A History of Harrow School, 1324-1991

Author: Christopher Tyerman

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780198227960

Category: Education

Page: 599

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Harrow School rose from being one of scores of local grammar schools founded in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to become the second most famous school in the English-speaking world. Still shorthand for social exclusivity, its development supplies insights into British educational, cultural, and political history, as well as providing evidence for the study of public schools in general, one of Britain's most idiosyncratic yet successful social inventions. Avoiding polemic or apologia, this new history of Harrow, the first for over half a century, and the first to be based on unfettered access to the school and governors' archives, investigates the school's governors, masters, pupils, finances, social position, and curriculum, within the context of shifting political, cultural, and educational circumstances. It is a contribution to the social history of Britain as well as a critical study of a famous school. Unusually for school histories, this book, supported by a full academic apparatus of source references, frankly confronts the school's failings as well as its successes; its financial, educational, and sexual scandals as openly as its well-publicized eminence as the school of Byron, Churchill (and six other British prime ministers), and Nehru.

The Profligate Son

Or, a True Story of Family Conflict, Fashionable Vice, and Financial Ruin in Regency England

Author: Nicola Phillips

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199687536

Category: History

Page: 352

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A true Regency rake's progress, this is the highly dramatic and moving story of the embattled relationship between a wealthy East India Company Merchant and his son, whose descent into debt and a life of crime results in transportation to Australia. The story sweeps from Imperial India to the elegant streets and dens of vice in Regency London; from the filth of Newgate prison and a terrifying journey on a disease ridden ship, to the shores of Botany Bay and thepossibility of a new life. The book combines a gripping tale with cutting-edge historical research into issues that concern many families today such as: the extent of parental responsibility for theirchildren's behaviour, father-son conflict, and attitudes towards teenage-sexuality, consumer credit and debt.

Edward Prior

Arts and Crafts Architect

Author: Martin Godfrey Cook

Publisher: Crowood

ISBN: 1785000128

Category: Architecture

Page: 208

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Edward Schroder Prior designed the cathedral of the Arts and Crafts Movement (St Andrew's Church, Roker), perfected the popular butterfly plan in his houses, and published what is still the seminal work on medieval gothic art in England in 1900. Highly regarded by critics such as Ian Nairn, Prior is sometimes considered to have narrowly missed out on a place in the architectural pantheon of his age, alongside contemporaries such as Charles Voysey and William Lethaby. The result of extensive archival and field research, Edward Prior - Arts and Crafts Architect sheds new light on Prior's architecture, life and scholarship. Extensively illustrated, it showcases Prior's work in colour, including many of his architectural drawings and photographs of most of his extant buildings. Prior is the missing link of the Arts and Crafts Movement, in both a theoretical and a practical sense, as he was possibly the only practitioner who genuinely translated the artistic theories of Ruskin and Morris into architectural reality. He went on to found the School of Architecture at the University of Cambridge in 1912. Extensively illustrated with 200 colour illustrations including many of his architectural drawings and photographs of most of his extant buildings.

Public Schools and The Great War

Author: Anthony Seldon,David Walsh

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 1781593086

Category: History

Page: 336

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In this pioneering and original book, Anthony Seldon and David Walsh study the impact that the public schools had on the conduct of the Great War, and vice versa. Drawing on fresh evidence from 200 leading public schools and other archives, they challenge the conventional wisdom that it was the public school ethos that caused needless suffering on the Western Front and elsewhere. They distinguish between the younger front-line officers with recent school experience and the older 'top brass' whose mental outlook was shaped more by military background than by memories of school.??The Authors argue that, in general, the young officers' public school education imbued them with idealism, stoicism and a sense of service. While this helped them care selflessly for the men under their command in conditions of extreme danger, it resulted in their death rate being nearly twice the national average.??This poignant and thought-provoking work covers not just those who made the final sacrifice, but also those who returned, and?whose lives were shattered as a result of their physical and psychological wounds. It contains a wealth of unpublished detail about public school life before and during the War, and how these establishments and the country at large coped with the devastating loss of so many of the brightest and best. Seldon and Walsh conclude that, 100 years on, public school values and character training, far from being concepts to be mocked, remain relevant and that the present generation would benefit from studying them and the example of their predecessors.??Those who read Public Schools and the Great War will have their prevailing assumptions about the role and image of public schools, as popularised in Blackadder, challenged and perhaps changed.

A History of Foreign Students in Britain

Author: H. Perraton

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137294957

Category: History

Page: 288

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Foreign students have travelled to Britain for centuries and, from the beginning, attracted controversy. This book explores changing British policy and practice, and changing student experience, set within the context of British social and political history.

A History of University College, Oxford

Author: Robin Darwall-Smith

Publisher: OUP Oxford


Category: History

Page: 640

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This is the first history in over a century of what is arguably Oxford's oldest College. As one of the few organizations in the UK whose history goes back so far, this is an account of the College from its origins over seven and a half centuries ago to the present day.

An unlikely countess

Lily Budge and the 13th Earl of Galloway

Author: Louise Carpenter

Publisher: HarperCollins UK


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 292

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In 1916, a girl named Lily was born into a working class family in Duns, in the Borders region of Scotland. She became determined to escape, both from the small-town gossip and from her terrifying mother, who thought Lily was born only to serve. Lily could not have predicted that her flight would eventually lead her to the heart of the Scottish establishment. Her eccentric and at times self-destructive nature shaped every decision she made, and her life became increasingly rackety. In 1975, living in Edinburgh as a self-styled dealer in porcelain dolls, with two failed marriages and four sons (one adopted) to her name, not to mention posts as a housekeeper and a boarding house owner, she met Randolph Stewart, the future 13th Earl of Galloway. On the surface, Randolph's aristocratic childhood could not have seemed more different. His was a world of great privilege, emotional restraint and overwhelming expectation. As an adolescent he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and, as a young man, lobotomised. Much of the rest of his life had been spent hidden away, either in a mental institution or with a religious order of monks. But a curious bond formed between Lily and Randolph, and an even more curious marriage followed, beginning a deep family feud that was played out in newspaper headlines.

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Arts & humanities

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