Without Ritalin

Without Ritalin

In Without Ritalin, Dr. Samuel Berne explains the approach with which he has successfully treated more than 3,000 ADD/ADHD-diagnosed patients, including information on detoxification, nutrition, and developmental learning programs and ...

Author: Samuel A. Berne

Publisher: Keats Pub

ISBN: 0658012150

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 146

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Is it any wonder that parents are searching for safe, nontoxic, drug-free alternatives? The author explains the approach with which he has successfully treated more than 3,000 ADD/ADHD-diagnosed patients, including information on detoxification, nutrition, and developmental learning programs and activities.
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The Natural Approach to Attention Deficit Disorder ADD

The Natural Approach to Attention Deficit Disorder  ADD

Ronald L. Hoffman. The Natural Approach to Attention Deficit Disorder ( ADD ) is
not intended as medical advice . Its intent is solely informational and educational
. Please consult a health professional should the need for one be indicated .

Author: Ronald L. Hoffman

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 0879837799

Category: Sports & Recreation

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Treating "hyper" children without drugs.
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Natural Woodland

Natural Woodland

... balance the historificient basis for forest conservation and that aware cal
approach to woodland conservation with the ness of natural states and
processes could add an natural approach . important dimension to forest
conservation in I have ...

Author: George F. Peterken

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521367921

Category: Nature

Page: 522

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Appreciation of the natural processes of woodlands is essential for the development of nature conservation and management practices. This account of how woodlands grow, die, and regenerate includes examples of virgin as well as old-growth forests in Europe and North America.
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The Children of Now

The Children of Now

ADD: The Natural Approach by Nina Anderson and Howard Peiper (also
available on audio cassette). Without Ritalin: A Natural Approach to ADD by
Samuel A. Berne. Natural Treatments for ADD and Hyperactivity by Skye

Author: Meg Blackburn Losey

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 9781564149480

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 251

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The Children of Now is a groundbreaking work that shows that a large number of kids come into the world bearing inherent gifts that are beyond strange--they are telepathic, understand subtle energies, and/or have amazing psychic abilities. Many of them remember where they were before they came to Earth and often can describe past lives. Many doctors mislabel them as autistic, ADD, ADHD, or suggest other behavioral difficulties. More than half the time, these doctors are wrong. The Children of Now are not defective--they are differently functional. We are doing ourselves and the world a great disservice by not acknowledging these amazing children and their special gifts. A surprising percentage of these children carry within themselves wisdom far beyond most adults. The phenomenon is very real, and more and more of these highly evolved children enter our world every day. The Children of Now offers not only genuine stories of many children who have brought amazing talents into our world, but also practical, easy solutions to assist society in supporting and nurturing these gifted--not defective--children and their families, rather than labeling, segregating, and condemning them. Fascinating to anyone with an open mind, and life-illuminating for parents with these incredible kids, Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey offers detailed answers derived from counseling real kids in real families.
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Conversations with the Children of Now

Conversations with the Children of Now

... Ph.D. Attention-Deficit Disorder: Natural Alternatives to Drug Therapy (Natural
Health Guide) by Nancy L. Morse A.D.D. the Natural Approach by Nina Anderson
and Howard Peiper Without Ritalin: A Natural Approach to ADD by Samuel A.

Author: Meg Blackburn Losey

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 9781564149787

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 255

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This new book introduces the world to some of the very special and gifted children who were described in Losey's "The Children of Now," which created awareness of ADD, ADHD, and autism. Now, Losey spotlights some of these children and others who have come forward since the book was first released.
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The Drummer and the Great Mountain a Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD ADHD

The Drummer and the Great Mountain   a Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD   ADHD

the. Natural. Approach. First? ADD/ADHD medication, while sometimes effective
in the shortterm, often masks the root physiological issues causing our difficulties
with focus and hyperactivity. Vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, and lack of exercise

Author: Michael Joseph Ferguson

Publisher: LUMINAIA Press

ISBN: 9780615999890

Category: Psychology

Page: 436

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The most comprehensive holistic guide to transforming adult ADD / ADHD. "The Drummer and the Great Mountain - A Guidebook to Transforming Adult ADD/ADHD" starts with the premise that ADD/ADHD is a neurological type, not a disorder -- shared by countless artists and great minds throughout history. It offers a soulful, comprehensive, and holistic support system for creative individuals looking to maximize their potential and minimize their challenges with focus and consistency. Topics covered: Nutrition, Exercise, Emotional Support Tools, Time Management, Life Visioning, Creating Effective Support Systems, ADD / ADHD and Addiction, Meditation and Mindfulness Practices, and much more. Who Can Benefit: 1. Anyone diagnosed (or self-diagnosed) with ADD / ADHD. 2. Artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and creative-types who struggle with consistency, structure, self-motivation, and possibly addictive tendencies. 3. People taking ADD / ADHD medication who are looking for effective, natural alternatives. 4. Social Workers, therapists, and wellness professionals seeking a comprehensive support plan for their clients. 5. Spouses, partners, and parents looking for ways to effectively support their loved ones. 6. Teachers, life coaches and support professionals wanting to discover more in-depth tools of support. "The Drummer and the Great Mountain is an informative, practical guidebook for those of us with the artistic or entrepreneurial temperament, offering a treasure trove of survival tools, personal growth techniques and coping mechanisms for a personality type that can often be at odds with our linear, rational society." ~ Warren Goldie, Author “This book seems to not only span the whole spectrum of the ADD/ADHD subject but pierces deeply, bringing into focus the essential value of each part of our lives to augment – even perfect – our given natures; no matter how unique, rare or misunderstood.” ~ Doro Kiley, Life Coach “Michael has taken a deeper look at how the foods we eat affect our brain chemistry. He has done a beautiful job explaining this phenomenon in clear and understandable terms; offering a realistic roadmap on how to recognize and take control of detrimental dietary patterns.” ~ Jennifer Copyak, Nutritionist
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The natural and helping approaches related to the maturation and learning views
The natural approach tends to result ... They say that adding a few exrra rewards
for crawling, as Carol did, surely couldn't help much, since so many things in ...

Author: Richard Malott

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9780578091563


Page: 698

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Malott and Whaley's Psychology may be the only general psych book that covers the full range of intro psych topics but all from a rigorous, behavior-analytic view, without compromise. And though it's intellectually rigorous, Malott and Whaley wrote this book so introductory psych students can understand it, learn from it, and appreciate both general psych and behavior analysis. The authors created an illustrative story line with fictional characters who later play a major role in Malott's Principles of Behavior. Furthermore, Edward Badajos' art work may be the most thoughtful, creative work in any intro text; and though at first glance, it's simply 1970's, underground-hip, cool, and creative, in reading the book it will became clear that the art is amazingly illustrative of the behavior-analytic/psychology concepts and story line (yes, you have to read it to appreciate it).

A Natural Approach to Mathematics

A Natural Approach to Mathematics

JNow try these ExERCISE 31 Make equations or inequalities and solve them, by
inspection when possible, to find answers to the following: (1) I add 5 to a certain
number and the answer is 12. What was the number? (2) I add 12 to a certain ...

Author: Harold William Clayton


ISBN: STANFORD:36105049300309



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The Natural Superwoman

The Natural Superwoman

Add each of these to your daily intake one at a time, with two weeks between the
start of one and the addition of a second. ... This same approach is recommended
for treatment of depression with nutritional supplements. Why is the treatment ...

Author: Uzzi Reiss, M. D., OB/GYN

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440657856

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 384

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The new health bible for women. Women all over the world flock to Dr. Uzzi Reiss for his cutting-edge approach to women?s health. In The Natural Superwoman, Dr. Reiss brings his innovative philosophy to women everywhere, demonstrating how they can stop feeling overwhelmed and tired and start feeling their best?energized, focused, and ready to take on the world ?each day. As Dr. Reiss explains, hormone balance is the key to living with vitality. His anti-aging program combines natural hormone therapy, essential nutritional advice, simple exercise, and mind-body techniques to help you, no matter what your age, become the healthiest, most vibrant ?natural superwoman? you can be. The Natural Superwoman illustrates: · Which specific hormones can enhance energy, sexuality, and memory; heal dry skin; relieve sleep disorders; alleviate depression; and more · Why you should take magnesium instead of calcium to guard against osteoporosis · How to make simple changes to your diet to help you lose weight · Why you may actually be exercising too much This book offers accessible yet authoritative information from a physician with more than thirty years of experience in understanding and working with women. The Natural Superwoman shows you how to take control of your well-being and feel better than ever naturally.
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Portraits of the L2 User

Portraits of the L2 User

Emphasise the importance of language use and you get the communicative
method; prioritise the listening skill and you get the Natural Approach; add some
behaviourist ideas of learning and you get audiolingualism; give the student
tasks to ...

Author: Prof. Vivian Cook

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781847698940

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 334

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Portraits of the L2 User treats second language users in their own right rather than as failed native speakers. It describes a range of psychological and linguistic approaches to diverse topics about L2 users. It thus provides an innovative overview of current second language acquisition theories, results and methods, seen from a common perspective.
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A Natural Approach to Singing

A Natural Approach to Singing

There are , too , a number of lighter old Italian arias which can add a gay note to
a first group . Alessandro Scarlatti's Chi vuol innamorarsi points ... pause in the as
last bar before the recapitulation . If it is slightly 104 a natural approach to singing

Author: Judith Litante


ISBN: UCBK:C036931254

Category: Music

Page: 156

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Narrative Nature and the Natural Law

Narrative  Nature  and the Natural Law

Untraditional is the way my approach uses narrative theory to put feelings into
words, and words into feelings. The result is that stories, rather than argument,
become the basic unit of the natural law. I do not claim that this is the only way to
do ...

Author: C. Alford

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9780230106727

Category: Philosophy

Page: 176

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Beginning with Saint Thomas Aquinas and ending with the latest developments in international human rights, 'Narrative, Nature, and the Natural Law: From Aquinas to International Human Rights,' brings a fairly traditional interpretation of the natural law to some rather untraditional problems and areas, including evolutionary natural law.
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The Natural Approach

The Natural Approach

The Natural Approach has the potential of providing for all variations in Monitor
use . For example , the ... Optimal - users will be able to add learned grammatical
competence to their acquired competence through learning exercises . The over

Author: Stephen D. Krashen

Publisher: Janus Book Pub/Alemany Press

ISBN: PSU:000044551636

Category: Artes del lenguaje

Page: 191

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ADHD Alternatives

ADHD Alternatives

This guide focuses on the root causes of ADHD and offers a natural and holistic approach to combat the disorder, encouraging families to find solutions that don’t rely on psychostimulant drugs like Ritalin.

Author: Aviva J. Romm

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 9781612122236

Category: Psychology

Page: 160

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Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed, and misdiagnosed, disorders in children. This guide focuses on the root causes of ADHD and offers a natural and holistic approach to combat the disorder, encouraging families to find solutions that don’t rely on psychostimulant drugs like Ritalin. Discover the many benefits of treating ADHD with a mixture of nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, and parenting techniques that foster self-esteem, creativity, self-discipline, and confidence.
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The Natural History of the Bible

The Natural History of the Bible

I prefer , however , the derivation from chabah , to hide , and tjel , to shade , which
denote a rose not yet blown , but overshadowed by its calyx ; if to this we add the
idea of a wild rose , we approach , I presume , to the strength of the term ; “ I am ...

Author: Thaddeus Mason Harris


ISBN: UOM:39015023994463

Category: Nature in the Bible

Page: 478

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Fighting Back with Fat

Fighting Back with Fat

finding a Compromise There is a great benefit to beginning these diets the
Natural way. When seizures are ... After the first month, if you see seizure
improvement that is consistent, you can slowly begin to add foods back into your
child's diet.

Author: Eric H. Kossoff, MD

Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing

ISBN: 9781617051449

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 210

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Written by two mothers who have children on the Ketogenic diet, Fighting Back with Fat provides essential information to educate parents on the diets, as well as gives advice to parents to navigate the emotional minefields that often come with attempting these diets. Common stress factors such as fear of failure, hyperresponsibility, dealing effectively with a child's non-compliance, and educating non-supportive relatives, friends and peers, are all addressed in heart-to-heart frankness from mothers who have covered the territory personally. The authors include first-person accounts of the successes and trails of other families as well as a rare glimpse of what kids think of the diets, in their own words. The book closes with the KetoCalculator 101, with tips and advice from the Charlie Foundation's Beth Zupec-Kania, RD, CD, the Keto Calculator's creator and a recipe section offering simple, delicious recipes organized by age group, each with "Keto Bites," fun food facts or practical advice that correspond to each recipe.
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Travel Writing and the Natural World 1768 1840

Travel Writing and the Natural World  1768 1840

It is an interesting example for this study of travel writing and the natural world
because it appears to merge science with romanticism to shape concepts of
nature. ... (as discussed in previous chapters), the moral aesthetic is partly
shaped by a scientific approach to the natural world. ... to eighteenth-century
science, but shared an intense commitment to personal discovery,2 to which I
would add that they ...

Author: Paul Smethurst

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9781137030351

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 243

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While there is increasing anxiety about the natural world and many are calling for action on the environment, academic discourse on the subject has been dominated by romantic ideas of wilderness, new primitivisms, and philosophical approaches to the concept of nature. This book explores the heyday of travel writing about the natural world between 1768 and 1840. The starting point is the parallel occurrence of Cook's Pacific voyages, natural history, scenic tourism and romantic travel. The lasting effect of these practices has been to turn nature into a detached and abstract space and travel writing had a central role in this process.Unifying a wide field of enquiry is the argument that travel writing, whether presenting scientific information or aesthetic responses to landscape, shares a common interest in finding order and structure in nature. Even where political imperatives are not explicit, a tendency towards imperial order is found; empire is writ large and small. As little resistance to the idea of order is found, we can conclude that, through nature, travel writing in the eighteenth century was generally supportive of empire, trade and the landowning class.
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On Knowing The Natural Sciences

On Knowing  The Natural Sciences

The method , we said , was operational in that he defined uniform motion in terms
of three variables : the velocity , the ... but a “ Caution ” : “ We must add to the old
definition ( which defined steady 144 Part 2 Third Day: Naturally Accelerated ...

Author: Richard McKeon

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226560279

Category: Science

Page: 405

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Well before the current age of discourse, deconstruction, and multiculturalism, Richard McKeon propounded a philosophy of pluralism showing how "facts" and "values" are dependent on diverse ways of reading texts. This book is a transcription of an entire course, including both lectures and student discussions, taught by McKeon. As such, it provides an exciting introduction to McKeon's conception of pluralism, a central aspect of neo-Pragmatism, while demonstrating how pluralism works in a classroom setting. In his lectures, McKeon outlines the entire history of Western thinking on the sciences. Treating the central concepts of motion, space, time, and cause, he traces modern intellectual debates back to the ancient Greeks, notably Plato, Aristotle, Democritus, and the Sophists. As he brings the story of Western science up to the twentieth century, he uses his fabled semantic schema (reproduced here for the first time) to uncover new ideas and observations about cosmology, mechanics, dynamics, and other aspects of physical science. Illustrating the broad historical sweep of the lectures are a series of discussions which give detail to the course's intellectual framework. These discussions of Plato, Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, and Maxwell are perhaps the first published rendition of a philosopher in literal dialogue with his students. Led by McKeon's pointed questioning, the discussions reveal the difficulties and possibilities of learning to engage in serious intellectual communication.
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A Botanic Guide to Health and the Natural Pathology of Disease With a portrait

A Botanic Guide to Health  and the Natural Pathology of Disease  With a portrait

The cause of this disease is , a sudden derangement of the liver and stomach ;
on the first approach of which , it is ... To reduce the symptoms , give freely of a
tea of mint , or , make a coffee of oats in the following manner : -put some oats on
a ...

Author: Albert Isaiah COFFIN


ISBN: BL:A0018257387


Page: 379

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Stepping Up To Science and Math Exploring the Natural Connections

Stepping Up To Science and Math  Exploring the Natural Connections

It provides some incentive to those who may be reluctant to add science to the
curriculum. This may be a backdoor approach, but those of us who are
passionate about teaching kids about the natural world will take our victories
where we get ...

Author: National Science Teachers Association

Publisher: NSTA Press

ISBN: 9781935155317

Category: Science


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