African Spirituality in Black Women s Fiction

African Spirituality in Black Women s Fiction

place of western Christianity in African American culture has been considered in
the works of countless scholars across numerous disciplines. Scholarship has ...

Author: Elizabeth J. West

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780739179376

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 177

View: 772

African Spirituality in Black Women's Fiction traces the beginnings and transformations of African spirituality in African American women s literature, and culminates with an examination of its return to center stage in the fiction of black Renaissance writers, Nella Larsen and Zora Neale Hurston. It is distinct in its employment of a diachronic lens to examine specific African spiritual elements that can be traced from early to modern black women s fiction."
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Cultural Genocide in the Black and African Studies Curriculum

Cultural Genocide in the Black and African Studies Curriculum

2 , hereinafter called the " UFT " , sets the tone for the AFRICAN - AMERICAN
HISTORY or BLACK STUDIES curriculum to be used in New York City's Public
School System . It reminds one of the " CULTURAL GENOCIDE " and "

Author: Yosef Ben-Jochannan

Publisher: Black Classic Press

ISBN: 1574780220

Category: History

Page: 150

View: 480

Dr. Ben is at his best in this work. He argues with passionate certainty that there is a fatal contradiction when Blacks are fed a history of themselves based on materials written, controlled and approved by whites. His arguments raise the powerful questions: would whites (or any other group) agree to embrace a history of themselvescreated and controlled by Blacks?
Categories: History

Black African Cinema

Black African Cinema

The book's pan-Africanist vision heralds important new strategies for appraising a cinema that increasingly attracts the attention of film students and Africanists.

Author: Nwachukwu Frank Ukadike

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520912365

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 384

View: 585

From the proselytizing lantern slides of early Christian missionaries to contemporary films that look at Africa through an African lens, N. Frank Ukadike explores the development of black African cinema. He examines the impact of culture and history, and of technology and co-production, on filmmaking throughout Africa. Every aspect of African contact with and contribution to cinematic practices receives attention: British colonial cinema; the thematic and stylistic diversity of the pioneering "francophone" films; the effects of television on the motion picture industry; and patterns of television documentary filmmaking in "anglophone" regions. Ukadike gives special attention to the growth of independent production in Ghana and Nigeria, the unique Yoruba theater-film tradition, and the militant liberationist tendencies of "lusophone" filmmakers. He offers a lucid discussion of oral tradition as a creative matrix and the relationship between cinema and other forms of popular culture. And, by contrasting "new" African films with those based on the traditional paradigm, he explores the trends emerging from the eighties and nineties. Clearly written and accessible to specialist and general reader alike, Black African Cinema's analysis of key films and issues—the most comprehensive in English—is unique. The book's pan-Africanist vision heralds important new strategies for appraising a cinema that increasingly attracts the attention of film students and Africanists.
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Variation in the Grammar of Black South African English

Variation in the Grammar of Black South African English

Aim and scope of the study 1 The focus of this study is Black South African
English ( BSAE ) . ' BSAE has been defined in various ways . While Gough ( 1996
: 53 ) simply states that it is “ the English of black South Africans ” , other authors
have ...

Author: Verena Minow

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 3631601484

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 266

View: 539

Originally presented as the author's thesis (doctoral)--Universiteat Meunster (Westfalen), 2009.
Categories: Foreign Language Study

The Myth of Black Anti Intellectualism A True Psychology of African American Students

The Myth of Black Anti Intellectualism  A True Psychology of African American Students

I will never get that time back, so I hope this book makes some small tangible
difference in helping people better understand African American students. I am
indebted to the influence of the Association of Black Psychologists (ABPsi).

Author: Kevin O. Cokley

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440831577

Category: Psychology

Page: 131

View: 896

Why do students who belong to racial minority groups—particularly black students—fall short in school performance? This book provides a comprehensive and critical examination of black identity and its implications for black academic achievement and intellectualism. • Uses African American identity as the framework to understand academic achievement and to expose the biases of "deficit thinking" that presumes that under-achievement among black students is related to deficiencies in motivation, intelligence, culture, or socialization • Presents information and viewpoints informed by empirical research in a manner that is accessible to general readers and non-specialists • Uses personal anecdotes and examples from popular culture to connect with readers and better illustrate the validity of the author's strengths-based approach rather than the conventional deficit-based approach • Challenges the idea that black students are inherently anti-intellectual and do not value school as much as their non-black peers
Categories: Psychology

The Black Theatre Movement in the United States and in South Africa

The Black Theatre Movement in the United States and in South Africa

CHAPTER VI The Black Theatre Movement in South Africa. Black South African
Women's Voices: Fatima Dike, Gcina Mhlophe and Other Voices As a result of
male criticism, African women assume a “silence is golden” stance because they

Author: Olga Barrios

Publisher: Universitat de València

ISBN: 9788437070223

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 223

View: 723

El creixement dels moviments sociopolítics entre els anys seixanta i noranta als Estats Units i a Sud-àfrica va establir els ferms fonaments sobre els quals, amb una força i ímpetu sense precedents, es va forjar el teatre negre d?aquests anys. Forma i contingut van sorgir a l?una del compromís polític i artístic adoptat per aquests artistes contra l?imperialisme, el colonialisme i el racisme occidentals. Per primera vegada en la història, el teatre negre dels Estats Units i de Sud-àfrica analitzava i valorava les arrels negres per a poder il·luminar la recerca d?un futur de llibertat. No obstant això, el context sociopolític i les circumstàncies específiques de cada país han generat igualment els trets distintius del teatre afronord-americà i negre sud-africà (incloses les diferències de gènere) manifestos en ramificacions artístiques totalment heterogènies i úniques.
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DIY African Black Soap

DIY African Black Soap

This book contains 3 recipes on how to make your own African black soap,how to make Bar soap , and how to make your own liquid African black soap.African Black Soap is one of nature's best kept secrets and now you can learn how to make your ...

Author: Kate Scott


ISBN: 1688417087


Page: 64

View: 104

This book contains 3 recipes on how to make your own African black soap, how to make Bar soap, and how to make your own liquid African black soap.African Black Soap is one of nature's best kept secrets and now you can learn how to make your own. This amazing soap contains more health and skin benefits than most of the products on the market today. Made from plantain skins and cocoa-pod powder, It is a natural source of vitamin A, E and iron When African black soap is in its raw form and used as part of your daily beauty regime, you will soon discover that... * African black soap can protect your skin from free radical damage (aging, wrinkles, and facial lines) as it contains antioxidants * Because it contains ashes, African lack soap makes a wonderful exfoliant. It will help remove dry dead skin and will soften and rejuvenate rough skin. * If inflammation and skin irritations are an issue for you, African black soap will sooth irritated skin, helping to relieve dry patches, rashes and red areas. * People who have used African black soap to help with acne have noticed it clears skin, erases blackheads and even helps with psoriasis and eczema. * It will help to firms and tones your skin and improve your skin texture. You will notice a more supple and glowing skin. * African black will help to alleviate brown spots and discolorations. * African black soap has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which will help with deep skin cleansing. * African black soap is not just for the ladies. Many men use it for shaving as it contains Shea butter content, which helps protect the skin. * It is considered a support program for African countries. Since they hardly do any export to the world and this product is a major boost up in economic and traditional values of those member countries. * It is extremely beneficial in controlling oily skin when Shea butter is added. Shea butter acts as a supreme agent in controlling oily skin. Users have often mentioned that after applying this soap, their skin develops a healthy glow. * It has no harsh chemicals in the ingredients which results in your skin being gentle soft and clear. And don't forget the "feel good" factor. Your skin will feel delicious after having a shower or bath with it. * It helps in prevent premature facial lines as it contains vitamins A and E. Vitamin A and E help to moisturize the skin and make it feel fresh. The ingredients also help in moisturizing dry scalps and avoid itchiness. * Using African black soap as a hair product also results in managing dandruff problems. * African black soap has also been seen to cure ring worm, measles, skin rashes and body odors. Get this book today so you can make your own African black soap & liquid African black soap and and you will soon start to notice just how wonderful your skin can feel.

African American Communication Identities

African American Communication   Identities

Black kinesics: Some nonverbal communication patterns in black culture. In L.
Samovar & R. Porter ... Further, they suggest that its evolution has been
influenced by the African languages Black people originally spoke. Turner's
monumental ...

Author: Ronald L. Jackson

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761928461

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 351

View: 156

African American Communication and Identities brings together key essays concerning communicative aspects of African American identities. This book explains the disciplinary dimensions of African American communication literature: communication theory & identity; language & rhetoric; relational contexts; gendered contexts; organizational & instructional contexts; mass mediated contexts. This is the first anthology of well-known essays concerning the study of both African American communication and African American identities, showing how each mutually informs the other.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

African American English

African American English

Major compiles words and phrases under the heading of Juba to Jive: A
Dictionary of African-American Slang, and Smitherman uses Black Talk: Words
and Phrases from the Hood to the Amen Corner. Both titles suggest that the
words and ...

Author: Lisa J. Green

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521891388

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 285

View: 868

This authoritative introduction to African American English (AAE) is the first textbook to look at the grammar as a whole. Clearly organised, it describes patterns in the sentence structure, sound system, word formation and word use in AAE. The textbook examines topics such as education, speech events in the secular and religious world, and the use of language in literature and the media to create black images. It includes exercises to accompany each chapter and will be essential reading for students in linguistics, education, anthropology, African American studies and literature.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Black Africa

Black Africa

Négritude (or so-called neo-African literature, in general) has been treated by
critics using terms which are very helpful in ... who thinks that in the life of the
African black man there was never any “sense of giving” that had been
systematically ...

Author: V. Klima

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401017619

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 310

View: 181

In October 1972, our Czech-written book Literatury eerne Afriky (Literatures of Black Mrica) was published in Prague, presenting a survey of an extensive field. The publication, which was signed at that time by all three authors, differed from most contemporary introductions to the study of Mrican literatures in a threefold way: a) The authors attempted to cover various literacy and literary efforts in the area roughly delimited by Senegal in the west, Kenya in the east, Lake Chad in the north and the Cape in the south. We were well aware-even at that time-that neither technically nor linguistically would it be possible to cover all literary efforts within that area. We did try, however, to include in our survey both the literacies and literatures written in the Indo-European linguae francae (English, French, Portuguese) and in at least several of the major African languages of the area. We did not attempt an exhaustive description, but wished, rather, to show the mutual relationships which emerge, if the literatures of thii\ area, written either in the major linguae francae or in the African languages, are studied not as isolated phenomena, but as mutually complementary features. b) As two of us were linguists and one was a literary historian, we did not limit our analysis of the developing literacies and literatures to the purely cultural and literary aspects. Our intention waR to deal-whcre and if it was relevant-not only with the process of African literary development, but also with the simultaneous, complementar.
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines

Marxist Theory Black African Specificities and Racism

Marxist Theory  Black African Specificities  and Racism

In South Africa, the apartheid regime needs to prove that Blacks'
disenfranchisement and disempowerment has always existed in history. The past
is thus constructed or reconstructed to justify the racist status quo. Therefore, one
is first dealing ...

Author: Babacar Camara

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9780739165713

Category: Political Science

Page: 152

View: 164

This book sheds a radical light on the issue of race, showing that social and racist discourses are ideological and political mystifications masking exploitation. It deals with substantive issues that have the potential to enhance our understanding how Marxist theory can be quite useful in interpreting the race paradigm.
Categories: Political Science

Deep Roots

Deep Roots

Deep Roots looks at the contribution of the early black church and how it helped to shape Christianity today. Review questions are provided at the end of each chapter in an effort for this book to be used for personal study or group study.

Author: Michael C. Burton

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440103230

Category: Religion

Page: 124

View: 647

Deep Roots: The African/Black Contribution To Christianity examines the contributions of African/Black people to the formation of Christianity. Through a thorough and exhaustive study, Deep Roots details those who possessed African/Black ancestry in the Bible and in the early church as well as taking a look at the spread of Christianity through Africa. Deep Roots looks at the contribution of the early black church and how it helped to shape Christianity today. Review questions are provided at the end of each chapter in an effort for this book to be used for personal study or group study. "In a fresh and skillful manner Deep Roots portrays African/Black religious history from Biblical times to the present. In a clear, decisive and historical manner Michael Burton refutes the myths that "Christianity is the White Man's religion: as well as rebuking the supposed "curse of Ham." Michael Burton, in an easy to read manner, documents parts of history that have not been emphasized, such as the African early church fathers, the three African Popes as well as the development of the major Black denominations in America, from their historical, sociological and political roots to their present maturity. Deep Roots is a valuable book for scholars, ministers, seminarians, Sunday School teachers and students interested in the development, growth and contribution of black religion in America." Dr. Albert P. Rowe Calvary Baptist Church Paterson, New Jersey
Categories: Religion

The Black Church in the African American Experience

The Black Church in the African American Experience

The Black Methodists: The Institutionalization of Black Religious Independence "
African" and "Christian" in the names of our denominations denote that we are
always concerned for the well-being of economically and politically exploited ...

Author: C. Eric Lincoln

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822310732

Category: Religion

Page: 519

View: 222

Black churches in America have long been recognized as the most independent, stable, and dominant institutions in black communities. In The Black Church in the African American Experience, based on a ten-year study, is the largest nongovernmental study of urban and rural churches ever undertaken and the first major field study on the subject since the 1930s. Drawing on interviews with more than 1,800 black clergy in both urban and rural settings, combined with a comprehensive historical overview of seven mainline black denominations, C. Eric Lincoln and Lawrence H. Mamiya present an analysis of the Black Church as it relates to the history of African Americans and to contemporary black culture. In examining both the internal structure of the Church and the reactions of the Church to external, societal changes, the authors provide important insights into the Church’s relationship to politics, economics, women, youth, and music. Among other topics, Lincoln and Mamiya discuss the attitude of the clergy toward women pastors, the reaction of the Church to the civil rights movement, the attempts of the Church to involve young people, the impact of the black consciousness movement and Black Liberation Theology and clergy, and trends that will define the Black Church well into the next century. This study is complete with a comprehensive bibliography of literature on the black experience in religion. Funding for the ten-year survey was made possible by the Lilly Endowment and the Ford Foundation.
Categories: Religion

African American Psychology

African American Psychology

Learning environments that capture the preference of African American children's
propensity for verve , rhythm , and movement may be culturally conducive to
learning . Language WHAT IS BLACK ENGLISH ? Coon ( 1997 ) defines
language ...

Author: Faye Z Belgrave

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 076192471X

Category: Psychology

Page: 441

View: 460

African American Psychology, written by Faye Z. Belgrave & Kevin W. Allison, serves as an integrated resource that is sure to spark many such discussions about contemporary theory and research in this rapidly expanding field. Considering both the traditional American psychology literature as well as the more recent Africentric scholarship, this book offers comprehensive coverage of the research and theory that have developed over the past two decades. African American Psychology offers a timely broad-based overview of key topics and research specifically relevant to the psychology of African American culture.
Categories: Psychology

Handbook of African American Psychology

Handbook of African American Psychology

The intellectual contributions of Black Americans to the core disciplines (e.g.,
history, sociology, literature) have been well documented, and the emergence of
new interdisciplinary fields reflecting African American studies has flourished
over ...

Author: Helen A. Neville

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781483350172

Category: Psychology

Page: 584

View: 592

The Handbook of African American Psychology provides a comprehensive guide to current developments in African American psychology. It presents theoretical, empirical, and practical issues that are foundational to African American psychology. It synthesizes the debates in the field and research designed to understand the psychological, cognitive, and behavioral development of African Americans. The breadth and depth of the coverage in this handbook offers both foundational material and current developments. Although similar topics will be covered in this text that are included in other works, this will be the only work in which experts in the field write on contemporary debates related to these topics. Moreover, the proposed text incorporates other issues that are typically not covered in related books. The contributing authors also identify gaps in the literature and point to future directions in research, training, and practice. Key Features: Contains the writings of renowned editors and contributors: The most well-respected and accomplished editors and authors in the area of African American psychology, and psychology in general, have come together to lend their expert analysis of issues and research in this field. Designed for course use: With a consistent format from chapter to chapter and sections on historical development, cutting-edge theories, assessment, intervention, methodology, and development issues, instructors will find this handbook appropriate for use with upper-level undergraduate and graduate-level classes Offers unique coverage: The authors discuss issues not typically found in other books on African American psychology, such as ethics, certification, the gifted and talented, Hip-Hop and youth culture, common misconceptions about African Americans, and within-group differences related to gender, class, age, and sexual orientation.
Categories: Psychology

African American Studies

African American Studies

Yhema G. Mills, “Is it is or is it ain't: The Impact of Selective Perception on the
Image Making of Traditional African Dance,” Journal of Black Studies, vol. 28, no.
2 (1997), 139–56. 8. Pitchy Patchy is a lively (male) character, often cited as the ...

Author: Jeanette R Davidson

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748686971

Category: Social Science

Page: 328

View: 685

This book presents the diverse, expansive nature of African American Studies and its characteristic interdisciplinarity. It is intended for use with undergraduate/ beginning graduate students in African American Studies, American Studies and Ethnic Studie
Categories: Social Science

The African American Experience in Texas

The African American Experience in Texas

In Search of the Black Cowboy in Texas MICHAEL N. SEARLES In the next
selection, Michael N. Searles presents an original essay that traces the genesis
of black cowboys back to Africa. Particularly in West Africa, black people learned
to ...

Author: Bruce A. Glasrud

Publisher: Texas Tech University Press

ISBN: 0896726096

Category: History

Page: 404

View: 955

The African American Experience in Texas collects for the first time the finest historical research and writing on African Americans in Texas. Covering the time period between 1820 and the late 1970s, the selections highlight the significant role that black Texans played in the development of the state. Topics include politics, slavery, religion, military experience, segregation and discrimination, civil rights, women, education, and recreation. This anthology provides new insights into a previously neglected part of American history and is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of black Texans.
Categories: History

Black on Earth

Black on Earth

In Black on Earth, Kimberly Ruffin expands the reach of ecocriticism by analyzing the ecological experiences, conceptions, and desires seen in African American writing.

Author: Kimberly N. Ruffin

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820328560

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 212

View: 600

American environmental literature has relied heavily on the perspectives of European Americans, often ignoring other groups. In Black on Earth, Kimberly Ruffin expands the reach of ecocriticism by analyzing the ecological experiences, conceptions, and desires seen in African American writing. Ruffin identifies a theory of “ecological burden and beauty” in which African American authors underscore the ecological burdens of living within human hierarchies in the social order just as they explore the ecological beauty of being a part of the natural order. Blacks were ecological agents before the emergence of American nature writing, argues Ruffin, and their perspectives are critical to understanding the full scope of ecological thought. Ruffin examines African American ecological insights from the antebellum era to the twenty-first century, considering WPA slave narratives, neo–slave poetry, novels, essays, and documentary films, by such artists as Octavia Butler, Alice Walker, Henry Dumas, Percival Everett, Spike Lee, and Jayne Cortez. Identifying themes of work, slavery, religion, mythology, music, and citizenship, Black on Earth highlights the ways in which African American writers are visionary ecological artists.
Categories: Literary Criticism

Encyclopedia of African American Religions

Encyclopedia of African American Religions

was that African American missionaries upset the status quo and caused too
many disruptions to warrant their effectiveness in the "civilizing mission" in Africa.
During the forty year period between 1920 and 1960 very few Black American ...

Author: Larry G. Murphy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135513382

Category: Religion

Page: 288

View: 661

Preceded by three introductory essays and a chronology of major events in black religious history from 1618 to 1991, this A-Z encyclopedia includes three types of entries: * Biographical sketches of 773 African American religious leaders * 341 entries on African American denominations and religious organizations (including white churches with significant black memberships and educational institutions) * Topical articles on important aspects of African American religious life (e.g., African American Christians during the Colonial Era, Music in the African American Church)
Categories: Religion

The African American Woman s Guide to Successful Make up and Skin Care

The African American Woman s Guide to Successful Make up and Skin Care

Cover sticks usually come in beige - yellow tints in light , medium , and dark and
are especially blended for black women . If you have medium - dark skin tone ,
use a cover stick a shade darker so as not to play up the often lined and puffy ...

Author: Alfred Fornay

Publisher: Amber Books Publishing

ISBN: 0965506428

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 154

View: 466

Gives advice on selecting skin care products and makeup, and tells how to plan a skin care routine to handle individual problems
Categories: Health & Fitness