function of reminding us constantly that Aeschylus ' work is not just drama but poetic drama . A verse translation of the Oresteia that is remarkable at once for its sensitivity and its close approach to literalness is Richmond ...

Author: John Herington

Publisher: Yale University Press

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Greek dramatist Aeschylus (525-456 BC) is called the creator of the art of tragedy in the Western tradition. Author of "The Persians," "Seven Against Thebes," "The Suppliants," "Oresteia," and "Prometheus Bound." A historical, biographical, and literary study. Hermes series on classical authors.
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Aeschylus Suppliant Women

Aeschylus  Suppliant Women

Aeschylus. Garvie Pe. Garvie Aj. Griffith PB Griffith Ant. Hall Pe. Headlam Herod. A. F. Garvie, Aeschylus Persae (Oxford 2009). A. F. Garvie, Sophocles Ajax (Warminster 1998). M. Griffith, Aeschylus Prometheus Bound (Cambridge 1983).

Author: Aeschylus

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 9781800346314

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Aeschylus’ Suppliant Women begins with a procession of girls, dressed in foreign costume and carrying boughs – tokens of supplication – arriving in Argos. Fugitives from Egypt they are in flight from their cousins, the sons of Aegyptus, who want them as wives and they seek asylum from King Pelasgus.
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Aeschylus Eumenides

Aeschylus  Eumenides

Eschyle, Aeschylus Alan H. Sommerstein. 8. THE TEXT " " Eumenides is preserved in manuscripts of two classes . The tenth - cen- tury112 Medicean manuscript ( M ) contains the whole of the play ; a number of later MSS are direct or ...

Author: Eschyle

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521284309

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Professor Sommerstein presents here a freshly constituted text, with introduction and commentary, of Eumenides, the final play in Aeschylus' Oresteia trilogy.
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The Dramas of Aeschylus

The Dramas of Aeschylus

Such an inquiry would , however , exceed the scope of an introduction , In considering the Zeus of Æschylus I have confined myself almost entirely to the conception of the Olympian king embodied in the Oresteia , leaving untouched the ...

Author: Aeschylus


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The Bookman

The Bookman

cries the judge , and the scale bangs down , Aeschylus's line outweighing " I never introduced a woman in love into Euripides's because " a river and a herd of my plays , " boasts the older poet . cattle are heavier than a mere boat " .



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The Journal of Philology

The Journal of Philology

By joining aτns Xa paiov with what follows the force of Aeschylus ' expression is ruined ; and Mr Verrall seems to feel this himself , when he shews such an inclination to read κακὴν τύχην . ἄτης And now I am going to expose myself in ...



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AESCHYLUS (starting to cry) Mother Mud! Ithought we were going to do my play! You promised! MOTHER MUD I did, Beeshaleak.(motherly rubbing Aeschylus' bald head) And he spent all nightinthe tub writing it. BEESHALEAK (in an Indian accent ...

Author: V. Virom Coppola

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Ladies Greek

Ladies  Greek

She taught Woolf that “Aeschylus was strenuous, grand, impassioned,”1 and their tutorials included some strenuous readings in Aeschylean tragedy, with Woolf reporting in 1903: “a great flea jumped on to my Aeschylus as I read with Case ...

Author: Yopie Prins

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691141893

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In Ladies' Greek, Yopie Prins illuminates a culture of female classical literacy that emerged in the second half of the nineteenth century, during the formation of women's colleges on both sides of the Atlantic. Why did Victorian women of letters desire to learn ancient Greek, a "dead" language written in a strange alphabet and no longer spoken? In the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, they wrote "some Greek upon the margin—lady's Greek, without the accents." Yet in the margins of classical scholarship they discovered other ways of knowing, and not knowing, Greek. Mediating between professional philology and the popularization of classics, these passionate amateurs became an important medium for classical transmission. Combining archival research on the entry of women into Greek studies in Victorian England and America with a literary interest in their translations of Greek tragedy, Prins demonstrates how women turned to this genre to perform a passion for ancient Greek, full of eros and pathos. She focuses on five tragedies—Agamemnon, Prometheus Bound, Electra, Hippolytus, and The Bacchae—to analyze a wide range of translational practices by women and to explore the ongoing legacy of Ladies' Greek. Key figures in this story include Barrett Browning and Virginia Woolf, Janet Case and Jane Harrison, Edith Hamilton and Eva Palmer, and A. Mary F. Robinson and H.D. The book also features numerous illustrations, including photographs of early performances of Greek tragedy at women's colleges. The first comparative study of Anglo-American Hellenism, Ladies' Greek opens up new perspectives in transatlantic Victorian studies and the study of classical reception, translation, and gender.
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The Library of Wit and Humor Prose and Poetry

The Library of Wit and Humor  Prose and Poetry

And thee , most noble Æschylus , ( as above ) Scene . EURIPIDES , BACCHUS , ÆSCHYLUS . I beseech Eu . Don't give me your advice , I claim to hear and answer . For it ill beseems With mild demeanor calm and affable the seat Illustrious ...

Author: Ainsworth Rand Spofford


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The Tragic Drama of the Greeks

The Tragic Drama of the Greeks

In modern times the Prometheus has been the most widely popular , and the most frequently imitated , of all the plays of Aeschylus . Shelley published a continuation of it . Byron , besides composing a lyric on the subject , confessed ...

Author: Arthur Elam Haigh


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