Type VII U Boats

Type VII U Boats

MODEL PROD U C TS Type Vll U-Boats: Accessories etc. ... kits Nautilus Models
11125 Type VIIB resin 'upgrading' kit White Ensign Models 1172 Brass-etched
detailing set for Revell kit ... in aluminium Ulad 1172 Various decal sheets
Accurate Armour 1135 2cm Flak in resin, metal and etched brass Accurate ... has
been producing very high quality multimedia kits and models of AFV and related
subjects for almost twenty years now, both for the public and for the de— fence

Author: Roger Chesneau

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing

ISBN: 9781848321236

Category: History

Page: 64

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The ‘ShipCraft’ series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book takes the modeller through a brief history of the subject class, highlighting differences between sister-ships and changes in their appearance over their careers. This includes paint schemes and camouflage, featuring colour profiles and highly-detailed line drawings and scale plans. The modelling section reviews the strengths and weaknesses of available kits, lists commercial accessory sets for super-detailing of the ships, and provides hints on modifying and improving the basic kit. This is followed by an extensive photographic gallery of selected high-quality models in a variety of scales, and the book concludes with a section on research references – books, monographs, large-scale plans and websites. This volume is devoted to the largest class of submarines ever built, the Type VII, which formed the backbone of the German effort in the critical Battle of the Atlantic. A pre-war design, the Type VII was developed as the campaign progressed and was still in frontline service in 1945. All the major variants, as well as minor changes to equipment, are covered here. With its unparalleled level of visual information – paint schemes, models, line drawings and photographs – it is simply the best reference for any modelmaker setting out to build one of these famous boats.
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Modelling the T 55 Main Battle Tank

Modelling the T 55 Main Battle Tank

Detailing the AFV Club turret Because of the open nature of the turret, attention to
detail was most important. ... The first step I took was to make the gun more
accurate by detailing and adding length to it, and achieving the right angle of the

Author: Nicola Cortese

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781780964805

Category: History

Page: 80

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The T-55 tank first appeared in 1958, a result of numerous improvements made to the (1949) T-54 series, and with a lineage stretching back to the wartime T-34 and the T-44. The T-55 series has seen service around the world with many armed forces, including the Warsaw Pact countries, Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, China, Croatia, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Poland, Somalia, Sudan, and Vietnam, and has seen action in key modern conflicts, most recently in the two Gulf Wars. This title showcases the talents of several leading modellers, and presents Serbian, Iraqi, Czech, Syrian, and Russian variants across 1/35 and 1/72 scales. It also features several challenging projects that involve extensive scratchbuilding.
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Classic Combat Aircraft

Classic Combat Aircraft

Accurate as of book printing 2007. ... 12255• $21.95 How to Use an Airbrush
Learn how to achieve special airbrushing effects on a variety of plastic models. ...
guide you from basic assembly techniques to painting and weathering, detailing,
masking, and display of your model ships. ... Your guide to preparing, painting,
and weathering models KITS REVIEWED Revell's Gato-class submarine AFV
Club's ...


Publisher: Kalmbach Publishing, Co.

ISBN: 9780890246962

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 95

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Learn how to build, modify, detail, paint and weather legendary aircraft from the experts found in FineScale Modeler magazine. The 18 projects feature classic Allied and Axis that include Gabby's Last Jug, a D-Day Spitfire, an American Mosquito, and a late-war Messerschmitt Bf 109.
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Modelling a Tiger I Gruppe Fehrman Germany 1945

Modelling a Tiger I Gruppe Fehrman  Germany 1945

Academy and AFV Club later released Tiger I kits, with the Academy one
featuring an interior. ... This guide is one of six detailing the construction of a
specific Tiger I model. ... will help the reader complete accurate and detailed
models of the Tiger I. © Osprey Publishing • www.ospreypublishing.com 'F05',
Gruppe Fehrmann ...

Author: Darren Thompson

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781780966991

Category: History

Page: 17

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Probably the most famous tank of World War II, the Tiger I was originally conceived in 1941 in response to the German Army's experience in fighting British tanks and anti-tank guns in Western Europe and the North African desert. Following the invasion of Russia, the appearance of the Soviet T-34 and KW tanks lent a further impetus to the programme and 1,350 Tigers were produced between August 1942 and August 1944. The Tiger has proved to be one of the most popular modelling subjects of all time, with a vast and ever-increasing range of kits, aftermarket products and references available. This title is a detailed modelling guide on the 'F05', Gruppe Fehrmann, Germany 1945 in 1/35 scale. This guide forms part of Osprey Modelling 37 Modelling the Tiger I also available as an ebook.
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Magazines for Libraries

Magazines for Libraries

And while most of the articles Aud : Hs , Ejh . deal with models produced by Airfix
, this is by no One of the more poorly produced ... It has blurry photos and is
printed on pulp of all types : aircraft , boats , AFV's , trains , cars , and paper . ...
Illustrations include photos , line drawings , and they become exact scale replicas
rather than approximodifying , super - detailing , and painting plastic kits so tone

Author: William A. Katz

Publisher: New York : R.R. Bowker

ISBN: 0835205541

Category: Periodicals

Page: 822

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Frog Model Aircraft 1932 1976

Frog Model Aircraft  1932 1976

Despite its age , it still remains one of the best starting points for making an
accurate Hunter model . Hawker Sea ... ( remaining ships ) , black ( small - scale
bombers ) and brown ( ex - Renwal AFV kits ) . ... meaning that they were sturdy ,
crude and with minimal detailing , a parts count usually showing some 15-20
parts only .

Author: Richard Lines

Publisher: P E I International

ISBN: IND:30000043432495

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 271

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Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars

Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars

... that concrete and reinforcement capacities are added is accurate when shear
cracks are adequately controlled . ... 50bus Afv , min = - ( 9 - 7 ) ffu Afv _ ( Vu -
OVCP ) S ofrud ( 9 - 4 ) When inclined FRP stirrups are used as shear ... 3 —
Detailing of shear stirrups The maximum spacing of vertical steel stirrups given in
ACI 318 as the smaller of d / 2 or 24 in . is used for vertical FRP shear
reinforcement .

Author: ACI Committee 440


ISBN: PSU:000049242003

Category: Fiber-reinforced concrete

Page: 41

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Categories: Fiber-reinforced concrete

ACI Manual of Concrete Practice

ACI Manual of Concrete Practice

... The design assumption that concrete and reinforcement capacities are added
is accurate when shear cracks are adequately controlled . Therefore ... Afv , min =
Obws ( 9 - 7 ) lin ffv Afv - ( V1 . ... 3 — Detailing of shear stirrups The maximum ...

Author: American Concrete Institute


ISBN: UOM:39015048297025

Category: Concrete


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