Seduced Abandoned and Reborn

Seduced  Abandoned  and Reborn

... as well as religion.45 This text will focus particularly on the city of Philadelphia. Quickly exited off the historiographic stage after the revolutionary era, Philadelphia has long been neglected, certainly in comparison to New ...

Author: Rodney Hessinger

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 9780812202243

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Seduced, Abandoned, and Reborn exposes the fears expressed by elders about young people in the early American republic. Those authors, educators, and moral reformers who aspired to guide youth into respectable stations perceived new dangers in the decades following independence. Battling a range of seducers in the burgeoning marketplace of early America, from corrupt peers to licentious prostitutes, from pornographic authors to firebrand preachers, these self-proclaimed moral guardians crafted advice and institutions for youth, hoping to guide them safely away from harm and toward success. By penning didactic novels and advice books while building reform institutions and colleges, they sought to lead youth into dutiful behavior. But, thrust into the market themselves, these moral guides were forced to compromise their messages to find a popular audience. Nonetheless, their calls for order did have lasting impact. In urban centers in the Northeast, middle-class Americans became increasingly committed to their notions of chastity, piety, and hard work. Focusing on popular publications and large urban centers, Hessinger draws a portrait of deeply troubled reformers, men and women, who worried incessantly about the vulnerability of youth to the perils of prostitution, promiscuity, misbehavior, and revolt. Benefiting from new insights in cultural history, Seduced, Abandoned, and Reborn looks at the way the categories of gender, age, and class took rhetorical shape in the early republic. In trying to steer young adults away from danger, these advisors created values that came to define the emerging middle class of urban America.
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Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in the Olden Time

Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania  in the Olden Time

This occurred just before the British abandoned Philadelphia . The paper of June 25th , No. 497 , contains a long list of names attainted of high treason ; that is to say , Tories gone off with the British .

Author: John Fanning Watson


ISBN: NYPL:33433081787040

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Monthly Nautical Magazine and Quarterly Review

Monthly Nautical Magazine  and Quarterly Review

Auburn , Philadelphia to Jamaica , abandoned at sea in a sinki condition . Mary Schmidt , Liverpool , N. S. , from Trinidad , experienced heavy gales , short of provisions . SCHOONERS . Emily Fowler , went ashore on Pleasant Island ...



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The History of Canada Canada under British rule

The History of Canada  Canada under British rule

1778 ] PHILADELPHIA ABANDONED . ... In accordance with his instructions from home , Clinton took steps to abandon Philadelphia , the possession of which had been effected with such a cost of time , treasure , and of loss of life in the ...

Author: William Kingsford


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The parent company cannot afford to say to the Philadelphia company , “ we will break this contract , you can go . ... When the parent company abandons Philadelphia , they will simply say they abandoned Philadelphia because they could ...

Author: National Electric Light Association


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Housing and Urban Development Legislation of 1970

Housing and Urban Development Legislation of 1970

This program has since produced more than 3,000 rehabilitated units in more than 3,600 previously vacant and abandoned structures in Philadelphia . The City has also maintained a large and increasingly stiffened code enforcement program ...

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and Currency. Subcommittee on Housing and Urban Affairs


ISBN: UIUC:30112062894669

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Professional Journal of the United States Army

Professional Journal of the United States Army

By 20 November , Howe had forced the Continentals to abandon Fort Mifflin and Fort Mercer which overlooked the Delaware south of Philadelphia . Gates , the " hero " of Saratoga , was waiting in the wings to take over should Washington ...



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Vanishing Philadelphia

Vanishing Philadelphia

But when it comes to a fascination about American history, Philadelphia's long list of abandoned sites has proven a mecca to its committed urban explorers. The locations in this book were not necessarily selected for their individual ...

Author: J.P. Webster

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781625851345

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The ruins of Philadelphia's grandest structures show the city's dramatic evolution. Smoke no longer spews from the Philadelphia Electric Company's hulking riverside power plants. Nature long ago reclaimed the rusted steel bones of the Frankford Arsenal. Graffiti artists tag the Beury Building, while Philadelphia's Gilded Age elite rest beneath the weeds of the forgotten Mount Moriah Cemetery. Such sites mark three centuries of progress and destruction in William Penn's "Holy Experiment." Through deep research and his stunning photography, J.P. Webster documents the slow decay caused by neglect and the passage of time in Philadelphia's factories, military sites, schools, cemeteries and more. Discover a bygone American era through Philadelphia's vanishing cityscape.
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Moody s Manual of Investments American and Foreign

Moody s Manual of Investments  American and Foreign

(1923) Road abandoned. MARION & RYE WALLEY RY. Co. ... MIDLAND PENNSYLVANIA R.R. (1920) Road abandoned. ... PELHAM & HAVANA RAILROAD (1923) Road abandoned. PHILADELPHIA, BETHLEHEM & NEW ENGLAND R.R. (1924) Owned by Bethlehem Steel Corp.



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American History

American History

On a movement of the British up the right bank of the Schuylkill , Washington , fearing for the safety of his extensive magazines and military stores deposited at Reading , abandoned Philadelphia , and took post at Pottsgrove .

Author: Marcius Willson


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