Alien Landing Sites

Alien Landing Sites

. . . Is there an alien inside? Get ready to read four spooky stories about alien landing sites. This 24-page book features controlled, narrative nonfiction text with age-appropriate vocabulary and simple sentence construction.

Author: Jessica Rudolph

Publisher: Tiptoe Into Scary Places

ISBN: 1684022681

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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Boom! You race to investigate the terrible noise you just heard in the woods. What you find amazes you--a gigantic glowing green disc that's crash-landed near your home! Suddenly, a door on the object slowly opens. . . . Is there an alien inside? Get ready to read four spooky stories about alien landing sites. This 24-page book features controlled, narrative nonfiction text with age-appropriate vocabulary and simple sentence construction. The colorful design and spooky art will engage and terrify emergent readers.
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Arrival of the Gods

Arrival of the Gods

Examines the various theories which attempt to explain the Nazca phenomena in terms of religious ritual, ancient roads, and astrological symbols

Author: Erich von Däniken

Publisher: Tantor eBooks

ISBN: 9781862043534

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 193

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Examines the various theories which attempt to explain the Nazca phenomena in terms of religious ritual, ancient roads, and astrological symbols
Categories: Body, Mind & Spirit

Alien End of Days in 2010 Their New World Order by 2041

Alien End of Days in 2010  Their New World Order by 2041

... the construction projects around the world. Technology, super-machines, even
if transportable from Nibiru, would most likely not be sufficient to accomplish all
the needed construction projects of the welcoming and landing sites. Since UFO

Author: Steve Canada

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781438926728

Category: Nature

Page: 160

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Categories: Nature

Alien Dawn An Investigation into the Contact Experience

Alien Dawn  An Investigation into the Contact Experience

Therefore, the panel recommended (in January 1953), future UFO reports should
be debunked. ... He was not told that Roy Craig had decided not to wait around
for Michalak's identification of the UFO landing site because he had decided that

Author: Colin Wilson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780753547243

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 400

View: 594

Alien Dawn is the most comprehensive bird's eye view of the subject ever undertaken, and the conclusions Wilson draws are of overwhelming significance to us all. Here Wilson describes what he found as he set out to piece together this vast, complex jigsaw puzzle, whose components include poltergeists, lake monsters, ancient folklore, time slips, out-of-body experiences, mystical awareness and psychic travel to other worlds, as well as allegations of worldwide gorvernment cover-ups.
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Alien Landing

Alien Landing

John Smith must have visited the site for the first time on July 7 , 1947 . The three
men found ... Major Jesse Marcel had died too , but a few years before his death
he had blown the whole story to some UFO investigators . I jotted down parts of ...

Author: Terry Deary

Publisher: Kingfisher Books

ISBN: 0753450046

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 89

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Examines the high-profile incident in New Mexico in 1947 which some interpret as the crash of an unidentified flying object.
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Uluru Rising

Uluru Rising

“Gun sales have increased dramatically across the nation. There has been a
considerable exodus of people from Arizona and the areas surrounding the alien
landing site. Las Vegas convention and tourist business is down. “We are afraid.

Author: Jeff Todd

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1462054706

Category: Fiction

Page: 476

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What happens when an alien probe strikes the earth in the Arizona desert? What happens when rock hounds, college students, and the US Army confront this probe? What happens when religious zealots trek to the alien with hopes for salvation? An Australian shaman foresees that the Earth will change. And he sees that Uluru will rise. Can humankind adapt? Or must they resist? Down under, the Earth is carved until the land itself becomes a weapon. Can we handle a second invasion? A team of American scientists and soldiers work to understand then protect us from what they find. Like termites in search of their next meal, humans must address their limitations in a world gone mad. Uluru will rise.
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How Aliens Do It

How Aliens Do It

He fed the coordinates to Papa with instructions to determine suitability for
landing. He had finished stowing movables and securing furniture when Papa
spoke,"Site suitable for landing with moderate smoothing required." "Smoothing"

Author: Judith Shimkus


ISBN: 9781427640093



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UFO Scotland

UFO Scotland

The Secret History of Scotland's UFO Phenomenon Ron Halliday. having some
special contact with an alien presence which makes his claimed experiences all
the more remarkable. ... See also the Alien Landing Site case in Chapter 5.

Author: Ron Halliday

Publisher: Black & White Publishing

ISBN: 9781845029289

Category: Social Science

Page: 354

View: 715

For over fifty years, from the Highlands to the Lowlands, and from the Western Isles to Orkney, witnesses have been reporting close encounters with UFOs and alien entities. Many cases have become notorious - the Livingston incident, the Lossiemouth alien, the A70 abduction, the extraordinary events in Bonnybridge and the 'Falkirk Triangle' - but the vast majority of cases have, until now, remained shrouded in secrecy, known only to those who were directly involved. Based on remarkable eyewitness accounts, many of which have never been published before, alongside in-depth analysis of the best-known cases, UFO Scotland is the first comprehensive study of the UFO phenomenon in Scotland. Including accounts of alien abductions, UFO landings, attacks on military aircraft, strange craft in Highland lochs, MoD denials, police investigations and a multitude of bizarre incidents that simply defy explanation, UFO investigator Ron Halliday's dramatic and disturbing new evidence may well bring us one step closer to solving the enduring enigma of Scotland's UFOs.
Categories: Social Science

Alien Taste

Alien Taste

Clouds obscure landmarks, and dust storms habitably change them beyond
recognition.” The project leader paused to finally locate what she was searching
for. “Here's the landing site.” She traced a meandering line and then tapped on
the ...

Author: Wen Spencer

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101212446

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Ukiah Oregon is quickly becoming one of the greatest trackers in the country. Some call it luck—those closest to him call it instinct. Abandoned as a child, he was found running with a wolf pack. Now, in his job as a private investigator, he puts his nose to the ground to track down missing persons and fugitives from the law. A heightened sense of smell and taste—plus a photographic memory—make him an invaluable asset to his partner. But when Ukiah kills a crazed young woman in self-defense, he draws the attention of the FBI’s most wanted: a violent and elusive gang known as the Pack. And it won’t be long before Ukiah discovers just how much he has in common with the Pack: a bond of brotherhood, blood...and destiny.
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Weekly World News

Weekly World News

kids. playing. at. UFO. landing. site,. sav. scientists. STAN COPENS CHILDREN
point to location of their bizarre find. ... JACK ALEXANDER Special
correspondent The discovery of a space alien doll at a UFO landing site has
stunned scientists ...





Page: 44

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Rooted in the creative success of over 30 years of supermarket tabloid publishing, the Weekly World News has been the world's only reliable news source since 1979. The online hub is a leading entertainment news site.

Alien Ice

Alien Ice

Our tractor beam can lower you down to 10,000 feet and 25 miles from your
landing site. Is that okay?” “Sounds great,” Patrick said smiling. “The faster we get
home the better I'll feel.” “You'll still have enough time and the tractor beam will let

Author: Alfred H. Berger

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453507315

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 643

When a Kryogenetics engineer working at a military facility discovers how to revitalize people to remain at their present age, and remain there for 100 years at a time, all hell breaks loose. Military, Mafia, and space aliens, greedy rich government persons, there comes into being the race of who gets the secret first. The good guys against the bad, or so it seems. The engineer and his wife are kidnapped by paid mercenaries recruited by doublecrossing persons wanting this information for themselves and stand to make billions and billions of dollars. One man with a secret. An adventure follows that will span the United States, Europe, the fringes of outer space, and space aliens, and that will tax the ingenuity of his mom and dad to get them free from their glacial entombment.
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Alien Seas

Alien Seas

There was ample evidence for liquids, however, from the Huygens lander, which
showed a fluvial network during descent and both rounded pebbles and
evaporating fluids at the landing site (Fig. 8.3). Furthermore, the Cassini Titan
Radar ...

Author: Michael Carroll

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461474739

Category: Science

Page: 119

View: 118

Oceans were long thought to exist in all corners of the Solar System, from carbonated seas percolating beneath the clouds of Venus to features on the Moon's surface given names such as "the Bay of Rainbows” and the "Ocean of Storms." With the advent of modern telescopes and spacecraft exploration these ancient concepts of planetary seas have, for the most part, evaporated. But they have been replaced by the reality of something even more exotic. For example, although it is still uncertain whether Mars ever had actual oceans, it now seems that a web of waterways did indeed at one time spread across its surface. The "water" in many places in our Solar System is a poisoned brew mixed with ammonia or methane. Even that found on Jupiter's watery satellite Europa is believed similar to battery acid. Beyond the Galilean satellites may lie even more "alien oceans." Saturn's planet-sized moon Titan seems to be subject to methane or ethane rainfall. This creates methane pools that, in turn, become vast lakes and, perhaps, seasonal oceans. Titan has other seas in a sense, as large shifting areas of sand covering vast plains have been discovered. Mars also has these sand seas, and Venus may as well, along with oceans of frozen lava. Do super-chilled concoctions of ammonia, liquid nitrogen, and water percolate beneath the surfaces of Enceladus and Triton? For now we can only guess at the possibilities. 'Alien Seas' serves up part history, part current research, and part theory as it offers a rich buffet of "seas" on other worlds. It is organized by location and by the material of which various oceans consist, with guest authors penning specific chapters. Each chapter features new original art depicting alien seas, as well as the latest ground-based and spacecraft images. Original diagrams presents details of planetary oceans and related processes.
Categories: Science

Going to Mars

Going to Mars

... being posted on the Internet , extraordinary new claims were made about what
the photos really showed . Some people believe that some images captured
alien spacecraft in the skies of Mars , hovering near the Pathfinder landing site .

Author: Brian Muirhead

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0671027964

Category: Science

Page: 241

View: 900

A scientist with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory offers an inside look at the future of manned missions to Mars, tracing the history of Mars exploration and shedding new light on the future directions of expeditions to the Red Planet. Original. 20,000 first printing.
Categories: Science

Alien Resurrection The Official Movie Novelization

Alien   Resurrection  The Official Movie Novelization

She turned to smile at the smaller woman. Call was staring at their nearing
landing site. “Earth,” she said, as if only realizing it now herself. Ripley nodded
and almost smiled. “Earth.” “My first time,” Call said quietly. “Ought to be plenty of
places ...

Author: A.C Crispin

Publisher: Titan Books

ISBN: 9781783296743

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 714

At the farthest reaches of the solar system, Ellen Ripley awakens on board the space station "Auriga". Her last memory is of her own fiery death. And yet she is somehow alive. Ripley discovers that her "resurrection" is a result of an incredible experiment which has altered both her and the creature she has been carrying. To combat the incalculable alien menace, she teams up with a renegade band of space smugglers.
Categories: Fiction

Geodesic Dreams

Geodesic Dreams

House moved to hush up the alien landings before the adminis» tration had any
idea that they were alien landings; in fact, ... The first people to reach the alien
ship—in fact, the first humans to reach any of the landing sites—were the crew of
a ...

Author: Gardner Dozois

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781466830448

Category: Fiction

Page: 271

View: 899

Gardner Dozois's multifaceted, sharp-edged, surreal fiction has long been regarded among science fiction's finest offerings. The fourteen masterworks in this volume are unique and beautiful constructions whose images etch themselves indelibly in the reader's mind.
Categories: Fiction

The Encyclopedia of Alien Encounters

The Encyclopedia of Alien Encounters

Although UFO debunker Philip Klass suggested first that Zamora had seen an
unusual atmospheric phenomenon , and ... A man named Felix Phillips and his
wife lived only 1,000 feet from the UFO landing site , and yet they had not heard
the ...

Author: Alan Baker

Publisher: Virgin Books Limited

ISBN: IND:30000062213511

Category: Human-alien encounters

Page: 272

View: 587

Containing over 500 entries, this historical reference work provides an A-Z of alien and non-human encounters. It details the events, encounters, personalities and theories that have created this field of human experience and inquiry.
Categories: Human-alien encounters

Interstellar Projects

Interstellar Projects

Alien Intent Sam Dore ... buttons fordistribution. Atthetime, itwas invisibleand
couldn't beseenonradar orby sight. Since then,they've found another landing site
in China, captured some aliens aboard theship, and turnedoff theinvisibility

Author: Sam Dore

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469796444

Category: Fiction

Page: 548

View: 390

Nineteen-year-olds Molly Long and Betsy Nelson have been best friends for years and are traveling to their first semester of college. But an unexpected invitation to join Joe Murdock’s Interstellar Projects derails their plans. They decide it’s a challenging proposition and a way they can use their high ideals and values to protect planet Earth. Molly and Betsy are impressed with the concept of the projects—using alien technology and the idea of trying to upgrade science and improve humanity. The projects span four other planets outside of Earth’s solar system, and the young women are in for the experience of a lifetime as they live and train in space and are involved in important missions. When the space shuttle is involved in an accident, they are able to confirm that alien ships are landing on earth for nefarious purposes. Murdock is attempting to train his people as quickly as possible to enable them to protect Earth. In the meantime, new aliens are being discovered and discovering them in return, and Joe’s group must determine if they are friend or foe. Murdock and his dedicated team at Interstellar Projects work tirelessly to protect Earth from new alien attempts to annihilate humanity.
Categories: Fiction

Fundamentals of Strategy Game Design

Fundamentals of Strategy Game Design

Consider XCOM: UFO Defense, which depicts the secretive invasion of Earth by
aliens. Of course players are familiar with the map of Earth, but the location of
hidden alien bases and UFO landing sites is a mystery until the player sends out
a ...

Author: Ernest Adams

Publisher: New Riders

ISBN: 9780133812107

Category: Computers

Page: 50

View: 770

You understand the basic concepts of game design: gameplay, user interfaces, core mechanics, character design, and storytelling. Now you want to know how to apply them to the strategy game genre. This focused guide gives you exactly what you need. It walks you through the process of designing for the strategy game genre and shows you how to use the right techniques to create fun and challenging experiences for your players.
Categories: Computers

Southwest UFO Triangle Theory

Southwest UFO Triangle Theory

... site near Corona, the Jim Ragsdale crash site on Boy Scout Mountain, and the
Spook Lights of Marfa, Texas. It includes nine state and national parks or
monuments, seven mountain peaks, fourteen airports or landing strips, five
military forts, ...

Author: Andrew Oien

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434936875

Category: History

Page: 138

View: 494

This is the next look at Roswell and the 1947 UFO crash Incident. It is a big picture review of the before and after. It gives a possible reason for UFO sightings and activities in the Colorado, New Mexico and Texas areas. It helps to explain why a UFO could have crashed so near to Roswell. It shows a 1946 and 1996 aerial photo of the reported crash site and a Government effort to hideaway the same area from aerial photos for the fifty years in between. "Andrew Oien has revealed his thought process and research capabilities in this work. His findings suggest that good photos of the era for the 1947 Ragsdale crash site are being intentionally withheld to prevent detailed analysis." -Dr. Robert M. Wood, UFO researcher, MUFON Board member "The material in this book is a new look at what has actually been in our faces forever. It reminds me of the term "You cannot see the forest because of the trees." In this case, you cannot see what is right in front of you until you connect the dots. The dots have been connected. The findings are interesting and very curious to say the least." -Steve Hudgeons, MUFON State Director - Texas 2012 "Thanks for sending your material to read on the Roswell incident" -(The late) Charlton Heston About the Author Andrew has had an interest in Sci-Fi movies from the time he could watch them in the 1960s. As a child and young teen he had a high interest in reading the investigative stories of the Hardy Boys and Sherlock Holmes. He was a Boy Scout, is a Military Veteran and is an NRA member. His interest in the 1947 Roswell Incident began when his brother handed him a book on the subject in 1991. He began his research and writing after a visit to Roswell, New Mexico, in 1996. Ufology is one of his interesting pastimes. He has worked as a Mechanical Designer and Drafter for 20 plus years. Andrew is married, has a family and lives in So. California where he was born and raised.
Categories: History

The Vanguard Chronicles

The Vanguard Chronicles

Drone videos were being streamed back from over the site of the alien landing.
The scene clearly suggested they were preparing for a ground assault. The four
ships were massive. Although difficult to accurately measure from fifty thousand ...

Author: Lawrence Menard

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781466921689

Category: Fiction

Page: 308

View: 721

The year is 3126 and Earth as we know it is dead. Shortly mankind will suffer the same fate. In a last ditch, almost futile effort to save as many of their young men and women as possible a series of six enormous "Space Arks" are built under the code name "Vanguard". On board each of these "Arks" thousands of pre-screened men and woman live out there lives in a carefully constructed environment designed to mimic all that Earth was. Our story follows the journey of settlers living on the largest of the "Space Arks", their eventual discovery of a new home world and the struggles of settling on a planet that does not follow Earthly models. The drama begins almost immediately after our somewhat naïve group of settlers land and continues through the years that follow. All the things these people believed were true turn out to be lies and they struggle to cope not only with their own frailties, but the risks that are all around them. From mutated airbourne predators, to off world alien invaders every day is a runaway roller coaster ride. The work challenges the readers to imagine themselves placed in the same life or death situations and how they might react to each new event. The carefree, almost cavilier personalities of the main characters find the positives in all the chaos around them, while saving their friends and families from extinction.
Categories: Fiction