Alternative and Bio medicine in Israel

Alternative and Bio medicine in Israel

This book explores the macro and micro social contexts in which alternative and bio-medicine co-exist in Israel.

Author: Judith T. Shuval


ISBN: 1936235862

Category: Health & Fitness

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This book explores the macro and micro social contexts in which alternative and bio-medicine co-exist in Israel. It includes a history of alternative health care in Israel and analysis of current policies and dilemmas regarding different forms of health care, and provides an in-depth analysis of medical professionals who have added alternative health care to their repertoire of professional skills in their practice settings in hospitals and community clinics. The heterogeneity of patient populations in Israel makes it possible to explore attitudes of different cultural groups toward alternative health care. These include Jewish immigrants from different countries as well as Bedouin and other Arab groups. Since alternative medicine is a growing part of the overall health care system in many countries, the book provides insights gained from the Israeli experience regarding its co-existence along with conventional medicine—to a broad spectrum of health professionals, policy makers and laypersons.
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Contemporary Alternative Spiritualities in Israel

Contemporary Alternative Spiritualities in Israel

The course discusses the bio-medical discourse in the context of the 'caregiving
hormones' narrative and constructs ... medicine is perceived to be kindred to
yoga in New Age subculture, her insights are applicable to the alternative
discourse ...

Author: Shai Feraro

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137539137

Category: Religion

Page: 249

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This volume is the first English-language anthology to engage with the fascinating phenomena of recent surges in New Age and alternative spiritualties in Israel. Contributors investigate how these New Age religions and other spiritualties—produced in Western countries within predominantly Protestant or secular cultures–transform and adapt themselves in Israel. The volume focuses on a variety of groups and movements, such as Theosophy and Anthroposophy, Neopaganism, Channeling, Women’s Yoga, the New Age festival scene, and even Pentecostal churches among African labor migrants living in Tel Aviv. Chapters also explore more Jewish-oriented practices such as Neo-Kabballah, Neo-Hassidism, and alternative marriage ceremonies, as well as the use of spiritual care providers in Israeli hospitals. In addition, contributors take a close look at the state’s reaction to the recent activities and growth of new religious movements.
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Toward an Anthropology of Nation Building and Unbuilding in Israel

Toward an Anthropology of Nation Building and Unbuilding in Israel

Specific interests include human-animal relations, anthropology of Israel, flexible
borders, social suffering, and kinship. moshe ... Her most recent book, Alternative
and Bio Medicine in Israel: Boundaries and Bridges (Academic Studies Press), ...

Author: Fran Markowitz

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803271944

Category: History

Page: 329

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Toward an Anthropology of Nation Building and Unbuilding in Israel presents twenty-two original essays offering a critical survey of the anthropology of Israel inspired by Alex Weingrod, emeritus professor and pioneering scholar of Israeli anthropology. In the late 1950s Weingrod’s groundbreaking ethnographic research of Israel’s underpopulated south complicated the dominant social science discourse and government policy of the day by focusing on the ironies inherent in the project of Israeli nation building and on the process of migration prompted by social change. Drawing from Weingrod’s perspective, this collection considers the gaps, ruptures, and juxtapositions in Israeli society and the cultural categories undergirding and subverting these divisions. Organized into four parts, the volume examines our understanding of Israel as a place of difference, the disruptions and integrations of diaspora, the various permutations of Judaism, and the role of symbol in the national landscape and in Middle Eastern studies considered from a comparative perspective. These essays illuminate the key issues pervading, motivating, and frustrating Israel’s complex ethnoscape.
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Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Nursing and Midwifery

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Nursing and Midwifery

alternative. health. care. Comparative processes of boundary re configuration in
Israel Judith T. ShuvalandSky E. Gross ... take place when alternative
practitioners work within the organisational context of biomedical institutions (
Mizrachi and ...

Author: Jon Adams

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317595250

Category: Medical

Page: 192

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This book explores the historical, social, political and cultural facets of integration between complementary and alternative medicine and nursing/midwifery. It examines the ever-expanding integration in relation to: the role and conceptualization of the patient the role and responsibilities of different professional healthcare providers (nurses, midwives, alternative therapists, etc) the future provision and approach of nursing and midwifery practice the challenges and opportunities currently facing healthcare systems as a result of integration. This innovative book provides the first critical overview of this important field of health research. It is important reading for medical sociologists, nurses and other health professionals - as well as students in these areas - with an interest in complementary and alternative medicine.
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Negotiating the Holistic Turn

Negotiating the Holistic Turn

The Domestication of Alternative Medicine Judith Fadlon ... Biomedical
hegemony was clearly evident in the Israeli case , for example , in the rejection of
the 1991 Eilon Committee's report that recommended licensing the practice of
various ...

Author: Judith Fadlon

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791463168

Category: Social Science

Page: 157

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Examines the growing popularity of alternative medicine as a personal health care option.
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WHO Global Atlas of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine

WHO Global Atlas of Traditional  Complementary and Alternative Medicine

the National Public Health and Medical Officers ' Service in Hungary ; and the
Ministry of Culture in Turkey . In six countries ( Estonia , Israel , Luxembourg ,
Portugal , the Republic of Moldova and Spain ) there is known to be no national
institution of ... In Latvia , for example , acupuncture , homeopathy , electro -
acupuncture , iridology and bio - resonance therapy are reimbursed by public
insurance ( 7 ) .

Author: Gerard Bodeker

Publisher: World Health Organization

ISBN: 9241562862

Category: Medical

Page: 347

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This two-volume publication sets out information on traditional, complementary and alternative medicines, revealing people's belief in and dependence on different traditional health systems around the world. The map volume provides a visual representation of topics including the popularity of herbal/traditional medicine, Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy, bone-setting, spiritual therapies, and others; national legislation and traditional medicine policy; public financing; legal recognition of traditional medicine practitioners; education and professional regulation. The text volume covers developments in this diverse and expanding field of medicine in 23 countries across the world, as well as overviews of the status in each of the six WHO regions.
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Potentiating Health and the Crisis of the Immune System

Potentiating Health and the Crisis of the Immune System

Consultancy and Research on Biomedicine Clil, D.N. Oshrat, Israel 25233 1.
ABSTRACT Conventional medicine defines health as either absence of disease,
or various ...

Author: S. Fulder

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781489900593

Category: Medical

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With all the enormous resources that are invested in medicine, it is sometimes a mystery why there is so much sickness still in evidence. Our life span, though higher than at any time in history, has now leveled off and has not significantly increased in the last two generations. There is a one-third increase in long-term illness in the last 20 years and a 44% increase in cancer incidence, which are not related to demographic issues. In some modern countries, the level of morbidity (defined as days off work because of sickness) has increased by two thirds in this time. Despite $1 trillion spent on cancer research in 20 years, the "War On Cancer" has recently been pronounced a complete failure by the u. s. President's Cancer Panel. Evidently we still have a long way to go. The goal of "Health for All by the Year 2000" as the World Health Organization has put it, is another forgotten dream. As ever, the answer will be found in breaking out of the old philosophical patterns and discovering the new, as yet unacceptable concepts. The problems of medicine today require a Kuhnian breakthrough into new paradigms, and new ways of thinking. And these new ways will not be mere variations of the old, but radical departures. This book, and the conference upon which it was based, is part of a search for these new pathways.
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The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Division of General Medicine and Primary Care , Beth Israel Deaconess Medical
Center , Boston , MA . Center for Biomedical Engineering , Massachusetts
Institute of Technology , Cambridge , MA . " ment of Physics , University of Oslo ,
Oslo ...



ISBN: UCLA:L0098853013

Category: Alternative medicine


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Clinical Decision Making in Complementary Alternative Medicine

Clinical Decision Making in Complementary   Alternative Medicine

Helfrich YR et al (2007) Topical becocalcidiol for the treatment of psoriasis
vulgaris: a randomized, placebocontrolled, double-blind, ... Israel Journal of
Medical Sciences, 26(6): 306–9. ... Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, 36(4):

Author: Matthew Leach

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780729579339

Category: Medical

Page: 300

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An exceptional health resource addressing professional practice issues in complementary and alternative medicine Clinical Decision Making in Complementary & Alternative Medicine differs from other medical texts by introducing a systematic clinical framework for the practice of complementary and alternative medicine. While comparable titles may explore the use or efficacy of specific complementary and alternative medicine interventions, this indispensable textbook highlights evidence-based interventions, while helping practitioners apply them within a clinical decision making framework. Clinical Decision Making in Complementary & Alternative Medicine is a one-of-a-kind health reference for clinicians, students and educators alike. Divided into two parts – theoretical foundation and practical application – the book includes case studies on health conditions such as acne, irritable bowel syndrome and migraine. Clinical Decision Making in Complementary & Alternative Medicine is also unique in that it: • focuses on evidence-based practice while also paying attention to the underlying philosophy of complementary and alternative medicine • includes learning objectives and activities to consolidate reader knowledge and help lecturers teaching complementary and alternative medicine students • enables complementary and alternative medicine practitioners to systematically assess, diagnose, treat and evaluate client-centred health problems in accordance with the established art, science and philosophy of complementary and alternative medicine • guides practitioner thinking, assessment and care – all of which may help increase professional autonomy and accountability, improve client outcomes and quality of care, and reduce errors in decision making
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The Biological Basis for Mind Body Interactions

The Biological Basis for Mind Body Interactions

... for Alternative Medicine Research, Beth Israel/Deaconess Hospital, 330
Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA 02215, USA A. Ericsson, Laboratory of Neuronal
Structure and Function, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the
Foundation for ...

Author: E.A. Mayer

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080862470

Category: Science

Page: 544

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The current volume focuses on several key aspects of mind/brain/body interactions in health and disease, including specific examples of interactions between body and brain, mechanisms underlying the response of the system to stressors, the role of early life events in permanently biasing the responsiveness of the system and practical implications of mind body interactions in human disease. The volume on Biological Basis for Mind Body Interactions is organized into 6 major sections, each dealing with a unique aspect of the general topic: After establishing the relationship between mind, brain and emotions, the first section deals with general neurobiological aspects mediating the effect of stress on various organ systems, including the immune and cardiovascular system. The second section covers the topic of how early life stressor can permanently alter responsiveness of the nervous system in animals and in man. The third section deals with influences of the internal environment, mediated by neuroendocrine and visceral afferent pathways on the CNS. The fourth section which deals with influences of body on the brain, focuses on mechanisms involved in perception and modulation of pain. The fifth section deals with influences of the mind/brain on the body, with an emphasis on central and peripheral mechanisms of autonomic control of body functions. The last section deals with a series of practical issues of mind body treatments, including acupuncture, breathing, body work and meditation. In addition, issues such as cost effectiveness and research aspects are discussed. Authors in this last section frequently refer to topics and mechanisms addressed in the early sections, making it a truly integrated volume. The unique aspect of the volume is the integration of state of the art research information on biological and practical aspects of mind/brain/body interactions. It is based on the beliefs of the editors and participants that the traditional separation of mind and body in research and in treatment of human disease is obsolete and needs to be replaced with a new unifying paradigm. Ironically, this evolving paradigm shares many similarities with ancient pre-Cartesian paradigms of health and disease.
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Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine

Furnham A , Smith C. Choosing alternative medicine : a comparison of the beliefs
of patients visiting a general practitioner and a homeopath . ... tem , it seems
important to understand why a significant portion of the population is going
outside mainstream biomedicine to treat a ... Nonconventional medicine in Israel :
consultation patterns of the Israeli population and attitudes of primary care
physicians .

Author: American Medical Association

Publisher: Amer Medical Assn

ISBN: UOM:39015055202165

Category: Medical

Page: 605

View: 281

This volume seeks to offer balanced coverage of a controversial topic - alternative medicine. Leading authors of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the Archives Journals provide an assessment of a broad range of topics from the evaluation of treatment modalities to prevalence and use of alternative medicine therapies. The book includes overviews and guidance from expert physician-specialists, science-based findings, and objective references and perspectives from JAMA and Archives Journals.
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New Riders official Internet yellow pages

New Riders  official Internet yellow pages

material sciences Material Science in Israel Newsletter, 456 Materials Business
File, 456 METADEX, 456 PIRA - Paper, ... 462 Alternative Medicine, the Definitive
Guide, 462 Biomedical Computer Laboratory (BCL), 462 B0ING (Bio-Oriented ...

Author: Christine Maxwell

Publisher: New Riders

ISBN: 1562054082

Category: Computers

Page: 802

View: 828

The most comprehensive guide available to the services, information, and resources that the Internet has to offer. With over 10,000 listings, organized by topic and area of interest, this desk reference allows the reader to quickly and easily discover the world of the Internet.
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Central Sleep Apnea An Issue of Sleep Medicine Clinics

Central Sleep Apnea  An Issue of Sleep Medicine Clinics

Targeting respiratory chemoreflex sensitivity or effects, and sleep fragmentation,
can provide useful alternative or adjunctive ... The primary challenges are
simultaneously technical and biological: how to keep the CO2 levels just above
the NREM sleep CO2 threshold. ... This technology is licensed by the Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical Center to MyCardio, LLC; (2) coinventor of the Positive
Airway ...

Author: Peter C. Gay

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780323287234

Category: Medical

Page: 153

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Dr. Peter Gay has put together a team of expert authors centering on the topic of Central Sleep Apnea. Focus will include articles on CSA due to other Medical Disorders, Cheyne-Stokes Respiration, Central Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Disease, Complex Sleep Apnea,Adaptive servo-ventilation Treatment, Drug induced central apneas- Mechanism and Therapies, ICSD-2 and AASM Practice Parameters, Alternative approaches to treatment of Central Sleep Apnea, and Infant central apnea.
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Sociological Abstracts

Sociological Abstracts

1 Coexistence of biomedicine ( Western medical practice ) & alternative or
complementary medical practices is examined , based on systematic
observations conducted in a variety of health care settings in Israel . The findings
indicate an effort ...



ISBN: PSU:000060528971

Category: Sociology


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Sociological Abstracts

Sociological Abstracts

... Self Help ; Treatment Methods ; Holistic Medicine ; SA16524 Holistic Medicine ;
Biomedicine ; Social Power ; Feminist ... Interest Groups ; Collective
Representation ; SA04382 Holocaust ; Zionism ; Discourse ; Poetry ; Israel ;
Historiography ...

Author: Leo P. Chall


ISBN: STANFORD:36105029376212

Category: Sociology


View: 474

Contains more that 300,000 records covering sociology, social work, and other social sciences. Covers 1963 to the present. Updated six times per year.
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Biology of Sleep An Issue of Sleep Medicine Clinics E Book

Biology of Sleep  An Issue of Sleep Medicine Clinics   E Book

Sleep Med Rev 2000;4:149–67. Hirshkowitz M. ... Alternative electrode
placement in (automatic) sleep scoring (Fpz-Cz/Pz-Oz versus C4-A1). Sleep
1990; 13:279–83. Hori T ... Iber C, Ancoli-Israel S, Chambers M, et al. The new
sleep scoring ...

Author: Teofilo Lee-Chiong, Jr

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9781455747313

Category: Medical

Page: 240

View: 789

This issue of Sleep Medicine Clinics, Guest Edited by Teofilo Lee-Chiong MD, will focus on Biology of Sleep, with article topics including: Neurology of Sleep; Normal Sleep and Circadian Rhythms: Neurobiologic Mechanisms Underlying Sleep and Wakefulness; Physiology of Sleep Disordered Breathing; Evaluation of the Patient Who Has Sleep Complaints: A Case-Based Method Using the Sleep Process Matrix; Sleep States,Memory Processing, and Dreams; Neurobiologic Mechanisms in Chronic Insomnia; Sleep Behavior and Sleep Regulation from Infancy through Adolescence: Normative Aspects; Biological Timekeeping; Neurologic Basis of Sleep Breathing Disorders; Genetics of Sleep Timing, Duration, and Homeostasis in Humans; Sleep in Normal Aging; Modulation of Endocrine Function by Sleep-Wake Homeostasis and Circadian Rhythmicity; Cardiac Activity and Sympathovagal Balance During Sleep; Sleep and Cytokines; Neuropharmacology of Sleep and Wakefulness; Staging Sleep; Respiratory Physiology During Sleep; and Cyclic Alternating Pattern (CAP), Sleep Disordered Breathing, and Automatic Analysis.
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Medical and Biological Research in Israel

Medical and Biological Research in Israel

... often have no alternative but to go to one of the rural settlements where houses
and jobs are available . For people with a long tradition of ... Of 705 village
settlements in Israel in 1958 , 216 had populations of less than 200 persons , and
410 had between 200 and 500 . Consequently , new demands ... HOUSING
During the first years of absorption , because of PUBLIC HEALTH AND SOCIAL

Author: Moshe Prywes


ISBN: UOM:39015072165569

Category: Agriculture

Page: 562

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Israel / Medizin / Biologie.
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Alternative pre mRNA Splicing

Alternative pre mRNA Splicing

As alternative pre-mRNA splicing impacts upon many areas in biology and
medicine, scientists working on the subject come ... EURASNET was a
consortium of 43 research groups from Europe, Israel and Argentina, funded by
the European ...

Author: Stefan Stamm

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9783527647989

Category: Science

Page: 660

View: 439

This book was written for graduate and medical students, as well as clinicians and postdoctoral researchers. It describes the theory of alternative pre-mRNA splicing in twelve introductory chapters and then introduces protocols and their theoretical background relevant for experimental research. These 43 practical chapters cover: Basic methods, Detection of splicing events, Analysis of alternative pre-mRNA splicing in vitro and in vivo, Manipulation of splicing events, and Bioinformatic analysis of alternative splicing. A theoretical introduction and practical guide for molecular biologists, geneticists,clinicians and every researcher interested in alternative splicing. Website:
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Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine

Israel Journal of Veterinary Medicine

The knowledge , already achieved in molecular biology of picornaviruses ,
permits considering alternative ways for preparing vaccines . We will discuss
here the alternatives for vaccine production against picornaviruses with the
emphasis on ...



ISBN: CORNELL:31924104242403

Category: Veterinary medicine


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Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine

Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine

ANNOUNCEMENT Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine New Orleans,
Louisiana April 7, 1997 The Society for ... Barnett Zumoff, Beth Israel Medical
Center, New York "Alternatives to Estrogen Replacement Therapy" Bruce Kessel,



ISBN: NWU:35558003820046

Category: Medicine, Experimental


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List of members in each volume.
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