A Global History of Child Death

A Global History of Child Death

The purpose of this work is to investigate the ways in which funerary behaviors and grieving differ between cultures and across time; from prehistory to modern history.

Author: Amy J. Catalano

Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften

ISBN: 1433127423

Category: History

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Drawing from primary research studies in archaeology, historical analysis, literature, and art this interdisciplinary look at the history of child funerary practices and other vehicles of parental mourning is the only book of its kind. The purpose of this work is to investigate the ways in which funerary behaviors and grieving differ between cultures and across time; from prehistory to modern history. Philippe Aries, the French childhood historian, argued that children were rarely mourned upon their deaths as child death was a frequent and expected event, especially in the Middle Ages. This book draws upon archaeological reports, secondary data analysis, and analysis of literature, photography and artwork to refute, and in some cases support, Aries's claim. Organized in two parts, Part One begins with a chapter on the causes of childhood mortality and the steps taken to prevent it, followed by chapters on prehistory, ancient civilizations, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and the early modern and late modern eras. The chapters in Part Two discuss indicators of parental concern at a child's death: naming practices, replacement strategy, baptism, consolation literature, and artwork. Students who focus on the psychological aspects of death, funeral practices, and childhood histories will find this book a useful and comprehensive tool for examining how children have been mourned since prehistory.
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Regents Exams and Answers Global History and Geography 2020

Regents Exams and Answers  Global History and Geography 2020

Document 3 NEW YORK, 4 April 2006—Ridding the world of landmines and
other explosive remnants of war could be accomplished in years instead of
decades, saving thousands of children from devastating injuries and death,
UNICEF said ...

Author: Michael J. Romano

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series

ISBN: 9781506254074

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Barron’s Regents Exams and Answers: Global History and Geography 2020 provides essential practice for students taking either the Global History and Geography “Transition Exam” or the “Global History and Geography II Exam”, including actual recently administered “Transition Exams”, thorough answer explanations, and an online access to an overview of the “Global History and Geography II Exam.” This book features: Four actual, recently administered Regents Global History and Geography “Transition Exams” so students can get familiar with the test Thorough explanations for all answers Self-analysis charts and Regents specifications grids to help identify strengths and weaknesses A detailed overview of the “Transition Exam” Test-taking tips and helpful hints for answering all question types on the “Transition Exam” A thorough glossary that covers all important terms, international organizations, agreements, and people from 1750 to the present A webpage that contains an overview of the “Global History and Geography II Exam” and answers to frequently asked questions about that version of the exam Looking for additional practice and review? Check out Barron’s Regents Global History and Geography Power Pack 2020 two-volume set, which includes Let’s Review Regents: Global History and Geography in addition to Regents Exams and Answers: Global History and Geography.
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State Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations for 2011

State  Foreign Operations  and Related Programs Appropriations for 2011

In this past year , President Obama has launched two major initiatives , global
food security and global health . ... Child deaths are now at the lowest level in
history , but we still lose 24,000 under the age of five every day , 24,000 children

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs


ISBN: UCR:31210020473276

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Why Study History

Why Study History

Dealing with persistence, even amid change, is one of the trickiest aspects of
historical thinking, because focusing on change usually seems more ... which is
now becoming global: the 'revolution' in child mortality, from societies where 30–
50% of all children died before the age of 5 to the current ... How have reactions
to a child's death, when it does occur, shifted now that the experience is so

Author: Marcus Collins

Publisher: London Publishing Partnership

ISBN: 9781913019051

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Considering studying history at university? Wondering whether a history degree will get you a good job, and what you might earn? Want to know what it’s actually like to study history at degree level? This book tells you what you need to know. Studying any subject at degree level is an investment in the future that involves significant cost. Now more than ever, students and their parents need to weigh up the potential benefits of university courses. That’s where the Why Study series comes in. This series of books, aimed at students, parents and teachers, explains in practical terms the range and scope of an academic subject at university level and where it can lead in terms of careers or further study. Each book sets out to enthuse the reader about its subject and answer the crucial questions that a college prospectus does not.
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The Child Survival and Infectious Disease Program

The Child Survival and Infectious Disease Program

And we have had the most successful fundraising year in our history . One of the
highlights of my interaction with UNICEF was attending the World Summit for
Children in 1990 . ... These targets included reducing the child death rate by a
third , cutting maternal mortality rates by half , cutting malnutrition rates by half ,
and ...

Author: United States


ISBN: PSU:000043053834

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Foreign Operations Export Financing and Related Programs Appropriations for 1994

Foreign Operations  Export Financing  and Related Programs Appropriations for 1994

The most obscene manifestation of this failure is the 35 , 000 child deaths each
day , two thirds from causes now readily ... While UNICEF recognizes the severity
of the world ' s urgent global problems , we believe that the history of our work ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Related Programs


ISBN: STANFORD:36105009874988

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Multicultural Global History

Multicultural Global History

... reproductive functions ( low birth rate and high death rate of newborns )
ineffective child - rearing isolation and poverty of the elderly Today women
dominate the family , in part because fathers have little interest in the family or
their children .

Author: Lewis

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

ISBN: 078721583X

Category: Cross-cultural studies

Page: 160

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UNEP News Africa

UNEP News Africa

Their premature death is the cause of population explosion we witness now in
the Third World . Recent history shows that once child death rates are reduced ,
to the extent that families become convinced that children they have will survive ...



ISBN: IND:30000132306675

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The Challenge of World Health

The Challenge of World Health

Sources and Limitations of Mortality Data The ideal sources of data on mortal be
derived from information from ity are ... and and International Experiences , ” child
- death history from a national World Health Statistical Quarterly 43 sample of ...

Author: Wiley Henry Mosley


ISBN: UCSC:32106010559042

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West African Economic and Social History

West African Economic and Social History

All of King * B's five other sons had died when infants or children . ... lack of male
heirs from direct or closely collateral lines produced problems after the death of
King * D , a clash of distant claimants whose resolution affected global history .

Author: David P. Henige

Publisher: University of Wisconsin Madison African

ISBN: MINN:31951P00138698J

Category: History

Page: 232

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Caught in Modern Slavery

Caught in Modern Slavery

The poor state of the world's children is indicated most clearly by the fact that so
many of them die at an early age . ... Children's deaths account for about one
third of all deaths worldwide and in the less developed countries they account for
over half of all deaths . ... This most intense war in history resulted in a lower
death rate , over a very limited period , than results from children's mortality year
in and ...

Author: Koson Srisang

Publisher: Ecumenical Coalition

ISBN: UOM:39015021895803

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Burning Women

Burning Women

A Global History of Widow Sacrifice from Ancient Times to the Present Jörg Fisch
... Non - ritualized Self - killings ( private following into death ) In the 1760s
Jonathan Carver lived with the Naudowessies ... of mind she replied that , being
so young , her child would not have been able to take care of itself in the other
world .

Author: Jörg Fisch

Publisher: Seagull Books London Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015062838910

Category: Social Science

Page: 610

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'Burning Women', written by Joerg Fisch, reveals how the ongoing practice of 'widow-burning' is not exclusively Indian but is a global phenomenon. The book also presents a complete history of the practice up to the present day.
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Child Abuse

Child Abuse

INVESTIGATION Perhaps the most significant advancement in child death
investigation in recent years has been the ... Rather, a better understanding of
child abuse and neglect on both a specific case basis and a global basis requires
a multidisciplinary, multi-agency approach. ... possible after the death of the child
his or her recollection of the injuries, clinical status, medical history, and family

Author: Robert M. Reece

Publisher: Lea & Febiger

ISBN: UOM:39015028931908

Category: Abused children

Page: 466

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Concerns abusive head trauma/poisoning/SIDS/neck dental maxillofacial lesions/child neglect/Munchausen syndrome/etc.
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The Twentieth Century a Brief Global History

The Twentieth Century  a Brief Global History

... in hospital waiting rooms ; puerperal fever , the main cause of death for women
in childbirth , had been eradicated . ... many animals around the world , were
coming under control through inoculation , and four major causes of child
mortality ...

Author: Richard D. Goff


ISBN: WISC:89013370747

Category: History, Modern

Page: 463

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From the John Holmes Library collection.
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Women and Work in the Third World

Women and Work in the Third World

The Impact of Industrialization and Global Economic Interdependence :
Proceedings of Two Conferences Held May 6-7, 1982 and April ... There were
several cases of what I will call deaths in runs , that is , either a sequence of initial
childhood deaths followed by a few ... and meanings of their own children's
deaths , as well as their responses to a series of questions following each
reproductive history on ...



ISBN: UCSC:32106008051069

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Science Challenging AIDS Abstracts

Science Challenging AIDS  Abstracts

History of child death implies a longer duration of maternal infection . ... at the
time of delivery was statistically associated with perinatal transmission , the
overall global clinical score was associated with increased probability of
transmission .



ISBN: UCLA:L0066579343



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At the Edge of Development

At the Edge of Development

OUTLINE Introduction Infant and childhood mortality Causes of death Years of
potential life lost ( YPLL ) Reasons for differences Problems of disparity
Implications for population growth Ethical considerations Toward a global
civilization 4 . ... last 3 years by history from 10 , 868 15 - 49 year - old women in
8000 families randomly surveyed in Ceará in 1987 ( excluding perinatal deaths .
( Victora & Barros ...

Author: Richard L. Guerrant


ISBN: UTEXAS:059173003862945

Category: Political Science

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"Based on the firsthand experiences of a diverse team of physicians, anthropologists, nutritionists, epidemiologists, physiologists and parasitologists, all working over the last fifteen years in the research laboratory and in the field in both rural and urban impoverished communities in Brazil's vibrant but disparately poor Northeast, the authors of this book synthesize an approach to solving the health crises that challenge us to harness technological advances for the benefit of mankind. They point out the necessity of addressing the health crises of the disadvantaged as the only effective means of controlling the population explosion without violating fundamental human rights. They note the unique opportunities that a focus on health provides for addressing the key issues of development that transcend geographic and ideologic boundaries." "This book will appeal to a wide range of readers concerned with health in developing areas throughout the world. The anthropologist will learn about public health and epidemiology of tropical infectious diseases; the health professional and medical researcher will learn the importance of working in a culturally sensitive manner with existing practitioners and perceptions; and the economist will learn the issues that are key to health in 80 percent of the world's rapidly growing population who lived in the tropical, developing world. The health crises at the edge of development in Brazil's Northeast hold profound lessons for both developed and developing countries as we convulse into the 21st century, trying to bridge technology with a genuine improvement in the human condition around the world."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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The Dhaka University Journal of Science

The Dhaka University Journal of Science

Socio - economic Inequality in Under - Five Child Mortality : A Statistical
Approach to Determine Development Edge in Bangladesh Sifat ... Yet somehow
on a global scale , our socioeconomic status , gender , etc ) has not improved as
priorities have become blurred . ... history , neonatal mortality and intervention
coverage were evident across wealth groups with more deaths and less
coverage in family ...



ISBN: UCBK:C098384953

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Making Sense of Global History

Making Sense of Global History

The 19th International Congress of the Historical Sciences, Oslo 2000,
Commemorative Volume Sølvi Sogner ... afforded by the question raised by
Jewish commentators as to why God saved Ishmael from death when he was a
child ( Genesis ...

Author: Sølvi Sogner


ISBN: STANFORD:36105029717720

Category: Civilization

Page: 416

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Historians' task has always been to make sense of the world. In an age of globalisation this task has become even more formidable. In this book some of the world's most prominent historians take stock of the new situation, reflect on its implications and offer brilliant insights into the fascinations of the new field. Two thousand historians met in Oslo, Norway in the year 2000. High on their agenda was the state of global history. Making Sense of Global History presents selected papers dealing with the status and. future of global history, cultural contacts between the continents over the centuries, the manifold construction and division of time, and with the use and misuse of history worldwide. This Commemorative Volume from the 19th International Congress of the Historical Sciences contains 24 papers -- all chosen for their excellence and general appeal.
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