Growth As Self Actualization

Growth As Self Actualization

196 ) . However , it is in this very context that misunderstandings so easily occur .
To what does self - actualization refer ? Is it that kind of actualization that we have
previously mentioned as being the actualizing tendency of the organism or is it ...

Author: Ragnvald Kvalsund

Publisher: Tapir Academic Press

ISBN: 8251918898


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Explores the idea of personal or psychological growth in light of the concept, self-actualisation that refers to a process through which persons develop from one stage of self-understanding to another more integrated stage. Pedagogical and psychological frameworks are used to discuss the theme theoretically as well as its practical implications.

Self Actualization

Self   Actualization

This was stressed, among others, by the Gestalt psychologist Kurt Goldstein (
1878 – 1965), who, after his emigration to the USA, became more famous as an “
organismic theorist”.1 Therefore the term “self” in “self-actualization” functions as
a ...

Author: Jürgen Kriz

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783833452550

Category: Chaotic behavior in systems

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Niemand bezweifelt, dass zwischen dem Reparieren einer Maschine und der Psychotherapie mit Menschen grundlegende Unterschiede bestehen. Dennoch entstammen die Metaphern und Konzepte, mit denen wir psychotherapeutische Prozesse beschreiben oft einem mechanistischen Weltverstandnis. Die Forderung von Prozessen der Selbstorganisation und Selbstaktualisierung wird immer noch zu wenig berucksichtigt, obwohl diese Konzepte im Rahmen der modernen Systemtheorie selbst in den Naturwissenschaften inzwischen hohe Bedeutung erlangt haben. Dieser Band (in Englisch) macht mit grundlegenden Konzepten im Zusammenhang mit Selbst-Aktualisierung vertraut."
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Creative Actualization

Creative Actualization

Goods reflect the creative actualization of good instances; instances that have
been creatively actualized are “goods.” Only where ontological prejudices have
prevailed, or the metaphysics of subjects and objects, are goods evaluated as
good ...

Author: Hugh P. McDonald

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042032545

Category: Philosophy

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This book presents a major new value theory, value as creative actualization. The book takes a radically new approach to values. All potential values, whether artistic, scientific, political, or economic must be creatively actualized in the world. The theory argues for an active view in which value involves creation of novelties and thereby changes the world in some respect. Thus value is neither transcendent nor subjective, as a good of some sort has emerged in the world. Moreover, creative actualization means we can actualize standards, ideals, kinds and other norms. Creative actualization thereby dissolves the distinction between idealism and realism, since value changes the OC realOCO with novel goods. The ideal is made real by creative actualization. The book examines traditional issues such as inherent value, modes, and meaning in the light of value as creative actualization. The later part of the book critically evaluates the history of value theory, arguing that it is insensitive to the environment and inconsistent with inherent values. Creative actualization extends historical pragmatism in novel ways. This value theory includes an ecocentric ethic, tying value theory to debates in environmental philosophy. The theory attempts to take the environment into consideration in ethics."
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ANDERSEN University of California, Los Angeles 0. Introduction One of the
central notions in a speaker-oriented theory of linguistic change is that of '
actualization', ...

Author: Henning Andersen

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9789027237262

Category: Changement linguistique - Congrès

Page: 250

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This collection of papers consolidates the observation that linguistic change typically is actualized step by step: any structural innovation being introduced, accepted, and generalized, over time, in one grammatical environment after another, in a progression that can be understood by reference to the markedness values and the ranking of the conditioning features. The Introduction to the volume and a chapter by Henning Andersen clarify the theoretical bases for this observation, which is exemplified and discussed in separate chapters by Kristin Bakken, Alexander Bergs and Dieter Stein, Vit Bubenik, Ulrich Busse, Marianne Mithun, Lene Schosler, and John Charles Smith in the light of data from the histories of Norwegian, English, Hindi, Northern Iroquoian, and Romance. A final chapter by Michael Shapiro adds a philosophical perspective. The papers were first presented in a workshop on "Actualization Patterns in Linguistic Change" at the XIV International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Vancouver, B.C. in 1999.
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Self actualization

Self actualization

Fortunately , in the age of science , it is not difficult to detect such rational
pathologies , precisely because of their discordance with the entelechtical
process . * An unconditional or unreserved commitment to self - actualization is
therefore the ...

Author: Joseph Sassoon


ISBN: UCSC:32106008465426

Category: Self-actualization (Psychology).

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In this the first volume of a proposed three-part series devoted to the idea & implementation of a world federalist order, Joseph Sassoon offers what he considers to be a prerequisite to the type of political structure entailed by world federalism; namely a comprehensive value system derived from the true nature of the human organism, & a technology designed to lead to maximal self-acualization of the individual in society-to the fufilment in other words, of individual potentials & capacities in the greatest measure possible. The result of a unique & lengthy research, the author presents a new & radical theory of self-actualization, & with a clear & comprehensive technology aimed at enhancing the likelihood of self-realization, & bounded by a humanistic code of morals distilled from civilization's great faiths, philosophies & political systems. It is in short a text of ontopsychology-the psychology of health as distinct from that of disorder-& hence the only basis for a new order in a shrinking planet moving towards unity. "Sassoon's title will prove a delight to any who want studious, well-presented & exciting new theories of world government & psychological health."--The Midwest Book Review.
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Reaching Out Interpersonal Effectiveness and Self actualization

Reaching Out  Interpersonal Effectiveness and Self actualization

SELF - ACTUALIZATION The rapid technological change we have been
experiencing for the past several decades has resulted in rapid cultural change
within our society . Our culture seems to be changing from an emphasis on
achievement ...

Author: David W. Johnson


ISBN: 0137532695

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An Exploration of the Relationship of Home Managers Self actualization to Participation by Family Members in Home Activities

An Exploration of the Relationship of Home Managers  Self actualization to Participation by Family Members in Home Activities

Self - Actualization Scores and Social Position When analyzed by social position
, significant differences occurred in family participation scores in three of the four
areas of family activity . Therefore , it seemed pertinent to explore the possible ...

Author: Verda M. Dale


ISBN: MSU:31293000891592

Category: Families

Page: 224

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Self actualization and Engagement involvement Response to Literature Among Adolescents

Self actualization and Engagement involvement Response to Literature Among Adolescents

The Self - Actualization Measure Self - actualization traits were measured by The
274 Personal Orientation Inventory . This instrument was developed according to
Abraham Maslow's concepts of selfactualization 275 , 276 and consisted of 150 ...

Author: William Lawrence Kuehn


ISBN: MINN:31951001437024A


Page: 368

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The Magic of Self actualization

The Magic of Self actualization

the development of self - actualization is the self - imposed mental barrier each of
us creates in our own minds , thus limiting our bodies in what achievement can
be realized . Obstructions to personal progress , whether physical or mental , can

Author: R. C. Schafer


ISBN: PSU:000029435746

Category: Leadership

Page: 290

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Self actualization and the Effectiveness of Two Patterns of Supervision

Self actualization and the Effectiveness of Two Patterns of Supervision

to teaching effectiveness utilizing the theoretical concept of self - actualization
and the POI instrument . To date , there is a void in research relating to this
personality theory and supervision . The pertinent studies relating to self -
actualization ...

Author: Jane Ellen Roberts


ISBN: WISC:89011224524

Category: Student teachers

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Self Actualization

Self Actualization

Author: J. J. Edward


ISBN: UOM:39015043700163

Category: Self-actualization (Psychology)

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