IND:30000070502384

Category: Journalism


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Categories: Journalism



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ISBN: PSU:000069844454

Category: Animal welfare


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Categories: Animal welfare

A Correlational Study of Organizational Characteristics and Instructional Time in the Mainstream Rates ITM for Mildly Handicapped Students in Elementary and Middle Schools

A Correlational Study of Organizational Characteristics and Instructional Time in the Mainstream Rates  ITM  for Mildly Handicapped Students in Elementary and Middle Schools

WITHIN H - ITM AND L - I TM SCHOOL ITM ... Time in the Mainstream rating and
schools within districts with a LOW Instructional Time in the Mainstream rating .

Author: Kathryn Anne Moran


ISBN: MSU:31293008001525

Category: Electronic dissertations

Page: 348

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Categories: Electronic dissertations