Two years after he sent Legion and the others away I finally managed to escape and went in search of my lover. Now Father is determined to find us. And he is most likely going to kill Legion and force me to be his mate,” she finished in ...


Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 9781434945846



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SETTING : Mark's cabin / house in a mid - sized town in northern Alabama . TIME : A couple of days after New Year's , the present . WHITEOUT SCENE 1 SETTING : The play takes place in BRAD:.... ...

Author: Alan Newton

Publisher: Dramatic Publishing

ISBN: 1583421025

Category: Race relations

Page: 76

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Categories: Race relations

The After Series Box Set Books 4 6

The After Series Box Set  Books 4 6

... #5: Crucible Next #6: Half Life FREE: After #0: First Light FREE: After #1: The Shock After #2: The Echo After #3: Milepost 291 After #4: Whiteout After #5: Red Scare After #6: Dying Light FREE: Zapheads #1: Bone and Cinder Zapheads ...

Author: Scott Nicholson

Publisher: Haunted Computer Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 720

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"One of the most thrilling writers working today. Miss him at your peril." - Blake Crouch, Wayward Pines "Always surprises and always entertains." - Jonathan Maberry, Patient Zero A box set of three books in the bestselling AFTER post-apocalyptic thriller series The After Series: Books 4-6 The exciting conclusion to the bestselling series. When devastating solar storms wipe out the technological infrastructure and kill billions, the few survivors struggle to adapt. But some among them have changed, becoming primal and violent. But the mutants quickly evolve into something even more dangerous to the future of the human race. Rachel Wheeler and her group of friends find themselves caught between the mysterious new tribe, roving bands of scavengers, and rogue military units as they carve out a home in the new world. After #4: Whiteout- A military platoon plans to seize Rachel's compound and control her small band of survivors. But as the humans fight among themselves, the mutant Zapheads are adapting and learning, intent on establishing a new society. After #5: Red Scare- Rachel is caught between who she is and who she's becoming. A bizarre mutation has her humanity hanging by a thread as the mutation inside her wants to kill her friends and lover. After #6: Dying Light- To save Rachel, a group of survivors must find a missing baby—a hyperintelligent Zaphead with mysterious healing powers. The remaining Zapheads have reverted to mindless, violent savages who want to wipe out the human race. Only Rachel holds the key to understanding them and ending the devastating war. See what happens five years later in the NEXT series, and explore another group's struggles in the ZAPHEADS series. ------------------------- Scott Nicholson is the bestselling author of more than 30 thrillers, including MIM*X and THE HARVEST. His first novel THE RED CHURCH was a Stoker Award finalist. He lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
Categories: Fiction

White Out

White Out

I met Fun one year after the white out in SoHo. Eva and I had been traveling in Africa, celebrating our graduation from college. When we got back to the States, I moved to Baltimore to start ...

Author: Michael W. Clune

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781946022615

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 234

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A classic of addiction and recovery. How do you describe an addiction in which your drug of choice creates a hole in your memory, a “white out,” so that every time you use it is the first time—new, fascinating, vivid? Michael W. Clune’s story takes us straight inside such an addiction—what he calls “the memory disease.” With dark humor, and in crystalline prose, Clune’s account of life inside the heroin underground reads like no other. Whisking us between the halves of his precarious double life—between the streets of Baltimore and the college classroom, where Clune is a graduate student teaching literature—we spiral along with him as he approaches rock bottom: from nodding off in a row house with a one-armed junkie and a murderous religious freak to having his life threatened in a Chicago jail while facing a felony possession charge. After his descent into addiction, we follow Clune through detox, treatment, and finally into recovery as he returns to his childhood home, where the memory disease and his heroin-induced white out begin to fade. White Out is more than a memoir. It is a rigorous investigation that offers clarity, hope, and even beauty to anyone who wants to understand the disease or its cure. This tenth anniversary edition includes a new preface by the author.
Categories: Biography & Autobiography

White Out

White Out

Since his father worked sporadically, welfare and food stamps were the household's main support. ... He was given a seven-year prison sentence and was killed in prison. Two years after leaving White-Out.

Author: Robert Herndon Sr

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781597811651

Category: Fiction

Page: 326

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Christianity had been assured for generations that they will miss the seven year period on earth they call the Great Tribulation. What will happen when they discover they must first pay the ultimate price before they receive the ultimate reward.
Categories: Fiction

White Out

White Out

After a brief celebration, they finally exclaimed, “Yeah!” both sat back down. “The real irony of all this is, the boys are playing better and enjoying hockey more without Richard always harping on them,” Marianne confessed.

Author: Tom Sawyer

Publisher: Black Bed Sheet Books

ISBN: 9781946874009

Category: Fiction

Page: 278

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The weather outside is frightful. As a monster snowstorm crosses the midwest, it brings with it sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice, fog, and something far deadlier....ancient, and with an unquenchable desire for human flesh: The Windego. As travelers do their best to navigate the terrible blizzard and white-out conditions that have descended upon their part of the country, they discover that the weather outside isn't the only thing that‘s frightful. The Windego are out there, and, for some, whose lives become intertwined in the storm, they confront an even darker evil... themselves. From the author of Dark Harbors and From Paradise to Hell.
Categories: Fiction

Realm of Lost Souls

Realm of Lost Souls

“Cause you're the second group of people since the whiteout. And the first group after the whiteout was a mistake,” said the old man. Jade thought the whiteout had just encompassed Casey's estate, but perhaps the whole world had been ...

Author: JM Hart

Publisher: JM Hart

ISBN: 9780648558095

Category: Fiction

Page: 177

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She helped save the world. But to keep her father alive, she’ll have to bring down a demon all on her own… Jade is bone-tired from battling a shape-shifting plague. While the 16-year-old knows she was chosen to protect the world, she wonders if she’s the weakest of all her heroic friends. But when she receives nightmarish visions of her demon-possessed father, she’s convinced that only she can save his soul. Enlisting the help of her portal-master friend Kevin, she’s terrified to discover her dark hallucinations are all too real. Now her only hope of banishing the life-draining demon is to unlock her native ancestors’ secrets and enter the treacherous Realm of Souls. If she can’t conjure the full force of her abilities in time, she’ll lose her father and unleash a new host of horrors upon the world. Can Jade trust her spirit to outwit a demon before she loses everything she loves? Realm of Lost Souls is the first book in the Chronicles of the Supernatural an occult supernatural fantasy series, a standalone spinoff of The Emerald Tablet collection. If you like steadfast heroines, dystopian settings, and a dash of blood-curdling horror, then you’ll love this riveting tale.
Categories: Fiction

Near Death in the Mountains

Near Death in the Mountains

Whiteout!” “Whiteout.” The word hung in the air. We had never considered the possibility of a whiteout after the wind. Dave could see only twenty to thirty feet. A mile of ice stretched between us and the 17,200-foot camp, ...

Author: Cecil Kuhne

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307793706

Category: Travel

Page: 512

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“He wrapped the rope around his body, got ready to rappel and leaned back. Standing about five feet from him, I heard a sharp scraping, Suddenly Ed was flying. I could see him fall, wordless, fifty feet free, then strike the steep ice below…he was sliding and bouncing down. He passed out of sight, but I heard his body bouncing. There wasn't a chance of his stopping for 4,000 feet.” —From David Robert's The Mountain of My Fear In these thrillingly true tales of narrow brushes with death, Cecil Kuhne has amassed a wide range of stories that show the awesome power of the mountains. Spanning five continents, from the frosty tip of Mount McKinley in the dead of the winter, to the unexplored vastness of the Himalayas and beyond, this is a pulse-pounding collection of disaster and survival at the top of the world. Also featuring: • Joe Simpson's Touching the Void—An inspiring story of a climber who topples into a icy crevasse and, though crippled, starving and frostbitten, still manages to crawl to rescue. • Jon Krakauer's Eiger Dreams—Reaching the limits of his own climbing skills, the author makes a crucial decision whether to brave the treacherous higher altitudes or return to base. • Nando Parrado's Miracle in the Andes—The stunning first-person account of a Peruvian rugby team's airplane crash in the Chilean Andes and their harrowing journey down the mountain for help.
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CASE 2 7.6 White-out of the Lung after Lung Transplant A transesophageal echocardiogram was requested a day after double lung transplant of a 42-year-old male patient who had left lung whiteout. Images are shown in Figure 2 7.6.1 ...

Author: Ramdas G. Pai

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 9780763762568

Category: Medical

Page: 593

View: 957

Echocardiography: A Case Studies Based Approach provides all healthcare professionals training in clinical echocardiography the most comprehensive case-based text on the market.Written by four experts in the field, Echocardiography: A Case Studies Based Approach, offers a unique, practical format for learningand reviewingclinical echocardiography. Featuring more than 400 cases and 2,000 images, this full color book and DVD present real-life scenarios from a busy echocardiographic laboratory to illustrate all the common heart disorders uncovered with this essential diagnostic tool. The book and electronic database cover both basic and advanced echocardiography topics, including stain imaging, hemodynamics, valvular problems, ischemic and congenital heart disease, intraoperative echocardiography, pericardial diseases, cardiac masses, and more. Echocardiography: A Case Studies Based Approach is a complete cardiac echocardiography course in one affordable package.
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Fast Facts Neurogenic Dysphagia

Fast Facts  Neurogenic Dysphagia

After the swallow the laryngoscope can be advanced into the 'postswallow position' (into the LV) where the larynx, subglottis and ... The 3–5 frames just before and immediately after the whiteout are critical periods to visualize.

Author: A. Sabry

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 9783318072167

Category: Medical

Page: 143

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Dysphagia refers to any difficulty or problem with deglutition or bolus movement from the time the bolus is placed in the mouth until the time it enters the stomach. It affects around 16 million individuals in the USA and over 40 million individuals in Europe. Evaluation of dysphagia by a phoniatrician/speech-language pathologist (SLP) may consist of a clinical swallow evaluation and an instrumental assessment, such as a videofluoroscopic swallow study (VFSS) and fiberoptic endoscopic valuation of swallow (FEES). This resource is designed to benefit a broad audience, including phoniatricians, SLPs, trainee SLPs, physicians, nurses, dietitians, and occupational and physical therapists who work with populations who have dysphagia, as well as researchers in the field of swallowing disorders. Table of Contents: • Definition, etiology, epidemiology, symptoms and consequences • Normal swallowing and pathophysiology of dysphagia • Screening and clinical swallowing examination • Instrumental assessment • Management • Recent advances and future directions
Categories: Medical