A Strange and Mystifying Story

A Strange and Mystifying Story

Akio Yamane’s bloodline is cursed!

Author: Tsuta Suzuki

Publisher: SuBLime

ISBN: 1421595958

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

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Akio Yamane’s bloodline is cursed! Will his hot guardian deity break the curse…or merely his heart in the process? Akio Yamane falls terminally ill, presumably from his family’s curse. Remembering his grandfather’s final words about their family protector, he follows the old man's instructions out of desperation and accidentally summons a god who promises to cure him—albeit in a rather odd and intimate manner! Akio Yamane’s bloodline is cursed! Or at least that’s what his relatives would have people think. Now feverish and delusional from a terminal illness, Akio accidentally summons his family’s guardian deity. Little did he know this sinfully hot god would appear naked, sporting ears and a tail. Wait until Akio finds out the unconventional and rather intimate manner his protector plans on using to cure him!
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The Eclectic review vol 1 New 8th

The Eclectic review  vol  1 New  8th

... argumen- tative and comparative , but still , the most available and trust- worthy monuments of national story . ... -of some strange and apparently unmotived transaction ; but it will more commonly occur , that gossipping tales ...



ISBN: OXFORD:555021211


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The Historians History of the World Vol 1 of 25 Illustrations

The Historians  History of the World Vol 1  of 25   Illustrations

Unfortunately, these ancient lists consist, for the most part, of tables of names having strange and unfamiliar sounds. ... Urumush or Alusharshid, Samsu-iluna, Kadashman-Kharbe cannot well be otherwise than mystifying when unconnected ...

Author: Henry Smith Williams




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A complete world history should, properly speaking, begin with the creation of the world as man’s habitat, and should trace every step of human progress from the time when man first appeared on the globe. Unfortunately, the knowledge of to-day does not permit us to follow this theoretical obligation. We now know that the gaps in the history of human evolution as accessible to us to-day, vastly exceed the recorded chapters; that, in short, the period with which history proper has, at present, to content itself, is a mere moment in comparison with the vast reaches of time which, in recognition of our ignorance, we term “prehistoric.” But this recognition of limitations of our knowledge is a quite recent growth—no older, indeed, than a half century. Prior to 1859 the people of Christendom rested secure in the supposition that the chronology of man’s history was fully known, from the very year of his creation. One has but to turn to the first chapter of Genesis to find in the margin the date 4004 B.C., recorded with all confidence as the year of man’s first appearance on the globe. One finds there, too, a brief but comprehensive account of the manner of his appearance, as well as of the creation of the earth itself, his abiding-place. Until about half a century ago, as has just been said, the peoples of our portion of the globe rested secure in the supposition that this record and this date were a part of our definite knowledge of man’s history. Therefore, one finds the writers of general histories of the earlier days of the nineteenth century beginning their accounts with the creation of man, B.C. 4004, and coming on down to date with a full and seemingly secure chronology. Our knowledge of the world and of man’s history has come on by leaps and bounds since then, with the curious result that to-day no one thinks of making any reference to the exact date of the beginnings of human history,—unless, indeed, it be to remark that it probably reaches back some hundreds of thousands of years. The historian can speak of dates anterior to 4004 B.C., to be sure. The Egyptologist is disposed to date the building of the Pyramids a full thousand years earlier than that. And the Assyriologist is learning to speak of the state of civilisation in Chaldea some 6000 or 7000 years B.C. with a certain measure of confidence. But he no longer thinks of these dates as standing anywhere near the beginning of history. He knows that man in that age, in the centres of progress, had attained a high stage of civilisation, and he feels sure that there were some thousands of centuries of earlier time, during which man was slowly climbing through savagery and barbarism, of which we have only the most fragmentary record. He does not pretend to know anything, except by inference, of the “dawnings of civilisation.” Whichever way he turns in the centres of progress, such as China, Egypt, Chaldea, India, he finds the earliest accessible records, covering at best a period of only eight or ten thousand years, giving evidence of a civilisation already far advanced. Of the exact origin of any one of the civilisations with which he deals he knows absolutely nothing. “The Creation of Man,” with its fixed chronology, is a chapter that has vanished from our modern histories. To be continue in this ebook...

The EC Archives Crime Patrol Volume 1

The EC Archives  Crime Patrol Volume 1

16 figures , animais , clowns , monkevs . dane in action ! mystifying etc ... atomic energy electrostatic elec tricity operates them . No motor . 6x6x no to buy . er things in midair . 35c Postpaid 3 for $ 1.00 THEY BATTLE !

Author: Gardner Fox

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

ISBN: 9781506720784

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 180

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The infamous EC Comics pre-trend crime classic is beautifully reprinted in full color and collected into a deluxe hardcover edition. Presenting tales of horrific crimes, grisly murders, and bizarre homicide cases featuring the titanic artistic talents of Johnny Craig, Sheldon Moldoff, H. C. Keifer, Ed Walden, Ann Brewster, and Stan Ashe. EC's "Pre-Trend" titles were published by M.C. Gaines, and then William Gaines after his father's death in 1947. Collects Crime Patrol issues #7–#11.
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Lilly And The Angel

Lilly And The Angel

Volume 1: The Story of Snuggle Bug Joseph L. Marshall. “Not strange in the least, Sammy. Oh, I'm sorry! Forgive me for calling you that name. Old habits do die slow.” The professor grinned. “I do realize that you are a man these days, ...

Author: Joseph L. Marshall

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781098045944

Category: Fiction

Page: 184

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Angels with attitudes and sucky six-year-olds-the world needs more of them!Meet Lilly Faithe Christians, a defiant, foul-tempered six-year-old girl with a personality well beyond her years. Meet Corinthian Angel Creation Of God-an immature, blemished, illegitimate angel with highly exaggerated hopes of becoming part of the elite Guardian Angel infantry. These two beings are messed up and in need of a serious intervention!Their outrageous adventure begins when an untimely tantrum from Lilly proves to be the last straw for her mother, Faithe Christians, who decides to place Lilly on punishment for an entire week. Forced to remain in her room, Lilly must learn to correct her bad behavior in order to be freed from punishment.Just above her in the second heaven, the frustrated and unfulfilled Corinthian Angel Creation Of God, a.k.a. Cori, has been demoted and stripped of his angelic wings because of an ancient assignment gone awry several centuries ago. Corinthian, now forced to flounce around the heavens with a shamefully puny pair of wings, is sentenced to living throughout eternity with the stigma of his sullied track record.But fear not! God always has a plan to make right what has gone wrong. And God's eternal plan for Lilly and Corinthian means colliding their worlds together for a chance at redeeming both their unsavory behaviors.Together, Lilly and Corinthian must let go of their hang-ups and prejudices in order to work as a team, for the sake of waging war against several evil spirits lurking inside of Lilly-as each new foe proves more challenging than the last. These beasts are serious! Corinthian and Lilly must get past their differences and trust in themselves, each other, and the Most High if they're ever to have a chance at the liberation, the validation, and peace they both so desperately yet so secretly desire.A rude angel with a serious distaste for humans, an unmannerly six-year-old girl with an attitude larger than the city in which she lives-this could either be a recipe for disaster or the very ingredients for a miracle!
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Story of Dead Soul

Story of Dead Soul

Volume 1 Bu Chuanhongneiku ... In other words, this passageway was indeed deliberately mystifying, and the entrance to the tomb should still be hidden within the passageway. ... Suddenly, I noticed something strange.

Author: Bu Chuanhongneiku

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781647815479

Category: Fiction


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The diaosi Li Yi made a trip to Japan and was inexplicably besieged by the thousand-year-old water ghost (Infant Ghost). From then on, all sorts of ghosts and strange things came one after another ...
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The Dial

The Dial

... AND BEST NOVEL THE MALEFACTOR This mystifying story of the strange revenge of Sir Wingrave Seton , who suffered imprisonment for a crime he ... Any story sold separately as follows : ALEXANDRE DUMAS : Marguerite de Valois , 1 vol .



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Science and Civilisation in China Volume 5 Chemistry and Chemical Technology Part 5 Spagyrical Discovery and Invention Physiological Alchemy

Science and Civilisation in China  Volume 5  Chemistry and Chemical Technology  Part 5  Spagyrical Discovery and Invention  Physiological Alchemy

ALCHEMY AND CHEMISTRY ( j ) THE OUTER AND THE INNER MACROBIOGENS ; THE ELIXIR AND THE ENCHYMOMA ( 1 ) ESOTERIC ... will have come across somewhat mystifying references to ' inner ' or ' spiritual ' alchemy within the Chinese story ...

Author: Joseph Needham

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521085748

Category: Science

Page: 616

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The fifth volume of Dr Needham's immense undertaking, like the fourth, is subdivided into parts for ease of assimilation and presentation, each part bound and published separately. The volume as a whole covers the subjects of alchemy, early chemistry, and chemical technology (which includes military invention, especially gunpowder and rockets; paper and printing; textiles; mining and metallurgy; the salt industry; and ceramics).
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Author Playwright and Composer

Author  Playwright and Composer

Mr. Hume Nisbet is producing this month , ( 1 ) Everyone knows the story which Byron told “ A Colonial Tramp : Being Adventures through Australasia and New Guinea . " Medwin . Shortly before Shelley's death he had a 2 vols .



ISBN: UOM:39015031017927

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Page: 844

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