All Sorts and Conditions of Men An Impossible Story

All Sorts and Conditions of Men  An Impossible Story

There are, indeed – at least, I suppose so – all sorts and conditions of men. But to me, and to men brought up like you and me, I do not understand how there can be any but one sort and one condition. Come back soon, boy.

Author: Walter Besant

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 9785040841073

Category: Fiction

Page: 513

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All Sorts and Conditions of Men

All Sorts and Conditions of Men

“I think,” he said, one evening when they were alone except for Nelly in the drawing-room, “I think that we should never think or talk of working-men in the lump, any more than we think of rich men in a lump. All sorts and conditions of ...

Author: Walter Rice, James Besant

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783752342772

Category: Fiction

Page: 392

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Reproduction of the original: All Sorts and Conditions of Men by Walter Besant, James Rice
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For All Sorts and Conditions

For All Sorts and Conditions

the Prayer Book looks back upon the common religious expe. rience of all Christians everywhere. Second, the Prayer Book is concerned with the common needs of all sorts and conditions of men. Third, the Prayer Book is an instrument that ...

Author: Corwin Carlyle Roach


ISBN: WISC:89112202494


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Culture Philanthropy and the Poor in Late Victorian London

Culture  Philanthropy and the Poor in Late Victorian London

30 'The style of All Sorts and Conditions of Men is undistinguished, and there is a marked tendency to indulge in trite observations and a wealth of unnecessary detail; the atmosphere is artificial; the characters are not men and women ...

Author: Geoffrey A. C. Ginn

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351732802

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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2018 Choice Outstanding Academic Title ******************************** The Late-Victorian cultural mission to London’s slums was a peculiar effort towards social reform that today is largely forgotten or misunderstood. The philanthropy of middle and upper-class social workers saw hundreds of art exhibitions, concerts of fine music, evening lectures, clubs and socials, debates and excursions mounted for the benefit of impoverished and working-class Londoners. Ginn’s vivid and provocative book captures many of these in detail for the first time. In refreshing our understanding of this obscure but eloquent activism, Ginn approaches cultural philanthropy not simply as a project of class self-interest, nor as fanciful ‘missionary aestheticism.’ Rather, he shows how liberal aspirations towards adult education and civic community can be traced in a number of centres of moralising voluntary effort. Concentrating on Toynbee Hall in Whitechapel, the People’s Palace in Mile End, Red Cross Hall in Southwark and the Bermondsey Settlement, the discussion identifies the common impulses animating practical reformers across these settings. Drawing on new primary research to clarify reformers’ underlying intentions and strategies, Ginn shows how these were shaped by a distinctive diagnosis of urban deprivation and anomie. In rebutting the common view that cultural philanthropy was a crudely paternalistic attempt to impose ‘rational recreation’ on the poor, this volume explores its sources in a liberal-minded social idealism common to both religious and secular conceptions of social welfare in this period. Culture, Philanthropy and the Poor in Late-Victorian London appeals to students and researchers of Victorian culture, moral reform, urbanism, adult education and philanthropy, who will be fascinated by this underrated but lively aspect of the period’s social activism.
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Critical Essays on Arthur Morrison and the East End

Critical Essays on Arthur Morrison and the East End

Besant, All Sorts and Conditions, 1:135. 35. Gareth Stedman Jones, Outcast London: A Study in the Relationship Between Classes in Victorian Society (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1971), 243. 36. Walter Besant, All Sorts and Conditions of Men ...

Author: Diana Maltz

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000594386

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 270

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In 1896, author Arthur Morrison gained notoriety for his bleak and violent A Child of the Jago, a slum novel that captured the desperate struggle to survive among London’s poorest. When a reviewer accused Morrison of exaggerating the depravity of the neighborhood on which the Jago was based, he incited the era’s most contentious public debate about the purpose of realism and the responsibilities of the novelist. In his self-defense and in his wider body of work, Morrison demonstrated not only his investments as a formal artist, but also his awareness of social questions. As the first critical essay collection on Arthur Morrison and the East End, this book assesses Morrison’s contributions to late-Victorian culture, especially discourses around English working-class life. Chapters evaluate Morrison in the context of Victorian criminality, child welfare, disability, housing, professionalism, and slum photography. Morrison’s works are also reexamined in the light of writings by Sir Walter Besant, Clementina Black, Charles Booth, Charles Dickens, George Gissing, and Margaret Harkness. This volume features an introduction and 11 chapters by preeminent and emerging scholars of the East End. They employ a variety of critical methodologies, drawing on their respective expertise in literature, history, art history, sociology, and geography. Critical Essays on Arthur Morrison and the East End throws fresh new light on this innovative novelist of poverty and urban life.
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The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations

Prayers . . . upon Several Occasions A prayer 16 O God , the Creator and Preserver of all mankind , we humbly beseech thee for all sorts and conditions of men . Prayers ... upon Several Occasions ' Collect or Prayer for all Conditions ...

Author: Oxford University Press

Publisher: Oxford [England] : Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198601735

Category: Reference

Page: 1136

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More than twenty thousand quotations from every era and location are combined in a comprehensive reference that also encompasses details of the earliest traceable source, birth and death dates, and career briefs for each entry, as well as a thematic and k
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Resist Everything Except Temptation

Resist Everything Except Temptation

Walter Besant, All Sorts and Conditions of Men (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997), 176. Paragraph break added for clarity. 125. Besant, All Sorts and Conditions of Men, 104–7 (quote from 107). 126. Besant, All Sorts and Conditions ...

Author: Kristian Williams

Publisher: AK Press

ISBN: 9781849353212

Category: Social Science

Page: 222

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Oscar Wilde is remembered as a wit and a dandy, as a gay martyr, and as a brilliant writer, but his philosophical depth and political radicalism are often forgotten. Resist Everything Except Temptation locates Wilde in the tradition of left-wing anarchism, and argues that only when we take his politics seriously can we begin to understand the man, his life, and his work. Drawing from literary, historical, and biographical evidence, including archival research, the book outlines the philosophical influences and political implications of Wilde's ideas on art, sex, morality, violence, and above all, individualism. Williams raises questions about the relationships between culture and politics, between utopian aspirations and practical programs, and between individualism, group identity, and class struggle. The resulting volume represents, not merely a historical curiosity, but a contribution to current debates within political theory and a salvo in the broader culture wars.
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The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments

The small and great are there ] who employed themselves in repairing the ruins All sorts and conditions of men are equally and desolations which others had occasioned . blended in the grave , and ultimately reduced His simple idea is ...

Author: Adam Clarke


ISBN: UVA:X030509566

Category: Bible


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Praying the Psalms Second Edition

Praying the Psalms  Second Edition

WE PRAY TOGETHER REGULARLY “ FOR ALL sorts and conditions of men” (and women), as the Book of Common Prayer puts it.1 We know all about those sorts and conditions, for we are among and like all those others. When we pray for all those ...

Author: Walter Brueggemann

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621893363

Category: Religion

Page: 116

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In this thoroughly revised edition of a classic in spirituality, Walter Brueggemann guides the reader into a thoughtful and moving encounter with the Psalms. This new edition includes a revised text, new notes, and new bibliography. "The movement and meeting of God with us is indeed a speech-event in which new humanness is evoked among us. Being attentive to language means cultivating the candid imagination to bring our own experience to the Psalms and permitting it to be disciplined by the speech of the Psalms. And, conversely, it means letting the Psalms address us and having that language reshape our sensitivities and fill our minds with new pictures and images that may redirect our lives." --from Chapter 3
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