Christentum, Staat, Kultur

Akten des Kongresses der Internationalen Schleiermacher-Gesellschaft in Berlin, März 2006

Author: Andreas Arndt,Ulrich Barth,Wilhelm Gräb

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 9783110196634

Category: Religion

Page: 746

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The volume contains the papers presented to the Schleiermacher Congress held in Berlin from 26thto 29th March 2006. The theme of the congress was Christianity State Culture, and it was organized by the International Schleiermacher Society in association with the Berlin Humboldt University Faculty of Theology and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities. The appendix contains the first edition of a reconstruction of the confirmation instruction given by Schleiermacher in 1831/32. "

Des Capitain Jacob Cook's dritte Entdeckungs-Reise welche derselbe auf Befehl und Kosten der Großbrittanischen Regierung in das Stille Meer und nach dem Nordpol hinauf unternommen und mit den Schiffen Resolution und Discovery während der Jahre 1776 bis 1780 ausgeführt hat

Aus den Tagebüchern des Capitain Cook und der übrigen nach seinem Ableben im Commando auf ihn gefolgten Befehlshaber Clerke, Gore und King ingleichen des Schiffswundarztes Herrn Anderson herausgegeben

Author: Georg Forster

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A Practical Dictionary of German Usage

Author: K. B. Beaton

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199246656

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 920

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One of the most difficult tasks confronting the English speaker learning German is that of finding exactly the right German word to translate an English word in a particular context. Many common English words have several, sometimes a bewildering number of German equivalents. Thus it is alltoo easy to find yourself saying the equivalent of Have you extinguished the rubbish? instead of Have you put out the rubbish? Bilingual dictionaries list equivalents, but give little or no information about their use. The articles in this practical dictionary are much longer than those to be foundin a bilingual dictionary, and the number of words treated is fewer, with a concentration on those which cause particular difficulties for speakers of English.The complexity of the relationship between English words and their German equivalents is attributable to two factors. Firstly, frequently-used English words often have more than one meaning, and each of the English meanings may be expressed by more than one German word. Such words will be at leastpartial synonyms, but the field of meaning is likely to be divided up in a way that is different from English. Each article in the book starts by separating out the different meanings of an English word, and then explains the meaning and use of the German equivalents for each, with numerousexamples. The book will be an essential reference work for advanced language learners and for teachers of German at all levels, offering a uniquely detailed insight into the structure of word meaning in German as well as practical advice on usage.


Author: Oliver Gray

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 9780435367268

Category: German language

Page: 240

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