Act Your Age

Act Your Age

or “Ackchurage the first several years of my life, I thought my name was Don” or “Don Ackchurage.” Then one day, I heard the words “Kenneth Don” and realized that “Ackchurage” was really “act your age.” It's probably a good thing I ...

Author: Kenneth Harris

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781098058036

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 182

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Act Your Age! A command in these or similar words was heard by most of us soon after we learned to walk and often heard repeated as we trekked our way through childhood. As adulthood arrived perhaps you, like the author, have occasionally heard again that early exhortation ringing softly in your ears, "Now, don't forget to act your age." The author presents stories from his life as a suburban Oklahoma boy, time-study engineer, financial analyst, safety engineer, police officer, father of four, grandfather of fourteen and pastor that provide an intimate, candid, lively and imaginative chronology from his youth up to the present day of his retirement in the panhandle of northern Idaho. Emotions run the gamut from the deep sadness and vacuum of tragic loss to the joyful and raucous laughter found only in families. Occasionally rational explanation eludes all efforts and he is forced to fall back on divine intervention. Many were the opportunities that seemed to say Act Your Age! In some he did. In some he didn't. You be the judge.
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Act Your Age

Act Your Age

For Renee, feeling her age involved doubting her decisions, distancing from her own desires, and accepting her parents' decisions as “in her best interest.” In this view, feeling one's age was learning to accept a form of manipulation ...

Author: Frank Topping

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136057540

Category: Education

Page: 288

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First published in 2001
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Act Your Age

Act Your Age

MAKING MODERN TIME VISIBLE In April 1999 Mexicans rebelled against the impending initiation of daylight saving time in their country , stating that such a change of time ( to be in temporal accord with their NAFTA ... E. 108 Act Your Age !

Author: Nancy Lesko

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415928346

Category: Social Science

Page: 260

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Act Your Ageexamines and questions our tendency to label our youths as both endangered and dangerous creatures. Lesko analyzes both historical and present social and political factors that produce the presumed "natural adolescent." She also examines the concerns of nationalism, sexuality, and social order in terms of how they are projected onto the definitions of adolescents in the media, in schools, and in the home.
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Act Your Age Mom

Act Your Age  Mom

Claire would put a stop to this crazy snowboarding idea at . She would talk her mom into acting her age! Claire raced to the bottom of the hill. Halfway up the mountain Claire saw.......

Author: Lori Williams

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781457559181

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 34

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When Claire’s mom decides to learn how to snowboard at the age of 40, Claire is horrified! After all, there are just certain things “older” people do not do, especially one’s parent! Besides, snowboarding was Claire’s sport. How dare her mother embarrass her on the slopes? Mom would surely fail and Claire would never live it down. Would Mom even be able to stand up on a snowboard, let alone navigate down the mountain? What if Mom crashed and hurt herself? Would Mom’s common sense prevail, eliminating Claire’s fears? Claire eventually discovers her mom isn’t limited by an age number, that she is brave, spunky and crazy cool. See what happens when Mom takes to the slopes with the beginner class and a cool snowboard instructor. You will delight in the surprise ending. This fun story was inspired by older people who never act their age.
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Act Your Age Eve Brown

Act Your Age  Eve Brown

EVE'S ACT YOUR AGE PLAYLIST • “Don't Rain on My Parade,” Barbra Streisand • “Big for Your Boots,” Stormzy • “hometown,” cleopatrick • “Remember,” KATIE • “Bad Blood,” NAO • “Papaoutai,” Stromae • “Honor to Us All,” Lea Salonga • “Sticky ...

Author: Talia Hibbert

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349425252

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! 'Talia Hibbert is a rockstar! Her writing is smart, funny, and sexy' Meg Cabot In New York Times bestselling author Talia Hibbert's newest romcom, the flightiest Brown sister crashes into the life of an uptight B&B owner and has him falling hard - literally. Perfect for fans of Sally Thorne, Jasmine Guillory and Helen Hoang! Eve Brown is a certified hot mess. No matter how hard she strives to do right, her life always goes horribly wrong - so she's given up trying. But when her personal brand of chaos ruins a wedding, her parents draw the line. It's time for Eve to grow up and prove herself - even though she's not entirely sure how... Jacob Wayne is always in control. The uptight B&B owner expects nothing less than perfection from his employees, so when a purple-haired tornado of a woman applies for his open chef position, he tells her the brutal truth: not a chance in hell. Then she hits him with her car - supposedly by accident. Now his arm is broken, his B&B is understaffed, and the dangerously unpredictable Eve is fluttering around, trying to help. Before long, she's infiltrated his work, his kitchen - and his spare bedroom. Sunny, chaotic Eve is his natural-born nemesis, but the longer these two enemies spend in close quarters, the more their animosity turns into something else... Find out why readers love Talia Hibbert 'A worthy, unforgettable conclusion to one of the best romantic comedy series out there, Act Your Age, Eve Brown packs an emotional punch and simultaneously soothes the soul - and proves that this truly is Talia Hibbert's world and we're all grateful that we get to live in it' The Nerd Daily 'Funny, sexy and intensely romantic' Lucy Parker, author of The Austen Playbook 'I loved every page' Helen Hoang 'Clever, sweet, sexy and brilliant' Carrie Ann Ryan, New York Times bestselling author 'So so so so good' Andie J. Christopher, USA Today bestselling author of Not the Girl You Marry 'A pure exuberant delight. I loved this book... Exactly what a romance should be' KJ Charles, author of Proper English '[An] awesome book, so full of heart and warmth and feels!' Charlotte Stein, author of Never Sweeter 'A thrilling, life-altering adventure that will keep readers riveted... Best of all, the romance is sizzling hot. This contemporary is a page-turning winner' Publishers Weekly
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Act Your Age A Coming of Middle Age Memoir

Act Your Age  A Coming of  Middle  Age Memoir

Act your age!” my mother would admonish me throughout my childhood. After all, I was the oldest, the big sister, and was supposed to set the example. I've never really figured out exactly what one does to act one's age.

Author: Priscilla Lindsey Biddle


ISBN: 9781483453569

Category: Fiction

Page: 212

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"Act your age! From her mother's admonition in childhood, a middle ages, twice-married mother of four and a product of the deep south of the seventies makes her way though a meandering inner journey towards a quiet epiphany revealing what her mother's words really mean. This rite of passage at the ungainly age of fifty unfolds through twelve memoir-like narratives that will evoke both laughter and tears. Each chapter is an independent reflection on the dozens of daily anecdotes all of us live each day in the course of growing up and growing older. Reading the narratives may be like going through a shoe box of old photographs you find in the attic, not arrange in any seeming order, but, in total, creating a logic of their own. Memorable characters like Papa, Aunt Norma, Harrison Augustus Turnbull, and Artemesia rise from the narrator's southern Gothic roots. The narrator, nameless Every Woman, prides herself in being an introspective and competent adult, but her naiveté demonstrates that being an adult a really a state of mind, and finding truth is like entertaining company with chipped china. Coping with life's poignant struggles, like disease, old age, suicide, and murder, and its ordinary ones, like child-raising, teaching, pets, and church-going, she seeks sense in the nonsense with humor and with love"--Page 4 of cover.
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You Don t Have to Act Your Age

You Don t Have to Act Your Age

Act your age.” What they really mean is act the way they do— like an old person! But sitting in an armchair acting like an old person isn't normal, either. Americans have become a nation of spectators, but when we indulge ourselves like ...

Author: Win McFadden

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477176894

Category: Self-Help

Page: 148

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Win McFadden, now in his nineties, is an international senior track and field star who still participates in U.S. Masters and Senior Olympics competition. In You Dont Have to Act Your Age, he has written a book with a radical mission: to convince the many millions of people over the age of 65 that the remaining years of their lives can be healthy, joyful ones. He poses the following questions: Suppose that in our effort to be as healthy as we could possibly be, we engaged in a pursuit that also let us have funand that while having fun we became totally absorbed and therefore willingly disciplined in our efforts? Suppose further that because of our dedication and discipline, we were eventually rewarded by public recognition and tangible rewards? What if as our days sped by in this happy, rewarding, and disciplined existence, we also met large numbers of friends who were similarly healthy, dedicated, and interesting? And suppose that through the friends we made and the recognition we received we became able to be of service to other older people who needed help in bringing themselves to a condition of greater health and fitnessand therefore happiness. That would be true satisfaction of the highest order. He claims that his positive answers to these questions have been the result of his participating in Masters athletics and teaching physical fitness classes for older adults. In this second edition of You Dont Have to Act Your Age, McFadden has added tips for seniors on how to choose an exercise class that meets their needs, as well as advice for younger relatives of seniors who now live in convalescent facilities on how to encourage their loved ones to remain as physically fit as possible.
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Act Your Age

Act Your Age

He's not going anywhere near that girl. He's done with sweet and innocent. And things don't come much sweeter or more innocent than a cupcake-baking engineer who knits her own hats. "It's 2am and this book is everything and I. Am. Dead.

Author: Eve Dangerfield

Publisher: Eve Dangerfield Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 337

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"A love letter to readers who've ever been made to feel weird for loving daddy kink. Dangerfield is a bold, brilliant, captivating voice who should be at the very top of your TBR." - New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey All Kate 'Middleton' McGrath wants is a man to call 'Daddy' in bed. But kinks aren't for everyone. She gets it. They're definitely not going to be for her grumpaholic boss, Mr Henderson. But a girl can dream, can't she? Especially when he's always so stern with her… "Fresh, sexy and fun. Act Your Age is Australian erotic romance at its best." - New York Times bestselling author Kylie Scott Tyler Henderson is a golden boy who's lost his shine. He's old, his dream career is over, his fiancée left him. Now all the former firefighter can do is bury his troubles in paperwork and hard liquor... and try to keep Middleton out of his head. He's not going anywhere near that girl. He's done with sweet and innocent. And things don't come much sweeter or more innocent than a cupcake-baking engineer who knits her own hats. "It's 2am and this book is everything and I. Am. Dead. If you have to read one daddy book-read this one." - New York Times bestselling author L.J. Shen When a case of mistaken identity brings Kate and Ty together, they soon realize they have more in common, and more to lose, than either of them dreamed… ACT YOUR AGE is a full-length contemporary novel by critically acclaimed author Eve Dangerfield.
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Acting My Age

Acting My Age

“Once an adult, twice a child,” they used to say, but what a relief to no longer be a child, the familiar reproach back then, “You're out of control.” Or, “Get yourself under control.” Or, “Act your age.

Author: Thomas Farber

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824891831

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 180

View: 480

Elegant, exuberant, and idiosyncratic, Acting My Age is a memoir and meditation by one of America’s most playful and inventive writers. In the words of Mary Mackey (The Jaguars That Prowl Our Dreams), “in Acting My Age, Thomas Farber gives us an unflinching, luminous, cleverly conceived meditation on his own mortality as well as on the extinction of the coral reefs, snow leopards, dolphins, and, ultimately the human species. Couching his observations in a series of short, interconnected, almost-epigrammatic essays that read like prose poems, Farber creates a narrative style reminiscent of Joyce and Melville: oceanic in depth and all-encompassing in range.” Gerald Fleming (The Choreographer) calls Acting My Age “a praise song, an exultation in the beauties and brutalities of being human. Though Thomas Farber is wide-eyed at the miracle of our existence, his prose details both the collapse of species and ultimate trajectory of our aging bodies. This polymathic dive into a writer’s remaining time—into the life of the earth, the sea, and meaning itself—is no mere memoir, but an elegant, instructive page-after-page of language-love.” Robert Roper (Nabokov in America: On the Road to Lolita) adds: “Tom Farber is always good company, and his ‘late writings’ are more and more indispensable, full of comfort for the perplexed, rich in learning, humorous, masculine and tender, evoking large sensations and vast views; a reader thinks of Montaigne, Whitman, and other of the great truth-tellers, modest of tone, intimate in approach, friends bringing deep gifts.”
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The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs

The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs

Act (Be) your age. 1925 New Yorker 25, no. 32 (26 Sep.) 18: An illustration of a “suggested bookplate”—“Ex Libris Scott Fitzgerald” (just turned forty-six years old)—shows a tuxedoed man with a skull for a head, dancing spryly amid ...


Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300183351

Category: Reference

Page: 416

View: 693

"You can't unring a bell." "It takes a village to raise a child." "Life is just a bowl of cherries." We sometimes think of proverbs as expressions of ancient wisdom, but in fact new proverbs are constantly arising. This unique volume is devoted exclusively to English language proverbs that originated in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The most complete and accurate such collection ever compiled, The Yale Book of Modern Proverbs presents more than 1,400 individual proverbs gathered and researched with the help of electronic full-text databases not previously used for such a project. Entries are organized alphabetically by key words, with information about the earliest datable appearance, origin, history, and meaning of each proverb. Mundane or sublime, serious or jocular, these memorable sayings represent virtually every aspect of the modern experience. Readers will find the book almost impossible to put down once opened; every page offers further proof of the immense vitality of proverbs and their colorful contributions to the oral traditions of today.
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How May I Offend You Today

How May I Offend You Today

We turn into that teenage girl in overalls and Birkenstocks, and we vent our grievances to anyone who will listen ... I was going to act my age, not my shoe size (although my shoe size brings me closer to legal age than I like to admit) ...

Author: Susannah B. Lewis

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781400208050

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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USA Today bestselling author Susannah B. Lewis (creator of Whoa! Susannah) is back with another hilarious take on what so many people are thinking but are afraid to say aloud. Millions of online fans have flocked to Susannah B. Lewis's hysterical, take-no-prisoners rants about her pet peeves in everyday life. Now, in How May I Offend You Today?, Lewis turns her trademark humor to ordinary events that work her nerves--from people who wear t-shirts with indecent images to public displays of affection in the plumbing aisle of Lowe's--while keeping a wry eye on herself and her own temptation to vent grievances "like a teenage girl in overalls and Birkenstocks." Weaving together anecdotes from her distinctly Southern life with frequent references to the Bible, what she calls "our manual for living," Lewis says what many of us have thought, and in the process encourages us to stand firm in our views. The witty-yet-down-to-earth banter and uplifting, inspirational message of How May I Offend You Today? gives readers everywhere the boost necessary to make it through even their most trying days.
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Weekly World News

Weekly World News

Looking and acting cheap is not sexy," he said. Dr. Rubinstein offers readers these tips on how to be sexy at any age: • Think, look and act your age. "If you're 16, act 16; if you're 60, act 60. There's nothing sexy about a 16-year-old ...





Page: 44

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Rooted in the creative success of over 30 years of supermarket tabloid publishing, the Weekly World News has been the world's only reliable news source since 1979. The online hub is a leading entertainment news site.

Learning to Act Your Age

Learning to Act Your Age

Author: Patrick Alexander


ISBN: OCLC:863599507

Category: Age (Psychology)

Page: 540

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Categories: Age (Psychology)

Female Adolescence in American Scientific Thought 1830 1930

Female Adolescence in American Scientific Thought  1830   1930

A. C. Tompkins, ''The Age of Consent from a Physio-Psychological Standpoint,'' The Arena 13 (July 1895): 223. ... also Grace Palladino, Teenagers: An American History (New York: Basic Books, 1996), part 1; and Nancy Lesko, Act Your Age!

Author: Crista DeLuzio

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 080189591X

Category: History

Page: 344

View: 125

DeLuzio’s provocative work permits a fuller understanding of how adolescence emerged as a "crisisin female development and offers insight into why female adolescence remains a social and cultural preoccupation even today.
Categories: History

Disrupt Aging

Disrupt Aging

Acting your age is based purely on the expectation of what we believe someone should or should not be able to do at a certain age. And those expectations are built to a great extent on what we perceive as old.

Author: Jo Ann Jenkins

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781610396776

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

View: 750

Discover the inspiring national bestseller about aging and health that "will help us all live each year to the fullest" (Sheryl Sandberg). We've all seen the ads on TV and in magazines-"50 is the new 30!" or "60 is the new 40!" A nice sentiment to be sure, but CEO of AARP Jo Ann Jenkins disagrees. 50 is 50, and she, for one, likes the look of it. In Disrupt Aging, Jenkins focuses on three core areas-health, wealth, and self-to show us how to embrace opportunities and change the way we look at getting older. Here, she chronicles her own journey and that of others who are making their mark as disruptors to show readers how we can be active, healthy, and happy as we get older. Through this powerful and engaging narrative, she touches on all the important issues facing people 50+ today, from caregiving and mindful living to building age-friendly communities and making our money last. This is a book for all the makers and doers who have a desire to continue exploring possibilities, to celebrate discovery over decline, and to seek out opportunities to live the best life there is.
Categories: Family & Relationships

Acting Up

Acting Up

STAGE II - ACT YOUR AGE EXPLORATION THROUGH IMPROVISATION “ You are old , Father William , ” the young man said , " and your hair has become very white ; and yet you incessantly stand on your head . Do you think , at your age , it is ...

Author: Marcie Telander

Publisher: Dramatic Publishing

ISBN: 0880201088

Category: Amateur theater.

Page: 186

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Categories: Amateur theater.

Projecting Enthusiasm The Key to Dynamic Presentations for Professionals

Projecting Enthusiasm  The Key to Dynamic Presentations for Professionals

ACTYOUR AGE If academics are indeed “performers,” then the one branch of performance they are actually connected to most closely is stand-up comedy: only the teacher and the stand-up comedian rely on the continuous interaction ...

Author: Robert T. Tauber

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440872631

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 196

View: 588

Regardless of your profession as a teacher, doctor, writer, or business associate, every presentation is a performance. To know your material is important, but to project your enthusiasm for the subject is just as vital to engage your audience. Provides a chapter-by-chapter toolkit of performance skills that can be applied immediately Shares accessible, well-researched content written in a conversational style Demonstrates insightful parallels between acting and presenting Offers presentation inspiration using contemporary schools of thought
Categories: Business & Economics

Act Your Age

Act Your Age

Author: Claire Waters


ISBN: OCLC:897880235



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Twenty Five

Twenty Five

Being told to “act your age” is something you hear a lot. It's when an adult is told to “grow up” or someone is told to “be a proper child”. Nevertheless, my point is why is acting your age such a big deal? When you are told to act your ...

Author: Babawale Babatunde

Publisher: XinXii

ISBN: 9783969313008

Category: Self-Help

Page: 42

View: 733

Youth is a valuable phase of one’s life, recognized by traits of curiosity, heroism, strength, agility, restlessness, and even much more. It is a golden phase of one’s life, even though majorly occupied with fantasies, freedom, and the power to choose, all must be cautiously exercised. There are certain fundamental understandings that every youth needs to develop to improve their ability to make good choices as they go through life. The constant balancing between enjoying our youth and preparing for the future ahead is a major issue with young persons. Many persons struggle to get that balance right, while some spend so much time looking for ways to make progress. However, this book enlightens every young person to see beyond their current situations and take control of their destiny. It also illustrates the role of young people and the development of society. This book also contains facts everyone should know before turning age twenty-five, as opposed to the myths and heresies about the age. Every age has its charm but something is unique about Age twenty-five. TWENTY-FIVE is a book that provides learning experiences for young people as we work to develop our understanding of how to plan and manage our lives. TWENTY-FIVE is written by a youth, with a youthful spirit to stimulate the youthful minds...
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A Journey Se dream

A Journey Se dream

act your age and not your color, it's difficult enough for a slow race like this, tell me secrets back in time that love has silently kissed, miss me only a little, life will evolve in time, desperately desire me passionately have heart ...

Author: Shiela Scott

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781483682969

Category: Poetry

Page: 149

View: 894

A journey-Se'dream proudly follows her sibling sister Mi Angelique. By mimicking the style of her poetic talent, she prepared sonnets designed for the limelight. Heartbreak and depression is no stranger to the experiences that this young voice has. She was born in the era of depression; a sacred era that buried the passion of living under shattered pieces of a broken heart. This collection of poetry was created to inspire a lovers emotions. Whether an ex-affair or a new adventure, this novel is guaranteed to assist you in reuniting your hearts affection with a confused or numb spirit. She is the creation of exquisite travel intended to guide you into discovering a buried lust that love should fill. Enjoy this expedition of eclectic poetic work written by Shiela Scott.
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